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1,[Name], a [HumanMaleMilitaryProfession]. [HumanMaleMartialSentence]


1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] of [Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] of [Fantasy Town Names.Englishy] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle] the [MaleHonorific] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle]


50,[Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] 1,Bloody 1,Blue 1,Elder 1,Great 1,Grey 1,Holy 1,Humble 1,I 1,II 1,III 1,IV 1,Learned 1,Mad 1,Magnificent 1,Pious 1,Red 1,Unholy 1,Unwashed 1,Vile 1,White 1,Younger


7,soldier in the [Fantasy Military Unit.main] 8,[MilitaryRank] in the [Fantasy Military Unit.main]


10,[HumanMaleMartialDistinguishment] he [FoughtAdverb] [FoughtVerb] a [Group] of [NegativeAdjChance] [HumanRacialEnemies]s [HumanMaleWarReason] 2,[HumanMaleMartialDistinguishment] he [FoughtAdverb] [FoughtVerb] [IndividualEnemy] [HumanMaleWarReason] 1,[HumanMaleMartialSentence]. [HumanMaleMartialSentence]


5,He became a legend when 5,He became a local hero when 5,He distinguished himself when 5,He is depicted in a [ArtworkRemembrances] about the time 5,He is famous for the occasion on which 5,He is remembered for the incident when 5,He rose to fame after 5,He saved his town when 5,He secured his place in history when 5,He was knighted after 4,He is best-known for the occasion on which 3,He is sung about in bards’ tales for the time 2,He became mayor of his hometown after 2,He commissioned a [ArtworkRemembrances] about the time 2,He is considered a local legend for the time 2,He is mainly known through the [WrittenRemembrances] about the incident when 2,He was celebrated in a [WrittenRemembrances] written about the time 2,He was commemorated in [WrittenRemembrances] about the time 1,A statue erected in his hometown commemorates the occasion when 1,Although stranded behind enemy lines, 1,Among his many exploits, perhaps the most famous was when 1,Among the tales told of him, the most famous was when 1,Bards still sing of when 1,Children all know the tale of the time 1,Everyone knows the story of when 1,He became a household name for a time because of the [WrittenRemembrances] written about the time 1,He commanded a crack squad of soldiers when 1,He commissioned [WrittenRemembrances] written about the time 1,He enjoyed popularity at court after 1,He gave the credit to the men he commanded when 1,He is well remembered by his hometown for the time 1,He personally wrote a [WrittenRemembrances] about the time 1,He received a field commission after 1,He regained his family’s lost honor after 1,He was posthumously honored for the time 1,It is said that 1,Many slightly different tales tell of the occasion when 1,Tacticians most admire him because 1,There are those who claim that 1,Though seriously wounded,




10,Colonel 10,Commander 9,Marshal 8,Fieldmarshal 8,General 7,Standard-Bearer 6,Captain 6,Major 4,Leftenant 4,Lieutenant 4,Provost Marshal 3,Brigadier 3,Commander 3,Sergeant 2,Aide-de-camp 2,Centurion 2,Corporal 2,Lance Corporal 2,Sergeant-Major 2,Warmage 1,Master Sergeant 1,Specialist 1,Spymaster 1,Tactician


5,band 5,brigade 5,clan 5,family 5,horde 5,patrol 5,platoon 5,raiding party 5,squad 5,trained elite troop 5,tribe 5,war encampment 5,war party 5,whole army 4,company 2,regiment 1,chosen champion 1,marauding party 1,mounted company 1,secret cell


5,story 4,long-form epic poem 4,poem 4,song 3,book 2,ballad 2,bard’s tale 2,poignant opera 1,drinking song 1,limerick 1,novella 1,propaganda leaflet 1,three-volume novel


1,[ArtworkAdj] [ArtworkType]


3, 1,famous 1,finely crafted 1,memorable 1,well-known


4,illuminated book 5,painting 1,permanent illusion 2,sculpture 5,statue 4,tapestry


