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1,What begins as a hurried rescue mission for the G.I.Joe Team turns into a deadly game with [cobraleader] making the rules. Turning against their own side, the traitorous villain has hatched a plot to oust Cobra's leader, destroy [place], and humilitate the G.I. Joe Team so that the world will turn to the Cobra agent for leadership. Not even [cobraleader] can stop COBRA's fiercest fighting force from trying to rule the world.

But perhaps the G.I. Joe Team can. [joeleader] and his team of [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], and [joe] have a score to settle, and they're willing to run the gauntlet of lethal [vehicle]s, [cobratroops], and mindless [cobratroops] in order to stop him. But can they halt the detonation of the powerful [weapon]? Only the final seconds will tell...

1,His code name is [newjoe], because he's able to think fast and make snap decisions under pressure. [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] are among the Joes in his outfit.

Their assignment: to keep [person] safe while they visit the U.S. Defence Department with the plans for the weapon, called the [weapon]. The team is to meet the weapon's creator, a [personality] scientist, at [setting] in [place] and transport them safely to [place]. They must make sure no one can get to him - especially Cobra!
Will the team succeed? A Cobra helicopter circling in the sky, [peril], the [cobratroops], and even a very unusual [lifeform] will test their shrewdness.

1,It's the [weapon]- a global destruction device - and COBRA has finally perfected the plans. Now the G.I. Joe Team must prevent the machine's completion or else COBRA Commander will use it to hold the entire planet hostage. A grim-faced [joeleader] scrambles [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], and [joe] for combat.

But little do the Joes realize they're walking into not one but three lethal snares, all courtesy of the diabolical [cobraleader], master of destruction [cobraleader], and the [trait] [cobraleader]. If they can get past the armies of crocodiles, snakes, and [trait] [cobratroops], they can stop global destruction - but the trap has been sprung and the G.I.Joe Team is staring into the jaws of death.

1,Before the world's eyes a huge area of [place] explodes! Quickly, G.I. JOE's commanding officer: Hawk, assembles a team which includes [joe], [joe], [joe], and a new recruit, codenamed [newjoe] - [specialty]. Hawk informs the team that Cobra is responsible for the blast. Now the team must uncover the rest of Cobra's deadly plan - and neutralize it.

Rushing to the scene, the team is suddenly trapped underground by another blast! Tanks and machine guns are everywhere! A Cobra agent: [cobraleader], seems to be their ally - but how can the Joes be sure? The G.I. JOE team is caught in a shattering web of intrigue and deceit. Split-second decisions are a matter of life and death - for them and the entire free world...

1,Centuries ago, the [trait] [despot] [foreignname] ruled [place] with a legendary army. It is written that the ruler's soldiers never slept, went for days without food and water, and were impervious to pain.

So the legend goes. But now the evil genius [cobraleader] has stolen a top secret isotope bearing the same extraordinary properties which created the fabled army: the ability to enhance human strength! With the [trait] [cobraleader]'s help, they plan to learn the ancient tyrant's secret processes and thus build an unstoppable Cobra-recruited Super Army.

That is, if they can get past the G.I.Joe Team's pile-driving fists, tireless legs, and weapons too numerous and lethal to list. [joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], and [joe] are scrambled for battle, but if [joe] can't decode the ancient ruler's secret formula before the Super Army starts marching, no one will be safe...

1,In the Pit, the secret underground headquarters of the GI Joe Team, Hawk, the leader, tells the team that a despot who calls himself "[badguy]" has defeated the armed forces of [place] and taken over the region! The Joe Team believes this man - who is rumored to have a secret hideout in [place]- is backed by Cobra!

His code name is [newjoe] because of his experience in battling [enemy]. He will join [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], and [joe] on a plane bound for the occupied territory. Their mission: Infiltrate the government and put an end to the despot's reign.

The violent storm that engulfs their plan is only the beginning. This is an incredibly dangerous mission! The team must make split-second decisions at every turn.

1,Military intelligence has learned that Cobra plans to assassinate all the world leaders and diplomats gathering for summit talks in [place]. Their weapon: an amazing, computer-controlled [fakeperson], so lifelike it can be disguised as one of the leaders, staff, or security guards.

The G.I. JOE team embarks on a quest to locate and diffuse the imposter before it unleashes its devastating power. [joeleader], [joe], [joe] and [newjoe], who specializes in defusing bombs as well as other explosive situations, will attempt to infiltrate Cobra, while [joe], [joe] and [joe] will visit hotels and villas to see what they can learn.

1,[joeleader] calls an emergency meeting in the Briefing Room of the Pit: [cobraleader] has kidnapped two members of the GI Joe Team!!!

[joe] and [joe] were on a secret mission in [place], testing a new kind of [vehicle] developed by the military. The GI Joe communications expert, [joecomm], intercepted a Cobra message and learned his comrades had been taken prisoner.

The team: [joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe]. The Mission: rescue their captured comrades and retrieve the one-of-a-kind vehicle. Along for the mission is [newjoe], a [specialty], who will make the big decisions.

Cobra [cobratroops], [peril], and [enemy] are only a few of the dangers awaiting them. The very honor of the GI Joe Team is at stake.

1,On a mission to [place], [joeleader] is captured by [enemy], who are ransoming the G.I. Joe member to the highest bidder. While a diplomatic envoy offers to negotiate a peaceful solution, [joeleader], [joe], [joe] and [joe] will attempt free their imprisoned friend who's being held in [setting]. Not only will they have to contend with their comrade's captors, the [trait] [cobraleader] and a unit of [cobratroops] are quite interested in acquiring the captured Joe for their own sinister purposes.

1,The G.I.Joe Team's orders were to [goal], but now nothing is as it seems: the once-silent terrain now quakes with [cobravehicle]s, the enemy turns out to be crack [cobratroops], and even [joeleader] has begun to act a little strange. It appears to be the work of the vile [cobraleader] allied with the evil genius [cobraleader], and an incredibly powerful mind control serum - or is it?

[joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] won't know the answers until they overcome [peril], the lightning-quick COBRA [cobravehicle], and perhaps their own men. And they won't know the real truth until they unmask COBRA Commander...

1,[joe], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] are assigned to [goal] in [place]. Business as usual for America's elite, but things go awry when one of the team is accused of [crime] by locals. With hostile civilians and a Cobra strike team lead by [cobraleader] on their tail, it'll be a challenge to complete the mission and make it out alive!

1,[cobraleader], claiming to possess vital information, offers to defect to the USA in exchange for protection from Cobra assassins. The chance to learn the enemy's secrets too valuable to refuse, [joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] journey to [setting] in [place] to meet the turncoat Cobra.

But is all as it seems? With Cobra [cobravehicle]s on the prowl and the team outnumbered, the chances of making it home with their prize seem grim, but G.I. JOE has gotten out of worse situations before!

1,"So that's the story, troops," says a grim-faced Hawk. His eyes meet the gaze of [joe], [joe], [joe], and [joe].

Hawk wants - [newjoe], one of the G.I. Joe Team's top [specialty]s - to join him and the other men on an unauthorized mission to save [person]. Alone in [place] and without operation support, this mission will require stealth, speed, and savage hand-to-hand combat. How can the team refuse?

But they find obstacles they did not reckon for - hordes of [trait] ninjas, the fighting expert [cobraleader], COBRA [specialty] [cobraleader], and [setting] filled with cruel booby traps. One wrong move and someone might not make it back!

1,What begins as a routine mission in [place] turns into a struggle to [goal]. Now [joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] race to stop [cobraleader] from [scheme].

The Joes face [enemy], legions of hostile [cobratroops] and even risk [risks] to stop Cobra before its too late. But can they?

1,"There's only one person who can find Cobra's snow [base]," says GI Joe commander Hawk in his steely voice as he turns and points to a new recruit.

He is [newjoe], an expert [specialty], extraordinary at scouting without landmarks. No wonder Hawk and the Team turn to him - he's the only one who can navigate in murderous temperatures, near-zero visibility and [peril], while under fire, of course.

The world is being held hostage. The [trait] [cobraleader] and fiendish [cobraleader], are planning to raise water levels by melting the polar ice caps. Millions will drown! There's only 72 hours for [joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] to make it through a dangerous frozen maze of crack Cobra [cobratroops], polar bears, and more to stop Cobra's evil plot.

1,A detachment of the G.I. JOE team, led by [joeleader], must escort [person] to [place] on a mission to [goal]. But Cobra has sent [cobraleader] and a [militaryunit] of [cobratroops] to make sure the team fails.

Meanwhile [joe] single-handedly [verb] to [goal].

1,[joeleader] explains before a military-CIA hearing that an international conspiracy, involving [villain] and [villain], is blocking [goodstuff] from being available to the public. The Joe explains that G.I. JOE received proof of this from a mysterious source.

Unable to back this claim with sufficient evidence, a unit consisting of [joeleader], [joe], [joe] and [joe] trace clues to locate the source of this controversial information. After surviving [peril], they discover [cobraleader] camped-up in [setting]. The Cobra agent reveals that it was they who sent G.I. JOE the classified documents, and informs them that the conspiracy is onto them and has sent [threat] to eliminate the unit. Afterwards, the conspirators plan to have the rest of the Joe team framed for [crime] and discredited. As the sound of the enemy approaches, the team has precious little time to plan their next move.

1,If the U.S. government doesn't give Cobra all its gold, Cobra says it will blow up [goodplace]. That's no empty threat - Cobra possesses the [weapon], developed by [villain], that circles the earth on a telecommunications satellite and can be activated at any time.

G.I. JOE mobilizes a team consisting of [joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe], and [newjoe], whose specialties are dismantling security systems, gaining access to heavily guarded areas, and [activity]! The team will need all those talents in this daring mission, which races from [place] to [place] to a [setting] in [place].

The team must rely on its smarts, its bravery and its training! The lives of millions of people are in G.I. JOE's hands!

1,[joeleader], [joe], [joe], and [joe] embark on a breathtaking mission to make absolutely sure Cobra won't interfere in [plotpoint].

In the Briefing Room of the Pit, [joeleader] outlines the two-part plan. Operation [opname2] will attempt to lure Cobra to what appears to be the GI Joe Team's new headquarters in [place]. Even more clever is Operation [opname], in which [joe] will pose as the President's [relation], attending an international [event] in [place]. Cobra will probably try to kidnap him - and get a big surprise.

These missions require split-second thinking. At every turn the G.I. JOE team will face plenty of danger...

1,[cobraleader] informs world leaders they have 48 hours to pay Cobra 100 billion dollars in gold or Cobra will detonate hidden bombs in a dozen cities across the globe. To prove Cobra has the ability and the will to carry out this threat, Cobra activates a bomb in [place], reducing it to a charred wasteland.

With the clock-ticking, Hawk hastily assigns [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] to infiltrate a Cobra [base] in [place] and uncover the location of the bombs. The base is guarded by well-trained [cobratroops] and there are reports of [threat] in the area as well.

Meanwhile, following another lead, [joeleader], [joe], [joe] and [joe] will track [cobraleader] to a mysterious hideout in [setting] and try to apprehend the villain alive. Which is no easy task considering the hideout is protected by [peril] and marauding bands of [enemy], who can't be negotiated with.

1,Hawk can hardly believe what he hears. COBRA has taken over G.I. Joe headquarters - but is there a connection between the COBRA assault and the kidnapping of [person], who has accidentally discovered a disintegration ray? And if COBRA possesses the devastating weapon, can a threat to disintegrate whole cities be far behind?

