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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]</sgdisplay>

Based on FantasyBooks, but for pseudo-christian Clerics. See also:



5,[FantasyBooks.Article][FantasyBooks.Type] [FantasyBooks.Preposition] [clericSubject] [FantasyBooks.TranslationChance] 5,[FantasyBooks.Article][FantasyBooks.Type] [FantasyBooks.Preposition] [clericSubject], by [Author] [TranslationChance] 3,[Author]'s [FantasyBooks.Type] [FantasyBooks.Preposition] [clericSubject] [FantasyBooks.TranslationChance] 1,The [clericSubject], by [Author] [FantasyBooks.TranslationChance]


8,the Order of [stChance] [Catholic Saint Names.main] [clericTitleChance] 8,the [FantasyBooks.ReligiousWords] of the Order of [stChance] [Catholic Saint Names.main] [clericTitleChance] 1,Dark Gods 2,Pagan Gods 3,[Catholic Saint Names.main]'s [FantasyBooks.ReligiousWords] 3,[FantasyBooks.ReligiousWords] of [GheronUtility.Organization] 3,[FantasyBooks.ReligiousWords] of [Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] 3, [FantasyBooks.SelectionCriteria] Hymns 3,[mundaneSubject]


5,Alchemy 1,Ancient Empires 8,Artifacts and Relics 3,Astrology 2,Cooking 5,Daemonology 1,Dancing 1,Dragons 1,Erotic Poetry 3,Ethics 2,Forbidden Magic 1,Great Battles 1,Heraldry 9,History 8,Law 3,Lost Treasures 1,Military Conduct 1,Military Decorations 2,Military Tactics 1,Naval Tactics 1,Naval Warfare 5,Philosophy 5,Poetry 1,Poisons 3,Runes 1,Taxidermy 4,the Heavens 1,the Skeleton War 1,the Lore of the Sea 5,the Stars 4,Undead Lore 3,Unholy Rites 2,Weather


1,[FantasyBooks.Author] 2,[Name] [clericTitleChance]


1,St. 1,


6,[Catholic Saint Names.main] 1,[SGNP biblical.MALE] 1,[SGNP biblical.FEMALE]


10, 3,of [Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,the Younger 1,the Elder 1,the Wise 1,[Secret Society Title.main]


This generator uses tables from these other pages: FantasyBooks, Catholic Saint Names, SGNP biblical, Fantasy Town Names, Secret Society Title