15,[Orc Names.main], leader of the [NegativeAdjChance] [Orc Tribe Name.main] [TribalHumanoids] tribe 7,[MilitaryRankCap] [Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], who led the [NegativeAdjChance] [Fantasy Military Unit.main], 1,the [ArcaneEnemy] [ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], the [Secret Society Title.main]


1,[NegativeAdj] [ArcaneTitle]


1,[NegativeAdj] 1,


3,evil 2,cruel 2,foul 2,vicious 1,bloodthirsty 1,brutish 1,cold-blooded 1,depraved 1,fell 1,fierce 1,harsh 1,heartless 1,hellish 1,inhuman 1,malevolent 1,merciless 1,murderous 1,pitiless 1,ravening 1,remorseless 1,ruthless 1,sadistic 1,savage 1,vengeful 1,wild


1,arcanist 1,demon-summoner 1,enchanter 1,sorcerer 1,warlock 1,wizard


10,gnoll 10,goblin 30,orc 8,hobgoblin 7,ogre 4,sahaugin 1,troll


10,barbarian 10,gnoll 10,goblin 15,orc 10,troll 4,Northlander 5,[GheronUtility.CulturesHuman] soldier 4,bandit 9,bugbear 1,centaur 4,desert nomad 1,dragon 7,drow 4,dwarf 5,elf 1,feyfolk 7,giant 8,hobgoblin 2,illithid 7,kobold 8,lizardfolk 1,lycanthrope 1,merfolk 3,minotaur 7,ogre 3,pirate 8,sahaugin 3,thief 2,undead warrior 3,underdenizen


10,and was known for his [AdmirableQuality] 5,to defend his [HumanSettlement] against their incursions 4,and was known for his skill with the [HumanRacialWeapon] 2,and was distinctive for the unique [HumanRacialWeapon] that he used 2,who invaded his [HumanSettlement] 1, 1,,a feat for which he gave complete credit to his fellow soldiers 1,and is still admired by many for his [AdmirableQuality] 1,and is still considered unmatched for his [AdmirableQuality] 1,and was distinctive for his pet [HumanUnusualPet], which accompanied him into combat 1,and was easily recognizable because he rode a [HumanUnusualSteed] into combat 1,and was said to possess a magical [HumanRacialWeapon] 1,and was the envy of many in his day for his [AdmirableQuality] 1,and was well liked by the soldiers he served with 1,because he was inspired by the legends of antiquity 1,but tragically died of his wounds a few days later 1,despite orders from his commander to hold back 1,for many years until he was killed in battle 1,for many years until the war was finished 1,in a feat of self-sacrifice that is sung about to this day 1,in order to revel in the joy of battle 1,in the hopes that he could inspire others to do the same 1,proving his skill with the [HumanRacialWeapon] to be the stuff of legend 1,to avenge his fallen friends 1,to avenge the death of his lover at their hands 1,to avenge the pillaging of his [HumanSettlement] 1,to bring glory and prestige to his [HumanSettlement] 1,to defend his [HumanSettlement] against their aggression 1,to defend his [HumanSettlement] against their ravages 1,to erase the dishonour of his [HumanSettlement] 1,to fulfill his lover’s wishes 1,to honor the gods and his ancestors 1,to protect his [HumanSettlement] against their invasions 1,to seek revenge for the death of his children at their hands 1,to shield his [HumanSettlement] from their constant raids 1,to stem the tide of their onslaught 1,until he had to retreat in order to save his men from certain death at their hands 1,until he was killed when his [HumanSettlement] fell 1,until his death in battle 1,until his troops scattered and fled, leaving him alone to die at the hands of his enemies 1,until the remaining enemies scattered and fled 1,until the remaining enemies surrendered to him 1,until their agents had him assassinated 1,until they captured and enslaved him 1,until they captured him in battle and executed him 1,who terrorized his [HumanSettlement]