Outnumbered and under-equipped, Hawk, [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] set out to rescue the hostage, and race against the clock through the world's largest cities to thwart [cobraleader]'s plans for [scheme]. But first there's the matter of retaking the Pit. And the G.I. Joe Team plans to fight fire with fire....

1,"Guard duty?" [gripe] [joe]. "I signed up with G.I.Joe to be a fighter, not a [watchdog]."

The Joe's beef about protecting the leader of a top secret project is cut short by the blare of a frantic red alert. COBRA agent [cobraleader] and his [cobratroops] troops have infiltrated the high security think tank and have kidnapped [person], who holds the secret to an invisibility machine. Now COBRA possesses the ultimate military advantage.

And the griping Joe will get their wish, along with G.I.Joe Team leader [joeleader], the massive [joe], sneaky [joe], resourceful [joe], quick-witted [joe], crafty [joe], and the dynamite team of [joe] and [joe]. COBRA has launched a 24-hour bid for world domination and the G.I.Joe Team is the only hope to repel the onslaught. But they're up against [cobraleader], invisible [cobratroops], fighter jets, [vehicle]s, [cobravehicle]s - even invisible ammo! How do you fight an invisible foe? Can the Joes find the answer in time?

1,On a dangerous assignment in [place] to [goal], [team] encounter [enemy]. A Cobra transmission intercepted by [joecomm] reveals that the mind behind this menace is none other than the [trait] [cobraleader], whose exact motives remain unknown.

Following the source of the transmission, the Joes track their enemy to [setting], where much to their surprise they discover [hook]. Is this part of Cobra's sinister plan for [scheme] or a clever trap? The Joes will need all their cunning to unravel this mystery.

1,[joe] hunts for the man who can [goal]. But first the Joe has to face down [cobraleader], who's willing to risk [risks] to prove their worth to Cobra.

[joeleader] on trial! The Joe leader is court martialed and facing execution unless they can prove Cobra's existence. The Joe's only hope is [joe], who is half a world away. And how will the arrival of a [Siege Force.Recruit] Joe, code-named "[newjoe]", change the G.I. JOE team forever?

1,What starts as a training exercise in [place] turns into a fight for survival, with [cobratroops] intent on [scheme]. Unarmed and out of communication, [joe], [joe], and [joe] must outwit, outlast, and outfight COBRA's best if they want to stay alive and prevent the forces of Cobra from achieving their sinister goal.

1,In [place], a G.I. Joe operation to [goal] appears close to succeeding, but things are looking dangerous on the home front: [cobraleader] and [cobraleader] have infiltrated the secret G.I. Joe base within the Chrysler Building. It's up to [joe] and [joe] to put a stop to Cobra's plot!

1,[joeleader] and his Special Missions team brave [threat] to [goal]. The only trouble is that [cobraleader] is already on the scene with a cutthroat crew of [cobratroops] to stop them!

1,The G.I. Joe team battles Cobra to the death in [place]! [joe], [joe], and the newest member, [newjoe], have been separated from the rest and have to fight their way through hundreds of kill-crazy [cobratroops] — with [joe]'s life hanging in the balance!

1,[joeleader] is retiring from G.I. JOE, but COBRA isn't through with the hero! A team of elite [cobratroops] targets the former leader for capture and interrogation. But old soldiers never die, it's fight to the death as the outnumbered and outgunned Joe shows the enemy what a true warrior is!

1,G.I. Joe's mission at a [event] comes to a close, only to reveal a new, intriguing enemy that may share a history with [villain]. Meanwhile, [cobraleader] remains a prisoner of the Joes until an attempt to transfer him from the Pit goes horribly awry! What is the [trait] fiend's nefarious plot and how is [cobraleader] involved in it?

1,[joeleader]'s team is led into [setting] on a mission that will pit G.I.JOE against an enemy they thought long gone: [cobraleader]. But when things take a turn for the worse, it's up to [joe] to salvage the mission and [goal], even if it means relying on the team's newest and most inexperienced member, [newjoe], to finish the job.

1,When a COBRA satellite falls from space and crashes in [place], G.I. JOE tracks the downed satellite to the lair of a vicious gang of motorcycle marauders called "[Motorcycle Gang.main]"! The leader of the biker maniacs is none-other-than [cobraleader], who has taken three G.I. JOE members captive! It's up to [joe] and [joe] to rescue their comrades and stop the villain from [scheme].

1,The G.I. JOE team is sent on a rescue mission to save [joe] and all return except for [joe]. Is the Joe dead or alive? The hunt is on to find out. Meanwhile, [joe] is captured in [place] and interrogated by [cobraleader], all leading to a massive showdown with [enemy].

1,[cobraleader] returns with a personal vendetta against [joeleader] that will turn all of [place] into an land of terror. [cobraleader] also sets his sights on the area but [cobraleader] and [cobraleader] have schemes of their own... whose side will they choose?

1,[joe] leads a dangerous G.I. JOE rescue mission in [place], and the odds are stacked against the team, will they make it to the evac in time before they get overwhelmed by [enemy] and [cobratroops]?

1,AMBUSHED! When a G.I. JOE convoy in [place] faces a surprise attack from [cobratroops] and [enemy], it's up to [newjoe], G.I. JOE's new [specialty] specialist, to turn the tables and get the team out in one piece!

1,Entrenched in war-torn [place], the G.I. JOE team confront [enemy], ex-teammates, [trait] locals, and COBRA [cobratroops]. In the midst of this conflict, [cobraleader] prepares to spring his plan on an unsuspecting [joe]!

1,In [place] G.I.JOE lays a deadly trap to snare [cobraleader]. For bait, [joe] hangs out [person], who claims to know Cobra's greatest secrets. But the operation is complicated by the appearance of a powerful and violent figure of evil who has his mind set on world domination - [badguy]. And what G.I.JOE doesn't know about him could hurt them.

