Flesh and Metal Oracle

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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A strange neon-lit revel on top of the Renraku Arcology, with a single mortal in attendance. 1,A Troll suddenly without family, a daughter in a long line of politicians. 1,A raving prophet, advocating the purity of flesh without ware. 1,An AI expert in Aztech policies, with several human faces. 1,A Spirit who has broken both the limits of its domain - and the skull of its tormentor. 1,An unlucky Shaman traveling ahead of a ferocious storm. 1,The much-contested merger of the city's most wanted Matrix start-up. 1,A messenger of a renowned MIT&M professor, brass-skinned. 1,The secluded home of a once prominent wage mage, heavy with unseen presences. 1,A note written in elegant hand, exuding mystic perfumes, and the wannabe runner bearing it. 1,A band of unruly Spirits, inciting wanton action in their domain. 1,A happy Elf, engaged to an orbital, unaware of the danger they present. 1,A group of Native trick riders, hiding UCAS military among their number. 1,A penthouse, stylish and luxurious, tended by a strong Dwarf woman and her strong husband. 1,The Initiation of a self-taught child, unrecognized by his friends but clear and undeniable to himself. 1,An elemental duplicate of a combat mage, more clever than streetwise. 1,The night each year when all Spirits are free to leave their domains - but are too afraid to. 1,An invisible path through towering buildings to an abandoned police station, and the uncanny creature traveling on it. 1,The alliance by marriage of a royal house and the cult of an Insect Spirit. 1,A Forest Spirit, mercurial in form, sister to an Awakened Beast. 1,A Yakuza lord's daughter, looking for ice cream. 1,A wandering street performer, severe, who touches with his songs but has no yearning for flesh. 1,The child of a great and renowned magical theoretician, forced into the academic world both against inclination and nature. 1,An altar overflowing with paraphernalia from a bygone era, and the ageless Orc who tends it. 1,The rehearsal of the funeral of an aged, beloved and feared Yakuza boss. 1,A young Adept, initiate in a magical supremacy cult, brother to lightning. 1,A borderline AI and a surprising fascination with joy. 1,A large garden on one of the terraces of the Arcology, containing shrines to different gods, tended by gardeners of uncouth habit. 1,A Tir'Na'Nog border checkpoint and the arrival of four unusual travelers. 1,A celebration at a Deckers' virtual club, rudely interrupted. 1,A raving prophet, preaching full body conversion as the only way to save metahumanity. 1,A small group of mothers, led by a genealogy professor, determined to protect their children from goblinization. 1,A girlfriend of an Orc razorgang leader, carrying his lieutenant's child. 1,A group of outraged small business owners, hiring runners to send a message. 1,A wannabe runner girl, inexperienced but an astute judge of character. 1,The marriage of the Tribe's most beautiful girl, virgin and necessarily without blemish, to the Tribe's Totem. 1,The death of the primary heir to the head of a large zaibatsu. 1,A grab for power, by the second-in-command of a legendary magical group. 1,Mr. Johnson, in hiding with her bodyguard. 1,A virtual field of herbs and wild flowers, alive with bees, where a high-class playboy brings his clients. 1,The Ghost Dance Memorial Day stirs passions on both sides of the border. 1,A corporate plaything, pretty and pliant, prone to stims. 1,A seemingly vulnerable prostitute, enticing the lustful into deadly peril. 1,A famous traveling Street Doc and her mobile operating theatre, with as much interest in her client's wealth as in their health. 1,An improbable oasis in the middle of the wasteland near Barrens, with a serious background count. 1,A corporate troubleshooter, famous yet mysterious. 1,A session of ritual magic, gone very, very wrong. 1,The final curse of a betrayed teacher of magic. 1,A wandering Free Spirit, a connoisseur of the emotions of mortals. 1,A nun with cyberware, on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of her order. 1,A shapeshifting runner, truly bloodthirsty. 1,A jealous and vengeful rival, who has an infamous temper and an autocannon. </sgtable>