1,ability to lead men into battle 1,ability to predict the enemy’s movements 1,adaptability 1,amazing speed 1,calmness under pressure 1,clever use of spies and deception 1,enviable moustache 1,full and manly beard 1,honourable treatment of enemy prisoners 1,keen eye and quick [HumanRacialWeapon] 1,mastery of military strategy 1,mastery of tactics 1,mastery of weapons 1,monstrous strength 1,piercing eyes 1,reputation among women 1,resourcefulness 1,rigid personal discipline 1,shrewdness and cunning 1,singlemindedness 1,skill at outmaneuvering the enemy 1,unassailable integrity 1,uncompromising character


4,city 3,country 2,farm 1,hamlet 4,home 3,homeland 1,island 3,lands 3,lord’s castle 3,nation 5,town 8,village


4,[HaftedWeapons.AxeType] 2,[HaftedWeapons.MaceType] 2,[HaftedWeapons.FlailType] 8,[HaftedWeapons.PolearmType] 14,[Swords.StartNoDescription] 6,[Bows.BowType] 3,[XBows.XBowType] 1,[Lances.StartNoDescription]


5,griffon 5,pegasus 4,dire wolf 4,hippogriff 3,dire boar 3,dire lion 3,dire stag 3,giant eagle 3,war elephant 2,rhinoceros 1,dragon 1,roc 1,war bull 1,war giraffe 1,wyvern


10,wolf 2,bear 1,blink dog 3,cheetah 1,dire badger 1,displacer beast 3,eagle 3,falcon 3,hawk 3,hyena 3,jaguar 3,krenshar 2,lion 1,pseudodragon 2,snake 3,war hound 1,wolverine


8,fought 6,fought against 5,defended against 4,attacked 4,battled 4,protected against 3,assaulted 3,clashed with 3,engaged in battle with 3,hunted down 3,struggled against 3,waged war on 2,captured an important [Utility.Terrains] from 2,harassed 2,hunted down and killed 2,invaded the lairs of 2,scouted against 1,ambushed 1,annihilated 1,assailed 1,assassinated the leaders of 1,captured a bridge from 1,captured a leader of 1,conducted raids against 1,cut off supplies from 1,decimated 1,destroyed 1,eradicated 1,guarded against 1,hunted down and killed the leaders of 1,inspired his warriors to fight against 1,laid a successful ambush for 1,laid siege against 1,laid waste to 1,led a charge against 1,led forays deep into the territory of 1,massacred 1,outmaneouvered 1,overcame 1,overran 1,protected his lord’s standard from 1,provided key intelligence against 1,raided the camps of 1,rescued prisoners from 1,resisted 1,shielded his army from 1,slaughtered 1,spied on 1,stole supplies from 1,took on


3, 3,bravely 2,aggressively 2,boldly 2,fearlessly 2,heroically 2,honourably 2,resolutely 2,ruthlessly 2,singlehandedly 2,stubbornly 2,valiantly 1,brutally 1,cautiously 1,clandestinely 1,cleverly 1,confidently 1,courageously 1,cunningly 1,daringly 1,dauntlessly 1,decisively 1,determinedly 1,famously 1,gallantly 1,infamously 1,intrepidly 1,magnificently 1,mercilessly 1,nobly 1,pitilessly 1,recklessly 1,savagely 1,secretly 1,staunchly 1,strategically 1,tactically 1,tirelessly 1,uncompromisingly 1,unwaveringly



  • AdmirableQuality
  • ArcaneEnemy
  • ArcaneTitle
  • ArtworkAdj
  • ArtworkRemembrances
  • ArtworkType
  • FoughtAdverb
  • FoughtVerb
  • Group
  • HumanMaleMartialDistinguishment
  • HumanMaleMartialSentence
  • HumanMaleMilitaryProfession
  • HumanMaleWarReason
  • HumanRacialEnemies
  • HumanRacialWeapon
  • HumanSettlement
  • HumanUnusualPet
  • HumanUnusualSteed
  • IndividualEnemy
  • main
  • MaleHonorific
  • MilitaryRank
  • MilitaryRankCap
  • Name
  • NegativeAdj
  • NegativeAdjChance
  • TribalHumanoids
  • WrittenRemembrances

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