Generic Sci Fi Character

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This uses code snippets from several other generators from the Science Fiction Category, some Character Concepts, and others to create your average run-of-the-mill futuristic guy or gal.

Generic Sci Fi Character



1,Name: [Male] 1,Name: [Female] 1,Name: [Droid]


Sex/Age: Male, [AGE]
Height: [Character generator.HEIGHT]
Build: [Character generator.MaleBuild]
Eyes: [Eyes]
Skin: [Skin]
Hair: [Hair]


Sex/Age: Female, [AGE]
Height: [Character generator.HEIGHT]
Build: [Character generator.FemaleBuild]
Eyes: [Eyes]
Skin: [Skin]
Hair: [Hair]


Personality Quirk: [DroidPersonality]


Personality: [Personality]


1,[MaleName] (Cyborg)[m1]Profession: [CyborgProfession]
Cybernetics: [Future Gear.CyborgParts]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.PersonalWeapon][p1] 1,[MaleName] (Enhanced Genetics)[m1]Profession: [Sci Fi Mutant.MutantProfession]
Special Abilities: [Sci Fi Mutant.MutantPowers]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.MilitaryEquipment][p1] 1,[MaleName][m1]Profession: [OtherProfession]
Equipment: [Future Gear.PersonalEquipment][p1] 1,[MaleName][m1]Profession: [ScienceProfession]
Equipment: [Future Gear.ScienceEquipment][p1] 1,[MaleName][m1]Profession: [TradeProfession]
Trade Wares: [Future Gear.TradeWares][p1] 1,[Rank] [MaleName]
Unit: [Unit][m1]Profession: [MilitaryProfession]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.MilitaryEquipment][p1]


1,[FemaleName] (Cyborg)[f1]Profession: [CyborgProfession]
Cybernetics: [Future Gear.CyborgParts]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.PersonalWeapon][p1] 1,[FemaleName] (Enhanced Genetics)[f1]Profession: [Sci Fi Mutant.MutantProfession]
Special Abilities: [Sci Fi Mutant.MutantPowers]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.MilitaryEquipment][p1] 1,[FemaleName][f1]Profession: [OtherProfession]
Equipment: [Future Gear.PersonalEquipment][p1] 1,[FemaleName][f1]Profession: [ScienceProfession]
Equipment: [Future Gear.ScienceEquipment][p1] 1,[FemaleName][f1]Profession: [TradeProfession]
Trade Wares: [Future Gear.TradeWares][p1] 1,[Rank] [FemaleName]
Unit: [Unit][f1]Profession: [MilitaryProfession]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.MilitaryEquipment][p1]


Program: [MilitaryDroid]
Weaponry: [Future Gear.MilitaryEquipment]
Special Combat Ability: [DroidAbility][d1] 2,[DroidName]
Program: [TradeDroid]
Trade Wares: [Future Gear.TradeWares][d1] 1,[DroidName]
Program: [OtherDroid][d1]


5,[Anime Fantasy Character Generator.hairdesc1] [Anime Fantasy Character Generator.hairdesc2] [Anime Fantasy Character Generator.haircolor] 10,[Anime Fantasy Character Generator.hairdesc2] [Anime Fantasy Character Generator.haircolor] 7,[Anime Fantasy Character Generator.haircolor] 7,[Character generator.HAIR] 1,bald


1,[Character generator.EYE] 1,[Anime Fantasy Character Generator.eyecolor]


1,[Character generator.SKIN] 1,[Anime Fantasy Character Generator.skintone]


1,[Ship Description.UnitNumber] [Ship Description.Group]


1,1[Dice.1d8] 3,1[Dice.2d4] 5,19 5,20 5,2[Dice.1d4] 15,2[Dice.1d8] 10,2[Dice.2d4] 4,29 4,30 15,3[Dice.1d4] 15,3[Dice.1d8] 3,39 1,40 5,4[Dice.1d8] 1,49 1,50 1,5[Dice.1d8] 1,59 1,60 1,6[Dice.1d8]


