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1,”, by [Author] [TranslationChance]


6,[ArcaneBooks.main] 3,[GeneralBook] 2,[BiographyBook] 1,SPECIAL (found in a book, behind books, past bookends, etc.): [DeedOrNote] 1,[AbstractBook] 1,[Cookbook] 1,[HistoryBook] 1,[Howto] 1,[ReligiousBook] 1,A surviving copy of the long-banned [GeneralBook]


50,[Article][Type] [Preposition] [Subject] [TranslationChance] 50,“[Article][Type] [Preposition] [Subject][ba] 30,[Author]’s [Type] [Preposition] [Subject] [TranslationChance] 3,[BookFullTitle]


5,[Article][Type] [Preposition] [ReligiousSubject] [TranslationChance] 5,“[Article][Type] [Preposition] [ReligiousSubject][ba] 3,[Author]’s [Type] [Preposition] [ReligiousSubject] [TranslationChance] 1,The [ReligiousSubject][ba]


3,“The [Biographical] of [Person][ba] 1,The [Biographical] of [Person] [TranslationChance] 2,[Travel] of [Person] [TranslationChance]


1,“[History] of [Subject][ba] 1,[History] of [Subject] [TranslationChance]


1,[Dice.1d10][Dice.1d10][Dice.1d10] [DeliciousWord] [GheronUtility.CulturesHuman] Recipes 1,[SelectionCriteria] [GheronUtility.CulturesHuman] Recipes 1,Cooking in the [GheronUtility.CulturesHuman] Style 1,[GheronUtility.CulturesHuman] Cuisine Made Easy 10,“[SelectionCriteria] Recipes for [FantasyMenu.MainMeals][ba] 6,[SelectionCriteria] Recipes from the Kitchen of [Author] 6,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s [FantasyMenu.Descriptor] [FantasyMenu.MainMeals] and other [DeliciousWord] Recipes 4,“[Dice.3d6] Ways to Prepare [FantasyMenu.MainMeals][ba]


3,“[SucceedArtsCraftsWord] [ArtsCrafts][ba] 1,“[SucceedArtsCraftsWord] [GheronUtility.Cultures] [MethodsType] of [ArtsCrafts][ba] 1,“[HowtoWord] Join [GheronUtility.Organization][ba] 1,“[HowtoWord] Grow [FantasyMenu.VeggiesCookable][ba] 1,“[HowtoWord] [TerrainHowto] the [Utility.Terrains][ba] 3,“[HowtoWord] [TerrainHowto] the [Destination][ba] 1,[Author]’s Guide to More [Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Pos] in Your Life[ExclamationChance] 1,[Author]’s Guide to Less [Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg] in Your Life[ExclamationChance]


1,The legal deed to [ClaimPlace] 1,The property title to [ClaimPlace] 1,A family signet ring proving ownership of the ancestral home at [ClaimPlace] 1,An hereditary seal proving ownership of the ancestral home at [ClaimPlace] 1,A claim note to a fine [Mount] at [Fantasy Landmarks.inland] Stables 1,A claim note to a fine [Mount] at [Fantasy Landmarks.coastal] Stables 1,A legal document with detailed evidence disputing the ownership of [ClaimPlace] 1,A promissory note to [Dice.1d10][Dice.1d10][Dice.1d10] gold if returned to [Payer] 1,A bounty note for [Dice.1d10]00 gold if [Bounty] is captured or slain, and proof is brought to [LawAuthority] of [AuthorityPlace] 1,A letter of marque for [Dice.1d10]000 gold if [Castle.CastleName] is assaulted and captured, and word sent to [LawAuthority] of [AuthorityPlace] 1,[HeraldLetter] safe passage through [Fantasy Landmarks.inland] 1,[HeraldLetter] safe passage through [Fantasy Landmarks.coastal] 1,An ancient map of an uncertain land in a forgotten language 1,A map too faded to be of use, with barely recognizable boundaries 1,[MapType] map of [AuthorityPlace] 1,[MapType] map of [Fantasy Landmarks.inland] 1,[MapType] map of [Fantasy Landmarks.coastal] 1,[MapType] map of [Fantasy Landmarks.inland] with details of [AuthorityPlace] 1,[MapType] map of [Fantasy Landmarks.coastal] with details of [AuthorityPlace] 1,An architect’s floor plans of [Castle.CastleName] 1,Astrological charts useful for navigation in the seas off of [Fantasy Landmarks.coastal] 1,Flawed astrological charts with a large number of erroneous positions, useless for navigation 1,Arcane astrological charts, useful in the alchemical creation of [Arcane Substance.main]


