Future Gear

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Future Gear!!!

This in inspired by futuristic survival weaponry and equipment from movies, comics, and the like. Please add to it, but try to keep it creative to help break free from the dilithium crystals and light sabers.

<sgdisplay iterations="1">Armor: [Armor]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">Cyborg Enhancement: [CyborgParts]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">Equipment: [Other]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">Trade Goods: [TradeWares]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">Weapon: [Weapon]</sgdisplay>



1,[Armor] 1,[CyborgParts] 1,[Other] 1,[TradeGoods] 1,[Weapon]




1,[CombatGear] 1,[OtherEquipment]


1,[GrenadeType] grenades 1,[MeleeWeapons] 1,[PersonalWeapon] 1,[PersonalWeapon] with [WeaponAccessory]


1,[CyberMaterial] retractable fighting claws 1,[CyberMaterial] [CyberWeapon] for a left arm 1,[CyberMaterial] [CyberWeapon] for a right arm 1,[CyberMaterial] bone sheathing 1,[CyberMaterial] bone lacing 1,[CyberMaterial] bones 1,[CyberMaterial] dermal sheathing 1,[CyberMaterial] epidermal coating 1,[CyberMaterial] skin 1,[Cybernetic] eyes 1,[Cybernetic] jacked reflexes 1,[Cybernetic] left arm with superhuman strength and reflexes 1,[Cybernetic] right arm with superhuman strength and reflexes 1,[Cybernetic] arms with superhuman strength and reflexes 1,[Cybernetic] extra left arm 1,[Cybernetic] extra right arm 1,[Cybernetic] eyesight and hearing 1,[Cybernetic] left leg 1,[Cybernetic] right leg 1,[Cybernetic] legs with superhuman speed 1,[Cybernetic] left hand with [ArmPart] 1,[Cybernetic] occular, aural and olfactory sensory enhancements 1,[Cybernetic] right hand with [ArmPart] 1,[Cybernetic] hands with [ArmPart] 1,[Cybernetic] muscle implants 1,[Cybernetic] speed enhancements 1,[Cybernetic] strength implants 1,active camouflage skin implants 1,active multi-spectrum radar 1,active multi-spectrum sonar and radar 1,active multi-spectrum sonar 1,adrenal boost modulator 1,adrenal boost regulator 1,adrenal pain-suppression modulator 1,adrenal pain-suppression regulator 1,adrenal pain suppressor and nanotech tissue regeneration 1,adrenal pain suppressor and xenobiotic tissue regeneration 1,anti-toxin filters and nanotech tissue regeneration 1,anti-toxin filters and xenobiotic tissue regeneration 1,heavy-caliber [BlasterType] chaingun for a left arm 1,heavy-caliber [BlasterType] chaingun for a right arm 1,heavy [BlasterType] cannon for a left arm 1,heavy [BlasterType] cannon for a right arm 1,heavy [BlasterType] mortar for a left arm 1,heavy [BlasterType] mortar for a right arm 1,hydraulic muscle enhancements 1,impact hammer for a left arm 1,impact hammer for a right arm 1,internal biotic amplifier 1,internal force field generator 1,internal gravity modulator 1,internal holographic projector 1,internal magnetism capacitor 1,internal magnetism modulator 1,internal multi-frequency system override modulator 1,internal net hardwire jack 1,internal oxygen rebreather membrane 1,internal psionic amplifier 1,internal short-range teleporter 1,internal tangibility phasing capacitor 1,internal tangibility phasing modulator 1,internal time flux modulator 1,light-caliber [BlasterType] chaingun for a left arm 1,light-caliber [BlasterType] chaingun for a right arm 1,light [BlasterType] cannon for a left arm 1,light [BlasterType] cannon for a right arm 1,light [BlasterType] mortar for a left arm 1,light [BlasterType] mortar for a right arm 1,med interface with anti-toxin filters 1,multi-frequency [Cybernetic] hearing 1,multi-frequency hearing 1,multi-spectrum sonar and radar 1,multi-spectrum [Cybernetic] eyes 1,multi-spectrum eyes 1,multi-spectrum [Cybernetic] occular enhancements 1,multi-spectrum occular enhancements 1,multi-spectrum [Cybernetic] sensor implants 1,multi-spectrum sensor implants 1,multi-spectrum [Cybernetic] sensory enhancements 1,multi-spectrum sensory enhancements 1,multi-spectrum telescopic eyes 1,multi-spectrum telescopic occular enhancements 1,occular, aural and olfactory sensory enhancements 1,nanotech medical interface 1,nanotech tissue regeneration 1,organic-sensing radar 1,oxygen scrub filter implants 1,passive multi-spectrum sonar and radar 1,short-range wireless net jack 1,sub-dermal armor 1,xenobiological medical interface 1,xenobiological tissue regeneration 1,wireless net jack


