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<sgdisplay iterations="1"> On the workbench, you notice a [main].
Nearby, a [main] is ready for use.
You might want to be careful near that [main].



1,[tool] 1,[instrument] 1,[apparel] 1,[stuff] 1,[storage]


1,bone sheathing 1,bone lacing 1,bone 1,dermal sheathing 1,epidermal coating 1,skin 1,eye 1,nanotech medical 1,ocular, aural and olfactory sensory enhancement 1,muscle implant 1,speed enhancement 1,adrenal boost 1,adrenal boost 1,pain-suppression 1,nanotech tissue regeneration 1,anti-toxin filters 1,hydraulic enhancement 1,biotic amplifier 1,magnetism capacitor 1,magnetism modulator 1,active camouflage 1,tissue regeneration


1,[powertool] 1,[handtool] 1,[electronictool]


1,blowtorch 1,stun gun 1,hand drill 1,hand grinder 1,hand buffer 1,hand sander


1,sandpaper 1,screwdriver 1,hammer 1,baton 1,knife 1,pole 1,shears 1,mono-filament 1,hand auger 1,multi-tool 1,omni-tool 1,stethoscope 1,lanyard


1,flashlight 1,handheld oscilloscope 1,multi-spectrum analyzer 1,set of [Volumes.main] batteries 1,battery charger 1,battery pack 1,brainwave jammer 1,water filter 1,personal computer 1,wireless net jack 1,sonar and radar sensor 1,organic radar sensor 1,psionic amplifier 1,hearing amplifier 1,telescope 1,microscope 1,multi-spectrum flashlight


1,carbon-composite 1,alloy 1,steel 1,plastic 1,fiberglass 1,titanium 1,tungsten alloy


1,lucky towel 1,pressurized oxygen mask 1,biochemical filtration mask 1,biochemical resistant environmental suit with mask 1,pressurized environmental suit with mask 1,pressurized oxygen mask 1,thermal moderator suit 1,oxygen synthesizer 1,oxygen rebreather 1,pair of anti-static shoe covers


1,centrifuge 1,vectorscope 1,oscilloscope 1,pH meter 1,digital micrometer 1,balance 1,flash point analyzer 1,first aid kit 1,medical trauma kit 1,omni-tool kit 1,cybernetic equipment 1,pipette 1,automatic pipetter 1,atomic absorption analyzer 1,conductivity analyzer 1,digester 1,digester bank 1,elemental analyzer 1,incubator 1,incubator bank 1,microbiological analyzer 1,porosimetry analyzer 1,DNA sequencer 1,spectrophotometer 1,strip reader 1,total organic carbon analyzer 1,mass spectrometer 1,flame ionization detector 1,thermal conductivity detector 1,gas-liquid chromatographer 1,plate reader


1,[container] 1,[Volumes.main] [container] of [reagent] 1,[electronic] 1,[storage] 1,[Volumes.main] [storage] 1,flash guard 1,designer drug 1,designer pharmaceutical 1,oxygen scrub filter


1,capacitor 1,modulator 1,pile of electrodes 1,heat dispersion collar 1,linear actuator 1,hydraulic actuator 1,servo 1,cam actuator 1,electromagnet 1,torque motor 1,solenoid 1,nanotech equipment 1,fuel cell 1,cybernetic device 1,cybernetic implant 1,shock absorber 1,sound dampener 1,sound suppressor 1,heat sink 1,heat compensator 1,sound amplifier 1,wetware


1,dextrose 1,sulferic acid 1,HNO3 1,2% HNO3 solution 1,yeast extract 1,tryptone 1,agar powder 1,HCI - ACS grade 1,nesslers reagent 1,sucrose 1,sodium chloride 1,5% sodium chloride solution 1,hexane 1,bacteria culture 1,isopropenol 1,70% ethanol


1,collection tube 1,cardboard box 1,air sampling cassette 1,glass bottle 1,glass jar 1,metal sleeve 1,paper bag 1,plastic bag 1,plastic bottle 1,plastic tube 1,plastic jar


1,cabinet 1,freezer 1,oven 1,microwave 1,briefcase </sgtable>