4,bounty hunter 4,shock trooper 3,assassin 3,Marine 3,mercenary 3,mutant hunter 3,pirate 3,resistance fighter 3,Space Marine 2,[RogueFighterClass] pilot 2,[πŸ‘‘] nomad 2,bodyguard 2,fighting monk 2,gun for hire 2,gunslinger 2,infantry soldier 2,monastery guard 2,nomad 2,resistance leader 2,sharpshooter 2,sniper 2,soldier 1,battletank commander 1,battletank engineer 1,biotic trooper 1,brute 1,counter-mutant task force member 1,counter-mutant team leader 1,demolitions expert 1,gun runner 1,hermit 1,paranormal hunter 1,private security officer 1,resistance force chaplain 1,resistance soldier 1,resistance supporter 1,rogue assassin 1,vampire hunter


1,[Future Gear.CyborgParts]


1,[MilitaryProfession] 1,[OtherProfession] 1,[TradeProfession]


1,[MilitaryGroundForce] 1,[MilitarySpaceForce] 1,[RogueMilitary]


3,mercenary 3,pirate 3,resistance fighter 2,[RogueFighterClass] pilot 2,fighting monk 2,fugitive 2,monastery guard 2,resistance leader 1,conquistador 1,convict 1,criminal 1,ex-convict 1,planetary defense fighter 1,planetary defense leader 1,planetary rebellion fighter 1,planetary rebellion leader 1,rogue assassin 1,terrorist 1,thief


3,Marine 3,Space Marine 1,battletank commander 1,battletank engineer 1,biotic trooper 1,bodyguard 1,bounty hunter 1,brute 1,chaplain 1,demolitions expert 1,gendarme 1,gladiator 1,ground trooper 1,gun for hire 1,gunslinger 1,Marine battletank commander 1,Marine battletank engineer 1,mercenary 1,officer 1,police detective 1,police officer 1,private bodyguard 1,private detective 1,security officer 1,sharpshooter 1,shock trooper 1,sniper 1,soldier 1,thug


1,[FrameType] pilot 1,[MechType] engineer 1,[MechType] mechanic 1,[MechType] repair specialist 1,[MilitaryOfficer] officer 1,[MilitaryPilotType] pilot 1,resistance pilot 1,test pilot 1,wing commander 1,wingman


1,hybrid solar helo-frame 1,inner-space assault frame 1,inner-space combat frame 1,low-orbit assault frame 1,low-orbit combat frame 1,low-orbit helo-frame 1,marine assault robo-suit 1,marine exoskeleton frame 1,marine reinforced robo-suit 1,parajump shock troop frame 1,parajump strike force frame 1,variable-orbit helo-frame


1,arms 1,boarding 1,commanding 1,communications 1,engineering 1,flag 1,logistics 1,navigation 1,police 1,security 1,staff 1,weapons


5,intercepter 5,scout ship 5,solar-sail 3,cruiser 3,destroyer 3,fighter 3,warship 2,battleship 2,bomber 2,strafer 1,capital ship 1,command ship 1,death star 1,flagship 1,starship






1,[CivilianLowerClass] 1,[CivilianUpperClass]


1,[Entertainer] 1,[Other] 1,[Religious] 1,[Traveler]


1,[Modern Profession.Modeltype]model 1,artist 1,comedian 1,courtesan 1,dancer 1,designer 1,dramatist 1,entertainer 1,exotic dancer 1,holovid artist 1,holovid cameraman 1,holovid journalist 1,holovid photographer 1,holovid reporter 1,journalist 1,musician 1,painter 1,prostitute 1,reporter 1,sculptor 1,singer 1,VR artist


1,[πŸ‘‘] customs official 1,[πŸ‘‘] protocol officer 1,aide 1,barkeeper 1,bartender 1,civilian 1,courier 1,data courier 1,data jacker 1,data thief 1,drug addict 1,drunk 1,educator 1,grifter 1,hacker 1,handyman 1,instructor 1,jack-of-all-trades 1,kid 1,local 1,protocol officer 1,publican 1,scholar 1,servant 1,slave 1,student 1,teacher 1,trainer 1,writer


