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Clone of Fantasy Town Feature, but with descriptions:



6,[Fantasy Place Name.inspiration] [feature]


1,[Fantasy Place Name.inspiration]


10,[streets] [streetdescription] 10,[buildings] [buildingdescription] 5,[standalones] [standalonedescription] 5,[defenses] [defensesdescription] 3,[shipping] [shippingdescription] 5,[water] [waterdescription] 5,[openarea] [openareadescription] 2,[sections] [sectiondescription] 2,[religious] [religiousdescription] 5,[deadpeople] [deadpeopledescription]


1,is the place where gangs of youths gather to taunt each other or show off their bravery. 1,is notorious as a place where lovers go for discreet affairs. 1,has the best views in town. 1,is the best place to watch the sunset in summer. 1,is contested territory between [Gang Names] and [Gang Names]. 1,is near [Inn and Tavern Names.main], [TavernSnippet].


1,[anydescription] 1,[streetdescription] 1,is a common dueling ground for the minor nobility. 1,is a popular picnic-ground. 1,is primarily a military drill and parade ground. 1,is dominated by [Statue]


1,[anydescription] 1,has been long abandoned, and is said to be haunted. 1,is now home only to rats and squatters. 1,is being rebuilt after a devastating fire. 1,is a popular meeting place for the young, stylish, and wealthy.




1,is controlled by [Gang Names], [Gang Description]. 1,is where most of the [Fantasy Profession.smiths]s have their shops. 1,is the right place to go if you’re looking for a [Fantasy Profession.main]. 1,is where the [Fantasy Profession.performers]s gather to perform and panhandle. 1,is where men of rank or privilege who require discretion look for ladies of the night. 1,is a place full of beggars and thieves. 1,is infested by packs of wild dogs, and worse.


1,[streetdescription] 1,[anydescription] 1,is where most of the foreigners live in town. 1,is the habitation of the rich and well-bred. 1,is being rebuilt after a devastating fire. 1,is a confusing mess of streets that only the locals can navigate without getting lost. 1,is full of [Fantasy Profession.main]s, [Fantasy Profession.main]s, and [Fantasy Profession.main]s.


1,[anydescription] 1, is rumored to have a smugglers tunnel nearby that the City Watch has yet to find. 1,has the smallest gateway into the city, barely large enough for a horse and rider. 1,has a gate that is barred and locked from dawn until dusk. 1,is perhaps the most heavily guarded part of the town’s defenses. 1,is where the severed heads of notorious criminals are put on spikes for display.


1,[waterdescription] 1,[anydescription] 1,is near the rowdy bars that only sailors frequent. 1,is where naval ships lie at anchor. 1,is where pirates are hanged as a warning to their brethren.


1,is the right place to dump a body if you want it not to be found. 1,[anydescription] 1,is a popular fishing spot. 1,is where families go to feed the ducks and swans.


1,[anydescription] 1,[buildingdescription] 1,is where a vision of Saint [Catholic Saint Names.main] sometimes appears to the devout. 1,is a popular site for marriages and betrothals. 1,is where the fighting monks train publicly and recruit. 1,is where criminals seeking sanctuary sometimes find it. 1,is where foundlings are left to be cared for by the church. 1,is a place where only the rich are welcome to worship.


1,is haunted by the restless dead - even the brave do not venture there after dark. 1,contains a mass grave for victims of the great fire of [Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]. 1,is where only the wealthiest people can afford to bury their dead. 1,is where those who cannot afford a proper burial are interred. 1,is famous for containing the remains of Saint [Catholic Saint Names.main]. 1,[anydescription]


3,Avenue 3,Lane 3,Place 3,Road 3,Street 2,Alley 2,Circle 2,Crescent 2,Crossing 2,Row 2,Stand 2,Way 1,Chase 1,Corner 1,Crossroads 1,Hill 1,Junction 1,Mount 1,Parade 1,Path 1,Terrace 1,Trail 1,Walk

Gang Names

1,[Motorcycle Gang.main] 3,the [Orc Tribe Name.main] 3,[Secret Society Name.main] 3,the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.streets] Gang

Gang Description

1,a bloodthirsty pack of scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells 1,a gang specializing in [CrimeType] 1,a gang specializing in [CrimeType] and [CrimeType] 1,a guild-run gang of petty thieves 1,a loose-knit gang known mainly for engaging in [CrimeType] 1,which the bigger gangs outsource [CrimeType] to


