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...for In a Wicked Age

This is based on the thematic elements from the Harrow deck, not the explicit ones on the cards.

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1,The Paladin: A hero, bound by honour, faced by overwhelming foes and rich temptations… 1,The Keep: A fortress, unassailable from without, unshaken through great hardships… 1,The Big Sky: Freedom and a new start, hard won, and those who would return to the chains… 1,The Forge: A trial by fire, some failing… 1,The Bear: Savage strength, turned to a civilized purpose, but only for a time… 1,The Uprising: Fanaticism, a force swelled beyond the control of any leader… 1,The Fiend: The deaths of many in a great calamity, to be delivered by a dark intelligence… 1,The Beating: An attack from all sides, fraying the sanity of the defenders… 1,The Cyclone: War, destroying everything it touches, and the ones in its path… 1,The Dance: A delicate pattern showing the way, and the temptation of the flames… 1,The Cricket: An auspicious journey, promising treasure… 1,The Juggler: A great power, author of many fates, by turns relentless and benign... 1,The Locksmith: A stranger's aid, badly needed, with strings attached... 1,The Peacock: A vision of great beauty, sundering convention… 1,The Rabbit Prince: A lucky blow, landed in riotous melee… 1,The Avalanche: The stampeding feet of a panicked throng… 1,The Crows: Marauders, fresh from a life destroyed, cackling… 1,The Demon's Lantern: False hopes, sold for a high price to youths who can ill afford them… 1,The Trumpet: A public declaration, resounding over the crowd; a call to action… 1,The Survivor: A survivor, driven on by the fallen... 1,The Desert: An arduous journey, and the guide who is key to its success… 1,The Brass Dwarf: A dark choice between the one and the many… 1,The Teamster: A life of constant toil, and the masters who hold the whip… 1,The Mountain Man: Raw force unleashed, unopposable, but perhaps survivable… 1,The Tangled Briar: The ashes of an ancient tragedy, nourishing present strife… 1,The Sickness: A soul's corruption, leaving a stain upon the flesh… 1,The Waxworks: A captive, helpless, and his gloating torturer… 1,The Hidden Truth: An arcane secret, its seeker, and the one who can reveal it… 1,The Wanderer: A thing discarded, and the transient who spies its true value… 1,The Joke: A terror made flesh, and the clever plan to bring it down... 1,The Inquisitor: A painful truth, denied by fools who court disaster… 1,The Foreign Trader: A prosperous foreigner, bargaining with secrets... 1,The Vision: A work of genius, half-finished, and its architect, half-mad… 1,The Rakshasa: A broken mind, turned to a new purpose, part of a greater design… 1,The Idiot: Blackmail, bribery, and debasement, now normal in the halls of power… 1,The Snakebite: A poisoned weapon, used carefully to turn friends against one another… 1,The Winged Serpent: A sage, sought for counsel as fate hangs on a knife-edge… 1,The Midwife: A disastrous arrival, and the one who glimpses providence… 1,The Publican: A clear-headed arbiter, called on by a trusted friend… 1,The Queen Mother: A noble circle, preservers of knowledge, observers of a crucial ritual… 1,The Owl: Nature's power, blessed and cursed in the same moment… 1,The Carnival: The illusion of power, with real risks… 1,The Eclipse: A crisis of faith, striking during a hard pilgrimmage… 1,The Mute Hag: The stare of a matriarch, and the poisonous secret she holds over her enemy… 1,The Lost: A madman, his ears filled with the babble of unwanted companions… 1,The Empty Throne: Loss, felt keenly as the great are honoured… 1,The Theater: A prophetic performance, a message for its true audience... 1,The Unicorn: A feast, generously offered, widely accepted… 1,The Marriage: A wedding, irreversibly joining disparate factions… 1,The Twin: A reflection glimpsed at a moment of divided loyalties... 1,The Courtesan: Social niceties, delicately observed to curry favor… 1,The Tyrant: A ruler, blight upon those ruled... 1,The Betrayal: A false friend, steering the envied towards devastation... 1,The Liar: Unrequited love, the temptation to a deadly risk... </sgtable>