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Name 3 Samples
Deity <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[Deity]”</sgdisplay>
DeityEvil <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeityEvil]”</sgdisplay>
FiendLords <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[FiendLords]”</sgdisplay>
DeityDruidic <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeityDruidic]”</sgdisplay>
DeityPaladin <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeityPaladin]”</sgdisplay>
DeityNonEvil <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeityNonEvil]”</sgdisplay>
DeityMale <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeityMale]”</sgdisplay>
DeityFemale <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeityFemale]”</sgdisplay>
DeitySymbol <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[DeitySymbol]”</sgdisplay>


Name 3 Samples
Organization <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[Organization]”</sgdisplay>
OrganizationDruidic <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[OrganizationDruidic]”</sgdisplay>
OrganizationGoodMember <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[OrganizationGoodMember]”</sgdisplay>
OrganizationEvil <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[OrganizationEvil]; [OrganizationEvil]; [OrganizationEvil]”</sgdisplay>
OrganizationSymbol <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[OrganizationSymbol]”</sgdisplay>
OrganizationLessEvil <sgdisplay iterations="3">“[OrganizationLessEvil]”</sgdisplay>

Living Groupings

Name 3 Samples
Cities <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Cities]; [Cities]; [Cities]”</sgdisplay>
GheronEastCities <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[GheronEastCities]; [GheronEastCities]; [GheronEastCities]”</sgdisplay>
FarawayCities <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[FarawayCities]; [FarawayCities]; [FarawayCities]”</sgdisplay>
HumanNations <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[HumanNations]; [HumanNations]; [HumanNations]”</sgdisplay>


Name 3 Samples
Cultures <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Cultures]; [Cultures]; [Cultures]”</sgdisplay>
CulturesHuman <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[CulturesHuman]; [CulturesHuman]; [CulturesHuman]”</sgdisplay>


Name 3 Samples
NonCommonLanguage <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[NonCommonLanguage]; [NonCommonLanguage]; [NonCommonLanguage]”</sgdisplay>
DefaultLanguage <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[DefaultLanguage]; [DefaultLanguage]; [DefaultLanguage]”</sgdisplay>
HumanLanguagesWritten <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[HumanLanguagesWritten]; [HumanLanguagesWritten]; [HumanLanguagesWritten]”</sgdisplay>
NonHumanLanguagesWritten <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[NonHumanLanguagesWritten]; [NonHumanLanguagesWritten]; [NonHumanLanguagesWritten]”</sgdisplay>
LanguageElvishDialect <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[LanguageElvishDialect]; [LanguageElvishDialect]; [LanguageElvishDialect]”</sgdisplay>
PlanarLanguages <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[PlanarLanguages]; [PlanarLanguages]; [PlanarLanguages]”</sgdisplay>



11,Chauntea 10,Athena 10,Pelor 9,Selune 6,Kelemvor 6,Tempus 6,Thor 6,Tyr 5,Azuth 5,Gond 5,Helm 5,Oghma 3,Mask 3,Valkur 2,Auril 2,Lolth 1,[FiendLords] 1,the Patient One 1,Velsharoon


5,[FiendLords] 1,Auril 1,Lolth 1,Mask 1,the Patient One 1,Velsharoon


1,Asmodeus 1,Baalzebub 1,Dispater 1,Graz’zt 1,Juiblex 1,Levistus 1,Mammon 1,Mephistopheles 1,Orcus 1,Yeenoghu


20,Chauntea 17,Pelor 15,Selune 10,Thor 6,Tempus 4,Valkur 1,Auril


30,Athena 3,Azuth 9,Chauntea 35,Helm 20,Kelemvor 30,Pelor 25,Tyr


3,Athena 3,Helm 3,Pelor 2,Chauntea 2,Gond 2,Kelemvor 2,Selune 2,Tempus 2,Thor 2,Tyr 2,Valkur 1,Azuth 1,Oghma


5,Azuth 5,Gond 5,Helm 6,Kelemvor 3,Mask 5,Oghma 10,Pelor 6,Tempus 6,Thor 6,Tyr 3,Valkur


