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Similar to Fantasy Town Names or Fantasy Town Feature, except these refer to nearby geographic features that townsfolk might refer to, or that might be found on a map in between towns.





5,[inland] 3,[coastal]


1,[pre_place_inland] [inspiration] 10,[inspiration] [post_place] 4,[possessives] [post_place] 1,Ruin[plural] [ruins] 2,[post_place] of the [inspiration][plural] 1,The [post_place] of [abstractevocative]


1,[pre_place_inland] [inspiration] 2,[pre_place_coast] [inspiration] 14,[inspiration] [post_place_coast] 6,[possessives] [post_place_coast] 1,Ruin[plural] [ruins] 3,[post_place_coast] of the [inspiration][plural]


3,Lake 3,Mount 2,Camp 2,Loch 1,Castle 1,Fort 1,Halls of 1,Castra 1,Crannog 1,Fortress


3,Cape 1,Key 1,Isle of the


7,of the settlement at [Fantasy Town Names.main] 2,of Castle [inspiration] 2,of Fort [inspiration] 1,of Castra [inspiration] 2,of Fortress [inspiration] 14,of [inspiration] [manmade] 5,of [possessives] [manmade] 3,at [inland] 3,of [inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.building] 3,of [inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.religious] 1,of [Fantasy Town Feature.religiousplace]


3,[manmade] 11,[natural]


2,[manmade] 5,[natural] 10,[nautical]


1,Abbey 1,Bridge 1,Canal 1,Castle 1,Cathedral 1,Citadel 1,City 1,Croft 1,Dam 1,Dolmen 1,Enclave 1,Fortress 1,Garrison 1,Gate 1,Halls 1,Haven 1,Keep 1,Lair 1,Library 1,Manor 1,Menhir[plural] 1,Mine[plural] 1,Monastery 1,Mound[plural] 1,Oasis 1,Obelisk 1,Outpost 1,Park 1,Post 1,Pyramid 1,Quarry 1,Sanctuary 1,Station 1,Spire 1,Temple 1,Tower 1,Watchtower 1,Wells


1,Arch 1,Badlands 1,Barrow[plural] 1,Basin 1,Barrens 1,Bayou 1,Bend 1,Bluff[plural] 1,Bog 1,Branch 1,Brook 1,Butte 1,Cairn 1,Canyon 1,Cascades 1,Cave 1,Chasm 1,Chimney 1,Cliff[plural] 1,Crag 1,Crater 1,Creek 1,Crest 1,Crossing 1,Dale 1,Delta 1,Desert 1,Downs 1,Dunes 1,Falls 1,Fen 1,Field[plural] 1,Flatland[plural] 1,Flats 1,Floodplain 1,Ford 2,Forest 1,Fork 1,Gap 1,Glade[plural] 1,Glen 1,Gorge 1,Grove 1,Gulch 1,Gully 1,Headwaters 1,Heath 1,Heights 1,Highland[plural] 1,Hill[plural] 1,Hole 1,Hollow 1,Howe 1,Knob 1,Knoll 1,Kurgan 1,Lake 1,Marches 1,Marsh 1,Meadow[plural] 1,Mere 1,Mill 1,Mire 1,Moor[plural] 1,Morass 1,Mound 1,Mountain[plural] 1,Oaks 1,Park 1,Pass 1,Peak 1,Perch 1,Pillar[plural] 1,Pinnacle[plural] 1,Pines 1,Plain[plural] 1,Plateau 1,Point 1,Pond 1,Pool 1,Promontory 1,Quagmire 1,Rapids 1,Ravine 1,Ridge 1,Rise 1,Rift 1,River 1,Rock 1,Run 1,Sands 1,Sinkhole 1,Slough 1,Spire 1,Spring[plural] 1,Steppe[plural] 1,Stone 1,Stream 1,Summit 1,Swamp 1,Tableland[plural] 1,Taiga 1,Tam 1,Tangle 1,Thicket 1,Tor 1,Trail 1,Tree 1,Uplands 1,Vale 1,Valley 1,Waterhole 1,Wilds 2,Wood[plural]


1,Abyss 1,Archipelago 1,Bay 1,Beach 1,Cape 1,Cay 1,Channel 1,Cliff[plural] 1,Coast 1,Cove 1,Deep[plural] 1,Doldrums 1,Firth 1,Fjord 1,Grotto 1,Gulf 1,Harbor 1,Headland 1,Inlet 1,Island[plural] 1,Isle[plural] 1,Landing 1,Lagoon 1,Mire 1,Narrows 1,Neck 1,Peninsula 1,Point 1,Quay 1,Reef[plural] 1,Rock[Plural] 1,Sargasso 1,Sea 1,Shallows 1,Shoal 1,Shore[plural] 1,Sound 1,Strait[plural] 1,Strand 1,Trench


1, 1,s


1,[Fantasy Town Names.Misc][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Group1][Fantasy Town Names.Group2] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Misc][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix] 3,[Fantasy Military Unit.MascotAnimal] 2,[Fantasy Military Unit.MascotModifier] 1,[Secret Society Title.Title] 2,[Secret Society Title.OrgDescriptor] 2,[Secret Society Title.Noun] 10,[moreinspirations] 3,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg] 1,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Pos] 4,[Inscriptions.Def_Noun] 6,[Fantasy Town Names.Englishy]


5,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg] 1,Hunger 1,Desolation 1,Broken Promises 1,Forgotten Dreams 1,Lost Souls 1,the Old Ones 1,the Ancients 1,Sorrows 1,Insanity 1,Despair 1,Woe 1,the Dead 1,Hell 1,Prophecy


1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Jobs]’s 2,[Inn and Tavern Names.Person]’s 1,[more_possessors]’s


1,Bugbear 1,Centaur 1,Conjurer 1,Crusader 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Druid 1,Dryad 1,Dwarf 1,Elf 1,Faery 1,Giant 1,Gnoll 1,Gnome 1,Goblin 1,Hag 1,Harpy 1,Hobgoblin 1,Hunter 1,Kobold 1,Lover 1,Manticore 1,Medusa 1,Minotaur 1,Monk 1,Ogre 1,Orc 1,Paladin 1,Pirate 1,Pixie 1,Ranger 1,Satyr 1,Scout 1,Shepherd 1,Slave 1,Sorcerer 1,Trapper 1,Wizard


2,[creature] 1,[creature] [bodypart] 1,[colors] 1,[Inn and Tavern Names.Item]


3,Azure 3,Black 3,Blue 3,Crimson 3,Green 3,Grey 3,Red 3,Silver 3,White 2,Argent 2,Copper 2,Ebony 2,Golden 2,Scarlet 1,Amber 1,Auburn 1,Cerulean 1,Dun 1,Indigo 1,Ivory 1,Smoky 1,Umber 1,Violet


1,Angel 1,Ankheg 1,Basilisk 1,Bear 1,Behir 1,Bugbear 1,Chimera 1,Cockatrice 1,Displacer 2,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Dryad 1,Ghoul 1,Giant 1,Goblin 1,Griffon 1,Harpy 1,Hippogriff 1,Hobgoblin 1,Kobold 1,Landshark 1,Lion 1,Lizardmen 1,Manticore 1,Minotaur 1,Monkey 1,Otyugh 1,Owlbear 1,Pegasus 1,Sahuagin 1,Sphinx 1,Tiefling 1,Warhorse 1,Werewolf 1,Wolf 1,Wraith 1,Wyrm 25,[Inn and Tavern Names.Creature]


5,Head 2,Bones 1,Skull


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