Goblin: Nokgruppa

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This jade yellow goblin is named Nokgruppa and he is a scavenger. He has only three teeth. They are needle sharp. He is liable to pull at his hair when stressed, and he has bald patches as a result.

He wears a tattered and torn pair of white lace gloves. He is armed with wooden hammer and carries a shield that has seen better days.

He is not overly religious, but does occasionally offer tokens of respect to the goblin gods. He believes the gods do concern themselves with goblin affairs, albeit not often.

He is without kids. He lives in a subterranean tunnel burrowed under the ground. There he keeps a giant crocodile egg. He wants to sell it, but he can't find a buyer. He doesn't want to store it outside for fear of it being stolen, but he is naturally concerned that a giant crocodile may hatch inside his home.

Nokgruppa totes the following in a canvas haversack:

  1. three stalks of broccoli
  2. a sock with three silver shekels inside
  3. a hand mirror
  4. a weathered tin cup
  5. an iron key

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