Fantasy Pantheon

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The Gods of Our People

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  • [fulldescription].</sgdisplay>

Without Description

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  • [main].</sgdisplay>



1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName], [DeityMale] 1,the [DeityRoleMale], [DeityMale] 1,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName], [DeityFemale] 1,the [DeityRoleFemale], [DeityFemale]


1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName], [DeityMaleGood] 1,the [DeityRoleMaleGood], [DeityMaleGood] 1,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName], [DeityFemaleGood] 1,the [DeityRoleFemaleGood], [DeityFemaleGood]


1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName], [DeityMaleEvil] 1,[Demon generator.Mname], [DeityMaleEvil] 1,the [DeityRoleMaleEvil], [DeityMaleEvil] 1,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName], [DeityFemaleEvil] 1,[Demon generator.Fname], [DeityFemaleEvil] 1,the [DeityRoleFemaleEvil], [DeityFemaleEvil]


5,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName], [DeityFemale][♀] 5,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName], [DeityMale][♂] 1,The [Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] God[♂] 1,The [Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] Goddess[♀]

1,, [AppearancePhrase] a [MaleForm]

1,, [AppearancePhrase] a [FemaleForm]


1,[DeityMale] 1,[DeityFemale]


1,God 1,Goddess


1, 1,the


1,[the]God of [Domains] 1,[the]God of [Domains] and [Domains] 1,[the]God of [Domains] and [DeityRoleMale] 1,[DeityRoleMale]


1,[the]Goddess of [Domains] 1,[the]Goddess of [Domains] and [Domains] 1,[the]Goddess of [Domains] and [DeityRoleFemale] 1,[DeityRoleFemale]


1,[the]God of [AbstractPositive] 1,[the]God of [AbstractPositive] and [AbstractPositive] 1,[the]God of [AbstractPositive] and [DeityRoleMaleGood] 1,[DeityRoleMaleGood]


1,[the]Goddess of [AbstractPositive] 1,[the]Goddess of [AbstractPositive] and [AbstractPositive] 1,[the]Goddess of [AbstractPositive] and [DeityRoleFemaleGood] 1,[DeityRoleFemaleGood]


1,[the]God of [AbstractNegative] 1,[the]God of [AbstractNegative] and [AbstractNegative] 1,[the]God of [AbstractNegative] and [DeityRoleMaleEvil] 1,[DeityRoleMaleEvil]


1,[the]Goddess of [AbstractNegative] 1,[the]Goddess of [AbstractNegative] and [AbstractNegative] 1,[the]Goddess of [AbstractNegative] and [DeityRoleFemaleEvil] 1,[DeityRoleFemaleEvil]


10,the [Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] God 2,[DeityRoleEither] 2,[Secret Society Title.main] 2,Father of [Domains] 2,King of [Domains] 2,Lord of [Domains] 1,Father of the Gods 1,Master of [Domains] 1,Prince of [Domains]


2,Father of [AbstractPositive] 2,King of [AbstractPositive] 2,Lord of [AbstractPositive] 1,Master of [AbstractPositive] 1,Prince of [AbstractPositive]


1,Father of [AbstractNegative] 1,King of [AbstractNegative] 1,Lord of [AbstractNegative] 1,Master of [AbstractNegative] 1,Prince of [AbstractNegative]


10,the [Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] Goddess 2,Lady of [Domains] 2,Mother of [Domains] 2,Queen of [Domains] 1,[DeityRoleEither] 1,Mistress of [Domains] 1,Mother of the Gods 1,Princess of [Domains]


1,Lady of [AbstractPositive] 1,Mother of [AbstractPositive] 1,Queen of [AbstractPositive] 1,Mistress of [AbstractPositive] 1,Princess of [AbstractPositive]


1,Lady of [AbstractNegative] 1,Mother of [AbstractNegative] 1,Queen of [AbstractNegative] 1,Mistress of [AbstractNegative] 1,Princess of [AbstractNegative]


3,Patron of [Fantasy Profession.main]s 2,Protector of [Fantasy Profession.main]s 1,Judge of the Dead 1,Herald of the Gods 1,Messenger of the Gods


1,[AbstractPositive] 1,[AbstractNegative] 1,[Natural] 1,[Misc]


