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1,A [entity] who is [adjectives yo] and [say what?] is [further more] in [location condition].


121,[ent] [ity] 26,[ntt]


2,disgraced 2,evangelical 1,alien 1,bare-knuckled 1,bitter 1,bloody-handed 1,cack-handed 1,chuckling 1,clever 1,degenerate 1,discount 1,doll-like 1,drunken 1,dying 1,evil 1,failed 1,gluttonous 1,gun-clad 1,haunted 1,howling 1,hunky 1,iceworld 1,marauding 1,masked 1,mischievous 1,monstrous 1,morbid 1,murderous 1,nuclear 1,pathological 1,petty 1,pickled 1,pretend 1,respected 1,sassy 1,scowling 1,sewn-up 1,simpering 1,slovenly 1,Somalian 1,space 1,time 1,totally fucked-up 1,trusted 1,unrequited 1,useless 1,wary 1,wildcard 1,zeppelin


2,assassin 2,cyborg 2,god 2,nihilist 2,sorcerer 2,spy 1,adventurer 1,ambassador 1,aromatherapist 1,aunt 1,ballet dancer 1,bastard 1,beast 1,bee princess 1,beggar 1,boxer 1,bus-driver 1,cannibal 1,captain 1,child 1,cop 1,cretin 1,cultist 1,degenerate 1,doctor 1,drifter 1,escaped prisoner 1,fortuneteller 1,friend 1,frog-walker 1,general 1,genius 1,golem 1,goose 1,horse 1,illusionist 1,judge 1,knight 1,lackey 1,librarian 1,lover 1,medusa 1,monarch 1,monster 1,murderess 1,musician 1,ninja 1,nomad 1,nun 1,pirate 1,priest 1,princess 1,prostitute 1,puppy 1,snailwitch 1,sneak-thief 1,snowman 1,solipsist 1,spider 1,stripper 1,torturer 1,unicorn 1,veterinarian 1,witch


1,lonely salaryman who hides in a cardboard box 1,scheming gorilla tyrant 1,vestige of the modernists 1,duke of storks 1,bad news shaman 1,doctor of philosophy 1,desperate Hippy Orphan 1,kindly official or authority figure 1,sarcastic agent of forbidden gods 1,poorly disguised megafauna 1,towering stick man 1,bored over-qualified intern 1,merchant folk hero 1,local sports hero 1,dog on fire 1,closet shoe fetishist 1,emperor in exile 1,Very Bad Dog 1,Satan’s own diplomat 1,high school degenerate 1,wizard-powered car 1,plump fruit being 1,fishman carrying beer 1,rich and amoral child 1,black Ops agent 1,woman with a man but without a country

adjectives yo

1,a fist in god’s eye 1,a grizzled veteran 1,adorable and malicious 1,amoral and analytical 1,ancient and wily 1,beautiful and alien 1,bewitched and besmited 1,bloody and masochistic 1,bomb-implanted 1,burning their soul’s secret oil 1,cold and silent 1,commanding and pushy 1,completely useless 1,corrupt and noble 1,cursed and burning 1,damned and unstoppable 1,dangerous to be around 1,degenerate and ripe 1,deluded and dangerous 1,diligent and gentle 1,dirt hearted 1,disaster touring 1,driven and unheeding 1,drunk and disorderly 1,enemy of ant and government 1,fierce and self-destructive 1,flimsy and eager 1,foreign and banished 1,foul and covered in makeup 1,furious and heavily armed 1,god-cursed 1,grave robbing 1,greasy and bloated 1,guided by secret writing 1,gullible and suffering from amnesia 1,heir to the throne 1,hulking and giggly 1,hunted by storks 1,implausibly trained 1,innocent and framed 1,insect infested and loathsome 1,jumped on space heroin 1,knife armed and sextial bodied 1,laser witted 1,leering and sadistic 1,lost and desperate 1,lusty and criminally worshipful 1,manic and delusional 1,marked for death 1,monkey driven 1,mostly ghost robot 1,mostly robot 1,naked and steaming 1,pale and hairless 1,Passive aggressive 1,pathetic and clingy 1,plummeting to a scandalous end 1,polite and filth encrusted 1,prone to accident 1,reckless and deceptive 1,reeking of urine 1,rich and generous 1,riddled with alien gems 1,sassy and scantly clad 1,secret and disguised 1,seeking redemption in the heedy booze of secret war 1,serendipitous and seditious 1,singing and dancing 1,spurred by destiny 1,sullen and poetic 1,the last hope for a dying world 1,tormented and medicated 1,troubled and wary 1,trusting and open 1,unbelievably lucky 1,undead and rotting 1,utterly paranoid 1,vengeance-sworn 1,wise and dickish 1,withered and ancient 1,writhing and sonorous 1,yellow-toothed and giggling 1,young and coquettish

say what?

