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This page will generate random events that the leader of a faction, noble house, guild, company, or other organization must deal with. It can be useful for games like Birthright or Reign, in which players play the roles of regents or faction leaders, as a sort of "Event of the Month" generator. Certain types of events are more or less likely depending on the type of domain or organization the leader is in charge of.

This generator is an adaptation of Random events and Random events mechanics by Andrew Tall. Used with permission.


What Happened This Month?


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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[main_civilized]</sgdisplay>


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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[main_guild]</sgdisplay>


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12,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_decadent] 1,[event_civilized] 1,[event_barbarian] 1,[event_primitive] 1,[event_guild] 1,[event_temple]


2,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_decadent]


2,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_civilized]


2,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_barbarian]


2,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_primitive]


2,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_guild]


2,Nothing out of the ordinary occured. 1,[event_temple]


5,[arrive_depart] 5,[assassination] 5,[challenge] 15,[corruption] 5,[crime] 10,[diplomacy] 5,[festival] 10,[feud] 5,[rival] 16,[intrigue] 1,[magic] 3,[justice] 5,[monster] 4,[natural] 5,[trade] 1,[unrest]


3,[arrive_depart] 3,[assassination] 3,[challenge] 4,[corruption] 10,[crime] 5,[diplomacy] 10,[festival] 10,[feud] 5,[rival] 10,[intrigue] 1,[magic] 9,[justice] 13,[monster] 4,[natural] 9,[trade] 2,[unrest]


6,[arrive_depart] 6,[assassination] 12,[challenge] 1,[corruption] 6,[crime] 5,[diplomacy] 5,[festival] 10,[feud] 10,[rival] 5,[intrigue] 1,[magic] 4,[justice] 13,[monster] 3,[natural] 5,[trade] 5,[unrest]


3,[arrive_depart] 3,[assassination] 3,[challenge] 1,[corruption] 8,[crime] 5,[diplomacy] 10,[festival] 10,[feud] 10,[rival] 5,[intrigue] 1,[magic] 9,[justice] 10,[monster] 3,[natural] 5,[trade] 3,[unrest]


3,[arrive_depart] 3,[assassination] 3,[challenge] 9,[corruption] 10,[crime] 5,[diplomacy] 5,[festival] 5,[feud] 5,[rival] 15,[intrigue] 1,[magic] 2,[justice] 10,[monster] 3,[natural] 11,[trade] 1,[unrest]


2,[arrive_depart] 2,[assassination] 4,[challenge] 4,[corruption] 5,[crime] 10,[diplomacy] 15,[festival] 5,[feud] 10,[rival] 10,[intrigue] 1,[magic] 9,[justice] 5,[monster] 5,[natural] 8,[trade] 1,[unrest]


0,addition or removal of someone or something 3,[arrive_depart_boon] 9,[arrive_depart_minor] 7,[arrive_depart_major] 1,[arrive_depart_great]


1,A skilled [skilled] travels to the faction in search of employment. 1,A skilled artisan offers their services to the faction leader to extol some recent feat. 1.A skilled [skilled] offers their services because of an ancient prophecy. 1,A healthy birth in the faction leader's family. 1,Shipwreck! A ship is driven on to local rocks and the hold is as full as the crew is absent! Assuming that locals do not strip the ship bare before the faction leader's people arrive, the hold yields valuable goods or treasure. Of course, someone might come looking for their lost ship....


1,A child is born to the family with a minor deformation. 1,A child is born to the family, but outside of wedlock. 1,A powerful family gains a bride and a suitable present must be found. 1,A powerful family gains a child and a suitable present must be found. 1,A skilled [skilled] arrives in the area - and promptly enters the service of a rival. 1,A prominent person gives birth, or adopts someone. The faction leader is expected to oversee some appropriate recognition ceremony. 1,A prominent person dies and the faction leader must attend the funeral, provide suitable elegy, and oversee the inheritance. 1,A trading vessel vanishes in a storm, or hits the harbour wall and sinks. The owners kick up a stink, or if the faction leader is the owner then they suffer economic cost.