1,claw 1,axe 1,baton 1,blade 1,drill 1,saw 1,auger 1,flail 1,impact baton 1,monofilament whip 1,roto-blade 1,whip


1,carbon-composite 1,adamantium 1,alloy 1,carbonadium 1,depleted osmium 1,depleted plutonium 1,depleted polonium 1,depleted uranium 1,heavy alloy 1,light alloy 1,multi-alloy 1,plasti-steel 1,strontium 1,tritanium 1,tungsten alloy 1,ultranium 1,vanadium 1,vibranium


1,a collapsible utility circular saw 1,a force field generator 1,a holographic projector 1,a multi-tool 1,a multi-spectrum analyzer 1,a short-range EMP pulse cannon 1,a short-range gravity modulator 1,a short-range pulse cannon 1,a short-range shock cannon 1,a short-range sonic burst cannon 1,a short-range stun cannon 1,an omni-tool 1,shock electrodes 1,stun electrodes


4,bionic 3,cyber 5,cybernetic 2,nanotech 2,robotic 1,xenobiological


1,a [LongRangeWeapon] and [SideArmWeapon] 1,a [PersonalWeapon] 1,a [PersonalWeapon] and [PersonalWeapon] 1,a [PersonalWeapon] and [ArmorType] 1,a [PersonalWeapon] and [GrenadeType] grenades 1,a [PersonalWeapon] and [OtherCombatItems] 1,a [PersonalWeapon] and [CombatSupportItems] 1,a [PersonalWeapon] with [WeaponAccessory] 1,a [LongRangeWeapon] with [WeaponAccessory] and [WeaponAccessory] 1,dual [SideArmWeapon]s 1,twin [SideArmWeapon]s


1,cryonic heat dispersion collar 1,flash suppressor 1,grenade launcher attachment 1,[GrenadeType] grenade launcher attachment 1,ion bayonet 1,laser bayonet 1,magnetic retention lanyard 1,multispectrum flashlight 1,munition guidance hardware 1,nueral linked sight 1,omni-jack sights 1,recoil absorber 1,shock bayonet 1,silencer 1,sonic suppressor 1,stun bayonet 1,thermal absorber 1,thermal compensator


1,[LongRangeWeapon] 1,[SideArmWeapon]


1,standard-issue [BlasterType] railgun 1,standard-issue rocket railgun 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] rifle 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] beam rifle 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] stream rifle 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] sniper rifle 1,custom [BlasterType] railgun 1,custom rocket railgun 1,custom [BlasterType] rifle 1,custom [BlasterType] beam rifle 1,custom [BlasterType] sniper rifle 1,custom [BlasterType] stream rifle 1,light [BlasterType] machine gun 1,heavy [BlasterType] machine gun 1,[GrenadeType] rocket launcher


1,standard-issue [BlasterType] machine pistol 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] pistol 1,standard-issue rocket pistol 1,standard-issue gauss needle pistol 1,standard-issue gauss needle rifle 1,standard-issue magnetic slug shotgun 1,standard-issue rocket dart launcher 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] revolver 1,standard-issue rocket revolver 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] shotgun 1,standard-issue [GrenadeType] shotgun 1,standard-issue [BlasterType] submachine gun 1,standard-issue [GrenadeType] grenade launcher 1,custom [BlasterType] machine pistol 1,custom [BlasterType] pistol 1,custom [BlasterType] revolver 1,custom gauss needle pistol 1,custom gauss needle rifle 1,custom magnetic slug shotgun 1,custom rocket pistol 1,custom rocket revolver 1,custom [BlasterType] shotgun 1,custom [BlasterType] submachine gun 1,custom [GrenadeType] grenade launcher 1,double-barrel [BlasterType] shotgun 1,double-barrel [GrenadeType] shotgun 1,triple-barrel [BlasterType] shotgun 1,triple-barrel [GrenadeType] shotgun


