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This is an oracle for an In a Wicked Age game that Meguey Baker, Vincent Baker, Robert Bohl, and Joshua A. C. Newman played in in late 2008/early 2009.

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


1, A female bucks gender roles, dividing her husbands. 1, Hunters in wait for a herd of migrating animals moving slowly into range. 1, The Dirt poisons the shit out of people. 1, Wandering musicians looking for patronage. 1, The wormhole is completed, bringing an angry warrior and his uncertain followers. 1, A distant Gracile base goes Consciousness-Web-dark without warning. 1, A fortunate discovery in the landscape. 1, The failure of a key safeguard. 1, A Gracile who has defied marriage custom and will not bear correction. 1, A Gracile murders a Robust in a fit of passion. 1, A disease ravages Platform Zero. 1, The first crossbreed child, born in a secret ceremony. 1, A Gracile woman, captain of her team, with a strange and secret alliance. 1, The death of a tyrant, sudden and violent. 1, A murder blamed on the other kind, despite all evidence. 1, A portentous missive from afar throws the ruling class into chaos. 1, A Robust scientist, trying to explain to ones who can't perceive it. 1, A Robust woman in consuming love with a Gracile administrator. 1, A storyteller, drunk and happy, who lets slip old secrets. 1, A war between infected and pure Robusts. 1, Platform Zero is destroyed, stranding the Graciles indefinitely. 1, A star-farer, homesick and lonely, with resources to burn! 1, The first state execution in twenty generations. 1, A holy mother, falling terribly ill. 1, Six Graciles, holed up, isolated from the Consciousness Web, scared, desperate, murderous. 1, A scientist betrays colleagues from the opposite culture by investigating a forbidden shipwreck. 1, An academic argument has profund and real effects on the Robusts. 1, A Robust rejects the forbidden amorous advances of a Gracile. 1, Communique from an apparent third species from a different world rocks both societies. 1, The last person in an abandoned outpost, holding off an unnatural horde. 1, An inter-city dispute, adjudicated by a roving tribe of judges. 1, A stowaway from afar sows dissension among fast friends. 1, A sick Gracile, loudly complaining he's been poisoned, when all evidence points to plain old overindulgence. 1, A convocation of nations meets to decide the fate of a radical. 1, A Gracile family practicing Robusts' funeral rites for their dead child. 1, A mistranslated holy book compels a murder. 1, A marriage of a tribe's favored son, in which rivals must also marry each other. </sgtable>

A few notes about the world to make the Oracle make sense:

Two or more million years in the future, humanity has evolved into two or more separate species. The two we are familiar with are Graciles and Robusts.

Robusts left Earth a few million years ago in colony ships at near-light speeds and landed on an alien planet that was thought to be capable of supporting human life. There, they encountered a monoculture they came to call The Dirt. The Dirt is a number of sapient microorganism cultures that exist in the topsoil. They worked their way into Robust biology and co-evolved with them. The Robusts are excellent biotechnologists, and it may be that The Dirt used their skills to achieve biodiversity in its home ecology.

Robusts are short, squat, and powerfully-muscled. Their bones and jaws are thick and powerful. They are shorter-lived than humans of today, become young adults at the age of ten, and are individually not that "bright," but become exponentially more "intelligent" the more people are working on a problem. They are jovially violent with one another. They consume The Dirt in order to perceive directly the experiences of other living Robusts, as well as their ancestors. They often resurrect the dead, complete with the neuron connections and potentials that were present when the body is buried in The Dirt.

Graciles remained on and around Earth when the other colony ships left. They consider themselves to be baseline humans, though of course evolution worked as much on them as it has on any other form of humanity. They recently developed the ability to use wormholes to skip over light-centuries of space travel, and have begun to use this technology to try to reconnect with their lost brethren. The wormhole technology is initially one-way and must be located outside of a solar system. Until there is two-way capability, travel is exceedingly dangerous, with failure rates and travel times akin to cross-Atlantic voyages in the Age of Exploration.

The Graciles are tall, thin, and delicate-boned. Graciles are very long-lived, reaching adolescence in their twenties and frequently living several-hundred years. They have prehensile toes and are masters of the strength-to-mass ratio. Thus much of their architecture and technology is similarly delicate-seeming, though exceedingly strong. They are well-adapted to low- and micro-gravity environments (and extraordinarily poorly-adapted to the greater-than-Earth gravity of the Robust homeworld). Their bloodstreams are awash in nanotechnology which keeps them healthy and generates the Consciousness Web. The Web is an always-on connection which can be voluntarily left for short periods, and packages and processes extreme amounts of data.

The initial Gracile mission consists of about a hundred scientists operating from a space elevator, the orbital portion of which is called Platform Zero. Each member is an expert in several fields and the culture they have constructed is rather like a highly-disorganized symposium.

This oracle was generated by, at the end of every session, generating two more oracle entries per each of the four players, then drawing one oracle entry each.