1,An elderly adviser or lieutenant succumbs to old age, a fall or some ailment. 1,A traveling aide is ambushed. 1,A traveling aide dies in battle. 1,A new faction forms around a charismatic and powerful new leader and jostles for power with the existing factions. 1,A child is born to the faction leader / a key ally - to someone totally unsuitable, such as a prominent noble's wife, a priestess sworn to the faith, etc. 1,A member of the faction deserts. A skillful faction leader may win back their loyalty, a reckless faction leader may encourage the remaining loyal units to desert in turn. 1,A member of the faction goes off on an un-authorized mission for glory (possibly at the behest of another). 1,A major member of the faction dies, and the faction leader must negotiate between rival claims to inheritance, form a new alliance with the successor, and may be stuck with a fool taking such an influential position. 1,Someone important or under the faction leader's protection is kidnapped. The ransom is steep, but the loss of face - or of a useful aide - if the victim is not safely recovered could be greater.


1,A new faction is revealed, or a coalition of smaller factions abruptly form into a larger one - the new faction is significant enough to demand attention. 1,A key lieutenant leaves the faction on a private quest. 1,A key lieutenant dies. 1,A [in]famous personage arrives in the area and is courted by factions seeking a new leader, putting at risk the network of treaties held by the faction leader. 1,One or more units of elite soldiers, or a key lieutenant, defect and join an enemy. If the faction leader fails to take suitable action then they will be seen as weak, but the traitors are now under the protection of their new lord.


3,[assassination_boon]. It was motivated by [assassination_motive] 9,A court functionary or the captain of a military unit is assassinated. It was motivated by [assassination_motive] 7,[assassination_major]. It was motivated by [assassination_motive] 1,[assassination_great]. It was motivated by [assassination_motive]


1,An enemy leader or other important faction leader [assassin] 1,A neutral leader or other important faction leader [assassin]


1,An important functionary such as the chamberlain or a general of several military units [assassin] 1,A diplomat from another faction [assassin]


1,An ally [assassin] 1,A neutral faction's leader [assassin] 1,A vassal [assassin] 1,Numerous officials or military commanders {{#replace:[assassin]|is|are}} 1,This faction's leader [assassin]


1,Ambition: The target is in the way and "dead man's shoes" is as good a method of promotion as any. 1,Challenge: The 'assassin' demands a duel likely to be fatal to the challenged that cannot be easily denied. 1,Defence: The target is in a key role, but incompetent, so the assassin's paymaster wants him gone and a more able replacement appointed. 1,Justice: The target is criminal in some way and must be eliminated for the good of the faction / domain. In this case the assassin may have unexpected allies. 1,Fiscal: a money lender is attacked by an insolvent creditor; a blackmailer is attacked by his victims, an overly 'aggressive' robbery attempt. 1,Military: The target is someone with the knowledge or ability to defend the faction, an inspiring military leader, a gatekeeper whose replacement has been corrupted, etc. The assassin is paid by a rival or hostile faction. 1,Mistaken identity: Not every assassin is a sly genius, some are simply incompetent fools who get lucky. If the assassination was the result of mistaken identity it may be very hard to determine the identity of the assassin or their paymaster as their motives do not support the assassination. 1,Pleasure: The assassin is killing for pleasure or to satisfy some warped emotional need. 1,Power: The target has magical power and the attacker wants to take it for themselves. This could be simple ambition, or the desperate action of someone who has had much taken from them. 1,Religion: The target is a blasphemer in the eyes of a fervent religious assassin, or has been declared a heretic, etc. 1,Revenge: The target 'wronged' someone in the other's eyes and must die. 1,Romantic: The attacker is a romantic rival, or an assassin hired by a rival.


1,is assassinated. 1,is attacked but survives.


0,a challenge to the faction leader's authority, assets, plans or person 3,[challenge_boon] It was motivated by [challenge_motive] 9,[challenge_minor] It was motivated by [challenge_motive] 7,[challenge_major] It was motivated by [challenge_motive] 1,[challenge_great] It was motivated by [challenge_motive]


2,Offer of marriage from a neutral faction to tie the two factions closer together. 2,Offer of marriage from a hostile faction to tie the two factions closer together. 2,Offer of marriage from an faction leader with useful skills/reputation. 3,Two great craftsmen challenge each other to create a masterpiece to be given to the faction leader. 3,Two great craftsmen challenge each other to create a masterpiece, and morale in the faction increases due to pride in their achievements. 6,An ally takes on a difficulty facing the faction as a challenge.