1,[πŸ‘‘] missionary 1,abbot[ss] 1,cult leader[ss] 1,cultist[ss] 1,elder[ss] 1,evangelist[ss] 1,friar[ss] 1,guru 1,hermit 1,illuminati[ss] 1,initiate of [Secret Society Title.Main] 1,mendicant 1,monk[ss] 1,pilgrim[ss] 1,preacher[ss] 1,priest[ss] 1,temple guard[ss] 1,witch[ss] 1,yogi 1,zealot[ss]


1, 1, of [Secret Society Title.Main]


1,[πŸ‘‘] nomad 1,[πŸ‘‘] traveler 1,[πŸ‘‘] wanderer 1,adventurer 1,drifter 1,friar 1,fugitive 1,mendicant 1,pilgrim 1,tourist 1,traveler 1,traveling monk 1,vagabond 1,vagrant 1,wanderer


1,[Modern Profession.Modeltype]model 1,[πŸ‘‘] abbot 1,[πŸ‘‘] agent 1,[πŸ‘‘] ambassador 1,[πŸ‘‘] arbiter 1,[πŸ‘‘] archbishop 1,[πŸ‘‘] bishop 1,[πŸ‘‘] cardinal 1,[πŸ‘‘] circuit judge 1,[πŸ‘‘] court judge 1,[πŸ‘‘] economist 1,[πŸ‘‘] emissary 1,[πŸ‘‘] entertainer 1,[πŸ‘‘] governor 1,[πŸ‘‘] lawyer 1,[πŸ‘‘] leader 1,[πŸ‘‘] magistrate 1,[πŸ‘‘] royalty 1,[πŸ‘‘] senator 1,[πŸ‘‘] trade negotiator 1,[πŸ‘‘] trade official 1,[πŸ‘‘] triumvirate judge 1,[πŸ‘‘] vicar 1,actor 1,ambassador for [Galactic locations.Real] 1,archbishop of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,athlete 1,broker 1,businessman 1,cardinal of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,celebrity 1,councilor 1,counselor 1,designer 1,economist 1,emissary from [Galactic locations.Real] 1,financier 1,governor of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,holovid actor 1,holovid entertainer 1,investment banker 1,investment lawyer 1,investment strategist 1,investor 1,lawyer 1,magistrate of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,minor [πŸ‘‘] abbot 1,minor [πŸ‘‘] royalty 1,minor [πŸ‘‘] vicar 1,negotiator 1,politician 1,pop singer 1,racing pilot 1,royalty of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,senator of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,stockbroker 1,stunt pilot 1,trade negotiator for [Galactic locations.Real] 1,trade official for [Galactic locations.Real] 1,trade representative for [Galactic locations.Real] 1,triumvirate judge for [Galactic locations.Real] 1,veejay


5,intergalactic 4,galactic 3,interstellar 3,planetary 2,interplanetary 2,stellar 1,local 1,terran


1,[EngineerProfession] 1,[MedicalProfession]


1,aerospace engineer 1,chemical engineer 1,cloak engineer 1,computer engineer 1,ergonomics designer 1,flux engineer 1,hardware designer 1,hyperspace engineer 1,inventor 1,materials engineer 1,mechanical engineer 1,nanotech engineer 1,nanotech researcher 1,nanotech scientist 1,research assistant 1,research scientist 1,researcher 1,scientist 1,software designer 1,software engineer 1,warp engineer


1,biosurgeon 1,cryonic stasis physician 1,cybersurgeon 1,dentist 1,doctor 1,flight surgeon 1,freelance surgeon 1,medic 1,nurse 1,optometrist 1,orthodontist 1,paramedic 1,pharmacist 1,physician 1,prosthetist 1,psychiatrist 1,reflexologist 1,surgeon


