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    1,[Display][¶]The weather there is usually [Weather.main].[¶]It is ruled by [Ruler].[¶][main2].[¶]This domain is famous because [LandQuality].[¶]The laws of this domain are [Laws]. Punishments for misdeeds tend to [Punishment].[¶]Recently, [RecentEvent]

    1,The people of this domain are [CitizenQuality] 1,This domain gives a strong sense of being [LandPersonality] 1,The people of this domain are [CitizenQuality].[¶]This domain gives a strong sense of being [LandPersonality]

    1,[PlaceName] is a [NationQuality] [NationType] [NationPlace].
      1,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[DitV Town Name.main] 1,[Fantasy Place Name.main]
      33,[NationNotSubNationType] 7,[SubNationType]
      1,alliance 1,ascendancy 1,caliphate 1,city-state 1,clan 1,coalition 1,colony 1,commonwealth 1,confederation 1,country 1,domain 1,emirate 1,empire 1,farmland 1,federation 1,khanate 1,kingdom 1,league 1,metropolis 1,nation 1,principality 1,protectorate 1,province 1,rajahdom 1,realm 1,sheikdom 1,sovereignty 1,sultanate 1,territory 1,tribe 1,union 1,viceroyalty
      1,[NationType] of [PlaceName]
      1,barony of [where] 1,clan in the [TribeName] Tribe 1,commonwealth of [where] 1,county in the [where] 1,duchy in the [where] 1,grand duchy in the [where] 1,margraviate in the [where] 1,marquessate in the [where] 1,protectorate of [State] [where] 1,province of [State] [where]
      3,[PlaceName] 1,[Fantasy Names.FemaleFirstName] 1,[Orc Tribe Name]
      1,dangerous 1,desperate 1,independent 1,large 1,new-found 1,poor 1,ruined 1,secretive 1,small 1,thriving 1,wealthy 1,mysterious 1,reclusive 1,declining 1,simple 1,famous 1,ancient
      2,in a tropical paradise 2,in a desert wasteland 2,in the frozen north 5,in a grassy plain 5,in an archipelago 6,in a deep forest 5,in a volcanic area 5,near a great river 5,in the high mountains 5,in a lush river valley 5,in a wet jungle 5,in a murky swampland 3,in the foothills of a mountain range 1,deep in the ocean 1,suspended over a mighty gorge 1,drifting through the clouds 1,floating over the seas 1,in a vast underground cavern 1,built on a gigantic tree
      5,[RulerQuality] leader 1,a byzantine bureaucracy 1,a council of elders 1,a council of elected officials 1,a crime lord 1,a dragon 1,a judge 1,a matriarch 1,a monarch 1,a monster 1,a newcomer 1,a patriarch 1,a powerful magus 1,a prominent guild 1,a regent 1,a spirit 1,a tribal chief 1,a usurper 1,a wealthy merchant 1,an individual selected by lottery 1,no one - it is a commune 1,no one - it is anarchy 1,priests 1,the aristocracy 1,the military 1,the most prominent landowner 1,a genius 1,an ancient vampire
      1,a charismatic 1,a clever 1,a cunning 1,a divinely chosen 1,a foolish 1,a greedy 1,a paranoid 1,a pious 1,a popular 1,a ruthless 1,a scheming 1,a tyrannical 1,a virtuous 1,a wise 1,a youthful 1,an aged 1,an earnest 1,an educated 1,an evil 1,an insane 1,an unpopular 1,an unpredictable 1,an unwed
      1,barbarians 1,cannibals 1,cutthroat businessmen 1,cutthroats and pirates 1,dwarves 1,easily offended 1,elves 1,excellent craftsmen 1,farmers 1,fond of good food, drink, and merrymaking 1,generally law-abiding 1,generally wealthy 1,giants 1,gnomes 1,halflings 1,happy 1,hard workers 1,humans 1,impoverished 1,invisible 1,magic-users 1,miserable 1,monsters 1,oppressed 1,orcs 1,psychic 1,revolting against their leader 1,undead 1,unusually short 1,unusually tall 1,vegetarians 1,very gullible 1,very pious 1,very superstitious 1,very suspicious 1,very warlike 1,very xenophobic 1,violent
      1,a place of deep mystery 1,a sleepy little place 1,boisterous and lively 1,boorish and unsophisticated 1,bright and cheerful 1,calm and peaceful 1,cold and lonely 1,dark and forbidding 1,drab and hopeless 1,eerily quiet 1,efficient and business-like 1,filled with a spirit of goodness and harmony 1,filthy and disease-ridden 1,foreign and apart from the civilization(s) around it 1,friendly and hospitable 1,full of brooding malevolence 1,full of ensorcellment and illusion 1,full of seething rebellion 1,gray and gloomy 1,greedy and grasping 1,green and full of life 1,grim and foreboding 1,grubby and poorly cared for 1,guarded, ready for battle at any moment 1,hardworking and prosperous 1,harsh and hostile 1,haunted 1,idealistic and hopeful 1,in harmony with the nature around it 1,innocent and gullible 1,laid-back and lazy 1,merry and sociable 1,neat and tidy 1,neglected and dying out 1,old-fashioned and full of nostalgia 1,shifty and untrustworthy 1,shiny and new 1,solemn and proud 1,sophisticated and refined 1,strict and dogmatic 1,strong and independent 1,suppressed and cowed 1,tense and desperate 1,very ancient 1,very dangerous 1,very pious 1,very poorly organized 1,very respectable 1,worn and weary
      1,[Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] are based here 1,a great hero came from this land 1,a great hero performed mighty deeds in this land 1,a miracle happened here, and many devout people visit on pilgrimage 1,a terrible battle happened here 1,a well-known craftsman practices here 1,a well-known holy person lives here 1,an infamous villain lives here 1,it is a place of spectacular natural beauty 1,it is a place of uncanny magical occurrences 1,it is very ancient, and has many ruins from a lost civilization 1,its impregnable defenses 1,of a giant statue whose form dominates the landscape 1,of a large festival that happens here every year 1,of its amazing hanging gardens 1,of its beautiful temple 1,of its exceptional hunting grounds 1,of the cloth that is woven here 1,of the crops that are grown here 1,of the exceptional horses that are bred here 1,of the gems that are mined here 1,of the horrible monsters that inhabit the countryside 1,of the metals that are mined here 1,of the vile disease that all if its inhabitants suffer from 1,the citizens [FantasyFarmstead.Product]
      1,almost nonexistent 1,favorable to one class of citizens over another 1,harsh and unjust 1,just and fair 1,more like “guidelines” 1,nonsensical 1,very strict
      1,be almost nonexistent 1,be banishment 1,be conducted behind closed doors, so no one is sure what happens - except that the survivors emerge changed and broken 1,be enacted or strongly supported by enraged citizenry 1,be fatal 1,be harsh and public 1,be just and fair 1,be much harsher for one class of citizens than another 1,fit the crime 1,involve loss of property 1,lean heavily toward public humiliation
      3,the land has experienced [Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Events Lcase]. 2,the land has been threatened by [Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Threats Lcase]. 1,the land has been threatened by an embodiment of evil: [Champion of darkness.main] </sgtable>