1,The faction leader is mildly insulted in front of witnesses, for example their great deeds are overlooked, or they are deliberately addressed with an inferior title. 1,A faction/military action is challenged, the challenger may not understand the faction leader's aims, have a 'better' idea, or simple be entrenched in their beliefs, the faction leader may be opposing tradition, etc. 1,The faction leader is romantically propositioned by someone of minor importance (a mayor, military unit leader, etc).


1,The faction leader is publicly insulted in some way, for example made the subject of a biting satire. 1,The faction leader is the recipient of romantic overtures by the ruler of a faction of equal strength, but who is grievously unsuitable (wrong race, religion, historic enemy, peasant origin, etc). 1,The faction leader is challenged to a non-lethal duel by a serious, valid, challenger. 1,Blood donor. The event involves [donor] who wants to voluntarily turn over the power of their bloodline to the faction leader.


1,The faction leader is publicly humiliated by allegations of wrong-doing. 1,The faction leader is publicly humiliated by a popular play describing them as weak or foolish. 1,The faction leader is seriously insulted by another faction leader in front of their court. 1,The faction leader is challenged to a duel to the death by a serious, valid challenger. 1,Another leader arises to challenge the faction leader's right to lead.


1,Ambition: The faction leader's aims conflict with the challengers. 1,Military: A general challenges the faction leader's strategy, right to take action, etc. 1,Pleasure: The challenger simply wants to test themselves against one of the best, or has a compulsion to cause trouble. 1,Religion: The faction leader controls something required by the faithful, such as a holy sight or relic. 1,Revenge: the faction leader has 'wronged' someone who challenges the faction leader in revenge. 1,Romantic: A potential spouse for the faction leader has another suitor (the challenger); or the challenger may be aiming for the faction leader's affections but be either unsuitable somehow, or extremely suitable but unwanted, etc.


1,an elderly scion who has no heir 1,an elderly scion who considers their heir unworthy - or believes that the favour of the faction leader would be a greater inheritance than the scion's bloodline 1,a scion who has been done a great favour by the faction leader 1,a scion guilty of some severe crime who wishes to buy their freedom with their bloodline 1,a scion who fears that their bloodline has been tainted by evil or a curse, and wishes to rid themselves of it 1,a scion deemed unworthy by the priesthood and forced to divest themselves in favor of a stronger scion (the faction leader) 1,a scion who chooses donation on the battlefield rather than be a victim of bloodtheft


3,[crime_boon] 9,[crime_minor] 7,[crime_major] 1,[crime_great]


1,Existing crime drops. 1,A notorious criminal is caught. 1,A valuable item has been stolen from a rival, and the faction leader's agents detect clues leading to the guilty party.


1,A jewel thief targets those in high standing in the faction, who in turn demand that the faction leader take action or compensate them for their losses. 1,An arsonist begins targeting shops and storehouses tied to the faction. 1,A minor crime-wave erupts. The value of the property stolen is not great, but the faction leader loses face for failing to maintain order - or due to the mocking nature of the crime.


1,Suspicion and fear run rampant after a series of brutal muggings, armed guards become prevalent amongst the rich and others travel only in large groups. Feuds begin to ignite as vigilantes take to the streets, while the nobility begins to demand the right to raise armed units. 1,The bodies of sacrificial victims are found in an isolated spot, rumors of dark cults spread like wildfire and all manner of persons are suspected of depravity.


1,Pirates begin raiding not just trading vessels but fishermen and even small villages up and down the coast. Many fishermen refuse to leave harbor for fear of the pirates threatening food supplies and trade routes. 1,Several prominent nobles/priests are attacked in the streets and a few murdered. The nobility/church demands the right to raise troops to act as bodyguards. 1,The faction's treasury is looted! A thief (or band of thieves) has broken into the faction's coffers and stolen Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[".% of its money. If the faction leader seeks out the criminals they may recover some of the original amount stolen (depending on the delay in recovering the funds and the success of the action - but also other thefts by the gang).


3,[corruption_boon] It was caused by [corruption_cause] 9,[corruption_minor] It was caused by [corruption_cause] 7,[corruption_major] It was caused by [corruption_cause] 1,[corruption_great] It was caused by [corruption_cause]


1,Through espionage, the faction leader learns of corruption amongst the members of another faction. 1,The faction leader is the beneficiary of embezzled funds as an admirer sees them as a more worthy recipient.