1,[MechType] engineer 1,[MechType] mechanic 1,[MechType] repair specialist 1,[RogueFighterClass] pilot 1,[TradeShipClass] pilot 1,arms dealer 1,arms merchant 1,bionics dealer 1,black market dealer 1,contraband runner 1,courier 1,cybernetics dealer 1,drug runner 1,fence 1,freighter captain 1,gunrunner 1,junk salesman 1,mercantile 1,merchant 1,slaver 1,smuggler 1,thief 1,trader 1,travel agent 1,underground dealer 1,used arms trader


2,bounty hunter vessel 1,bandit vessel 1,pirate shuttle 1,privateer ship


1,barge 1,courier craft 1,ferry 1,fueler 1,mail craft 1,merchant craft 1,merchant vessel 1,passenger ship 1,passenger shuttle 1,passenger sloop 1,refueler 1,slaver 1,tanker 1,trade schooner 1,trade scow 1,trade ship 1,trade skiff


1,advanced armament 1,advanced weaponry 1,armament 1,armor 1,battletank 1,booster 1,cloak 1,communications 1,communications array 1,coolant 1,cryonics 1,cybernetics 1,deflector 1,droid 1,drone 1,engine 1,force field generator 1,frequency modulator 1,generator 1,generator core 1,gravity 1,ground vehicle 1,hardware 1,heavy armament 1,heavy battletank 1,heavy weaponry 1,high-tech 1,hull 1,hydraulic 1,hyperspace drive 1,jammer 1,jump drive 1,light battletank 1,nanotech 1,program 1,sensor 1,sensor array 1,shield 1,shielding 1,ship 1,software 1,stabilizer 1,thruster 1,tractor beam 1,transmitter 1,warp core 1,warp drive 1,weaponry 1,weapons


1,abstract 1,agnostic 1,amiable 1,amorous 1,amusing 1,analytical 1,angry 1,arrogant 1,battle-hardened 1,battle-weary 1,believable 1,benevolent 1,bitter 1,brash 1,calculating 1,capable 1,chatty 1,cheap 1,clever 1,compulsive 1,concerned 1,convincing 1,courageous 1,cowardly 1,cruel 1,cynical 1,dangerous 1,deadly 1,deep 1,dependable 1,depressed 1,detached 1,dirty 1,disorganized 1,dissolute 1,distracted 1,distraught 1,distressed 1,down-and-out 1,draconic 1,dull 1,egomaniacal 1,egotistical 1,entertaining 1,excited 1,exhausted 1,extroverted 1,faithful 1,faithless 1,fanatical 1,fast-talking 1,fearsome 1,fiery 1,filthy 1,flippant 1,foolhardy 1,foolish 1,free-wheeling 1,friendly 1,frivolous 1,funny 1,generous 1,glib 1,good-looking 1,graceful 1,gracious 1,grave 1,greedy 1,grubby 1,gullible 1,happy 1,hard-charging 1,hardened 1,hedonistic 1,helpful 1,heretical 1,high-maintenance 1,high-strung 1,homocidal 1,honorable 1,hulking 1,humorous 1,immature 1,impulsive 1,incorrigible 1,inquisitive 1,intimidating 1,introverted 1,kind 1,lascivious 1,lewd 1,licentious 1,lively 1,logical 1,lonely 1,loose 1,loose-lipped 1,loud 1,maniacal 1,masochistic 1,mature 1,mysterious 1,naive 1,nervous 1,observant 1,obsessive 1,organized 1,out-of-work 1,outgoing 1,peaceful 1,prim 1,prissy 1,professional 1,promiscuous 1,proper 1,proud 1,psychotic 1,quaint 1,questionable 1,quiet 1,rash 1,rebellious 1,reserved 1,restless 1,sad 1,sadistic 1,sarcastic 1,sardonic 1,secretive 1,self-assured 1,self-righteous 1,selfish 1,serious 1,sharp-tongued 1,skilled 1,smooth 1,smooth-talking 1,spendthrift 1,stiff-lipped 1,stoic 1,stressed 1,strong-looking 1,suicidal 1,talkative 1,tired 1,tranquil 1,tricky 1,trustworthy 1,unassuming 1,unbelieving 1,unconcerned 1,unctuous 1,untrusting 1,untrustworthy 1,vain 1,venerable 1,vengeful 1,vexatious 1,violent 1,washed-up 1,weary 1,wiley 1,wise 1,wise-cracking 1,witty