10,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Pos] 1,Abundance 1,Agriculture 1,Alchemy 1,Ancestry 1,Archery 1,Art 1,Artifice 1,Astrology 1,Astronomy 1,Athletics 1,Beauty 1,Bravery 1,Celebration 1,Celerity 1,Charisma 1,Charm 1,Commerce 1,Community 1,Companions 1,Constitution 1,Cooking 1,Cooperation 1,Courage 1,Courtship 1,Craftwork 1,Creation 1,Creativity 1,Dance 1,Daydreams 1,Destiny 1,Dexterity 1,Diplomacy 1,Dreams 1,Duty 1,Ecstasy 1,Education 1,Embalming 1,Exploration 1,Family 1,Farming 1,Fate 1,Fatherhood 1,Fertility 1,Festivals 1,Freedom 1,Friendship 1,Generosity 1,Glory 1,Good 1,Good Fortune 1,Grace 1,Growth 1,Healing 1,Herbalism 1,Homes 1,Honor 1,Humility 1,Humor 1,Hunting 1,Imagination 1,Industry 1,Innocence 1,Innovation 1,Inspiration 1,Intellect 1,Intelligence 1,Invention 1,Joy 1,Journeys 1,Justice 1,Knowledge 1,Language 1,Laughter 1,Law 1,Leadership 1,Liberation 1,Life 1,Light 1,Literature 1,Love 1,Loyalty 1,Luck 1,Magic 1,Marriage 1,Medicine 1,Memory 1,Motherhood 1,Music 1,New Beginnings 1,Order 1,Parenthood 1,Parties 1,Passion 1,Peace 1,Perseverance 1,Persuasion 1,Pity 1,Poetry 1,Preservation 1,Prophecy 1,Prosperity 1,Protection 1,Psychology 1,Purification 1,Purity 1,Rebirth 1,Redemption 1,Renewal 1,Reincarnation 1,Repose 1,Resolve 1,Restoration 1,Resurrection 1,Retribution 1,Revelation 1,Royalty 1,Rulership 1,Self-Perfection 1,Sensuality 1,Science 1,Song and Dance 1,Sorceror 1,Sovereignty 1,Strategy 1,Strength 1,Technology 1,the Arts 1,the Forge 1,the Hearth 1,the Harvest 1,the Hunt 1,Theatre 1,Tranquility 1,Travel 1,Truth 1,Unity 1,Valor 1,Victory 1,Wealth 1,Wine 1,Wisdom 1,Wishes 1,Wit 1,Writing 1,Youth


10,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg] 1,Accusations 1,Aggression 1,Agony 1,Ambushes 1,Arrogance 1,Arson 1,Assassins 1,Avarice 1,Battle 1,Beguilement 1,Betrayal 1,Blight 1,Blood 1,Brawls 1,Capriciousness 1,Captivation 1,Carnality 1,Catastrophes 1,Chaos 1,Competition 1,Corruption 1,Cruelty 1,Curses 1,Darkness 1,Death 1,Death Rites 1,Debts 1,Decay 1,Deceit 1,Deception 1,Demons 1,Destruction 1,Disease 1,Domination 1,Duels 1,Entropy 1,Envy 1,Erosion 1,Espionage 1,Evil 1,Famine 1,Fear 1,Ferocity 1,Fury 1,Gambling 1,Ghosts 1,Gluttony 1,Graves 1,Greed 1,Hatred 1,Hedonism 1,Illusion 1,Insanity 1,Intoxicants 1,Intrigue 1,Isolation 1,Judgment 1,Lies 1,Loss 1,Lost Trails 1,Lust 1,Madness 1,Mayhem 1,Mischief 1,Misery 1,Misfortune 1,Monsters 1,Murder 1,Nightmares 1,Pain 1,Panic 1,Pestilence 1,Petrification 1,Plagues 1,Poison 1,Pride 1,Rage 1,Revenge 1,Revolution 1,Riots 1,Rivalries 1,Ruin 1,Ruins 1,Sacrifice 1,Secrets 1,Shadows 1,Shame 1,Slaughter 1,Slavery 1,Slime 1,Slothfulness 1,Sorrow 1,Spiders 1,Spite 1,Strife 1,Suffering 1,Temptation 1,the Dead 1,the Deep Places 1,the Undead 1,the Underworld 1,the Void 1,Thieves 1,Thirst 1,Thorns 1,Time 1,Toil 1,Tombs 1,Torment 1,Traps 1,Treachery 1,Trickery 1,Tricksters 1,Tyranny 1,Undeath 1,Vengeance 1,Venom 1,Vermin 1,Villainy 1,War 1,Wrath