1,[Energies.main] 1,anti-armor 1,anti-matter 1,armor piercing 1,flechette 1,impact 1,projectile 1,stun 1,universal munition


1,[GrenadeType] grenades 2,[ArmorType] 3,[OtherCombatItems]


1,[MeleeWeapons] 1,[CombatGear]


1,a carbonadium chainsword 1,a concussion baton 1,a flamethrower 1,a heavy mining drill 1,a heavy mining laser 1,a laser axe 1,a laser baton 1,a laser bayonet 1,a laser blade 1,a laser katana 1,a laser saber 1,a laser staff 1,a laser sword 1,a laser whip 1,a light saber 1,a monofilament whip 1,a plasma flame torch 1,a plasma flamethrower 1,a plasma torch 1,a pyroxide flamethrower 1,a pyroxide torch 1,a shock baton 1,a shock hammer 1,a shock whip 1,a sonic stun cannon 1,a stun baton 1,a tritanium chainsword 1,a vanadium chainsword 1,an imbact baton 1,an impact hammer 1,an ion axe 1,an ion baton 1,an ion blade 1,an ion bo staff 1,an ion dagger 1,an ion katana 1,an ion knife 1,an ion staff 1,an ion sword 1,an ion torch 1,an ion whip 1,carbonadium claws 1,ion claws 1,laser claws


1,a biochemical filtration mask 1,a biochemical resistant environmental suit with mask 1,a combat pack 1,a combat trauma pack 1,a combat trauma kit 1,a first aid kit 1,a first responder kit 1,a grenade bandoleer 1,a med pack 1,a med trauma kit 1,a multifunction radio with signal beacon 1,a multispectrum flashlight omni-knife 1,a multispectrum survival communicator 1,a multispectrum survival radio 1,a multispectrum tactical communicator 1,a multispectrum tactical radio 1,a mutant power override jammer 1,a neural override hacking suite 1,a pressurized environmental suit with mask 1,a pressurized flightsuit with mask 1,a pressurized survival suit with mask 1,a pressurized oxygen mask 1,a psionic power override jammer 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered flashlight 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered signal beacon 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered survival communicator 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered survival radio 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered tactical communicator 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered tactical flashlight 1,a [Energies.radioactive]-powered tactical radio 1,a survival kit 1,a survival pack 1,a survival multi-tool 1,a thermal moderator suit 1,a universal [Energies.radioactive] battery 1,a universal [Energies.radioactive] battery charger 1,a universal [Energies.radioactive] battery pack 1,a water micro-filter 1,a water procurement kit 1,a water synthesizer 1,an advanced combat trauma kit 1,an ammunition bandoleer 1,an assault pack 1,an external biotic amp 1,an external tech amp 1,an omni-tool kit 1,an oxygen synthesizer 1,an oxygen rebreather 1,environmental survival gear 1,magna-boots 1,spare batteries 1,survival gear 1,survival rations


1,[PersonalEquipment] 1,[ScienceEquipment]


10,a short-range datalink 1,a lucky towel 1,a multispectrum flashlight omni-knife 3,a multispectrum scanner 5,a personal computer with commlink 1,a pressurized oxygen mask 5,a suitcase 1,a survival kit 1,a survival pack 5,a travel case 1,a water micro-filter 1,a water procurement kit 1,a water synthesizer 3,an omni-tool 1,an oxygen synthesizer 1,an oxygen rebreather 5,personal clothing 3,personal equipment 5,personal sundries 1,survival equipment 5,travel gear 5,travel items


1,datanet accessories 1,bionics equipment 1,communications equipment 1,cybernetic equipment 1,laboratory equipment 1,maintenance equipment 1,medical equipment 1,medical scanners 1,repair equipment 1,research equipment 1,research sensors 1,scientific equipment 1,scientific scanners 1,sensory equipment