1,A courier’s pass granting 1,A martial decree granting the bearer 1,A royal decree granting the bearer 1,An authoritative pass granting 1,An herald’s letter granting


3,A folded 2,A military 2,A poor-quality 2,A simplified 2,A taxation 2,A yellowing 2,An ancient 1,A beautiful 1,A crumpled 1,A faded 1,A hastily-drafted 1,A moldy 1,A recently drafted 1,A ripped 1,A singed 1,A strategic 1,A tactical 1,A torn 1,A waterway 1,An engineer’s 1,An expertly drafted 1,An illuminated 1,An incomplete 1,An outdated 1,One quarter of a


1,[Payer], a dangerous and terrible villain, 1,a [Dragon type.horned][Dragon type.colour] dragon, 1,a [New Monster Name.main], 1,the [Animal.fantasyAll] which has been terrorizing the locals, 1,the [D and D 4th edition monster.main], a mythical and terrifying beast 1,the [Orc Tribe Name.main] Orcs,


1,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Englishy]


1,[Castle.CastleName] in [Fantasy Landmarks.inland] 1,[Castle.CastleName] in [Fantasy Landmarks.coastal]


1,steed 1,mount 1,horse


1,[Fantasy Names.StartMale] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartFem]


1,the Captain of the Guard 1,the Chief Rector 1,the Governor 1,the Head Abbott 1,the Head Chancellor 1,the High Council 1,the Judge 1,the Lord 1,the Mayor 1,the Protectorate 1,the Sheriff 1,the Steward 1,the Watch Captain 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishArmyOfficer] [Payer] 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishNavyOfficer] [Payer] 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyaltyFemale] [Fantasy Names.StartFem] 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyaltyMale] [Fantasy Names.StartMale] 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligious] [Payer]


10,[SelectionCriteria] Stories 10,[SelectionCriteria] Tales 10,[SelectionCriteria] Works 10,[SelectionCriteria] Writings 10,Book 10,Codex 10,Compendium 10,Cyclopædia 10,Encyclopedia 10,Folio 10,Grimoire 10,Guide 10,Lexicon 10,Manuscript 10,Tome 10,Treatise 9,[SelectionCriteria] Essays 9,Almanac 8,[Completeness] Guide 8,[SelectionCriteria] Knowledge 8,[SelectionCriteria] Notes 8,[SelectionCriteria] Poems 8,[SelectionCriteria] Songs 8,Complete Guide 8,Guidebook 8,Lore 8,Secrets 8,Story 7,[SelectionCriteria] Wisdom 7,Handbook 7,Manual 6,Hidden Lore 5,[SelectionCriteria] Studies 5,Study 4,[SelectionCriteria] Legends 4,[SelectionCriteria] Plays 4,Concepts 4,Foundations 4,Fundamentals 4,Thesis 3,Commentary 3,Manifesto 3,Publication 3,Volume 2,Basics 2,Concordance 2,Dictionary 1,Background 1,Masterpieces 1,Musings 1,Origins 1,Outline 1,Principia 1,Proviso 1,Theory 1,Varieties


1,on 1,of 2,for 2,about 2,concerning 1,pertaining to


1,[Author]’s [Type] of [Inscriptions.Abs_Noun] 1,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun]: The [SelectionCriteria] [Type] 1,[Type] [Preposition] [AbstractSubject] 1,“The [SelectionCriteria] [Type] of [AbstractSubject]” [TranslationChance] 1,The [Type] of [AbstractSubject] [TranslationChance]


25,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun] 1,Circles 1,Days 1,the Dead 1,Years


8,the [ReligiousWords] of the Church of [List of gods.main] 9,the Church of [List of gods.main] 6,hymns of the church of [List of gods.main] 5,[List of gods.main]’s [ReligiousWords] 5,[ReligiousWords] of [GheronUtility.Organization] 5,[ReligiousWords] of [Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] 2,the [SelectionCriteria] Hymns of [List of gods.main] 1,Dark Gods 1,Pagan Gods