10,Athena 2,Auril 11,Chauntea 2,Lolth 9,Selune


11,a sheaf of grain or an oak leaf[×] Chauntea”) 10,an owl[×] Athena”) 10,the sun[×] Pelor”) 9,a half moon[×] Selune”) 6,a skeletal hand grasping scales[×] Kelemvor”) 6,crossed swords or spears[×] Tempus”) 6,a lightning bolt and a hammer[×] Thor”) 6,a sword with scales for quillons[×] Tyr”) 5,left hand pointing upwards[×] Azuth”) 5,a hammer superimposed on an anvil[×] Gond”) 5,a staring eye on the back of a war gauntlet[×] Helm”) 5,a blank scroll[×] Oghma”) 3,a twisted mask[×] Mask”) 3,a cloud with three lightning bolts on a shield shape[×] Valkur”) 2,a snowflake[×] Auril”) 2,an elf-headed spider[×] Lolth”) 1,a mass of writhing tentacles[×] the Patient One”) 1,a flaming skull[×] Velsharoon”)


10,The Builders 10,The Hospitalers 10,the Order of the Sun 8,The Faceless (Cult of Juiblex) 8,the Order of the Leaf 8,the Order of the Moon 8,The Schools of Magic 8,The Torchbearers 6,The Knights of the Chalice 6,The League of Explorers 6,the Order of the Claw 6,the Order of the Harvest 6,the Order of the Tempest 5,The Guardians of the Gate 5,The Workmen 4,Cranford Conservatory of Music 4,Servants of the Dark Lord (Cult of Asmodeus) 4,The Chosen (Cult of Graz’zt) 4,The Skulls (Cult of Orcus) 4,The Submissive Servants of the Radiant Flame 4,The Thieves Guilds of [Cities] 3,The Bladeravers (Cult of Levistus) 3,The Hellfire Stewards (Cult of Mephistopheles) 3,The Men’s Brigade 2,The Baalim (Cult of Baalzebub) 2,The Covetors (Cult of Mammon) 2,The Iron Fist (Cult of Dispater) 2,The Pale Brotherhood of Eternal Winter 2,The Risen 2,The Whisperers in Darkness 1,The Beastblessed (Cult of Yeenoghu)


4,the Order of the Claw 10,the Order of the Harvest 6,the Order of the Leaf 7,the Order of the Moon 8,the Order of the Sun 4,the Order of the Tempest


4,Builder 4,Guardian of the Gate 4,Hospitaler 2,Knight of the Chalice 1,member of the League of Explorers 1,Servant of the Radiant Flame 4,Torchbearer


10,a compass and square[×] Builders”) 10,a cross[×] Hospitalers”) 10,a “spiky” radiant sun[×] Order of the Sun”) 8,a sickle superimposed on an oak leaf or acorn[×] Order of the Leaf”) 8,a crescent moon[×] Order of the Moon”) 8,the symbol of the particular School[×] Schools of Magic”) 8,a burning torch[×] Torchbearers”) 6,a chalice[×] Knights of the Chalice”) 6,a crossed map and telescope[×] League of Explorers”) 6,a wolf’s claw[×] Order of the Claw”) 6,a scythe superimposed on a sheaf of grain[×] Order of the Harvest”) 6,a lightning bolt[×] Order of the Tempest”) 5,cemetery gates[×] Guardians of the Gate”) 5,a hammer in a hexagon[×] Workmen”) 4,a lute[×] Cranford Conservatory of Music”) 4,a pentagram[×] Servants of the Dark Lord”) 4,a skull[×] Skulls”) 4,an amorphous mass of eyes[×] Faceless”) 4,crossed forearms ending in flaming fists[×] Submissive Servants of the Radiant Flame”) 4,two crescents (one facing up, the other down)[×] Chosen”) 4,various symbols of a thieves’ guild or gang 3,a rapier stabbed through a face[×] Bladeravers”) 3,a flaming hand[×] Hellfire Stewards”) 3,a “spade”[×] Men’s Brigade”) 2,a fly[×] Baalim”) 2,the ancient rune for “wealth”)[×] Covetors”) 2,a clenched fist[×] Iron Fist”) 2,the ancient rune for “winter”)[×] Pale Brotherhood of Eternal Winter”) 2,a skull with bat wings[×] Risen”) 2,a mass of writhing tentacles[×] Whisperers in Darkness”) 1,a gnoll head[×] Beastblessed”)


