Exotic Landscape

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1,Thick blue jungle 1,Thick blue jungle with mist (visibility 5' at ground level) 1,Ex- Hilltop Goblin fortress turned lair of an ancient Blue Dragon 1,Sentry tower 1,Mushroom field 1,Giant mushroom field (average 3' tall, but some are tree-like) 1,Wind-sculped rock formation--stones twisted into arabesques 1,Lake with rock formation in it 1,Rock island floating 30' in mid air, vines hanging down 1,Rock island floating 30' in mid air, waterfall running off and into lake 1,Lake dotted with small islands 1,Lake dotted with small circular islands which are the heads of mushrooms 1,Tall grass (6') 1,Appears to be tall grass (6') but is actually carnivorous anemone-like tentacles 1,Abandoned alchemist's tower 1,Plateaus (10'-500' across) like islands in a lake of mist 1,Field of mist (visibility 10') 1,Cave 1,Field of jagged osmium 1,Plain of spongy, lurid moss 1,Ruins of an ancient garden built on a plinth of stone 1,Cave containing naturally-occurring nuclear fission reactor (underground lake, with vents to surface) 1,Goblin battlefield-turned-graveyard. Rows of crudely-carved statues of overweight maggots 1,Field of fungi 1,Field of shriekers 1,Field of fungi with shriekers mixed in 1,Field of fungi with hallucinogenic fungi mixed in 1,Protean creature slowly turning from dead giant to moss 1,Slab of flesh--result of medusa who turned the demon a stone fortress was made from being killed 1,Megadactyl/megadragon corpse 1,Megasussurus 1,Misshaping (mutating) pool 1,two foot deep pool full of carrion crawler grubs 1,Large ruins of inexplicable device 1,Enormous orchid 1,Acidic pool 1,Silt Sea 1,Floating inverted Ruin 1,Intricately carved stone garden 1,Field Of Limbs 1,Desert of Ash 1,Bleached white forest 1,Plains of tall insect limbs 1,Vast shallow lake, with carved stone bottom 1,Plain of fused bone 1,False night sky, moon and stars are tiny and mere metres above, shining with a cold light 1,Abandoned Theater, wheeled 1,Terrible sucking mud, possibly with trapped horse 1,Giant Empty Tortoise Shell, recently abandoned camp inside 1,Facades of houses, lying flat up to the sky 1,An spatial inverted dungeon, with the former spaces of the room, solid stone, and the stone walls now space. Possibility of counter reliefed treasure and monsters 1,Great stone faces, ala Face on mars 1,Long spiraling staircase , leading down to small tree growing out of elephant skull 1,Plain , interlaced with ravines, deep enough to conceal a buliding, but narrow enough to be jumped cross with a run up. Moss, lichen and small shrubs grow on the plain, and slender trees grow in the bottom of the ravine(which is more fertile due to pooling water and rotting trapped animals. Something (grazing animals, drifting blades, inter-plant warfare...) keeps the top of the trees not growing higher than the shrubs. 1,Geometric grid of canals and sluices 1,Salt lands with scattered abandoned ships 1,Huge geogylphs 1,Bisected hills 1,Frighteningly narrow (a metre across), but near mountain height, rock formations. Ladders on side? With arguing bird philosophy kings atop? Maybe! 1,Bog. If sink through the bottom of the mud, dropped out into a cavern bellow. 1,Desert of broken hourglasses 1,Great mirrored plain. Flying carnivorous fish in sky appear to be birds in the reflection below you 1,Stoney barrens with shadows burned into the rocks. Shadows appear to be cast from city scenes, ancient animals, significant events in characters lives, bird skeletons, and burning clocks. 1,Ossified forest. Trees have collections of wind torn paper and fabric caught in there branches. Known as the Library of the Lost. Or something. 1,Swampy jungle with hollow trees sending out occasional plumes of ignited natural gas from their tops. 1,Rock shafts, split into hexagonal patterns , known as Columnar Basalt 1,Floating unmelting icebergs 1,Towering drift wood piles 1,Spiraling and arching columns of rock, trees growing from them in all directions, some with there own relative gravity, some not. 1,Bonsai Mountains 1,Coloured pools, as far as the eye can see