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Need a fortune cookie generator, or just a bad horoscope? Well, here's one that attempts to feel like both...

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]



1,[zodiac], [someone] will inquire about your [dealings] today. Be [reaction] about it. [LuckyNumber] 1,[celestial] is in [zodiac]'s court right now, [zodiac]. That [mean]s [adjective] [noun] for your [future]! [LuckyNumber] 1,[celestial] is in [zodiac]'s court right now, [zodiac]. That [mean]s [adjective] wealth in your future! [LuckyNumber] 1,[celestial] is in the house of [zodiac] right now, [zodiac]; this [mean]s you should [tryverb] new [trynouns]! [LuckyNumber] 1,Turn to [someone] for [help] today, [zodiac]. [nodisappoint]. [LuckyNumber] 1,The stars are looking [bad] for you, [zodiac]. Avoid [badverb] in your [area] - tread [careful]ly. [LuckyNumber] 1,[zodiac]: [celestial] is in [zodiac]'s cycle. A little [act] [might]. [LuckyNumber] 1,[Parable Title.Premise] [LuckyNumber] 1,[zodiac], get to [commonplace] today! The [placerelation] you will forge there [commongood]. [LuckyNumber]


2, 1,Your lucky numbers for the day are [Dice.1d4], [Dice.1d6], [Dice.1d8], [Dice.1d4][Dice.1d8], [Dice.1d6][Dice.1d6], and [Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8].


1,a new restaurant 1,the gym 1,work early 1,an art gallery 1,the library 1,the home improvement store 1,a hobby store


1,relationships 1,business relationships 1,personal relationships 1,close relationships 1,life-long relationships 1,good reputation 1,reputation


1,will be invaluable in your future 1,will be worth it 1,will surely be worth all the extra effort 1,will truly be worth your while 1,will be important for your next life step 1,must be set in place for you to move forward


1,deceit 1,caution 1,care 1,introspection 1,time to rest 1,time to think 1,deep introspection 1,deep thought 1,serious consideration 1,modesty 1,moderation 1,thoughtfulness 1,act of kindness 1,resilience 1,urgency 1,balancing 1,luck 1,awareness 1,more sleep 1,determination 1,daring 1,boldness 1,aggressiveness 1,action 1,energy


1,couldn't hurt 1,might be just the thing you need 1,will help things along 1,will get things rolling 1,may do the trick 1,may be the best thing for now 1,is the most obvious course, but perhaps not the best one 1,could be the sure ticket 1,just might do it 1,will pair well with today's challenges 1,may be all you need


1,dealings 1,transactions 1,financial dealings 1,financial transactions 1,social dealings 1,love life 1,life goals 1,life aspirations 1,career 1,career goals 1,career aspirations 1,deepest thoughts 1,most treasured thoughts 1,most intimate thoughts 1,past 1,past dealings


1,honest 1,straightforward 1,cunning 1,discerning 1,secretive 1,direct 1,indirect 1,smart 1,clever 1,[careful]


1,You won't be disappointed 1,You'll be [glad] you did 1,It's sure to work 1,Otherwise, things may become [bad]


1,glad 1,happy 1,relieved 1,thankful


1,help 1,friendship 1,companionship 1,your needs 1,a small favor 1,financial support 1,support 1,aid 1,a big favor 1,assistance 1,love 1,help with love 1,help with your business dealings 1,help at work 1,comfort 1,safety


1,love life 1,business relationships 1,close relationships 1,social engagements 1,personal finances 1,next social engagement 1,future 1,future love life 1,future business relationships 1,future relationships


1,mysterious 1,great 1,incredible 1,amazing 1,deep 1,exceptional 1,unusual 1,unforetold 1,unimaginable 1,unfathomable 1,waning 1,a lack of 1,a reduction in 1,less 1,an absence of 1,a loss of


1,power 1,luck 1,strength 1,vigor 1,vitality 1,energy


1,Leo 1,Pisces 1,Taurus 1,Aquarius 1,Virgo 1,Sagittarius 1,Cancer 1,Capricorn 1,Gemini 1,Aries 1,Libra 1,Scorpio


1,try exciting 1,attempt 1,broaden your horizons with 1,get into


1,ethnic foods 2,classes 3,friendships 1,jobs 3,challenges 4,relationships 2,hobbies 3,love prospects


1,The North Star 1,A comet 1,A new realignment 1,A special sign 1,A mysterious sign 7,The Moon 5,The Sun 1,Venus 1,Saturn 1,Pluto 1,Mars 1,Jupiter 1,Neptune 1,Uranus


1,a friend 3,a [trusted] friend 2,someone from your past 1,a stranger 1,a complete stranger 2,a mysterious stranger 2,an attractive stranger 1,a co-worker 3,a [trusted] co-worker 1,a loved one


1,dear 1,close 1,trusted 1,faithful 1,trustworthy 1,longtime


1,careful 1,light 1,soft 1,cautious


1,bad 1,grim 1,bleak 1,upset


1,advances 1,old baggage 1,new advances 1,new contacts 1,entanglement 1,ensnarement 1,confusion 1,unnecessary clutter 1,over-complications


1,business relations 1,love life 1,financial transactions 1,interactions 1,relationships 1,social network


1,mean 1,spell 1,say 1,show 1,portend 1,indicate </sgtable>