Inn and Tavern Names

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Some Inns and Taverns about Town




1, and


10,The [Name] 5,The Sign of the [Name] 2,[Name] [Establishment] [Person] 1,[Establishment] of the [Name] 2,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s [Establishment] 2,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName]’s [Establishment]


35,[Adjective] [Creature] 35,[Adjective] [Item] 35,[Adjective] [Person] 20,[Person]’s [Establishment] 15,[Person]’s [Item] 13,[Creature] 6,[Creature][+][Creature] 6,[Creature][+][Item] 6,[Creature][+][Person] 6,[Creature]’s [Establishment] 6,[Item][+][Creature] 6,[Item][+][Item] 6,[Item][+][Person] 6,[Person][+][Creature] 6,[Person][+][Item] 6,[Person][+][Person] 6,[Item] 6,[Number] [Creature]s 6,[Number] [Item]s 6,[Number] [Person]s 6,[Person] 6,[Person]’s Arms 5,[Adjective] [Person]’s [Establishment] 5,[Location] 4,[Person]’s [Creature] 2,[Creature]’s Head 2,Old [Location]


1,Adder 1,Angel 1,Ant 1,Ape 1,Badger 1,Barnacle 1,Basilisk 1,Bat 1,Bear 1,Beaver 1,Bee 1,Beetle 1,Bird 1,Boar 1,Buck 1,Bull 1,Calf 1,Camel 1,Carp 1,Cat 1,Centaur 1,Centipede 1,Charger 1,Chimera 1,Cock 1,Cockatrice 1,Coney 1,Cormorant 1,Courser 1,Cow 1,Crab 1,Crane 1,Crayfish 1,Crocodile 1,Crow 1,Cuckoo 1,Cyclops 1,Deer 1,Destrier 1,Doe 1,Dog 1,Dolphin 1,Donkey 1,Dove 1,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Duck 1,Dwarf 1,Eagle 1,Eel 1,Elephant 1,Elf 1,Ewe 1,Falcon 1,Fawn 1,Ferret 1,Finch 1,Fish 1,Fitch 1,Flounder 1,Fly 1,Fox 1,Frog 1,Gander 1,Gargoyle 1,Gnome 1,Goat 1,Goblin 1,Golem 1,Goose 1,Goshawk 1,Grasshopper 1,Griffin 1,Grouse 1,Gull 1,Halfling 1,Hare 1,Harpy 1,Hart 1,Hawk 1,Hedgehog 1,Hen 1,Heron 1,Herring 1,Hind 1,Hog 1,Horse 1,Hound 1,Hydra 1,Jay 1,Juggernaut 1,Lamb 1,Lamprey 1,Lark 1,Leopard 1,Lion 1,Lizard 1,Lobster 1,Locust 1,Manticore 1,Mare 1,Merlin 1,Mermaid 1,Minnow 1,Mole 1,Mouse 1,Newt 1,Nightingale 1,Nymph 1,Octopus 1,Ogre 1,Osprey 1,Otter 1,Owl 1,Ox 1,Oyster 1,Panther 1,Parrot 1,Peacock 1,Pegasus 1,Pelican 1,Pheasant 1,Phoenix 1,Pig 1,Pigeon 1,Pike 1,Polecat 1,Pony 1,Porcupine 1,Porpoise 1,Pullet 1,Rabbit 1,Ram 1,Ram 1,Rat 1,Raven 1,Roebuck 1,Rook 1,Salmon 1,Satyr 1,Scorpion 1,Sea-Lion 1,Seal 1,Serpent 1,Shark 1,Sheep 1,Siren 1,Snake 1,Sow 1,Spider 1,Squid 1,Squirrel 1,Stag 1,Stallion 1,Starling 1,Sturgeon 1,Swallow 1,Swan 1,Swan 1,Sylph 1,Tiger 1,Toad 1,Tortoise 1,Trout 1,Tyger 1,Unicorn 1,Viper 1,Vixen 1,Vole 1,Weasel 1,Whale 1,Wolf 1,Woodpecker 1,Wren 1,Wyvern 1,Yearling


