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Similar to Fantasy Town Names and Fantasy Landmarks, but covering specific sites within a settlement. For a clone of this table with basic descriptions, see Fantasy Town Feature Description.

Sections of Town

General Features

Noteworthy Streets

Buildings of Note


Outer Defenses

Shipping Facilities

Near Water

Open Areas

Religious Buildings

Places of the Dead



6,[Fantasy Place Name.inspiration] [feature] 1,[feature] of the [Fantasy Place Name.inspiration][Fantasy Place Name.plural] 1,[religiousplace]


1,[Fantasy Place Name.inspiration] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Englishy]


10,[streets] 10,[buildings] 5,[deadpeople] 5,[defenses] 5,[openarea] 5,[standalones] 5,[water] 3,[shipping] 2,[religious] 2,[sections]


3,Avenue 3,Lane 3,Place 3,Road 3,Street 2,Alley 2,Circle 2,Crescent 2,Crossing 2,Row 2,Stand 2,Way 1,Chase 1,Close 1,Corner 1,Crossroads 1,Hill 1,Junction 1,Mount 1,Parade 1,Path 1,Terrace 1,Trail 1,Walk 1,Wynd


1,Amphitheatre 1,Arena 1,Bakery 1,Barracks 1,Bazaar 1,Bell tower 1,Brewery 1,Butcher 1,Caravanserai 1,Cartwright 1,Chandler 1,Chateau 1,Cobbler 1,Coliseum 1,College 1,Dome 1,Eelmonger 1,Fishmonger 1,Fletcher 1,Forge 1,Gaol 1,Garrison 1,Goldsmith 1,Grocer 1,Guildhall 1,Guildhouse 1,Hall 1,House 1,Ironmonger 1,Jewelsmith 1,Keep 1,Luthier 1,Manor 1,Mansion 1,Marketplace 1,Mews 1,Mill 1,Palace 1,Prison 1,Shops 1,Silversmith 1,Smithy 1,Stables 1,Stage 1,Stockyard 1,Tannery 1,Theatre 1,Tinkerers 1,Tower 2,Market


1,Arch 1,Columns 1,Fountain 1,Gallows 1,Guillotine 1,Monolith 1,Monument 1,Obelisk 1,Pillars 1,Pillory 1,Point 1,Post 1,Spike 1,Spire 1,Statue 1,Steps 1,Stocks 1,Tower 1,Tunnel


1,Armory 1,Bailey 1,Barbican 1,Barracks 1,Bastion 1,Battlement 1,Bridge 1,Door 1,Drawbridge 1,Earthworks 1,Fence 1,Fortress 1,Garrison 1,Gate 1,Gatehouse 1,Hold 1,Keep 1,Moat 1,Mott 1,Palisade 1,Post 1,Postern 1,Ramparts 1,Stronghold 1,Tower 1,Wall 1,Watch 1,Watchtower


1,Anchorage 1,Crane 1,Docks 1,Harbor 1,Marina 1,Pier 1,Quay 1,Wharf 1,Wharves


1,Aqueduct 1,Bridge 1,Canal 1,Cistern 1,Footbridge 1,Pond 1,Pool 1,Reservoir 1,Shore 1,Span 1,Weir 1,Well


1,Agora 1,Commons 1,Field 1,Forum 1,Garden 1,Green 1,Park 1,Piazza 1,Plaza 1,Square 1,Stray 1,Terrace 1,Yard


3,District 3,Enclave 3,Heights 3,Parish 3,Precinct 3,Quarter 2,Bailiwick 2,Bank 2,Row 2,Town 2,Ward 2,Warren 1,Dominion 1,Province


1,[Fantasy Town Names.Misc][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix] [religious] 1,[religious] of St. [Catholic Saint Names.main] 1,St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s [religious]


1,Abbey 1,Altar 1,Apse 1,Basilica 1,Belfry 1,Cathedral 1,Chapel 1,Chancel 1,Chantry 1,Church 1,Cloister 1,Commune 1,Convent 1,Deanery 1,Font 1,Friary 1,Manse 1,Monastery 1,Nunnery 1,Parish 1,Priory 1,Rectory 1,Sanctuary 1,Sanctum 1,Shrine 1,Tabernacle 1,Temple 1,Vicarage


1,Boneyard 1,Catacomb 1,Cemetery 1,Charnel 1,Crypt[Fantasy Landmarks.plural] 1,Graves 1,Graveyard 1,Mausoleum 1,Mortuary 1,Necropolis 1,Ossuary 1,Rest 1,Sepulcher 1,Tombs 1,Vault </sgtable>