1,Cobra unleashes a bloody wave of terrorism throughout [place]. Using [enemy] and [enemy] to do their dirty work, Cobra plans to implicate [villain] and U.S. government officials in the rampage.

As a rapid-fire series of terrorist strikes threaten international relations, G.I.JOE is dispatched to stem the tide of violence. With local government watchdogs tracking their every movie, [team] race to halt the attacks at their source, before total anarchy is unleashed.

1,Violence was inevitable when the vicious extremist group, [Secret Society Name.main], resurfaced after years in hiding and switched to Cobra's side.

Hoping to gain information, [Joe] had made contact with one of the terrorists, a former campus activist once considered a friend. But the plan misfired.

Now G.I.JOE has to rescue one their own and head off one of the bloodiest displays of fanatical madness ever devised - the murder of hundreds of thousands of people at a televised [event] in [place].

1,A soldier-for-hire named "[American Census Names.surname]" led a troop of rebels back into the darkest heart of [place]. The soldier-of-fortune and his band of renegade mercs, under the control of [villain], had returned to retrieve a fortune buried there by mercenaries years before.

The stolen hoard contained not only riches but damning documents that could ignite global strife. G.I. JOE had to stop the mercs fast.

For this mission in the dangerous place known as "[Fantasy Landmarks.main]", [joeleader] selected one of the deadliest members of the G.I.JOE team...[joe]!

1,A wobbly [regional] democracy is ripe for toppling, and COBRA is backing [enemy] who are challenging the government troops. Though the country's president is pro-West and a friend of investing U.S. companies, official American policy is "HANDS OFF!" Enter G.I.JOE. [joeleader]'s plan: covertly help to train troops, plan strategy, fight dirty and to the death...of the enemy.

1,After a mission in [place] goes bad, and several Joes are seriously wounded, [joe] decides to quit the team, but will a chance enoucnter with [person] change their mind? Meanwhile, [joe] [plot].

1,Backed by a sophisticated computer and intelligence network, [joeleader] and the G.I.JOE Team are ordered to take down [villain] for the death of [person] who was in [place] participating in [plotpoint].

1,"[enemygroupname]" is a Cobra-backed frontier army, spawned in a no-man's-land of murder, trafficking and kidnapping. Occupying major cities from [place] to [place], its killer legions are now headed for America's shores.

G.I.JOE's counteroffensive begins in [place] where they launch an all-out strike against the menace. [joeleader]'s team draws first blood - before moving into the heart of [place] to start the real war.

G.I.JOE's lightning attack makes America's position loud and clear: the U.S. is battle hard and ready to target the terror mongers who threaten Western security.

1,A storm is brewing in [place], involving [villain], [enemy] and Cobra. G.I.JOE's target of operations is [setting], where a stricken [regional] freighter holds the key to the mission.

Sixty million dollars in gold aboard the vessel, on its way to help [needyfolks] in [place]. Cobra is sending [cobratroops] to the area for a piece of the action. And [joeleader]'s head is a bargaining chip in [villain]'s war for survival.

1,When a threatening alliance between Cobra and [villain] is uncovered, [team] find themselves in [place], confronting a bloodthirsty visionary's conspiracy to build a ruthless empire.

1,A deadly error by some high-level decision-makers leaves [person] and [person] trapped in [place]. Cobra is crawling all over the war-torn region looking for them. And any direct rescue attempts by the U.S. military would be deemed as an aggressive act.

It's the kind of nearly impossible job G.I.JOE was made for. Up against Cobra [cobravehicle]s, fully-equipped [cobratroops] and the [trait] [cobraleader], [subject] must battle their way across a land ravaged and controlled by Cobra and their allies, [enemy] and [enemy]. But G.I.JOE is armed and ready for one of the deadliest missions of their careers.

1,On an assignment to [goal], [joeleader] finds himself allied with the mysterious man known only as "[foreignname]", while [joe] comes face to face with their thought-to-be-deceased [relation]… now alive and well...and working for [cobrateam]!

1,In the [regional] mountains, Cobra is building a massive [base], say intelligence reports, from which they could fight forever.

Responding swiftly, [team] parachute down to a glacial ridge, to work secretly with [enemy] and discover the truth. In their path, a kamikaze band of madmen, the most fanatical of the Cobra forces - [cobratroops]. But are they the most fearsome enemies the G.I.JOE team will meet in their mountain gambit?

1,In [place], [person] is tortured and killed, but not before tipping off [person] to the presence of Cobra missiles in [place]. The Pentagon looks for a special operations force to go in and neutralize the threat and comes up with [team]. But somebody deep in the American war office is out to make sure G.I.JOE's mission is a one way ticket to hell.

1,What civilization has feared since World War 2 is about to happen: deadly technology reaching the hands of a madman. His name: [foreignname]. This [trait] dictator of [place] has come into possession of advanced missile technology. All he needs to be completely invunerable is to counterattack is a missing scrambler component, believed to be in possession of [person], who was entrusted its safety by the device's late inventor.

G.I.JOE's mission: intercept the despot's agents searching for the device and protect its keeper. With [person] as their ally, [team] travel through Europe to [place], playing a bloody game of tag with [enemy], leading up to a final showdown in [setting].

1,America's top secrets are being stolen by an undercover organization, [enemygroupname], infiltrating the top levels of government. They are to be sold at an international auction with control of the U.S.A. going to the highest bidder.

It's all the work of the [trait] [cobraleader], who's mind control experiments have created a small army of subjects who do Cobra's bidding, then do themselves in, while Cobra reaps the rewards. That is, until [team] are called in to foil the scheme and save the country.

