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The Jewelry generator creates random valuable items that may be worn or carried on a person. Items are typically, though not exclusively, made of metal, and include

Without Extra Description

Wearable Jewelry

Non-wearable Jewelry

Armor Pieces




5,[JewelryMaterialClause] [Item] [Predicate] 1,matching pair of [JewelryMaterialClause] [Item]s, each [Predicate]


1,[JewelryMaterialClause] [Item]




1,[Utility.GemType] 1,[SimpleGem.Gem]


4,[Design] 4,set with a [Gems] 4,with [Utility.Symbols] 3,set with [Dice.2d6] [Gems]s 2,[Design] and set with a [Gems] 2,[Design] and set with [Dice.2d6] [Gems]s 2,with [Utility.Symbols] and set with a [Gems] 2,with [Utility.Symbols] and set with [Dice.1d12] [Gems]s 2,with the inscription “[Inscriptions.main]” written in [Inscriptions.Language] and set with [Dice.2d6] [Gems]s 2,with the inscription “[Inscriptions.main]” written in [Inscriptions.Language]


4,[JewelryMaterialClause] [Wearable], [Predicate] 1,matching pair of [JewelryMaterialClause] [Wearable]s, each [Predicate]


4,[JewelryMaterialClause] [Nonwearable], [Predicate] 1,matching pair of [JewelryMaterialClause] [Nonwearable]s, each [Predicate]


1,[JewelryMaterialClause] [ArmorPieces], [Predicate]


5,[JewelryMaterial] 2,[MaterialAdj] [JewelryMaterial]


1,baroque 1,beautiful 1,fearsome-looking 1,gaudy 1,giant-sized 1,magnificent 1,most unusual 1,probably ornamental 1,quite elaborate 1,simple but elegant 1,small 1,twisted 1,well-used


6,[Wearable] 3,[Trinkets] 2,[ToolsandWeapons] 1,[ArmorPieces]


8,cloak pin 4,ring 3,anklet 2,amulet 2,artificial eye 2,belt 2,bracelet 2,brooch 2,clasp 2,earring 2,locket 2,mask 2,necklace 2,pendant 2,set of earrings 1,ankle chain 1,arm spiral 1,armband 1,artificial nose 1,badge 1,bangle 1,belt buckle 1,brassiere 1,ceremonial mask 1,choker 1,circlet 1,codpiece 1,coronet 1,costume mask 1,crown 1,double ring 1,eyepatch 1,false hand 1,false nose 1,girdle 1,hair net 1,hair ornament 1,hair pin 1,hair ring 1,hat pin 1,headband 1,headdress 1,hook-hand 1,kilt pin 1,medal 1,medallion 1,military insignia 1,monocle 1,navel piercer 1,neck ring 1,necklace chain 1,nose ring 1,ornamental breastplate 1,peg-leg 1,periapt 1,pin 1,set of manacles 1,set of spectacles 1,set of spurs 1,signet ring 1,string of prayer beads 1,talisman 1,tiara 1,toe ring 1,torc 1,waist chain


1,“chainmail bikini” top 4,breastplate 2,chainmail 1,codpiece 1,cuirass 1,great helm 4,helmet 4,pair of gauntlets 4,pair of greaves 4,set of bracers 1,shoulder clasp


3,[Trinkets] 2,[ToolsAndWeapons] 2,[Kitchenware]


2,hip flask 1,bottle 1,bottle stopper 1,bowl 1,candle snuffer 1,carafe 1,cauldron 1,chalice 1,charger 1,cheese knife 1,corkscrew 1,cup 1,decanter 1,dish 1,drinking horn 1,drinking vessel 1,flagon 1,fork 1,goblet 1,kettle 1,mug 1,pepper grinder 1,pitcher 1,plate 1,platter 1,salt cellar 1,salt shaker 1,serving fork 1,serving spoon 1,set of [Dice.2d4] nested bowls 1,spoon 1,stein 1,tankard 1,tray 1,urn 1,vase


4,dice cup 4,rod 4,scepter 4,scroll tube 4,wand 3,smoking pipe 2,comb 2,dice 2,hand bell 2,scarab 1,ashtray 1,ball 1,band 1,basin 1,bird cage 1,brazier 1,button 1,candelabra 1,candlestick 1,cane head 1,casket 1,censer 1,chamber pot 1,chandelier 1,chess set 1,chest 1,cigarillo case 1,coffer 1,crystal ball stand 1,cube 1,cup 1,dice set 1,disc 1,doll 1,door knocker 1,door latch 1,egg 1,fan 1,gambling chip 1,gong 1,hookah (water pipe) 1,hourglass 1,incense burner 1,inkpot 1,jewelry box 1,lamp 1,leash 1,letter opener 1,lock and key 1,mousetrap 1,music box 1,orb 1,paperweight 1,pen/quill set 1,puzzle box 1,pyramid 1,screen 1,seal 1,set of [Dice.2d4] buttons 1,skull 1,small animal cage 1,small box 1,snuff box 1,sphere 1,stick 1,stylus 1,sundial 1,tooth 1,torch sconce 1,vial with stopper 1,wreath