1,[Fantasy Names.FemaleFirstName] 1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] 1,Abbot 1,Amazon 1,Archer 1,Bailiff 1,Baker 1,Bandit 1,Barbarian 1,Bard 1,Baron 1,Beggar 1,Bishop 1,Blacksmith 1,Bowman 1,Bowyer 1,Boy 1,Brewer 1,Buffoon 1,Carpenter 1,Champion 1,Clerk 1,Cobbler 1,Constable 1,Cook 1,Cooper 1,Count 1,Cripple 1,Crone 1,Crusader 1,Dairyman 1,Dancer 1,Doctor 1,Druid 1,Duchess 1,Duke 1,Enchantress 1,Executioner 1,Ferryman 1,Fiddler 1,Fighter 1,Fisher 1,Fishmonger 1,Fletcher 1,Fool 1,Forester 1,Friar 1,Gardener 1,Girl 1,Guard 1,Gypsy 1,Hag 1,Harlot 1,Harper 1,Herder 1,Hero 1,Heroine 1,Highwayman 1,Hunter 1,Jester 1,Judge 1,Justice 1,King 1,Knave 1,Knight 1,Lad 1,Lady 1,Lass 1,Lord 1,Maid 1,Maiden 1,Man 1,Mason 1,Merchant 1,Miller 1,Miner 1,Minstrel 1,Monk 1,Nomad 1,Nun 1,Paladin 1,Pikeman 1,Pilgrim 1,Piper 1,Pirate 1,Player 1,Ploughman 1,Potter 1,Priest 1,Prince 1,Princess 1,Prior 1,Professor 1,Queen 1,Ranger 1,Rogue 1,Sage 1,Sailor 1,Saint 1,Savage 1,Sawbones 1,Scholar 1,Scribe 1,Shepherd 1,Sheriff 1,Singer 1,Soldier 1,Sorcerer 1,Spinster 1,Squire 1,Strumpet 1,Swineherd 1,Swordsman 1,Tailor 1,Taskmaster 1,Thief 1,Tinker 1,Traveler 1,Turner 1,Vintner 1,Virgin 1,Wanderer 1,Ward 1,Warrior 1,Weaver 1,Wench 1,Wizard 1,Woman 1,Woodsman 1,Youth


1,Acorn 1,Anchor 1,Anvil 1,Apple 1,Apricot 1,Armour 1,Arrow 1,Awl 1,Axe 1,Bacon 1,Banner 1,Barley 1,Barrel 1,Beacon 1,Beehive 1,Bellows 1,Berries 1,Birch 1,Board 1,Bolt 1,Book 1,Boot 1,Bottle 1,Bow 1,Bowl 1,Branch 1,Brazier 1,Briar 1,Bridle 1,Brooch 1,Brook 1,Broom 1,Bucket 1,Buckle 1,Bulrush 1,Bush 1,Caltrop 1,Candle 1,Cart 1,Cask 1,Cauldron 1,Chain 1,Chalice 1,Cheese 1,Cherry 1,Chest 1,Chisel 1,Clarion 1,Claw 1,Cloak 1,Cloud 1,Club 1,Coach 1,Coin 1,Crescent 1,Crook 1,Crossbow 1,Crown 1,Cudgel 1,Cup 1,Cutlass 1,Dagger 1,Dart 1,Daystar 1,Drum 1,Eggs 1,Elm 1,Fern 1,Fiddle 1,Fife 1,Fig 1,Fist 1,Flag 1,Flagon 1,Flail 1,Flask 1,Fleece 1,Flower 1,Flute 1,Gauntlet 1,Glass 1,Glove 1,Goblet 1,Grapes 1,Halberd 1,Hammer 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Harp 1,Harpoon 1,Hat 1,Hawthorn 1,Helm 1,Hogshead 1,Holly 1,Honey 1,Hood 1,Hook 1,Horn 1,Horseshoe 1,Ivy 1,Javelin 1,Jerkin 1,Jug 1,Keg 1,Kettle 1,Kilderkin 1,Knife 1,Lamp 1,Lance 1,Lanthorn 1,Leaf 1,Loaf 1,Lock 1,Loom 1,Lotus 1,Lute 1,Lyre 1,Mace 1,Mandolin 1,Mandrake 1,Mantle 1,Mask 1,Mistletoe 1,Moon 1,Morning Star 1,Mug 1,Mushroom 1,Needle 1,Nuts 1,Oak 1,Olive 1,Orange 1,Palm 1,Peach 1,Pear 1,Pentacle 1,Pie 1,Pike 1,Pipe 1,Pitcher 1,Plate 1,Platter 1,Plough 1,Plum 1,Pot 1,Pouch 1,Quince 1,Quiver 1,Rainbow 1,Rapier 1,Ring 1,Roast 1,Robe 1,Rod 1,Root 1,Rope 1,Sabre 1,Saddle 1,Sail 1,Saw 1,Sceptre 1,Scimitar 1,Scroll 1,Scythe 1,Shield 1,Ship 1,Sickle 1,Sling 1,Spear 1,Staff 1,Star 1,Stone 1,Storm 1,Stump 1,Sun 1,Sword 1,Tabard 1,Talisman 1,Tankard 1,Tap 1,Tempest 1,Thistle 1,Thunderbolt 1,Toadstool 1,Torch 1,Tree 1,Trident 1,Trumpet 1,Vine 1,Wagon 1,Wand 1,Wheat 1,Whip 1,Whistle 1,Willow 1,Wineskin