1, ([Þ] of “The


1,crest 1,emblem 1,insignia 1,mark 1,sign 1,symbol


60,the Order of the Harvest 60,the Order of the Moon 60,the Order of the Sun 60,The Torchbearers 50,The Builders 50,The Hospitalers 50,The League of Explorers 50,the Order of the Leaf 50,The Schools of Magic 50,The Workmen 40,Cranford Conservatory of Music 40,The Guardians of the Gate 40,The Knights of the Chalice 40,the Order of the Claw 40,the Order of the Tempest 30,The Men’s Brigade 30,The Submissive Servants of the Radiant Flame 10,The Thieves Guilds of [Cities] 8,Servants of the Dark Lord (Cult of Asmodeus) 8,The Pale Brotherhood of Eternal Winter 8,The Skulls (Cult of Orcus) 8,The Whisperers in Darkness 7,The Hellfire Stewards (Cult of Mephistopheles) 6,The Chosen (Cult of Graz’zt) 6,The Risen 5,The Baalim (Cult of Baalzebub) 5,The Bladeravers (Cult of Levistus) 5,The Covetors (Cult of Mammon) 5,The Faceless (Cult of Juiblex) 5,The Iron Fist (Cult of Dispater) 4,The Beastblessed (Cult of Yeenoghu)


1,[GheronEastCities] 1,[FarawayCities] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.main]


50,Bryene 40,Knighton 40,Kesteven 20,Engeham 20,Marcheford 20,Stoweford 15,Haversham 16,Loveney 15,Langeton 15,Cranford 15,Higate


2,Quom 2,Swansea 1,Lisano 6,[Fantasy Town Names.main]


10,Gheron 6,Figalia 3,Melanos 3,Helanos 3,Loanza 5,Arcadia 5,the Northland


5,Gheronese 4,Arcadian 2,Central Gheronese 2,Desertfolk 2,Dwarvish 2,East Gheronese 2,Figalian 2,Helanosian 2,Melanosian 2,Northmen 2,West Gheronese 1,Aquatic 1,Barbarian 1,Draconic 1,Drow 1,Duergar 1,Faerie 1,Fey 1,Gnomish 1,Goblinoid 1,Halfling 1,High Elven 1,Illithid 1,Lizardfolk 1,Merfolk 1,Orcish 1,Sahaugin 1,Sylvan 1,Wood Elven 1,Yuan-Ti


10,Gheronese 3,East Gheronese 3,Central Gheronese 3,West Gheronese 2,Desertfolk 3,Figalian 2,Northlander 3,Melanosian 3,Helanosian 5,Barbarian 2,Dervish 5,Arcadian


25,Arcadian 25,Figalian 25,Helanosian 25,Loanzan 25,Melanosian 15,Draconic 15,Elvish 15,Northlandic 10,Desertspeak 10,Dwarvish 10,Halfling 10,Quomish 8,Orcish 8,Sylvan 5,Aquatic 5,Undercommon 4,Druidic 4,Goblin 3,Gnomish 2,Aquan 2,Auran 2,Ignan 2,Illithid 2,Terran




200,Common 10,Northlander 10,Arcadian 15,Figalian 10,Desertspeak 4,Quomish 10,an Unknown Tongue 10,Helanosian 7,Loanzan 3,Old Kestevian 4,Old Gheronese


100,[LanguageElvishDialect] 60,Dwarvish 25,Draconic 25,Halfling 20,Merfolk 15,DeepCommon 10,Gnomish 10,Orcish 8,Giant 8,UnderCommon 6,Sylvan 3,Gnoll 3,Sahaugin 2,Goblin 2,Goblin (Bugbear Dialect) 2,Goblin (Hobgoblin Dialect) 2,Yuan-Ti 1,Illithidrune 1,Kuo-Toa 1,Locothah


1,Drow Elvish 1,High Elvish 1,Sea Elvish 1,Wild Elvish 1,Wood Elvish


20,Celestial 10,Abyssal 10,Infernal 5,Terran 3,Ignan 1,Aquatic 1,Auran