Goblin: Plotchfussied

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Here we have a viridian grey goblin with dark red hair. He has a painted face-mask and wields a quiver of makeshift darts. He is named Plotchfussied and works as a raider.

He has Nemmo Tokrok Argkaz for a patron saint. He speaks common fluently.

He provides for nine young children. They live in a lean-to made of large sticks and pigskin leather.

He carries a scuffed briefcase in which is:

  1. a stone cudgel
  2. two turnips
  3. four plain slender brass bracelets
  4. three obscure tokens
  5. a spindle of twine
  6. an awl
  7. two fishing hooks made of wood

In his lean-to one can find a trunk containing:

  1. eighteen years of ledgers from a profitable butcher shop
  2. a rolled up hammock and two screw hooks
  3. a dull blue-green leather pendant
  4. a cracked badger skull
  5. a dirty and ragged rabbit pelt
  6. a pair of dice made of bone

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