1,So far all GI JOE has to go on is the kidnapping of [person], two stolen [wmd]s, and the phrase "Cobra Lives" written in pure gold. But that's enough to tell [joeleader] that something very ugly was going down in [place], and whoever is the calling the shots, they have the ruthlessness, the firepower and the bankroll to succeed.

For once America's mobile strike force team has to admit they'd met their match. Unless they can hold [subject] together long enough to stop [cobraleader] and [enemy] from igniting a holy war that would reduce them all to ashes!

1,[cobraleader] had a dream. They were going to be ruler of [place]. But first the fiend had to amass the money and tactical support. That was where [villain] came in.

They were prepared to pay a fortune for an act of destruction that would plunge the world into chaos. Cobra already had such an act planned, the destruction of [goodplace].

But the free world has its defenders - G.I. JOE! Only unspeakable catastrophe can stop [team] from saving the day. But has G.I. JOE finally met its match?


2,the team 1,a unit led by [joeleader] 3,[joecharacter]


1,Beach-Head 3,Duke 1,General Hawk 2,Gung-Ho 3,Flint 1,Lady Jaye 2,Stalker 1,Scarlett 2,Lt. Falcon 1,Capt. Grid Iron 1,Sgt. Slaughter 1,General Flagg 1,Lt. Stone 1,Action Man 1,General Joe Colton


4,[joe], [joe], [joe] and [joe] 1,[joeleader], [joe], [joe] and [newjoe], the Joe team's new [specialty], 1,[joeleader], [joe], [joe], [joe] and [newjoe], an expert [specialty], 2,members of the G.I.JOE team


1,[verb] to [goal]


1,analyze a mysterious artifact 1,apprehend a rouge military officer 1,battle a planet-killing super weapon 1,capture [cobraleader] 1,clear their name after being charged with [crime] 1,control a disputed border zone 1,cope with a visit from [person] 1,cure a deadly disease 1,deal with an artificial intelligence that doesn't understand the human concept of "[Star Trek Plot Generator.emotion]" 1,defuse a dangerous warhead 1,escort [person] to a peace summit 1,escape a hostile enemy 1,explore an ancient ruin 1,foil a plot by [enemy] to kill [person] 1,free a wrongly imprisoned activist 1,investigate a mysterious group known as "[Secret Society Name.main]" 1,keep The Pit from being destroyed by [threat] 1,locate the legendary [Pulp Location.main] 1,locate a lost scout plane 1,defeat an old nemesis 1,destroy a Cobra [base] in [place] 1,prevent [threat] from destroying a populated area 1,prevent Cobra from forging all alliance with [enemy] 2,protect endangered civilians 1,protect [needyfolks] 1,protect an endangered species from poachers 1,recover [person]'s stolen [bodypart] 1,recover a fallen spy satellite 1,regain control of G.I. JOE Headquarters from a hostile force 1,rescue hostages 1,rescue [joe]'s [relation] from an enemy [base] in [place] 1,retrieve a prize of forty billion dollars of Cobra funds lying in [setting] 1,reveal that [person] is actually Zartan in disguise 1,settle an old debt 1,settle a dispute between [enemy] and [person] 1,solve a murder 1,solve an ancient riddle 1,stop [cobratroops] from spreading terror in [place] 1,stop [threat] from destroying [goodplace] 1,stop [enemy] in the steaming jungles of [place] 2,survive a hostile environment 1,thwart an evil plan 1,thwart an evil plan to disurpt [plotpoint] 1,thwart a diabolical plot against [goodplace] 1,win a battle against [enemy] 1,prevent a war 1,prevent a war with [enemy] 1,recover [person] from a time/space anomaly 1,return [person] from capture 1,uncover a plot by Cobra to frame [person] for [crime] 1,uncover the secrets of COBRA


1,bungee jumping 1,scuba diving 1,fly fishing 1,hang gliding 1,motorcycle racing 1,sword fighting 1,surfing 1,sky diving


1,base 1,bunker 1,castle 1,citadel 1,fortress 1,headquarters 1,outpost 1,stronghold 1,terrordrome


1,body 2,brain 1,eyes 1,mind 1,arm 1,leg 1,lungs 1,hand 1,heart 1,reprodutive organs 1,spleen 1,vocal cords


1,assault & battery 1,murder 1,piracy 1,treason 1,sabotage 1,sedition 1,spying 1,theft 1,trespassing 1,vandalism


1,emperor 1,king 1,monarch 1,sultan 1,warlord


1,amazon warriors 1,anarchists 1,an anti-government militia 1,the Arashikage ninja clan 1,well-armed bandits 1,a drug cartel 1,armed fishermen 1,cyber terrorists 1,hungry cannibals 1,illegal arms dealers 1,insurgents 1,international terrorists 1,guerrillas 1,lawless bikers 1,Marxist rebels 1,mercenaries 1,a motorcycle gang called "[Motorcycle Gang.main]" 1,neo-nazis 1,ninjas 1,the Oktober Guard 1,pirates 1,professional hit-men 1,religious fanatics 1,revolutionaries 1,smugglers 1,a street gang 1,street toughs 1,super-intelligent apes 1,terrorists


1,[Secret Society Name.main] 1,[Motorcycle Gang.main]


1,air show 1,art fair 1,auto show 1,awards show 1,carnival 3,circus 1,comic book convention 1,concert 1,festival 1,film festival 1,hot dog eating contest 1,Renaissance Fair 1,rodeo 1,peace summit 1,World's Fair


2,android 1,cyborg 1,doppelganger 2,robot 1,shape-shifter 1,synthoid


2,[Arabesque Names.main] 1,[Japanese names.FAMILY NAMES] 2,[Turkish Names.male] 1,[Afrika Names.main] 1,[Demon generator.Name]


1,exiles 1,abused animals 1,orphans 1,impoverished peasants 1,oppressed minorities 1,refugees 1,sick people 1,war widows