1,A mid-level bureaucrat begins siphoning funds towards a pet project. This may result in the creation of a different project to those intended (for example mustering a unit of archers not one of pikemen) or simply slowing down the construction of one work with no apparent benefit to another.


1,A trusted adviser becomes corrupt, raising taxes without passing the funds onto the faction leader. 1,A trusted adviser becomes corrupt, taking some of the taxes and blaming bandits for the loss. 1,A ship built by the faction leader is stolen by pirates with the connivance of the harbormaster who is in their pay.


1,A lieutenant misuses the authority given to them and declares war on a neighbor they despise. 1,A peace treaty offered by an enemy is overlooked by the faction leader's generals.


1,Dispute: An official does not believe that the faction leader's priorities are correct and is spending the lost funds in more 'worthwhile' areas. 1,Frustration: The official feels overlooked or angry at the faction leader and is punishing the faction leader for failing to promote them or their cause. 3,Greed: The official(s) are simply greedy and diverting the leader's taxes or tithes etc for their own benefit. 3,Incompetence: the official is not up to the job and wasting resources through their incompetence. 1,Mistaken morality: The official believes that the faction leader is being too harsh and is 'lightening the load' on certain classes of people. 1,Selfishness: The official believes that they deserve better and is making good their low pay / excessive workload / satisfying their need for a certain lifestyle.


3,[diplomacy_boon] 9,[diplomacy_minor] 7,[diplomacy_major] 1,[diplomacy_great]


1,The faction leader is loaned a military unit to assist them in defending their faction or invading another for a month or two. 1,The leader of another faction makes a public show of support for the faction leader. 1,The leader of another faction 'asks' a third faction leader to accede to a request of the faction leader.


1,A diplomat requires the support of the faction leader's law holdings for the next year, gratis. 1,A diplomat offers an alliance which is likely to prevent beneficial deals with a third faction leader. 1,A diplomat asks the faction leader to contribute money, magical power, or military might in support of an action of their master. 1,A diplomat doesn't want anything in particular, but demands attention distracting the faction leader from their duties.


1,A diplomat requires the surrender of a member of the faction. 1,A diplomat requires the surrender of some land or wealth. 1,A diplomat requires the 'loan' of a military unit or two for a campaign being undertaken. 1,A diplomat is here to stay - as the eyes and ears of their master of course. And they need suitable accommodation - the faction leader would not wish to give offense.... 1,One of the members of the faction is uncovered as a spy for another faction. 1,One of the members of the faction serving as a spy in another faction is found out.


1,A diplomat demands the surrender of a small province in return for peace. 1,A diplomat requires the faction leader to recognize their lord as the true heir or head of the faction. 1,A diplomat requires the 'loan' of several military units for an unspecified time. 1,A diplomat suggests that the faction leader accept a vassalage agreement with their lord, with ¼ to ½ of all regency income to be paid to the lord by the faction leader. 1,A diplomat requires an alliance which is almost certain to mean strife and possibly war with a third faction leader. 1,A tournament is announced - and the faction leader is expected to participate. At the very least the tourney will require travel and a substantial investment of time, the tourney could also be dangerous, or have great scope for diplomatic problems. 1,Imperial ambitions. Most common in Anuire. Some great plan is made that will lead to the creation/restoration of a grand alliance/empire, the faction leader must be part of it, but avoid being destroyed by flaws in the plan or the machinations of others to turn the alliance to their advantage.


0,tend to have both positive and negative effects 3,[festival_boon] 9,[festival_minor] 7,[festival_major] 1,[festival_great]


1,During a beer festival a visiting faction leader is indiscreet about their plans 1,A wedding brings the movers and shakers together from across the region allowing the faction leader to gain a free court action, espionage attempt or the like. 1,The clear wealth of the faction in hosting such a glorious spectacle dissuades predators from daring to strike against it.


1,Street parties in celebration of the birth of a long ago saint leave the population happy, but the faction leader's purse far lighter. 1,A trade fair's cost is equaled by increased revenue, but takes a great deal of the court's time to plan and oversee leaving little time for other matters. 1,A faction leader's schedule can become quite chaotic at times. This event is one of those cases. It seems there are two major events on a particular day, both of which are of equal importance. It may be an important wedding and funeral, or perhaps the faction leader schedule a diplomatic summit, but forgot they were already committed to another affair of state. The events should not be something minor that the faction leader could blow off or merely apologize. Whatever the details, unless the faction leader is careful some one will most likely end up offended.


