Fantasy Town Names

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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="5">[Englishy]</sgdisplay>

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15,[Group1][Group2] 5,[Englishy] 4,[Group1][Group2] [PlaceUpper] 4,[Misc][Suffix][Suffix] 4,[Jobs]’s [PlaceUpper] 3,[Misc][Suffix] 3,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s [PlaceUpper] 1,[Age] [Color][Group2] 1,[Age] [Group1][Group2] 1,[Age] [Mineral][Group2] 1,[Direction] [Color][Group2] 1,[Direction] [Mineral][Group2] 1,[Prefix] [Group1][Group2]


17,[Misc][Suffix] 8,[Misc][Suffix][Suffix] 1,[Direction] [Misc][Suffix] 1,[Age] [Misc][Suffix] 1,[Direction] [Misc][Suffix][Suffix] 1,[Age] [Misc][Suffix][Suffix]


1,[Mineral] 1,[Color] 1,[Direction] 1,[Age] 1,[Jobs]s 10,[Misc] 5,[Misc][Suffix]


5,[Secret Society Title.Title] 1,Abbot 1,Angel 3,Baker 3,Barber 1,Bard 1,Baron 1,Baroness 1,Beggar 1,Bishop 1,Blacksmith 3,Bowyer 2,Brewer 2,Butcher 1,Carpenter 2,Chandler 2,Clerk 2,Cobbler 2,Cook 1,Cooper 1,Count 1,Countess 1,Crusader 1,Duke 1,Falconer 8,Farmer 2,Fisher 1,Fishmonger 2,Groom 1,Hero 2,Hunter 9,Judge 1,Knight 6,Mason 3,Merchant 2,Miller 2,Miner 1,Monk 1,Pilgrim 2,Potter 1,Prince 1,Princess 1,Queen 7,Rogue 1,Sage 1,Sailor 1,Scholar 2,Shepherd 1,Smelter 2,Smith 1,Soldier 1,Sorcerer 1,Squire 5,Tailor 3,Tanner 1,Thatcher 2,Tinker 1,Viscount 4,Warrior 3,Weaver 1,Wizard


1,Abbey 1,Aber 1,Alden 1,Aln 1,Ard 1,Arun 1,Ballin 1,Bam 1,Bar 1,Becken 1,Bed 1,Bees 2,Bel 1,Bella 1,Ben 1,Benson 1,Berk 1,Bern 2,Blacke 1,Blooms 1,Bod 1,Bol 1,Bos 1,Brad 1,Brecon 1,Brent 1,Brig 1,Brix 1,Brom 1,Bryn 1,Buck 1,Bulls 1,Bun 1,Burn 1,Bushey 1,Bux 1,Caer 1,Cairn 1,Caisteal 1,Calde 1,Cam 1,Canter 1,Carrick 1,Cart 1,Cassio 1,Castle 1,Centre 1,Ches 1,Chester 1,Chil 1,Claren 1,Cole 1,Cope 1,Corn 1,Cots 1,Coving 1,Crough 1,Crown 1,Cumber 1,Dagen 1,Dal 1,Dart 1,Day 1,Den 1,Derby 1,Devon 1,Dor 1,Dun 1,Dur 1,Eal 1,East 1,Edin 1,Els 3,Fair 1,Finch 1,Fitz 1,Fram 1,Glen 1,Glou 1,Good 1,Green 1,Grimes 1,Hack 1,Hagers 1,Hali 1,Hamp 1,Har 1,Harro 1,Hart 1,Harts 1,Hav 1,Haver 1,Heding 1,Helms 1,Hen 1,Here 1,Hert 1,Herts 1,Hil 1,Hodge 1,Hol 1,Horn 1,Hunt 1,Inver 1,Isling 1,Kenil 1,Kensing 1,Kent 1,Kil 1,Kill 1,Kings 1,Knotter 1,Knowle 1,Lancas 1,Lang 1,Lay 1,Lei 1,Letch 1,Ley 1,Lis 1,Liver 1,Loch 1,Lon 1,Long 1,Lough 1,Lud 1,Lyd 1,Marl 1,May 1,Mel 1,Mid 1,Middle 1,Mon 1,Mun 1,New 1,Nidder 1,Nor 1,North 1,Notting 1,Ox 1,Pen 1,Picker 1,Port 1,Pres 1,Prest 1,Rath 1,Ravens 1,Read 1,Red 1,Rhos 1,Rich 1,Rocking 1,Ross 1,Royal 1,Rut 1,Ruther 1,Sand 1,Scar 1,Scot 1,Shaftes 1,Sharps 1,Shef 1,Sher 1,Shrop 1,Silver 1,Skip 1,Somer 1,South 1,Spring 1,Staf 1,Stan 1,Step 1,Stock 1,Stoke 1,Stone 1,Suf 1,Sus 1,Tan 1,Torring 1,Totten 1,Tre 1,Umber 1,Ux 1,Walt 1,War 1,Wat 1,Wemb 1,Wensley 1,West 1,White 1,Wiggen 1,Wil 1,Wilt 1,Win 1,Wood 1,Wool 1,Wor 1,Wrex 1,York