1,Arbor 1,Archway 1,Baths 1,Beach 1,Boundary 1,Bower 1,Bridge 1,Brook 1,Canal 1,Castle 1,Cave 1,Cellar 1,Church 1,Cliff 1,Crag 1,Creek 1,Crossroads 1,Dock 1,Dungeon 1,Dyke 1,Farm 1,Ferry 1,Feyring 1,Ford 1,Forest 1,Forge 1,Fork 1,Fountain 1,Gallows 1,Gardens 1,Gate 1,Gateway 1,Grotto 1,Grove 1,Hill 1,House 1,Island 1,Lake 1,Lakeshore 1,Market 1,Menhir 1,Mill 1,Oak 1,Obelisk 1,Pier 1,Pillar 1,Pool 1,Post 1,Pump 1,Quarry 1,Ravine 1,River 1,Riverside 1,Road 1,Ruins 1,Run 1,Sea 1,Seashore 1,Ship 1,Spire 1,Spring 1,Stables 1,Standing Stone 1,Stocks 1,Stone Circle 1,Stream 1,Tollgate 1,Tower 1,Wall 1,Waterfall 1,Wayside 1,Well 1,Wood


30,[Color.main] 1,Angry 1,Bad 1,Barking 1,Big 1,Bitten 1,Black 1,Blind 1,Blue 1,Bonny 1,Brass 1,Brazen 1,Broken 1,Bronze 1,Brown 1,Buxom 1,Capering 1,Chequered 1,Cloven 1,Copper 1,Crazy 1,Crooked 1,Crying 1,Crystal 1,Dancing 1,Dark 1,Dirty 1,Dour 1,Drinking 1,Drunken 1,Falling 1,Fat 1,Feasting 1,Fiery 1,Fighting 1,Fishing 1,Flaming 1,Flying 1,Frosty 1,Glass 1,Glowing 1,Golden 1,Good 1,Granite 1,Green 1,Grey 1,Grinning 1,Growling 1,Grumpy 1,Happy 1,Hearty 1,Holy 1,Hooded 1,Howling 1,Hungry 1,Iron 1,Ivory 1,Jade 1,Jolly 1,Jousting 1,Kissing 1,Laughing 1,Lazy 1,Leaping 1,Learned 1,Leather 1,Little 1,Lone 1,Lucky 1,Mad 1,Marble 1,Merry 1,Mossy 1,Muddy 1,New 1,Odd 1,Pale 1,Pied 1,Pink 1,Prancing 1,Proud 1,Purple 1,Ragged 1,Red 1,Rising 1,Roaring 1,Royal 1,Running 1,Sad 1,Savage 1,Shining 1,Silver 1,Singing 1,Sleepy 1,Smiling 1,Spotted 1,Steel 1,Stone 1,Stout 1,Surprised 1,Timid 1,Tiny 1,Toasting 1,Wandering 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Wooden 1,Yellow


1,Brace of 1,Crossed 1,Den of 1,Double 1,Eight 1,Family of 1,Five 1,Flock of 1,Forty 1,Four 1,Herd of 1,House of 1,Hundred 1,Nest of 1,Nine 1,Pair of 1,Seven 1,Six 1,Three 1,Two


5,Inn 5,Tavern 3,Alehouse 3,Inn & Tavern 3,Tavern & Inn 2,Bar 2,Brewpub 2,Pub 1,Alehaus 1,Bar & Grill 1,Basement 1,Bed 1,Bed & Breakfast 1,Beerhaus 1,Beerhouse 1,Cellar 1,Corner 1,Cottage 1,Den 1,Dining Room 1,Dinner Table 1,Distillery 1,Drinkroom 1,Eatery 1,Exclusive Club 1,Favorite 1,Festhall 1,Festhaus 1,Free House 1,Guesthouse 1,Hostel 1,House 1,Inn & General Store 1,Kitchen 1,Local Tavern 1,Lounge 1,Meadhouse 1,Meeting Hall 1,Nest 1,Nook 1,Performance Hall 1,Rest 1,Restaurant 1,Resthouse 1,Retreat 1,Still 1,Table 1,Watering Hole