1,The festival results in an indiscretion by one of the faction leader's court. 1,A hostile faction leader is alerted to some potential action.


1,The festival wastes much of the court's time either with preparations or distractions. 1,The population is furious at the squandering of so much hard earned wealth; faction morale plummets as members bemoan the wasted funds. 1,The festival costs the earth and the clear wealth of the faction attracts the attention of predators.


3,A feud with a [feuder]. [feud_boon] 9,A feud with a [feuder]. [feud_minor] 7,A feud with a [feuder]. [feud_major] 1,A feud with a [feuder]. [feud_great]


1,The feuding parties are hostile faction leaders and are unable to respond to faction leader actions this turn, or respond at double the normal cost. 1,A holding controlled by a feuding party loses some of its quality. 1,A holding controlled by a feuding party becomes ruled by a great captain. 1,A holding controlled by a feuding party petitions the faction leader / an ally to control it. 1,A holding controlled by a feuding party petitions an ally of the faction leader to control it.


1,A farmers barn burns down and the local squire blames a rival landowner who has been demanding access rights to the land. To punish the rival the squire has minions carry out a number of small acts of sabotage. 1,Two artists claim to have created the same same work of art, both are of impeccable character and both of significant fame - neither backs down an inch and seek aid from patrons to assert their claim.


1,Young nobles from different houses come to blows over first women, then pride, then finally anything from a casual remark to the color of a tunic. Duels turn from words to fists to blades unless something is done. 1,Two rival shipwrights both claim to have invented a new technique for rigging a ship and setting sails. Both petition the faction leader to be named the inventor and demand payment from the other for use of the technique Other craftsmen begin to pick sides causing disruption to trade. 1,Rioting between church followers causes a number of small fires and the like in a town, opposing preachers regularly whipping the faithful into a frenzy of anger against the other priest.


1,Following the death of many of the family a noble house stands poised to abandon the province - and substantial numbers of their followers will go with them. 1,The local guild kills a wizard's apprentice in their campaign to drive out the source-holder. In retaliation the wizard begins corrupting their produce with some dread magic, passing their secrets to rivals - both inside and outside the faction. A number of guildsmen die in freak accidents, others simply vanish, while storms seem to constantly batter ships carrying their goods.


1,noble 1,religious group 1,guild 1,military leader 1,leader of a nation


3,[rival_boon] 9,[rival_minor] 7,[rival_major] 1,[rival_great]


1,A charismatic young priest renews the faith of outlying villages founding a small church in the name of the temple. 2,A valiant woodsman leads a number of fellows to join the army in its hour of need. 1,A lieutenant of a rival faction deserts and offers his services. 1,Dissenters have torn away part of a rival faction's holdings. The faction leader may find an ally there. Or an easy target.


1,A senior official questions the current strategy of the faction leader, thoughts echoed by others who dare not speak them. 1,A young priest begins preaching a variant doctrine that more closely reflects local needs - regardless of the considerations elsewhere - for example preaching against wealth in a poor area despite the strength of the church as a whole amongst the nobility, preaching a martial stance in an army town despite the main churches opposition to the kings expansionary policy, etc.


1,A number of merchants affiliated with the faction set up a separate co-operative to better their trade, heedless of the damage to others by their actions. 1,A prophet enters the faction and their preachings swiftly gather followers from other factions. The prophet may simply move on after attracting one of the faction leader's aids, or may stay and use their moral authority to make demands of the faction leader. 1,A group within the faction still proclaims loyalty but has begun to act independently.


1,A [rival_npc] places his liegemen in key positions within the faction. The members of the faction respond to the noble's charity and firm leadership with intense loyalty ceasing to listen to the faction leader where they disagree.


1,local hero 1,faction leader's champion 1,exotic outsider 1,enemy faction leader 1,noble


1,Evidence is found that [intrigue_actor] has been plotting to [intrigue_act] [intrigue_target].