1,[beady] eyes 1,a [Sheepish] grin 1,a bad attitude 1,a chip on their shoulder 1,a clean record 1,a dangerous drug addiction 1,a dangerous secret 1,a deep hatred for cyborgs 1,a deep hatred for mutants 1,a distaste for travel 1,a drug addiction 1,a faded scar on their [BodyPart] 1,a failing [πŸ‘‘] love affair 1,a fear of robots 1,a get-it-done attitude 1,a glint of [Mischief] in their eye 1,a good attitude 1,a gruff personality 1,a happy-go-lucky attitude 1,a heavy accent 1,a lightning-fast wit 1,a negative attitude 1,a nervous twitch 1,a penchant for [Galactic locations.Aliens] [HardLiquor] 1,a penchant for fine [Galactic locations.Aliens] cigars 1,a penchant for fine [Galactic locations.Aliens] wine 1,a positive attitude 1,a secretive personality 1,a shadowy past 1,a shady personality 1,a shaky hand 1,a steady hand 1,a steady limp 1,a strong prejudice against slave races 1,a terrible secret 1,an [Ugly] scar on their [BodyPart] 1,an aggressive demeanor 1,an alcohol addiction 1,an icy nerve 1,an illicit [πŸ‘‘] love affair 1,an inquisitive demeanor 1,an itchy trigger finger 1,an occasional stuttering fit 1,an unwavering sense of [Duty] 1,luck to spare 1,nerves of steel 1,no reservations 1,nothing left to lose 1,nothing to hide 1,nothing to lose 1,nothing to prove 1,sharp reflexes 1,something to prove 1,strong family ties


1,[PrimeTrait], with [quirk]


1,alcohol 1,gin 1,hooch 1,moonshine 1,rum 1,tequila 1,vodka 1,whiskey


1,beady 1,glimmering 1,glossy 1,glowering 1,lazy 1,nervous 1,piercing 1,tired


1,commitment 1,comradery 1,diligence 1,duty 1,inner strength 1,family commitment 1,honor 1,loyalty 1,necessity 1,pride 1,professionalism 1,urgency


1,an ugly 1,a gruesome 1,an old 1,a faded 1,a fresh 1,a nasty 1,a recent


1,sheepish 1,naive 1,silly 1,unabashed 1,lovable 1,confident 1,embarrassed 1,knowing 1,mocking 1,smirkish


1,ancient wisdom 1,anger 1,arcane knowledge 1,hatred 1,mischief 1,fear 1,hunger 1,joy 1,sagacity 1,secrecy 1,sorrow 1,untold lore


1,left cheek 1,right cheek 1,left arm 1,face 1,left hand 1,right hand 1,neck


1,assault droid 1,battle droid 1,command droid 1,droid bounty hunter 1,escort droid 1,guard droid 1,personal escort droid 1,personal security droid 1,reconnaissance droid 1,scout droid 1,sentinel droid 1,security droid 1,surveillance droid 1,training droid


1,banking droid 1,maintenance droid 1,merchant droid 1,trade droid


1,cleaning droid 1,communications droid 1,discontinued droid 1,entertainment droid 1,house droid 1,interrogator droid 1,kitchen droid 1,love droid 1,medical droid 1,protocol droid 1,research droid 1,robo-butler 1,robo-maid 1,science droid 1,servant droid


1,[Future Gear.MeleeWeapons] for a third arm 1,a bioform tracking sensor array 1,a force shield generator 1,a heavy force shield generator 1,a heavy shoulder-mounted [Future Gear.GrenadeType] grenade launcher 1,a heavy shoulder-mounted [Future Gear.GrenadeType] mortar system 1,a light shoulder-mounted [Future Gear.GrenadeType] grenade launcher 1,a light shoulder-mounted [Future Gear.GrenadeType] mortar system 1,energy-reflecting [Future Gear.CyberMaterial] plating 1,flexible [Future Gear.CyberMaterial] tentacles 1,helo-rotors for atmospheric flight 1,long-range bioform detection sensors 1,limited-range jumpjets 1,long-range jumpjets 1,reactive [Future Gear.CyberMaterial] armor plating 1,munition-guidance targeting 1,two additional [Future Gear.CyberMaterial] limbs that can function as either arms or legs 1,ultra-fast servo-motors 1,ultra-reinforced [Future Gear.CyberMaterial] plating