10,[Suffix] 1,[Tree] 2,[PlaceLower]


1,ant 1,barrow 1,barton 1,bigh 1,bluff 1,borough 1,bourne 1,bridge 1,brook 1,burg 1,burgh 1,burn 1,bury 1,by 1,caster 1,castle 1,chapel 1,chester 1,church 1,cot 1,court 1,dale 1,del 1,den 1,deen 1,don 1,dour 1,eley 1,ey 1,fair 1,field 1,folk 1,ford 1,gate 1,grove 1,hall 2,ham 1,haugh 1,haven 1,head 1,heath 1,hey 1,house 1,hurst 1,ia 1,iam 1,ing 1,isle 1,land 1,leigh 1,ley 1,ling 1,lock 1,low 1,mere 1,minster 1,mont 1,more 1,moor 1,more 1,mount 1,mouth 1,ney 1,park 1,poole 1,port 1,rich 1,riding 1,ridge 1,rose 1,say 1,set 1,sex 1,shaws 2,shire 1,sover 1,stan 1,stead 1,ster 1,stock 1,ston 1,stone 1,thorne 1,thorp 2,ton 1,town 1,tree 1,vale 1,view 1,ville 1,wall 1,wark 1,water 1,way 1,well 1,wich 1,wick 1,wold 1,wood 1,worth


1,ash 1,beech 1,cedar 1,cherry 1,elm 1,fir 1,hickory 1,maple 1,oak 1,pine 1,spruce 1,walnut


1,bank 1,bay 1,beach 1,brook 1,burg 1,canyon 1,cave 1,cliff 1,cliff 1,coast 1,cove 1,creek 1,crossing 1,dale 1,ferry 1,field 1,ford 1,glen 1,hill 1,isle 1,keep 1,lake 1,marsh 1,meadow 1,moor 1,pass 1,plain 1,point 1,ridge 1,river 1,rock 1,springs 1,ton 1,vale 1,ville 1,wood


1,Abbey 1,Arch 1,Bank 1,Bay 1,Beach 1,Bend 1,Bluffs 1,Bridge 1,Brook 1,Burg 1,Camp 1,Canyon 1,Cave 1,Cliffs 1,Coast 1,Cove 1,Crag 1,Creek 1,Crossing 1,Crossroads 1,Dale 1,Falls 1,Farm 1,Ferry 1,Field 1,Ford 1,Forest 1,Fork 1,Fortress 1,Gate 1,Glen 1,Gorge 1,Grove 1,Hamlet 1,Hill 1,Hollow 1,Isle 1,Junction 1,Keep 1,Lake 1,Marsh 1,Meadow 1,Mill 1,Mine 1,Moor 1,Mountain 1,Outpost 1,Overlook 1,Pass 1,Peak 1,Pines 1,Pinnacle 1,Plain 1,Point 1,Promontory 1,Quarry 1,Ravine 1,Ridge 1,River 1,Rock 1,Ruins 1,Run 1,Spire 1,Springs 1,Stream 1,Summit 1,Tor 1,Town 1,Trail 1,Vale 1,Valley 1,Village 1,Wall 1,Wood 1,Woods


1,Diamond 1,Emerald 1,Ruby 1,Glass 1,Crystal 1,Copper 1,Gold 1,Iron 1,Silver 1,Tin 1,Marble 1,Quartz 1,Obsidian 1,Mithril 1,Ore 1,Granite 1,Shale 1,Sapphire 1,Amethyst 1,Amber 1,Slate 1,Stone 1,Sandstone 1,Limestone


1,Red 1,Green 1,Blue 1,Grey 1,White 1,Black 1,Golden 1,Rusty 1,Crimson 1,Scarlet 1,Azure 1,Verdant 1,Silver


1,North 1,South 1,East 1,West


1,Auld 1,High 1,Low 1,Old 1,New


1,Fort 1,Lake 1,Mount 1,Port 1,Loch 1,Camp </sgtable>

Based on a table by Bruce Gulke.