9,someone from outside the faction 7,an underling 3,a trusted advisor 1,a family member 1,an ally


9,discredit 7,blackmail 3,displace 1,supplant


1,a member of the faction leader's family 1,the faction leader 1,an ally of the faction leader 1,a trusted advisor of the faction leader


3,[magic_boon] 9,[magic_minor] 7,[magic_major] 1,[magic_great]


1,A great evil is absorbed into a different plane. 1,A source of magic in the region surges temporarily, boosting magical power and making the casting of spells easier. 1,A traveler finds an ancient blade in the woods, unmarked by tarnish or rust. Clearly it is magical and so rare a find is surely destined for the faction leader? 1,A new source of magic has formed, been created, or is found within the faction's holdings. 1,A magical item is found, stolen, or offered publicly for sale. Either way there is substantial interest in obtaining such a coveted item by folk from a wide region, particularly if the item is particularly useful.


1,A village priest discovers a witch and sets a trial to prove their heresy. A friend of the witch begs for aid from the faction leader but locals would be inflamed if the witch was allowed to escape justice after the crimes she has committed. 1,A local temple pays its taxes with a potion of healing rather than in gold. 1,An astronomical event such as a meteor shower foretells some harm to the faction, or casts doubt on the faction leader's legitimacy as leader. The faction leader must obtain a credible alternate interpretation or risk loss of morale as people wait for their doom. 1,An adolescent suddenly grows into their birthright and displays a powerful bloodline, or an unusual bloodline ability is used by someone. 1,A mystical creature is sighted; hunters enter the area seeking a blessing, sighting of the beast, fetish made from its hair, etc. 1,A portal to another plane is formed allowing an unfortunate member of the faction to enter. 1,A source of magic suffers a period of much weaker potency.


1,A dread beast prowls the faction's domain during the hours of darkness. Common soldiers dare not face the beast leaving the faction leader to step forth. 1,The Shadow World is close; people share each other's dreams, wake to find that things done while dreaming have come true, or awaken with injuries suffered in their sleep from some nightmare. 1,A faction treasure is stolen, or one of the faction leader's favored magic items. Loss of the items is not the only damage - the faction leader risks a major loss of face if the theft is discovered. 1,Blasphemy. One of the gods is offended by the faction leader, or a key lieutenant. The faction suffers in a variety of ways, and the faction leader risks being ostracized by their neighbors unless they can placate the offended god. 1,A witch has been found by faction members using traditional means, and threatened with equally traditional punishment. 1,A portal to another plane is formed allowing something unpleasant to cross over into this one.


1,A legion of the dead marches from their graves to punish some transgression. 1,A terrible ley storm warps and frays all magic in its path and leaves many strange events in its passage. 1,The faction leader has not merely offended a god, they have moved the god to anger. Terrible events are commonplace and even once-loyal aides wonder if the faction leader should surrender their throne and atone for whatever it was that they did.


3,[justice_boon] 9,[justice_minor] 7,[justice_major] 1,[justice_great]


1,A local law or custom prevents a hostile faction leader from acting against the faction leader as they had hoped. 1,A twist in law forces subordinates to pay for some of the faction's upkeep for a season or two. 1,An odd local custom permits the faction leader or a lieutenant to avoid the consequences of some rash action.


1,A noble's daughter has vanished, rumors insisting that she left after spending many hours a low-ranking member of the faction. Her family is furious and demands that the kidnapper is brought to justice. The daughter, when found, insists that her lover be unharmed and her family prevented from chasing them. 1,A dispute involving misplaced goods erupts between two low-ranking faction members. 1,A minor officer or noble is offended by being overlooked for reward after doing some act, and declares war on the faction leader to assuage their snubbed honor. The faction leader must placate the noble before too much violence, and do so without appearing like a tyrant. 1,A servant of the faction leader is accused of a crime, innocence must be proven and guilt may reduce or eliminate their ability to serve the faction leader


1,A sheriff is accused of heavy handed tactics when hunting smugglers; several merchants demand compensation after searches of their shops discover no trace of the contraband that the officer believed was present. The militia insist that the sheriff is right and urge the faction leader to force the merchants to admit the truth of their smuggling. 1,The church demands the right to try a murderer after she claims sanctuary, but seems content with her oath to serve their god without seeming to make any attempt at real punishment. The murdered man's family demand that the murderer is dragged from the temple and decapitated as a warning to others, but by solemn tradition no armed soldiers may cross the threshold of the church unless bidden by the curate. 1,The faction leader's plans run counter to some ancient law, custom, or other unexpected legal issue. The faction leader can simply change the law, ignore tradition, etc however this will typically encourage others to flaunt laws they dislike, cause a reduction in province morale, etc. 1,The faction leader is caught on a point of honor: honor demands that they carry out some action, aid an ally, attend a festival, etc. The law however requires them to do otherwise, such as oppose the action of a friend, attend a different event, etc.