55,[GheronUtility.Cultures] [ArtsCrafts] 30,[ArtsCrafts] 15,[GheronUtility.Organization] 10,[Compass direction.4]ern [ArtsCrafts] 9,the [GheronUtility.Cultures] Nation 6,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 6,[Wizard schools.main] 6,Ancient [ArtsCrafts] 6,the [GheronUtility.Cultures]-[GheronUtility.Cultures] Wars 5,[Adjective] [GheronUtility.Cultures] Folk Heroes 5,[Adjective] Followers of [List of gods.main] 5,[Adjective] Leaders of [GheronUtility.Organization] 5,[Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] 5,the [Adjective] [Plans] between [GheronUtility.Organization] and [GheronUtility.Organization] 5,the [GheronUtility.Cultures]-[GheronUtility.Cultures] [Plans] 4,[Compass direction.4]ern [ReligiousWords] 2,the [Adjective] [Plans] between [GheronUtility.Organization] and [Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] 1,[Utility.RuneLanguage] Runes 1,Alchemy 1,Ancient Empires 1,Artifacts and Relics 1,Assassination 1,Astrology 1,Cooking 1,Daemonology 1,Dancing 1,Dragons 1,Erotic Poetry 1,Forbidden Magic 1,Great Battles 1,Heraldry 1,Law 1,Lost Treasures 1,Military Conduct 1,Military Decorations 1,Military Tactics 1,Naval Tactics 1,Naval Warfare 1,Poetry 1,Poisons 1,Runes 1,Taxidermy 1,the Heavens 1,the Illithid War 1,the Sea 1,the Stars 1,the Underdark 1,Undead Lore 1,Unholy Rites 1,Weather


20,History 15,Culture 15,Customs 15,Magic 15,Religions 13,Music 10,Fashion 10,Kings 10,Military Tactics 8,Agriculture 7,Cooking 7,Folklore 7,Manners 6,Architecture 6,Art 6,Crafts 6,Heraldry 6,Languages 6,Law 6,Poetry 5,Government 5,Legends 5,Military Decorations 5,Nobility 5,Secret Societies 5,Subcultures 5,Symbolism 5,Warfare 5,Wilderness Lore 4,Adventurers 4,Castles 4,Cults 4,Musical Instruments 4,Weaponry 3,Alchemy 3,Animal Life 3,Armor 3,Armorsmithing 3,Astrology 3,Athletics 3,Basketweaving 3,Blacksmithing 3,Brewing 3,Calligraphy 3,Cooking 3,Daily Life 3,Dancing 3,Dancing 3,Etiquette 3,Family Life 3,Fauna 3,Flora 3,Furniture 3,Heraldry 3,Herbalism 3,Knightly Orders 3,Merchant Ships 3,Monastic Orders 3,Myths 3,Painting 3,People 3,Pottery 3,Recipes 3,Sculpture 3,Sewing 3,Sorcery 3,Stonework 3,Storytelling 3,Superstitions 3,Theatre 3,Weaponsmithing 3,Weaving 3,Winemaking 3,Wizardry 3,Woodworking 2,Basketry 2,Bowmaking 2,Cities 2,Erotic Poetry 2,Fables 2,Ghost Stories 2,Leatherworking 2,Mixed Drinks 2,Proverbs 2,Ruins 2,Taxidermy 2,Towns 2,Trade 2,Villages 2,Wilderness 1,Assassination Techniques 1,Espionage 1,Poisonmaking 1,Riddles 1,System of Trade 1,Temples 1,Urban Planning


15, 10,Collected 10,Selected 5,[Completeness] 5,Compleat 5,Short 4,Authoritative 4,Best-Loved 4,Essential 4,Favorite 4,Little-Known 3,Abridged 3,Complete 3,Treasury of 3,Unabridged 2,Exhaustive Collection of the


