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6,[Adjective] [MiscCap] 6,[Fantasy Town Names.Jobs]’s [MiscCap] 3,[Adjective][Misc] 3,[Fantasy Town Names.Jobs]’s [Part I][Part II] 3,[Part I][Part II] 3,[Part I][Part II] [MiscCap] 3,[Thing]’s [MiscCap] 3,[Thing]’s [Part I][Part II] 3,St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s [MiscCap] 1,[Color.huesCap] [MiscCap] 1,[Color.huesCap] [Part I][Part II] 1,[Color.huesCap] [Part I][Part II][Part II] 1,[Color.huesCap][Part II] 1,[Part I][Part II][Part II]


1,[GheronUtility.Deity] 1,Angel 1,Bishop 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Druid 1,Duke 1,Dwarf 1,Elf 1,Faerie 1,Goblin 1,Hangman 1,Healer 1,King 1,Knight 1,Minstrel 1,Monk 1,Moon 1,Mountain 1,Oak 1,Orc 1,Peasant 1,Pilgrim 1,Queen 1,Spring 1,Star 1,Sun 1,Troll 1,Witch


30,[Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] 30,[Secret Society Title.OrgDescriptor] 30,Wild 10,Bitter 10,Climbing 10,Creeping 10,Forest 10,Golden 10,Hill 10,Insane 10,Mountain 10,Plains 10,Poison 10,Scrub 10,Stinging 10,Swamp 10,Sweet 10,Thorny 10,Weeping 5,Aromatic 5,Rot 1,Dropsy 1,Hysteria 1,Tickle 1,Typsy 1,Yule

Part I

1,Ad 1,Ado 1,Agri 1,Al 1,Aleth 1,Alka 1,Amb 1,Ani 1,Ans 1,Ar 1,Asara 1,Ath 1,Ati 1,Bar 1,Bas 1,Bel 1,Bil 1,Bor 1,Bur 1,Caf 1,Caff 1,Cal 1,Cal 1,Cala 1,Cel 1,Chamo 1,Cher 1,Col 1,Com 1,Dit 1,Ed 1,El 1,Eld 1,Els 1,Fen 1,Fetha 1,Fumi 1,Gar 1,Jan 1,Jin 1,Jinn 1,Jun 1,Kal 1,Kel 1,Kla 1,Lar 1,Lor 1,Lung 1,Man 1,Mari 1,Marjer 1,Mug 1,Mull 1,Nap 1,Night 1,Pe 1,Peri 1,Sad 1,Saff 1,San 1,Sera 1,Sor 1,Stra 1,Tama 1,Tamar 1,Teph 1,Thu 1,Val 1,Valer 1,Ver 1,Wan 1,Win 1,Yar 1,Zal 1,Zawa 1,Zul

Part II

1,aas 1,aca 1,acca 1,ach 1,age 1,ali 1,ana 1,any 1,bate 1,bena 1,berry 1,cana 1,cena 1,dock 1,drake 1,el 1,ell 1,few 1,frey 1,gal 1,gana 1,gul 1,ian 1,iar 1,ica 1,icle 1,il 1,ilia 1,in 1,ind 1,indes 1,iper 1,lic 1,mile 1,mony 1,mus 1,nel 1,net 1,niru 1,nis 1,oe 1,ome 1,ony 1,osa 1,osia 1,per 1,pias 1,ram 1,rans 1,ray 1,rel 1,rome 1,ron 1,rosia 1,row 1,sali 1,se 1,shade 1,tany 1,thal 1,ther 1,thin 1,url 1,us 1,usar 1,vil 1,vir 1,wort 1,wrack


0, - - - usage examples: 0, - - - [Adjective][Misc] 0, - - - St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s [MiscCap] 10,balm 10,bane 10,bark 10,berry 10,blossom 10,briar 10,bulb 10,cap 10,clove 10,creeper 10,crown 10,cup 10,ear 10,feather 10,flower 10,foil 10,grain 10,grass 10,herb 10,ivy 10,kelp 10,leaf 10,nettle 10,root 10,rose 10,spike 10,tail 10,tea 10,thistle 10,thorn 10,tongue 10,vine 10,weed 10,wort





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