1,A lieutenant is accused of heresy or witchcraft. The accusers have proof (of a sorts) and demand a public trial. 1,The faction's heir is accused of heresy or witchcraft. The accusers have proof (of a sorts) and demand a public trial. 1,A young noble kills another man in a duel 'to defend his lady', and the dead man's family are low born but have substantial influence amongst the faction and demand that the noble is hanged. The noble's family declares that the dead man was a brute who tried to rape the lady and demands that the faction's holdings are confiscated as compensation for the attempted rape.


0,monsters and brigands 3,[monster_boon] 9,[monster_minor] 7,[monster_major] 1,[monster_great]


1,Monsters attack a hostile faction leader leaving them vulnerable. 1,A hidden foe is revealed by a bandit raid that is repulsed far too easily.... 1,A relatively weak band of monsters have a rare and valuable treasure.


1,Some [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] begin raiding a village. 1,Some [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] begin raiding isolated farms. 1,[Animal.fantasyHumanoid] bandits begin attacking and (eventually) eating travellers (such as merchants, diplomatic envoys, sons of nobles, etc). 1,a [Animal.fantasyCreature] and possibly a couple of its friends begin attacking and (eventually) eating travellers (such as merchants, diplomatic envoys, sons of nobles, etc). 1,An ogre captures a bridge or pass and starts demanding tolls from passing trade. 1,A pirate vessel begins preying on trading ships.


1,[monsters_major] begin stealing all trade route income passing through the province. 1,[monsters_major] begin raiding small villages, causing a drop in morale until repairs are made. 1,[monsters_major] begin destroying bridges, important buildings and the like. 1,[monsters_major] begin attacking and (eventually) eating travelers, including someone quite important. 1,[monsters_major] begin pillaging minor holdings. 1,A hostile faction leader tests the faction leader's defenses using deniable pawns. 1,An entire pirate fleet begins preying on the faction's ships.


1,[monsters_great] begin pillaging the province they are in, scattering the population and destroying great works. 1,[monsters_great] demand a tribute to pillage elsewhere and will destroy a town if tribute is withheld. 1,[monsters_great] demand a painful sacrifice, 1,An influx of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] are found to have invaded due to some error by the faction leader, who is consequently seen as personally responsible for the damage caused - and for resolving the matter.


1,A group of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] 1,Some [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] bandits


1,[monsters_army] of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] 1,[monsters_army] of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race], led by a [monsters_leader], 1,[monsters_army2] 1,[monsters_army2], led by a [monsters_leader],


1,An army 1,A horde 1,A large force 1,A legion 1,Several squads


1,a [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] army 1,a [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] horde 1,a [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] legion 1,Several [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] squads


1,[Animal.fantasyHumanoid] 1,[Animal.fantasyCreature]


3,[natural_boon] 9,[natural_minor] 7,[natural_major] 1,[natural_great]


1,An earthquake opens a pass through steep mountains. 1,A breach in some natural earth-work partly drains a swamp or mire. 1,The harvest is unusually good. 1,Fishing is unusually good. 1,The trade-winds blow well, enabling ships to travel faster than usual and therefore carry out more trade. 1,Omens are good regarding some upcoming action by the faction leader. 1,A freak storm prevents a rival's ships from landing or beaches their vessels. 1,A rush of immigration gives the faction leader a chance to rule a new holding. 1,A new road building technique reduces the cost of building a road by 50% until the economy adjusts and prices return to normal. 1,A new farming technique has been discovered, boosting food production.


1,A [trade_damage] is damaged and requires repairs to be fully usable, until then trade is reduced. 1,A fort is damaged by flooding, a landslide, etc. 1,Fishing is poor. 1,The harvest is poor, reducing faction income. 1,General bad weather reduces faction morale. 1,An eclipse is seen as a bad omen, reducing faction morale.