1,armed robbery 1,arson 1,blackmail 1,burglary 1,confidence games 1,extortion 1,hiring out its toughs to the highest bidder 1,murder 1,pickpocketing 1,political violence and intimidation 1,running underground gambling operations 1,running dirty but cheap brothels 1,smuggling 1,vandalism


1,an enormous [StatueMaterial] statue of [StatueSubject] 1,a large [StatueMaterial] statue of [StatueSubject]


1,[Utility.MetalPrecious] 1,bronze 2,[Utility.StoneDecorative]


1,[Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.main] 1,[SpiritForm.main]


1, which is frequented primarily by [Fantasy Profession.main]s 1, where you can find the best [FantasyMenu.MainMeals] you’ll ever have 1, famous as the home of [Brewnames.main] Brew!


1,Amphitheatre 1,Arena 1,Bakery 1,Barracks 1,Bazaar 1,Belltower 1,Brewery 1,Butcher 1,Caravanserai 1,Cartwright 1,Chandler 1,Chateau 1,Cobbler 1,Coliseum 1,College 1,Dome 1,Eelmonger 1,Fishmonger 1,Fletcher 1,Forge 1,Gaol 1,Garrison 1,Goldsmith 1,Grocer 1,Guildhall 1,Guildhouse 1,Hall 1,House 1,Ironmonger 1,Jewelsmith 1,Keep 1,Luthier 1,Manor 1,Mansion 2,Market 1,Marketplace 1,Mews 1,Mill 1,Palace 1,Prison 1,Shops 1,Silversmith 1,Smithy 1,Stables 1,Stage 1,Stockyard 1,Tannery 1,Theatre 1,Tinkerers 1,Tower


1,Arch 1,Columns 1,Fountain 1,Gallows 1,Guillotine 1,Monolith 1,Monument 1,Obelisk 1,Pillars 1,Pillory 1,Point 1,Post 1,Spike 1,Spire 1,Statue 1,Steps 1,Stocks 1,Tower 1,Tunnel


1,Armory 1,Bailey 1,Barbican 1,Barracks 1,Bastion 1,Battlement 1,Bridge 1,Door 1,Drawbridge 1,Earthworks 1,Fence 1,Fortress 1,Garrison 1,Gate 1,Gatehouse 1,Hold 1,Keep 1,Moat 1,Mott 1,Palisade 1,Post 1,Postern 1,Ramparts 1,Stronghold 1,Tower 1,Wall 1,Watch 1,Watchtower


1,Anchorage 1,Crane 1,Docks 1,Harbor 1,Marina 1,Pier 1,Quay 1,Wharf 1,Wharves


1,Aqueduct 1,Bridge 1,Canal 1,Cistern 1,Footbridge 1,Pond 1,Pool 1,Reservoir 1,Shore 1,Span 1,Weir 1,Well


1,Agora 1,Commons 1,Field 1,Forum 1,Garden 1,Green 1,Park 1,Piazza 1,Plaza 1,Square 1,Stray 1,Terrace 1,Yard


3,District 3,Enclave 3,Heights 3,Parish 3,Precinct 3,Quarter 2,Bailiwick 2,Bank 2,Row 2,Town 2,Ward 2,Warren 1,Dominion 1,Province


1,St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s [religious] 1,[religious] of St. [Catholic Saint Names.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Misc][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix] [religious]


1,Abbey 1,Altar 1,Apse 1,Basilica 1,Belfry 1,Cathedral 1,Chapel 1,Chancel 1,Chantry 1,Church 1,Cloister 1,Convent 1,Deanery 1,Font 1,Friary 1,Manse 1,Monastery 1,Nunnery 1,Parish 1,Priory 1,Rectory 1,Sanctuary 1,Sanctum 1,Shrine 1,Tabernacle 1,Temple 1,Vicarage


1,Boneyard 1,Catacomb 1,Cemetery 1,Charnel 1,Crypt[Fantasy Place Name.plural] 1,Graves 1,Graveyard 1,Mausoleum 1,Mortuary 1,Necropolis 1,Ossuary 1,Rest 1,Sepulcher 1,Tombs 1,Vault