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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]
</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


1,[firstLine] Peru,
[secondLine] shoe,
[lastLine] zoo. 1,[firstLine] New York,
[secondLine] stalk,
[lastLine] fork. 1,[firstLine] Moon,
[secondLine] tune,
[lastLine] loon. 1,[firstLine] Hyde,
[secondLine] pride,
[lastLine] side. 1,[firstLine] Cologne,
[secondLine] stone,
[lastLine] bone.


1,There was an old man of 1,I knew a young man from 1,Have you heard of the man from 1,I once met a man of


1,Who had such an enormous 1,When ever he touched his 1,If you stepped on his 1,He shouted loud for a


1,And fell off into the 1,It was an astonishing 1,So they all went of to the 1,And that's why he's known as a 1,And jumped off into the


1,He [middleLine] stare
and [middleLine] care 1,He [middleLine] red
and [middleLine] head 1,He [middleLine] fur
and [middleLine] stir 1,He [middleLine] black
and [middleLine] yak 1,He [middleLine] baboon
and [middleLine] balloon 1,He [middleLine] hair
and [middleLine] wear 1,He [middleLine] radiator
and [middleLine] alligator


1,ran for a 1,hadn't a 1,shot down the 1,jumped on the 1,flew off in a 1,suprised a 1,climbed into a