5,Complete 3,Comprehensive 2,Exhaustive 2,Detailed


10,[Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] 5, 4,Secret 3,Unknown 2,Dangerous 2,Epic 2,Exciting 2,Famous 2,Fantastic 2,Great 2,Hidden 2,Noble 2,Notable 2,Noteworthy 2,Scandalous 2,Unforgettable 2,Unusual 1,Complete 1,Covert 1,Daring 1,Former 1,Glorious 1,Infamous 1,Inscrutable 1,Lamentable 1,Recent 1,Regrettable 1,So-Called


3,Relationship 2,Agreement 2,Alliance 2,Connection 1,Agenda 1,Battle 1,Collaboration 1,Collusion 1,Conflict 1,Conspiracy 1,Contract 1,Cooperation 1,Covenant 1,Dependency 1,Disagreement 1,Incident 1,Link 1,Misunderstanding 1,Partnership 1,Plan 1,Plot 1,Plotting 1,Proposal 1,Scheme 1,Schism 1,Struggle 1,Subversion 1,Tension 1,Treaty 1,Ultimatum 1,Wars


20,Life 10,[Adjective] Story 7,Epic 7,Memoirs 6,[Biographical] and [Travel] 5,[Biographical] and [Biographical] 5,[LifeEvent] 5,Confessions 5,Deeds 5,Legend 5,Saga 4,[SelectionCriteria] Tales 4,[Travel] and [LifeEvent] 4,Legacy 3,[SelectionCriteria] Poems 3,[SelectionCriteria] Songs 3,[SelectionCriteria] Wisdom 3,Biography 3,Chronicle 3,Real Story 3,Teachings 2,[Adjective] Tale 2,[SelectionCriteria] Epistles 2,[SelectionCriteria] Letters 2,[SelectionCriteria] Plays 2,[SelectionCriteria] Treatises 2,Accomplishments 2,Ballad 2,Chronicles 2,Diary 2,Journal 2,Record 2,Secrets 2,Story 2,Works 1,[SelectionCriteria] Prophecies 1,[SelectionCriteria] Proverbs 1,[SelectionCriteria] Speeches 1,[SelectionCriteria] Visions 1,[SelectionCriteria] Writings 1,Adventures 1,Companion to the Writings 1,Exploits 1,Impressions on the Life 1,Key to Understanding the Life 1,Lamentations 1,Lasting Impact 1,Life and Death 1,Life and Times 1,Romance 1,Trials 1,Unique Philosophy


1,Battles 1,Betrayal 1,Birth 1,Crimes 1,Death 1,Descendants 1,Disappearance 1,Downfall 1,Early Career 1,Early Life 1,Final Years 1,Knighting 1,Marriage 1,Misdeeds 1,Misfortunes 1,Murder 1,Redemption 1,Sacred Vows 1,Sacrifice 1,Secret Life 1,Sins 1,Treachery 1,Treason 1,Trial


5,Leader 1,Founder 1,Follower 1,Disciple 4,[Secret Society Title.Title]


1,The 1,


5,History 2,Chronology 1,[SelectionCriteria] History 1,Abridged History 1,Ancient History 1,Best Loved Tales 1,Early History 1,Legends 1,Recent History 1,Well-Known Stories


4,[Fantasy Names.StartMale] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartFem]


3,[Fantasy Names.StartMale] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartFem]


1,[Travel] and [Biographical] 1,[Travel] and [Travel] 1,Days 1,Diary 1,Excursions 1,Expeditions 1,Explorations 1,Journal 1,Journeys 1,Travelogue 1,Travels 1,Voyages 1,Wanderings


5,Ceremonies 5,Sacred Writings 5,Scriptures 5,Symbols 4,[ReligiousWords] and [ReligiousWords] 4,Hymns 4,Leaders 4,Rites 4,Rituals 4,Saints 4,Temples 3,Clerics 3,Doctrine 3,Ordinances 3,Outlook 3,Prayers 2,Ancient [ReligiousWords] 2,Apocryphal [ReligiousWords] 2,Beliefs 2,Catechism 2,Chants 2,Dogma 2,Early [ReligiousWords] 2,High Priests 2,Incantations 2,Prophecies 2,Sacred Artwork 2,Traditions 1,Apocrypha 1,Blessings 1,Contemplatives 1,Covenants 1,Devotees 1,Followers 1,Heroes 1,History 1,Houses of Worship 1,Legacy 1,Liturgy 1,Meeting Houses 1,Monastic Orders 1,Morals 1,Mysticism 1,Oracles 1,Priestly Orders 1,Priests 1,Proverbs 1,Sacred Sites 1,Sacrifices 1,Shrines 1,Songs 1,Teachings 1,Vestments 1,Wisdom