1,There is a dire famine; the faction must import food or risk starvation. Unfriendly or greedy neighbors may inflate the cost of foodstuffs 1,stantially. 1,A bridge is destroyed, impairing trade. 1,A road is washed away, impairing trade. 1,A shipyard is badly damaged by storms, slowing construction, impairing ability to build ships, etc. 1,The crops are poor, reducing farms' income. 1,A wall of the faction's castle or guildhall collapses after severe floods; making it vulnerable to attack until the collapse is repaired. 1,An influx of refugees arrives, requiring food and housing or the faction leader will be seen as a monster for watching them starve. Meanwhile the ruler of the land that they have left may want them back, or accuse the faction leader of wholesale kidnapping regardless of the facts. If the faction 1,der does nothing and the refugees move on to seek a more welcoming land, the recipient noble may blame the faction leader for the trouble caused. 1,A terrible malady strikes a city, if it is not isolated swiftly then trading partners will be affected, meanwhile the population is suffering and dying and neighbors are closing their borders. The malady may be fatal, or result in terrible scarring, madness, or cause some other lasting damage. If the plague is not cured swiftly the local population start fleeing the area risking spreading the disease. 1,A nearby volcano erupts, covering faction holdings with lava and flames, and rendering them useless. Lives are lost in the chaos.


1,A complete farming collapse; the faction leader must pay to feed his people or watch the population fall. 1,Major flooding in a town or city causes substantial damage and loss of morale. 1,A number of roads and bridges are destroyed across the faction. 1,Bad weather conspires against the faction leader in some battle, covering the enemies approach, preventing archers from using bows, etc. 1,Locusts obliterate crops over several provinces - if the faction leader cannot protect the remaining crops, or obtain replacement food stocks, mass starvation is a possibility - and if starvation is felt then the provinces may suffer riots, suffer poor morale, and many peasants may leave the fields 1,seek fortune elsewhere. 1,A major fire destroys much of a major city, some important people see their holdings wiped out, others profit handsomely from the carnage, the city itself may be reduced significantly in size and influence, and major structures may be damaged or destroyed.


3,[trade_boon] 9,[trade_minor] 7,[trade_major] 1,[trade_great]


1,A temporary shortage allows traders to make a killing boosting income. 1,Miners hit a rich seam of ore which promises higher income until exhausted. 1,A local ruler accidentally leaves a major loophole in a new law enabling tax to be easily avoided.


1,A fire at a guild house injures several high ranking craftsmen and causes some minor damage. 1,A windfall tax is levied by a local noble. 1,A work stoppage occurs due to poor working conditions, inadequate pay, etc. 1,A [trade_damage] has been damaged by recent weather. 1,A [trade_damage] has been damaged by a rival faction.


1,Bandits block a pass, inhibiting trade. 1,Bandits block a bridge, inhibiting trade. 1,A hostile guild has expanded into the area. 1,Hostile traders are encroaching on the faction's trade with more competitive prices. 1,A mine under the faction's control has collapsed, halting production and losing several workers.


1,A riot at a trade fair leaves several guild leaders badly injured by the mob leaving the faction leader to handle matters alone until they recover. 1,Locals form a union along a major trade route demanding higher wages and shorter hours, with a complete ban on non-members in the local guild. Income will be permanently reduced if their demands are met. 1,A rival guild has declared a guild war and hired mercenaries to attack the faction's traders.


1,road 1,bridge 1,port 1,ship 1,building


3,[unrest_boon] 9,[unrest_minor] 7,[unrest_major] 1,[unrest_great]


1,A neighboring faction begs the faction leader to take the burden of leadership from their current sovereign. This is likely to be something of a mixed blessing as their current sovereign may object. 1,A rebellious sub-faction is restored to normal morale as the dissidents suffer a major unexpected reverse. 1,A rebellious noble, or other important but irritating person misjudges an attempt to force the faction leader's hand on some matter, or secedes; giving the faction leader a chance to be rid of them without suffering the normal consequences of ejecting the person (loss of morale, etc).


1,The population refuses to follow an action commanded by the faction leader. 1,The population requires substantial persuading to follow the faction leader's lead after a charismatic orator persuades them that the action is doomed to failure.


1,A sect within the faction, furious about some scandal, refuses to pay taxes this season. 1,Mobs burn down halls and tear down statues following an unpopular decree by the faction leader.


1,A noble or officer complains about a recent change in the law (for example inheritance rights) and threatens to take his underlings and follow a new faction leader unless matters are righted. 1,A minor rebellion results in a local levy being raised against the faction leader, possibly supported by local soldiers.


1, 1,in


1,fighter 1,warrior 1,sorceror 1,wizard 1,assassin 1,spy 1,bard 1,artisan </sgtable>