4,eating knife 4,hammer 4,knife 4,staff head 4,thimble 4,tinderbox and fire starter 3,[Dice.1d10] foot chain with [Dice.1d4] inch links 3,key 3,sword 2,axe head 2,boot knife 2,dagger 2,hand mirror 2,scissors 2,sword hilt 2,throwing dagger 2,whistle 1,[Dice.1d4] sewing needle(s) 1,[Dice.2d6] arrowheads 1,abacus 1,arrowhead 1,astrolabe 1,back scratcher 1,barbed spearhead 1,bit and bridle 1,blade 1,cane 1,dagger sheath 1,fishhook 1,fishing rod 1,grappling hook 1,knife handle 1,lantern 1,magnifying glass 1,manacles 1,miner’s pick 1,punching dagger 1,razor 1,scabbard 1,set of caltrops 1,set of scales 1,set of thieves’ picks 1,sextant 1,sickle 1,small hourglass 1,spearhead 1,spyglass 1,stiletto 1,tweezers 1,umbrella 1,walking stick


4,[DesignForm] with folk symbols said to [FolkSymbolEffects] 4,inlaid with a pattern of [Utility.MetalPrecious] 3,[DesignForm] with a [SpiritForm.main] 1,[DesignForm] with a curious map 1,[DesignForm] with a dragon-like shape 1,[DesignForm] with a genealogical record of the maker’s family 1,[DesignForm] with a twisting, vine-like pattern 1,[DesignForm] with an ancient proverb: “[Inscriptions.Advice]” 1,[DesignForm] with an image of the sun 1,[DesignForm] with concentric circles 1,[DesignForm] with strange symbols 1,[DesignForm] with the figure of naked woman 1,[DesignForm] with the figures of the old gods 1,[DesignForm] with the likeness of an ancient king 1,[DesignForm] with the name of the creature whose essence is in it: [Angels and demons.main] 1,covered in a web-like pattern of [DesignForm] lines 1,inlaid with [Utility.Chitin] chitin 1,inlaid with [Utility.HornIvory] 1,inlaid with [Utility.StoneDecorative] 1,inlaid with a pattern of [Utility.MetalExotic] 1,with [Utility.MetalPrecious] accents 1,with [Utility.MetalPrecious] filigree 1,with [Utility.MetalPrecious] inlay 1,with [Utility.MetalPrecious] mounting in the shape of a [SpiritForm.main] 1,adorned with a [Utility.Jewels]


2,engraved 1,carved 1,etched 1,painted 1,decorated


5,bring the owner financial success 5,increase the owner’s attractiveness 5,ward off evil 4,bring the owner good luck 3,protect against diseases 2,protect against lycanthropes 2,protect against the undead 2,ward off chaos 1,allow the owner to discern the truth 1,attract the owner’s true love 1,bring the owner true love 1,help the owner affect animals 1,help the owner learn and study 1,help the owner notice things no one else would 1,help the owner sing well 1,increase the ‘life force’ of the owner 1,increase the owner’s fertility 1,increase the owner’s virility 1,make the owner taller over time 1,protect against aberrations 1,protect against fey influence 1,protect against fiends and their minions 1,protect against the evil eye 1,protect against tricksters 1,protect the owner against [Utility.CreatureTypes]s 1,protect the owner from drowning 1,protect the owner from lightning 1,ward against evil spirits


1,[Utility.Chitin] chitin 40,[Utility.MetalPrecious] 3,[Utility.MetalExotic] 3,[Utility.StoneDecorative] 3,[Utility.HornIvory] 4,[Utility.MetalPrecious] and [JewelryMaterial]


7, 3,. It is of [workmanshiptype] workmanship 1,. [ValueDerivation] 1,. It appears to have been made by [craftculture] 1,. It seems to be a relatively recent replica of an older style made famous by [craftculture] 1,. Its design is reminiscent of other, similar pieces known to have been made by [craftculture]


2,ancient 2,fine 2,noteworthy 1,average 1,beautiful 1,exotic 1,exquisite 1,extraplanar 1,kingly 1,legendary 1,magical 1,marvelous 1,masterly 1,simple but elegant 1,strangely organic 1,unremarkable


1,a long-vanished race of desert folk 1,an ancient race of craftsmen known only by their artifacts 1,an underground race of men 1,demons 1,dwarves 1,dwellers under the waves 1,elves 1,sophisticated but savage humanoid tribes 1,the same culture that produced the ruins scattered throughout the area


1,Much of its value stems from the fact that it was famously owned by [Fantasy Names.main] 1,Much of the piece’s value comes from the fact that it is obviously quite old 1,Much of the piece’s value comes from the rarity of the style it is done in 1,Much of the piece’s value is due to the fame of the crafter, [Fantasy Names.main] 1,The piece is valuable because it was involved in [Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Events Lcase] 1,The piece would be worth much less had it not been used to deter [Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Threats Lcase]



  • ArmorPieces
  • craftculture
  • Craftsmanship
  • Design
  • DesignForm
  • FolkSymbolEffects
  • Item
  • JewelryMaterial
  • JewelryMaterialClause
  • Kitchenware
  • MaterialAdj
  • Nonwearable
  • Predicate
  • StartArmorPiecesOnly
  • StartItemOnly
  • StartNonwearableOnly
  • StartWearableOnly
  • ToolsAndWeapons
  • Trinkets
  • ValueDerivation
  • Wearable
  • workmanshiptype
  • main
  • foo

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