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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A knight with dark arts and darker urges confronts her tyrannical king. 1,Delivered under false pretenses, an artifact dooms a heretofore hidden village. 1,A weak-willed dragoon, disgraced, acts as an honor guard and companion. 1,Pilgrims, weak from a long journey, hiding a mysterious young girl. 1,A once great subterranean web of passages, connecting the world lays abandoned except for its sleeping creators. 1,A young summoner overreaches her power out of despair. 1,A kingdom, lost in the desert for generations, reappears on the horizon. 1,A tribe of itinerant moogles return from the wilderness with stories and wares. 1,A respected sorceress, mysteriously ill, seeks desperately for a cure that her white arts are incapable of. 1,A fleet of airships, ready for war, manned by the nameless damned. 1,A martial artist, once powerful, blindly seeks vengeance. 1,A dark lord, megalomaniacal, served by fiends of elemental power. 1,A library, the largest on the continent, serving as rebel headquarters. 1,A caravan, thick with many races, famous for its myriad chocobos. 1,A lost ship of legend returns via the prayers of the downtrodden. 1,A brash prince seeks his kidnapped parents at the expense of his people. 1,A forest, dark and old, concealing a pure lake and skittish spirits. 1,A massive train, no longer bound to tracks, takes the willing and the dead. 1,A coliseum, rich with history and gambling, home to gladiators and loners. 1,Thieves, crouching on the rooftops in the eternal rain, watching for the unaware. 1,Imperial troops, girded with technological might, search the arctic north. 1,An insular city, defended by powerful samurai, falls prey to a poisoned water supply. 1,A famous gambling dilettante, private and reclusive, in love with an opera star. 1,The moon, bleak but inhabited, witness to eons of pain, cries out. 1,Crystals, elemental and twinned, scattered due to their overwhelming power. 1,A reformed general, seeking penance, shunned and outcast by a war-struck village. </sgtable>