Fantasy Tragedies

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Helper generator for Fantasy Character History

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[TRAGEDIES]



1,wild beasts attack, gravely injure character (who suffers [Fantasy Tragedies.SERIOUS_WOUNDS]), kill [Dice.1D4] family/friends 2,falsely imprisoned for [Fantasy Criminal History.CRIMES]; [Fantasy Traits.IMPRISONED] 1,child/sibling dies; [Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGIC_CAUSES] and dies of [Fantasy Legacies.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 2,parents/guardians imprisoned for non-payment of taxes and dies of [Fantasy Legacies.DEATH_OF_A_LOVED_ONE] 1,favorite pet dies painfully; death was [Fantasy Curses and Blessings.PET_DEATH] 2,orphaned; [Fantasy Legacies.DEATH_OF_A_LOVED_ONE] 1,hometown destroyed 1/3 relatives die; [Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGIC_CAUSES] 1,character is responsible for the death of [Fantasy Traits.OTHER_PEOPLE] by [Fantasy Legacies.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 1,family/guardians wiped out (1/2 relatives die) of [Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGIC_CAUSES] 2,favorite possession vanishes ([Fantasy Curses and Blessings.POSSESSION_VANISHES]) 1,one or both parents outlawed for [Fantasy Criminal History.CRIMES] 1,enslaved; [Fantasy Tragedies.ENSLAVED] 1,banned from profession, starting money is halved 2,seriously injured: [Fantasy Tragedies.SERIOUS_WOUNDS] 2,parent/guardian killed; [Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGIC_CAUSES] 1,home area overrun by marauders, all possessions destroyed, 1-3 family die, is [Fantasy Traits.IMPRISONED] 1,cursed ([Fantasy Curses and Blessings.CURSES]) 3,terrible fate befalls lover: [Fantasy Curses and Blessings.LOVERS_FATE] 1,disease scars character, remove [Dice.1D4] beauty and charisma 2,war ravages the land; [Fantasy Tragedies.WAR_RAVAGES] 1,home destroyed; [Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGIC_CAUSES] 1,tragedy has silver lining; [NATURAL_DISASTERS]; [Fantasy Curses and Blessings.SOMETHING_WONDERFUL] 1,family loses all its wealth 1,all persons belonging to the character's family background are imprisoned/executed/exiled 1,best friend dies [Fantasy Legacies.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 1,doubly cursed ([Fantasy Curses and Blessings.CURSES];[Fantasy Curses and Blessings.CURSES]) 1,disinherited 1,forced into unwanted marriage 1,shift in economy temporarily reduces family's standard of living 1,family stripped of all titles and lands


2,[Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGEDIES] 2,[Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGEDIES] 1,if 14+ years old, conscripted for military duty, during a [NATURAL_DISASTERS]


1,avalanche 1,flood 1,earthquake 1,drought 1,volcano 1,lightning 1,meteor-strike 1,forest or brush fire 1,tornado 1,cave-in or landslide 1,hurricane or storm 1,tidal wave


10,not enslaved yet (need to fill this out)


1,impressive facial scar 1,impressive body scar [Fantasy Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,eye put out 2,ear torn off 1,disfigurement 1,brain damage [Fantasy Traits.HEAD_INJURY] 1,constant pain; [Fantasy Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,knee injury causes limp 1,body part severed [Fantasy Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,injury heals badly 1,liver damage 1,lung damage 1,stomach injury 1,kidney damage 1,genital injury 1,throat injury 1,back injury 1,magical replacement; [Fantasy Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,multiple injuries; [Fantasy Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS]


1,inexplicable accident 1,terrible fire 1,virulent disease 1,someone's actions [Fantasy Traits.OTHER_PEOPLE] 1,a rival's actions [Fantasy Rivals.RIVALS] 1,magic 1,revolt or war 1,accident while travelling 1,character's own actions 1,natural disaster [Fantasy Tragedies.NATURAL_DISASTERS] </sgtable>