1,a calculating personality 1,a charming personality, for a robot 1,a cold personality 1,a cold and calculating personality 1,a deeply-programmed concern for mankind 1,a detached personality 1,a few short circuits 1,a few tricks up its sleeves 1,a good wit, for a robot 1,a hatred of the living 1,a lack of concern for mankind 1,a passive personality 1,a stoic personality 1,an aggressive demeanor 1,an analytical personality 1,an engaging personality 1,an extremely talkative personality 1,an inquisitive demeanor 1,an outgoing personality 1,an overwhelming sense of fear 1,dangerous goals 1,plans for betraying humanity 1,plans for betraying its master 1,schemes of grandeur 5,[Rusty] [DroidPart]


1,rusty 1,sticky 1,worn 1,scratched 1,damaged 1,cracked 1,marred 1,scraped 1,punctured 1,missing 1,loose 1,leaky 1,greasy 1,squeaky 1,poorly-maintained 1,sand-worn


1,connections 1,hoses 1,wiring 1,tubes 1,bolts 1,nuts 1,interfaces 1,arms 1,legs 1,digits 1,fuel cells


1,[LastName] 1,[LastName] of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,[LastName] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 2,[MaleFirstName] 2,[MaleFirstName] [letter] 2,[MaleFirstName] [letter] of [Galactic locations.Real] 2,[MaleFirstName] [letter] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 2,[MaleFirstName] of [Galactic locations.Real] 2,[MaleFirstName] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 5,[MaleFirstName] [LastName] 4,[MaleFirstName] [LastName] of [Galactic locations.Real] 4,[MaleFirstName] [LastName] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 1,[MaleFirstName] [LastName] [Roman]


1,β…  3,β…‘ 5,β…’ 2,β…£


10,[American Census Names.commonmale] 7,[American Census Names.uncommonmale] 1,[Ancient Greek Male Names.main] 1,[Dragon names.main] 2,[Not American Names.male]


4,[American Census Names.Surname] 3,[SGNP japanese.SURNAMES] 2,[Not American Names.surname]


1,[LastName] 1,[LastName] of [Galactic locations.Real] 1,[LastName] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 2,[FemaleFirstName] 2,[FemaleFirstName] [letter] 2,[FemaleFirstName] [letter] of [Galactic locations.Real] 2,[FemaleFirstName] [letter] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 2,[FemaleFirstName] of [Galactic locations.Real] 2,[FemaleFirstName] of [Galactic locations.SciFi] 5,[FemaleFirstName] [LastName] 4,[FemaleFirstName] [LastName] of [Galactic locations.Real] 4,[FemaleFirstName] [LastName] of [Galactic locations.SciFi]


10,[American Census Names.female] 4,[Ancient Greek Female Names.main] 5,[Botanical Female Names.main] 1,[Dragon names.main] 2,[Pilgrim Names.World Name] 2,[Not American Names.female]


20,[Random Space Phrase.Rank] 1,β€œ[Nickname]”


1,Aces 1,Lucky 1,Sure Shot 1,Heavy Hittin' 1,Brass 1,Copper 1,Steel 1,Iron 1,Slick 1,Slim 1,Slippery 1,Smooth-Talkin' 1,Sparklin' 1,Smokin' 1,Smashin' 1,Screamin' 1,Stormin'


10,[Ship Description.DroneName] 3,[letter][letter]-[number][number][number] 5,[letter][number][letter][number] 1,R[number][letter][number]


1,[Letters (uppercase).normal]


1,1 1,2 2,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 2,7 1,8 1,9 2,0