1,the Amazon Rain Forest 1,Canada 1,the free world 2,the USA 1,the UN 1,a major U.S. city 1,the moon 1,a pacifist nation 2,a lush rain forest 1,an unspoiled paradise


1,affordable health care 2,clean alternative engery sources 3,life-saving treatments and cures 1,necessary food and medical supplies 1,the truth about extraterrestrial life 1,unbiased news coverage 1,uncensored and unregulated access to the internet


2,complains 1,gripes 1,groans 1,grumbles 1,huffs 1,protests 1,sighs 1,whines


1,bear 1,cat 1,chimpanzee 2,dog 1,gorilla 1,little boy 1,little girl 1,goat 1,horse 1,monkey


1,brigade 1,company 1,detachment 2,platoon 2,squad


1,committing treason 1,a courtmartial 1,the fate of the free world 1,everything 1,a fate worse than death 1,the lives of millions 1,the lives of the team 1,an international war 1,violating the Constitution 1,violating the Geneva Convention


2,Cobra 1,mercenary marauders 1,an earthquake 1,a freak storm 1,a giant robot 1,a hurricane 1,a rogue comet 1,a powerful weapon 1,an asteroid 1,a dangerous space lifeform 1,a landslide 1,a lightning storm 1,a mysterious enemy 1,a tornado 1,a tsunami 1,a volcano


2,attempts 1,hurries 2,tries 1,races 1,seeks 2,struggles 1,works


1,alligator pits 1,booby traps 1,flash floods 1,hail storms 1,hungry wolves 1,quicksand 1,killer bees 1,lava flows 1,minefields 1,poisonous snakes 1,sand storms 1,shark-infested waters 1,sinkholes 1,trained killer crocs 1,treacherous terrain 1,an unforgiving wilderness 1,[villain]


1,an accused war-criminal 1,an American journalist 1,an anti-war activist 1,a ballet dancer 1,a boy genius 1,a [personality] inventor 1,a CIA agent 1,a controversial author 1,a controversial rapper 1,a corporate CEO 1,the Dalai Lama 1,a defector 1,Doctor [American Census Names.surname] 1,an [personality] genius 1,an exiled [despot] 1,a famous lawyer 1,a famous athlete 1,General Hawk's son 1,the head of an international relief organization 1,an inspirational author 1,[joe]'s [relation] 1,news reporter Hector Rameriz 2,the President of the United States 1,a labor union leader 1,a mild-mannered newspaper reporter 1,a millionaire playboy 1,a mischievious child 1,a movie star 1,a new age guru 1,a notorious computer hacker 1,a political commentator 1,pop singer Satin 1,a professional stuntman 1,Professor [foreignname] 1,a [Pulp Villain.european_nationality] diplomat 1,an obnoxious comedian 1,an old flame 1,an old rival 1,an overbearing foreign ambassador 1,the Pope 1,the Queen of England 1,a religious leader 2,a scientist 1,a secret agent 1,a shy princess 1,a promiscuous heiress 1,a spoiled princess 1,a supermodel 1,a swimsuit model 1,a tabloid journalist 1,a telepathic girl 1,a U.S. senator 1,a weathly aristocrat 1,a hippy 1,a zen master


1,bizarre children, but no adults 1,disembodied alien minds 2,evidence of intelligent life 1,a marooned alien 1,an exact clone of [joe] 2,that an ancient legend is real 1,that whatever they wish for comes true 2,a mysterious woman 3,an old enemy 2,an old friend 1,a society ran by a supercomputer 2,someone who claims to be a historical figure from the past 1,survivors of Cobra-La 1,a working time machine 1,"there be whales here" 1,tribbles 1,[person]


8,[Cobra New Character Generator.mission] 1,activating a super weapon called "the [weapon]" 1,awakening an ancient evil 2,enslaving a peaceful nation 1,framing [person] for [crime] 1,framing [joeleader] for [crime] 2,destroying the world's food supply 1,destroying the world's oil reserves 3,killing thousands of innocent civilians 1,locating and destroying the Pit 1,unleashing a deadly virus 2,vaporizing millions of people


3,catacombs 4,a series of caves 3,what appears to be an ancient castle 2,an exact replica of a [period] village from the past 1,an abandoned amusement park 2,an abandoned laboratory 1,an abandoned oil rig 1,an adobe village 1,a picturesque chateau 1,a glitzy casino 1,a factory 1,a foggy swamp 1,[Castle.CastleAdj] [Castle.LargeCastleType] 1,a ghost town 1,a hive of scum and villainy 1,a legendary section of [place] 2,a lost city 1,a ruined city 3,a madman's [base] 2,the remains of long dead civilization 2,a seemingly magical lake 1,the mansion of powerful entity 3,a military encampment 1,a remote monastery 2,the palace of an eccentric ruler 4,ancient ruins 2,a mysterious temple 1,the tomb of [badguy] 1,a tropical paradise 1,a tropical resort 1,a mysterious place called "[Fantasy Landmarks.main]" 4,a place known as the [Poetic Destinations.main] 1,the wreckage of an unknown spacecraft


1,Alabaster 1,Circus 1,Do-Over 1,Dugout 1,Refresh 1,Squeeze Play 1,Sunrise 1,Take-Down 1,Turnabout 3,[Compound Word.main] 3,[Operational Code Names.main]


2,[opname] 1,Fresh Start 1,New Base 1,New Pit 1,Rebase 1,Restart


1,ancient Greek 1,classic Roman 1,medieval European 1,Native American 1,quaint, old Irish 1,old American "wild west" 1,15th century 1,16th century 1,17th century 1,18th century 1,19th century 1,early 20th century 1,1940's 1,1950's


1,aloof 1,brilliant 1,conceited 1,controversial 1,eccentric 1,egocentric 1,famous 1,great 1,handsome 1,humble 1,mad 1,reclusive 1,timid