2,, [TranslationWords] by [Author] 20,


10,translated from the [GheronUtility.NonCommonLanguage] 10,with [Inclusions] 5,annotated 5,compiled 5,edited 5,originally written 1,illustrated 1,selected 1,translation 1,updated


3,[Inclusions] and [Inclusions] 1,additional commentary 1,afterword 1,annotations 1,cartography 1,charts 1,corrections 1,diagrams 1,figures 1,foreword 1,illustrations 1,introduction 1,notes 1,preface


5,Delicious 4,[GheronUtility.CulturesHuman] 4,Appetizing 4,Satisfying 4,Savory 4,Sumptuous 4,Tasty 3,Favorite 2,Elegant 2,Quick & Easy 2,Yummy 1,Delightful 1,Healthy 1,Hearty 1,Outstanding


4,How to 1,[Dice.3d6] Ways to 1,So You Want to 1,The Best Way to 1,What You’ll Need to 1,You Too Can


8,Survive in 1,Build a Stronghold in 1,Camp in 1,Find Your Way in 1,Hunt for Big Game in 1,Live off the Land in 1,Make Shelter in 1,Prepare for an Expedition into 1,Tame 1,Understand the Peoples of 1,Vacation in


2,Earn a Living 2,Make a Living 2,Make it 2,Prosper 2,Start Out 2,Succeed 2,Thrive 1,Achieve Your Dream 1,Attain Notoriety 1,Be Successful 1,Flourish 1,Get Ahead 1,Get Rich 1,Learn to [SucceedProfessionWord] 1,Make Your Fortune 1,Realize Your Ambitions


4,Defeat 4,Kill 4,Slay 3,Capture 2,Hunt 2,Survive an Attack by 2,Win against 1,Avoid Insulting 1,Beat 1,Befriend 1,Coerce 1,Find and Track 1,Make Friends With 1,Parlay With 1,Stalk and Kill 1,Survive Your First Battle with 1,Tame 1,Train


5,The Art of 4,Learning about 2,Getting Started with 2,Techniques for 2,The [Secret Society Title.OrgDescriptor] Art of 2,The Beginner’s Guide to 1,[Dice.3d6] Lessons for Successful 1,Advanced Techniques of 1,The Power of


1,! 1,


8,Versus 2,Against 2,And 2,Fights 1,Battles


2,Methods 2,Styles 2,Types


1,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[Fantasy Landmarks.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Feature.main] 1,[Poetic Destinations.main]


0, - - - these are not generated, they are full titles 1,A Manual of Mythology in the form of Question and Answer 1,A First Construing Book with Short Notes Lexicon and an Introduction to the Analysis of Sentences 1,Scripture Onomatology, Notes on the Septuagint 1,Cookery for Invalids, Persons of Delicate Digestion, and Children 1,A Shipmaster's Manual and Practical Guide in their Transactions Abroad



  • AbstractBook
  • AbstractSubject
  • Adjective
  • Article
  • ArtsCrafts
  • Author
  • AuthorityPlace
  • ba
  • Biographical
  • BiographyBook
  • Bounty
  • ClaimPlace
  • Completeness
  • Cookbook
  • DeedOrNote
  • DeliciousWord
  • Destination
  • ExclamationChance
  • GeneralBook
  • HeraldLetter
  • History
  • HistoryBook
  • Howto
  • HowtoWord
  • Inclusions
  • LawAuthority
  • LifeEvent
  • main
  • MapType
  • MethodsType
  • Mount
  • OrgPosition
  • Payer
  • Person
  • Plans
  • Preposition
  • ReligiousBook
  • ReligiousSubject
  • ReligiousWords
  • SelectionCriteria
  • Subject
  • SucceedArtsCraftsWord
  • SucceedBattleWord
  • SucceedProfessionWord
  • TerrainHowto
  • TranslationChance
  • TranslationWords
  • Travel
  • Type
  • VersusWord

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The initial ideas for this table came from Bruce Gulke.