1,a shape-shifting inhuman abomination 1,a world-class poisoner, capable of poisoning abstract concepts 1,accused of witchcraft 1,acting under false information 1,addicted to spinal fluid 1,aiding from the shadows 1,betraying themselves to be true to their lover 1,breaking in to the unknown 1,bridging two opposing worlds 1,building a castle 1,caught in a storm 1,collecting for charity 1,collecting weapons 1,come to confess 1,conspiring against time 1,controlled by alien worms in his/her bowels 1,convinced someone is the chosen one 1,crawling with spies 1,cruelly policing the cities’ ghosts 1,cursed with visions of the world’s end 1,digging a big hole 1,disguised as the help 1,emitting gamma radiation 1,falling in love 1,fighting a volcano 1,filming a music video 1,flying to the moon 1,following instructions 1,getting the gang back together 1,going through a rebirth cycle 1,going to be betrayed 1,haunted by memories of their abuser 1,having an identity crisis 1,heavily invested in this book deal 1,here to fulfill a prophecy 1,here to steal the children 1,hiding their deformity 1,holding all the cards in a game with no rules 1,in league with hollow earth toad gods 1,incapable of understanding the concept of falsehood 1,indiscriminately threatening 1,initiating a novice 1,leaving a trail of secret messages 1,literally unable to fall asleep 1,locked inside a small chest 1,longing for the grave 1,loved by children 1,making it up as they go along 1,mending a family sundered by ambition 1,mostly, but not entirely, lying about a treasure 1,naming the days 1,obfuscating the vault 1,on a trade mission 1,operating the machine behind it all 1,out to betray someone held dear 1,out to save the world 1,out to steal a vast treasure 1,plotting bloody ruin on baristas across the globe 1,polluting the water 1,pushing people over 1,releasing a gorilla 1,riding a spectral juggernaut 1,ritually murdering children’s television presenters 1,robbing the blind 1,ruined by taxes 1,running afoul of local law 1,running for mayor 1,sabotaging a ceremony 1,sabotaging a ritual 1,saying goodbye the only way they know how 1,searching for justice 1,seducing the innocent 1,seeking a way out 1,seeking employment 1,seeking food and shelter 1,seeking revenge 1,seeking the throne 1,seeking the truth 1,seeking their children 1,setting someone to big too fall up for a fall 1,shutting it all down 1,smuggling occult references into a screenplay 1,sought by a powerful force 1,staking out a bookshop 1,stealing diamonds made from human souls 1,stealing plans for a super weapon 1,sticking it to the Man 1,stockpiling seeming trivial suppliers 1,taking the breakup really hard 1,tattooed with a map 1,the product of a millennium of deliberate inbreeding 1,the rightful heir 1,throwing money at a problem 1,too old for this shit 1,tricking powerful people 1,trying to help through murder 1,under a spell 1,unexpectedly in a position of authority 1,unlucky in love 1,wants to hire the party 1,weaponizing the museum 1,weaving a web of dire deception 1,wrestling the unjust

further more

1,about to deal the deadly final hand from a stacked deck 1,applying for funding 1,attention staved 1,being protected without their knowledge 1,binge-eating 1,blaming everyone else 1,bringing down the wraith of the moon and the scorn of the sun 1,building a vast drill 1,challenging their nemesis to a final duel 1,cloning themselves in wax and tar 1,concealing a dwarf on their person 1,conflict has ignited too much 1,contesting the will 1,controlled from the shadows against their will 1,deeply paranoid and paying for protection 1,destroying the gruesome evidence in a candy factory 1,digging up corpses to eat their hearts 1,drinking like only a wizard can, in an aquarium-themed bar 1,drowning their sorrows 1,drunk-driving 1,engaged in a campaign of catch-and-release organ harvest 1,experimenting with partial transformation Polymorph spells, leaving a trail of horrible deformities 1,falsifying evidence 1,far too late 1,fomenting revolt amongst the appliances 1,fulfilling a promise 1,getting lost in the sewer 1,going horribly right 1,going horribly wrong 1,having second thoughts 1,heavily in debt 1,hiding their immortality 1,hunted by rival factions 1,indiscriminately lashing out 1,interviewing assistants 1,jeopardizing their health 1,just completely fucked 1,just in it for the money 1,kidnapping and eating children 1,killing for money 1,last of their kind 1,launching an ancient starship 1,lobotomizing a cat 1,losing hope 1,mainlining destiny 1,making a dangerous alliance with cunning robot dinosaurs 1,making mistakes 1,making preparations for their mummification 1,making their name 1,mass producing minor demons 1,mending their heart at last 1,not the first 1,not working alone 1,obscuring the moon’s terrible secret 1,on a desperate errand for a misfit angel 1,opened up a black path to a hateful world 1,opposed, but by something even more vile 1,organizing like-minded people 1,performing brutal vigilante executions 1,performing sleep-deprivation experiments on stolen women 1,performing terrorist acts on the elderly 1,performing these acts lawfully under consent of the king 1,performing vivisections with hooks and knives 1,producing truly beautiful works of art with human body fluids 1,provoking dangerous spirits 1,purging all traces of their former life 1,replacing brains with cans (and vice-versa) 1,retiring soon 1,riding shotgun with Tiamat 1,risking it all 1,robbing two banks simultaneously 1,screaming internally 1,scything a red path of vengeance 1,sealing the fate of the only one they truly love 1,secretly performing these acts for the cause of good 1,seeing a doctor 1,sewing misery for alien farms 1,shitting on the ways of the Wizards 1,shutting down the amusement park 1,sick of playing second string 1,silencing that plucky reporter 1,starting a riot 1,summoning the god of lonely things 1,tainting food stores with corpses to induce involuntary cannibalism 1,taking it all too far 1,the object of affection for a small cult 1,trying to warn others 1,uncovering a horde 1,uncovering the bell of woe 1,unionizing effectively 1,unknowingly spreading a virulent and painful parasitic fungus 1,using a secret passage to torture and abuse the royal children 1,vandalizing profundity 1,watched from below 1,weaponizing hippies 1,wearing out their welcome 1,weaving a tapestry of human ligaments