1,an African nation 1,an ancient temple 1,Angola 1,Antarctica 1,the Australian Outback 1,Badhikstan 1,Bagalia 1,the Balkans 1,a barren wasteland 1,Benzheen 1,Birani 1,Borovia 1,Borneo 1,Broca Beach 1,the Carpathian Mountains 1,a city 1,the City of the Dead 1,Cobra Island 1,the Congo 1,Corto Maltese 1,Crete 1,Darklonia 1,Disney World 1,Easter Island 1,East St. Louis 1,Egypt 1,the Falkland Islands 1,the Florida Everglades 1,a forest 1,the frozen north 1,the Galapagos Islands 1,Greenland 1,the Holy Land 1,Iceland 1,Japan 1,Kalingaland 1,Liechtenstein 1,Loch Ness 1,Los Angeles 1,Las Vegas 1,Madagascar 1,the Matto Grasso jungles of Brazil 1,a Middle-Eastern country 1,Moldavia 1,Mongolia 1,New York City 1,Northern California 1,the Orient 1,Outer Mongolia 1,a paradise 1,Paris 1,Parmistan 1,Patagonia 1,Peru 1,Punto del Mucosa 1,Olliestan 1,Rhode Island 1,Ronguay 1,Ruritania 1,the Sahara Desert 1,San Serriffe 1,Siberia 1,Sierra Gordo 1,Sierra Muerte 1,South America 1,the nice little town of Springfield 1,the Sea of Lost Souls 1,South Dakota 1,Southeast Asia 1,Sweden 1,Switzerland 1,Tanu Island 1,Tibet 1,Trucial Abysmia 2,Cobra Island 1,an uncharted island 1,Val Verde 1,Washington D.C. 1,Whakistan 1,Wolkekuckukkland 2,[World Cities.WorldCapital]


2,the secret talks between the U.S. President and [person] 2,the unveiling of [goodstuff] to the peoples of the world 2,a peace summit in [place], thats vital to the security of [goodplace] 2,a humanitarian mission led by [person] in [place] 2,disaster relief efforts in [place], which suffered brutal damage from [threat] 1,resettlement of persecuted refugees from [place] to [place] 1,the excavation of the long lost, ancient ruins of [Fantasy Landmarks.main]


1,African 1,Asian 1,Central American 1,Eastern European 1,European 1,Middle-Eastern 1,South American 1,Southeast Asian


1,aunt 2,brother 1,daughter 2,father 1,grandfather 1,grandmother 1,long-time friend 1,mother 1,neice 1,nephew 1,secretary 1,sister 4,son 1,uncle 1,wife 2,young son


1,[Cobra New Character Generator.specialty]


4,[Cobra New Character Generator.trait] 1,[Siege Force.veteran]


1,aircraft 1,all-terrain vehicle 1,armored car 1,attack vehicle 1,motorcycle 1,boat 1,bomber 1,gunship 1,helicopter 1,hovercraft 1,jet fighter 1,tank 1,truck


2,[person] 2,[enemy] 1,[Conspiracy theories.Illuminati] 1,[Conspiracy theories.Normalgroup] 1,a criminal syndicate 1,counterfeiters 1,a doomsday cult 1,former KGB agents 1,the Headhunters drug cartel 1,the secret cabal of U.S. military leaders known as "the Jugglers" 2,a group known as [Secret Society Name.main] 1,the military-industrial complex 3,multi-national corporations 1,a mysterious fraternal organization 1,the Red Shadows 1,Russian scientists 1,rogue elements of the U.S. military 1,a secret cabal


1,The Khan 2,The One 4,[foreignname] 1,[foreignname] the Conqueror 1,[foreignname] the Invincible 1,[foreignname] the Unbeatable 1,[foreignname] the Supreme 1,[foreignname] the Subjugator 1,[foreignname] the Vanquisher


8,[Cobra Trooper Generator.leadername] 1,[Cobra Trooper Generator.dreadcodename]


3,Cobra 1,the Crimson Guard 2,the Dreadnoks 2,the Iron Grenadiers 2,Python Patrol 1,the Red Shadows


1,[Cobra New Character Generator.cobratroops]


1,[Cobra New Character Generator.codenamephrase]


1,[Cobra New Character Generator.vehicle]


