Fantasy Romantic History

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Helper generator for Fantasy Character History

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[AH_LOVE]



1,[Fantasy Romantic History.BELOVED]


1,love is unrequited. 1,beloved is already married. 1,beloved is widow/widower. 1,beloved has [Dice.1D4] children. 1,beloved is a different race. 1,beloved is a different social status ([Fantasy Character History.SOCIAL_LEVEL]). 1,beloved is of a different culture ([Fantasy Character History.BACKGROUND]). 1,beloved is sibling of friend or companion (possibly PC) 1,beloved's age is significantly different. 1,beloved is originally from a distant land. 1,beloved is noted for personality trait ([Fantasy Traits.EXOTIC_PERSONALITY_TRAITS]). 1,beloved is noted for strong personality ([Fantasy Traits.NOTED_PERSONALITY]). 2,beloved's appearance is exceptional ([Fantasy Romantic History.BELOVED_APPEARANCE]). 4,beloved has an appearance quirk ([Fantasy Traits.APPEARANCE]). 1,beloved is involved in romantic triangle. 1,[Fantasy_Casting_Utilities.BELOVED_REROLL_2]


4,Character marries beloved. 3,Character and beloved are intense rivals until they realize it's love. 1,Families disapprove; [Fantasy Romantic History.FAMILY_DISAPPROVAL]. 1,Character is unfaithful to beloved. 1,Beloved is unfaithful to the character. 1,Tragedy afflicts beloved:
[Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGEDIES] 1,Beloved is kidnapped. 1,Character and beloved together have a psychic power ([.PYSCHIC_POWERS]). 1,Beloved is called to overseas military service. 1,Character rescues beloved from Villain; [Fantasy Villains.VILLAINS] 1,Beloved inspires character to greater accomplishments. 1,Character has [Dice.1D4] children by the beloved. 1,Beloved becomes the character's companion; [Fantasy Life Events.COMPANIONS] 1,The romance ends, but the character and beloved remain friends. 1,The romance ends, but the character and beloved become rivals.
[Fantasy Rivals.RIVALS]


1,Beloved is forced into an arranged marriage 1,Character's family forbids 1,Beloved's family forbids 1,Beloved's family sends beloved away 1,Character's family sends character away 1,[Fantasy_Casting_Utilities.FAMILY_DISAPPROVAL_REROLL_2]


4,Extremely Attractive 1,Rather unattractive 1,Ugly or repulsive </sgtable>