1,the Afterlife 1,Alarms 1,Alcohol 1,Ale 1,Architects 1,Aristocracy 1,Armor 1,Armies 1,Balance 1,Borders 1,Business 1,Candles 1,Caravans 1,Change 1,Chastity 1,Childbirth 1,Cities 1,Crossroads 2,Commoners 1,Communication 1,Construction 1,Contracts 1,Courtesans 1,Cunning 1,Defenses 1,Desire 1,Divination 1,Emotion 1,Endurance 1,Eunuchs 1,the Exiled 1,Exploration 1,Feasts 1,Fools 1,Fortifications 1,Funerals 1,Holidays 1,the Homeless 1,Hunting 1,Jesters 1,Keys 1,Knives 1,Legislation 1,Livestock 1,Lovers 1,Martyrs 1,Mercenaries 1,Merchants 1,Messengers 1,Metalworkers 1,the Mind 1,Money 1,Monuments 1,Moonlight 1,Mysteries 1,Names 1,Nobility 1,Oaths 1,Opposites 1,Orphans 1,Outhouses 1,Pleasure 1,Politics 1,Portals 1,Pottery 1,Revelry 1,Roads 1,Runaways 1,Trade 1,Scribes 1,Sewing 1,Sexuality 1,Ships 1,Silence 1,Smithies 1,Solidarity 1,Solitude 1,Souls 1,Spice 1,the Spoken Word 1,Sleep 1,Speed 1,Swords 1,Tacticians 1,Thought 1,Those Who Wander 1,Tournaments 1,Travelers 1,Treaties 1,Twilight 1,Warriors 1,Weapons 1,Whimsy 1,Wine 1,Witches 1,Zeal


4,[Elements.basicCap] 4,{{#replace:[Utility.TerrainsCap]|Plains|Plain}}s 4,[Terrains] 4,[Times] 4,[Elements] 4,[Animal.ordinaryanimal]s 1,Animals 1,Ashes 1,Autumn 1,Beasts 1,Birds 1,Cats 1,Clouds 1,Dogs 1,Dragons 1,Earthquakes 1,Fire 1,Fish 1,Flowers 1,Flying Creatures 1,Fog 1,Fruit 1,Gardens 1,Grains 1,Horses 1,Ice 1,Hurricanes 1,Insects 1,Lightning 1,Mammals 1,Monsoons 1,Nature 1,Orchards 1,Plants 1,Ravens 1,Reptiles 1,Rock and Stone 1,Seasons 1,Solstices 1,Snow 1,Springtime 1,Storms 1,Summertime 1,Tempests 1,the [Fantasy Landmarks.natural] of [Fantasy Names.FemFirstName] 1,the Air 1,the Cold 1,the Dawn 1,the Day 1,the Deep 1,the Earth 1,the Floods 1,the Moon 1,the Night 1,the Rains 1,the Seas 1,the Sky 1,the Stars 1,the Sun 1,the Weather 1,the Wild Places 1,the Wilderness 1,the Winds 1,Thunder 1,Vineyards 1,Wild Animals 1,Wind 1,Wintertime


1,Badlands 1,Beaches 1,Caves 1,Caverns 1,Cliffs 1,Coral Reefs 1,Deciduous Forests 1,Evergreen Forests 1,Deserts 1,Forests 1,Geothermal Areas 1,Glaciers 1,Grasslands 1,Hills 1,Ice Caves 1,Jungles 1,Lakes and Rivers 1,Lava 1,Lava Tube Caves 1,Marshes 1,Moors 1,Mountains 1,Oceans 1,Plains 1,Prairies 1,Rivers 1,Rocky Deserts 1,Sandy Deserts 1,Savannahs 1,Shrublands 1,Steppes 1,Subterranean Areas 1,Swamps 1,the Sea 1,the Tundra 1,Tropical Areas 1,Volcanoes 1,Wastelands 1,Wetlands 1,Woodlands




1,Autumn 1,Dawn 1,Day 1,Dusk 1,Evening 1,Midnight 1,Night 1,Noon 1,Spring 1,Summer 1,Winter


4,[%ap1][%ap2] [ap3][%ap4] as 4,[%ap1][%ap2] [ap6] the [ap7] of 1,having the form of 1,most often depicted as 1,seen in dreams as 1,visible to mortals only as


1, 1,who


12, 1,commonly 1,customarily 1,generally 1,occasionally 1,often 1,sometimes 1,traditionally 1,usually


1,appears 1,embodies 1,is heralded 1,is seen 1,manifests 1,materializes 1,visits


2, 1, in [ap5]


1,dreams 1,hallucinations 1,visions


3,[ap3] in 1,assumes 1,takes 1,takes on


1,appearance 1,avatar 1,form 1,guise 1,shape


3,[SpiritForm.HumanFormMainMale] 1,[SpiritForm.🐻m]


3,[SpiritForm.HumanFormMainFemale] 1,[SpiritForm.🐻m]



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  • DeityFemale
  • DeityFemaleEvil
  • DeityFemaleGood
  • DeityGender
  • DeityMale
  • DeityMaleEvil
  • DeityMaleGood
  • DeityRoleEither
  • DeityRoleFemale
  • DeityRoleFemaleEvil
  • DeityRoleFemaleGood
  • DeityRoleMale
  • DeityRoleMaleEvil
  • DeityRoleMaleGood
  • Domains
  • FemaleForm
  • fulldescription
  • main
  • mainEvil
  • mainGood
  • MaleForm
  • Natural
  • unnamed

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