1,Ace 1,Action Man 1,Air Raid 1,Airborne 1,Airtight 1,Airwave 2,Alpine 1,Altitude 1,Ambush 1,Armadillo 1,Avalanche 1,Backblast 1,Back-Stop 1,Banzai 1,Barbecue 1,Major Barrage 1,Barrel Roll 1,Barricade 2,Bazooka 1,Beachhead 1,Bench Press 1,Big Bear 1,Big Lob 2,Big Ben 1,Big Brawler 1,Blaster 1,Blast-Off 1,Blizzard 1,Blocker 1,Blowtorch 1,Bombstrike 2,Breaker 1,Budo 1,Bullet-Proof 1,Bullhorn 1,Bushido 1,Cannonball 1,Chameleon 1,Charbroil 1,Checkpoint 2,Chuckles 1,Claymore 1,Clean-Sweep 1,Cloudburst 1,Clutch 1,Colonel Courage 1,Cold Front 1,Countdown 1,Cover Girl 1,Crankcase 1,Crazylegs 1,Cross Hair 1,Cross-Country 1,Crossfire 1,Cutter 1,Dart 1,Dee-Jay 1,Deep Six 1,Depth Charge 1,Desert Wolf 2,Dial-Tone 1,Doc 1,Dodger 1,Dogfight 1,Dojo 1,Double Blast 1,Downtown 1,Drop Zone 1,Duke 4,Dusty 1,Effects 1,Agent Faces 1,Falcon 1,Fast Draw 1,Flash 1,Flint 2,Footloose 1,The Fridge 1,Freefall 1,Frostbite 1,G.I. Jane 1,General Joe Colton 1,Gears 1,General Flagg 1,Ghostrider 1,Grand Slam 1,Captain Grid-Iron 2,Grunt 1,Gung-Ho 1,Hard Drive 1,Hardball 1,Hardtop 1,General Hawk 1,Heavy Duty 1,Heavy Metal 1,Helix 1,Hit & Run 1,Hi-Tech 1,Hollow Point 1,Hot Seat 1,Iceberg 1,Ice Cream Soldier 1,Ice Storm 1,Inferno 1,Jinx 1,Kamakura 1,Keel-Haul 1,Knockdown 2,Lady Jaye 1,Law 2,Leatherneck 1,Lifeline 1,Lift-Ticket 1,Lightfoot 1,Link Talbot 1,Lockdown 1,Long Arm 1,Long Range 2,Low-Light 1,Lt Stone 1,Mace 2,Mainframe 1,Major Altitude 1,Major Storm 1,Maverick 1,Med Alert 1,Mercer 1,Mike Power 1,Mirage 1,Mouse 1,Muskrat 2,Mutt 1,Nunchuk 2,Outback 1,Ozone 1,Pathfinder 1,Payload 1,Psyche-Out 2,Quick Kick 1,Rampage 1,Rampart 1,Rapid-Fire 1,Recoil 2,Recondo 1,Red Dog 1,Red Spot 1,Red Zone 1,Redstar 1,Repeater 1,Rip Cord 4,Roadblock 1,Robo-JOE 2,Rock 'n Roll 1,Rollbar 1,Rook 1,Rumbler 1,Salvo 2,Scarlett 1,Sci-Fi 1,Scoop 1,Sergeant Hacker 1,Sgt. Boulder 1,Sgt. Stone 3,Shipwreck 1,Shockwave 1,Short-Fuse 1,Side Track 1,Sideswipe 1,Sidetrack 1,Sightline 1,Skidmark 1,Skydive 1,Skymate 1,Skystriker 1,Sergeant Slaughter 1,Sergeant Smasher 1,Sergeant Stone 1,Slip-Stream 6,Snake-Eyes 1,Sneak Peek 2,Snow Job 1,Snow Storm 1,Space Shot 1,Sparks 1,Spearhead 1,Speed Metal 1,Specialist Trakker 2,Spirit 1,Stalker 1,Starduster 1,Static Line 1,Steam-Roller 1,Steel Brigade Trooper 1,Steeler 1,Stretcher 1,Sub-Zero 1,Super Trooper 1,Sure Fire 1,Switch Gears 1,T'Gin-Zu 1,T'Jbang 1,Taurus 1,Thunder 1,Thunderwing 1,Tiger Claw 1,Tollbooth 1,Topside 2,Torpedo 1,Tracker 1,Tripwire 2,Tunnel Rat 1,Updraft 1,Wet Down 2,Wet-Suit 1,Whiteout 1,Wide Scope 2,Wild Bill 1,Wildcard 1,Windchill 1,Windmill 1,Wreckage 1,Zap


1,Airwave 2,Breaker 1,Dee-Jay 1,Dial-Tone 1,Sparks


1,[Cobra New Character Generator.codename]-Buster 1,[Cobra New Character Generator.codename]-Shaker 1,Axe 1,Ape 1,Bare-Knuckle 1,Big Deal 1,Bigshot 1,Blastcap 1,Blink 1,Bookcase 1,Brain Pan 1,Break-Down 1,Break-In 1,Back-Off 1,Burn-Off 1,Card Shark 1,Checkmate 1,Chillpill 1,Clean-Cut 1,Code Kid 1,Cypher 1,Deep-Thought 1,Dogleg 1,Double-Dribble 1,Dug-Out 1,Earmark 1,Fall-Out 1,Fastball 1,Fix-It 1,Full-Load 1,Flipside 1,Freeride 1,Free-Throw 1,Genius 1,Grub 1,Gutterball 1,Hair-Trigger 1,Headset 1,High-Five 1,Hot-Head 1,Hot-Shot 1,Hourglass 1,Icicle 1,Jolt 1,Jumpstart 1,Lasso 1,Lightweight 1,Linebacker 1,Lopside 1,Mallet 1,Maniac 1,Metro 1,Mixer 1,Nitelite 1,Numbskull 1,Periscope 1,Pitcher 1,Playback 1,Pubcrawler 1,Puncher 1,Oddball 1,One-Shot 1,Outlaw 1,Quiet-Storm 1,Quiz-Show 1,Railhead 1,Raw Meat 1,Recharge 1,Rewind 1,Rigger 1,Roadwork 1,Roper 1,Rough-House 1,Rundown 1,Sea-Dog 1,Scope 1,Shakedown 1,Shell-Shock 1,Show-Off 1,Sidestep 1,Slapshot 1,Sparrow 1,Speedboat 1,Spit Shine 1,Spit-Take 1,Squelch 1,Sticker Shock 1,Stopwatch 1,Stormer 1,Sure-Shot 1,Tackler 1,Tagger 1,Talkback 1,Thinkfast 1,Tight-End 1,Tightrope 1,Toll Box 1,Top Dog 1,Toughman 1,Turnbuckle 1,Under-Arm 1,Uppercut 1,Upshot 1,Wet Work 1,Wheels 1,Wildside 1,Wipe-Out 1,Wires 1,Wiseguy 1,Vise-Grip 1,Volts


1,baby-sitter 1,bodyguard 1,chaperon 1,guard dog 1,nanny 1,rent-a-cop 1,watch dog


1,[Doomsday Devices.main]


1,anti-matter bomb 1,atom bomb 1,doomday device 1,experimental warhead 1,hydrogen bomb 1,ICBM 1,nuclear bomb 1,nuclear device 1,neutron bomb </sgtable>

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