1,[CyberMaterial] body armor 1,[CyberMaterial] flight armor 1,advanced [CyberMaterial] riot-control energy shield 1,advanced riot-control energy shield 1,advanced combat force field glove 1,advanced active camoflauged body armor 1,advanced gravity-warp body armor 1,advanced multisensor combat helmet 1,advanced multisensor flight helmet 1,advanced short-ranged teleport body armor 1,advanced tangibility phasing body armor 1,energized [CyberMaterial] body armor 1,energized body armor 1,energy absorption body armor 1,energy reflecting body armor 1,heavy assault body armor 1,heavy body armor 1,kinetic absorption body armor 1,lightweight flight armor 1,lightweight reconnaissance armor 1,lightweight scout armor 1,multijack flight armor 1,multispectrum absorption body armor 1,multispectrum absorption energy shield 1,multispectrum reflecting energy shield 1,reactive-plate [CyberMaterial] body armor 1,reactive-plate body armor 1,robo-assisted body armor 1,shock trooper body armor 1,short-range jump-booster body armor 1,standard-issue [CyberMaterial] body armor 1,standard-issue body armor 1,thermal absorption body armor


1,air burst 1,anti-armor 1,anti-matter 1,anti-personnel 1,anti-vehicular 1,beanbag 1,bio-agent 1,biochemical 1,chemical agent 1,concussion 1,cryonic freeze 1,EMP 1,energy 1,fission 1,flash 1,fragmentation 1,fusion 1,gas 1,homing 1,illumination 1,impact 1,incendiary 1,ion 1,multi-munition 1,neutrino 1,neutron 1,nueral override 1,photon 1,plasma 1,proton 1,pyrokinetic 1,pyroxide 1,radiation 1,red phosphorus 1,riot 1,shock 1,shockwave 1,shrapnel 1,sonic 1,splinter 1,standard fragmentation 1,tachyon 1,tear gas 1,thermal 1,tunneling 1,universal multifrag 1,yellow phosphorus 1,white phosphorus


1,a [TradeContainer] of [ArmorType] 1,a [TradeContainer] of [PersonalWeapon]s 1,a [TradeContainer] of [GrenadeType] detonators 1,a [TradeContainer] of [GrenadeType] grenades 1,a [TradeContainer] of [GrenadeType] initiators 1,a [TradeContainer] of [GrenadeType] mines 1,a [TradeContainer] of [GrenadeType] mortars 1,a [TradeContainer] of bionic hardware 1,a [TradeContainer] of bionic implants 1,a [TradeContainer] of biotic amplifiers 1,a [TradeContainer] of common fuel cells 1,a [TradeContainer] of computer hardware 1,a [TradeContainer] of contraband to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of contraband to sell 1,a [TradeContainer] of custom hardware to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of custom weaponry to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of cybernetic hardware 1,a [TradeContainer] of cybernetic implants 1,a [TradeContainer] of designer clothes 1,a [TradeContainer] of designer drugs 1,a [TradeContainer] of fashionable clothes 1,a [TradeContainer] of high-tech equipment 1,a [TradeContainer] of hot goods to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of hot wares to sell 1,a [TradeContainer] of illegal goods to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of illegal wares to sell 1,a [TradeContainer] of illegal drugs to sell 1,a [TradeContainer] of illegal meds to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of illegal weapons to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of interesting new gadgets 1,a [TradeContainer] of maintenance tools 1,a [TradeContainer] of medical equipment 1,a [TradeContainer] of military hardware 1,a [TradeContainer] of military equipment 1,a [TradeContainer] of nanotech equipment 1,a [TradeContainer] of repair tools 1,a [TradeContainer] of robotic accessories 1,a [TradeContainer] of robotic implants 1,a [TradeContainer] of spare parts 1,a [TradeContainer] of stolen goods to hock 1,a [TradeContainer] of stolen wares to sell 1,a [TradeContainer] of tech wetware devices 1,a [TradeContainer] of xenotech equipment


1,cargo bay full 1,cargo box 1,cargo container 1,cargo crate 1,container 1,crate 1,cryo-pack 1,fresh shipment 1,new shipment 1,portable pocket dimension 1,shipping box 1,shipping container 1,shipping crate