location condition

1,a barren undercity 1,a blazing oil rig 1,a bygone age 1,a castle made of wood 1,a circus of the banal 1,a cruise ship 1,a crystal prison 1,a desert 1,a druid’s bloody sacrificial altar 1,a farm rotten and sinister 1,a fatal momentary lapse of judgment 1,a feral street 1,a flaming house 1,a ghost train 1,a giant’s maw 1,a giant’s womb 1,a hotel composed entirely of crocodile bones and insects 1,a house with too many hallways 1,a land made of turtle shells 1,a land that time forgot 1,a lighthouse 1,a lighthouse just barely visible from the city walls 1,a live recording children’s show 1,a massive industrialized slaughterhouse 1,a mini golf course 1,a nuclear missile silo 1,a nuclear waste dump 1,a partially abandoned, trash-filled poor district 1,a poorly hidden curse pyramid 1,a Purple cloud city 1,a quest for the very nature of reality itself! 1,a quiet town 1,a quiet woodland settlement 1,a radio-tower 1,a rocking party 1,a rooftop death arena 1,a secluded and trap-filled sewer lair 1,a secret warzone 1,a seemingly peaceful coastal village 1,a sepulchral tomb guarded by grim-faced knights 1,a series of implausible murders 1,a sharkwoman-infested lagoon 1,a shivering church 1,a skyship 1,a stately manor 1,a steamy rainforest 1,a sunken seaplane 1,a swamp 1,a time that land forgot 1,a traveling circus with an ugly reputation 1,a tropical island getaway 1,a tumultuous trading post 1,a valley of fire and motorcycletaurs 1,a vampire invested beat 1,a vast and mysterious plantation 1,a wager with death itself 1,a warren of unature 1,an alien bunker 1,an alien space fortress 1,an ancient spaceship 1,an art gallery of skin and lice 1,an automated library 1,an endless skyscraper 1,an entombed ice breaker 1,an everyday, commonplace, upside-down flying castle 1,an haunted venue 1,an hydroelectric dam 1,an invisible whale carcass 1,an island fortress 1,an overpriced club 1,animal gangland 1,Antarctica 1,fevered delirium 1,gangland 1,ghost animal gangland 1,hope of escaping alien justice 1,league with the double dead ghosts 1,preparation for a showdown with the Master of Wheels 1,problematic hegemony groundzero 1,sass prison 1,suburbia 1,the 13th hour 1,the Antimoon 1,the basement of the local ruler 1,the battle of the bands super final! 1,the bell tower 1,the busy streets around the city market 1,the capital city 1,the courthouse 1,the Crystal pass 1,the dark heart of Wales 1,the day of the race 1,the days of the black sun 1,the decadent and perfumed gold district 1,the eggs of eternity 1,the Elysian fields 1,the endless tubes of a children’s playground 1,the final resting place of Kurt Cobain 1,the graveyard, beneath the highway 1,the Gulf of Gods’ Fury 1,the Hill of the faerie folk 1,the hives of bureaucracy 1,the inevitable conclusion of a vast chain of misunderstandings and comedic ill timing 1,the inside of a massive cloud hive 1,the local neighbourhood’s abandoned explosives and unstable chemicals factory 1,the local tavern 1,the Maze of Rotting eyes 1,the mind of a dead television star 1,the Mountains of despair 1,the pages of the great American novel 1,the prestigious university on the hill 1,the Private Idaho 1,the scene of a natural disaster 1,the sea 1,the set of ‘Action Cop Karate Force’ film 1,the set of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ 1,the skull tower 1,the storm swept coastline 1,the trojan horse 1,the wasp moon 1,the Wastelands of Memory 1,the zoo 1,underwater Cairo 1,Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory