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3,An ancient bamboo forest, home to a race of [Color.all]-skinned elves who breed giant panda mounts 2,A fetid, supposedly haunted marsh, where will-o’-the-wisps lure travelers to their doom (actually just pockets of marsh gas that occasionally burst in [Color.all] light when exposed to air 1,An ancient decaying seaside town 1,An ancient decaying seaside town, occupied by a decadent cult of half-human, degenerate fanatics, who worship an ancient idol depicting a horrible tentacle-faced, bat-winged thing 1,An ancient decaying seaside town, where fiendish mutant octopi dwell in the sewers, waiting to pull down anyone who walks too close to the storm drains 1,An ancient decaying seaside town, where ladies are warned not to go out at night, for that’s when the fish-men, who need humanoid women for breeding stock, walk the streets 1,An ancient decaying seaside town, which conceals among its founding fathers a cult dedicated to awakening its bloated sea god 1,An ancient decaying seaside town, which enjoys surprising financial wealth and bountiful wealth due to an ancient and repulsive bargain with fish-men who need humanoid women for breeding stock, the villagers trade their newborn daughters, for bountiful fish and treasure. The villagers accept it because “it’s the way things have been” 1,A [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] battlefield-turned-graveyard. Rows of crudely-carved statues of [Animal.Weirdsymbol] 1,A [Color.lightCap] forest 1,A [Dice.1d6]′ deep pool full of carrion crawler grubs 1,A [Color.dark] bog, with mud that threatens to suck you down 1,A beautiful fountain. Instead of water the fountain spouts [Substances.Liquid] 1,A beautiful Pristine beach, untouched by man, guarded by giant carnivorous crabs 1,A beautiful rose garden, tended by spiders offended by humanoids who tarry too long 1,A bridge made of bones 1,A bridge made of bones with skulls impaled on spikes which, when the wind blows in a certain direction, makes an unnerving, wavering “singing” noise. Any who hear this noise for too long risk madness 1,A bridge made of bones, whereunder a family of troll thieves wait to rob those who pass 1,A bridge made of bones. A hermit wizard, one of the greatest mages ever, dwells in a hut below, and strongly dislikes intrusion 1,A castle which contains amazing treasures, but is surrounded by an impenetrable wall of flame 1,A cave of glowing crystals, which spread an eerie luminescence 1,A cavern where there is no air, only nitrous oxide. Anybody who tarries too long risks laughing themselves to death (asphyxiation) 1,A circle of mushrooms sacred to the fair folk, which is a gateway to their world 1,A city made of a gigantic fleet of ships tied together, floating in the ocean 1,A desert of razor sharp glass 1,A desert where small, cheerful cactus creatures cavort, just beware their gigantic, horrible king 1,A desert which was long ago the floor of an ocean. The landscape is dotted with bizarre rock formations, the broken remains of ancient strangely-designed boats and the bones of long extinct leviathans 1,A desert which was long ago the floor of an ocean. The landscape is dotted with the broken remains of ancient strangely-designed boats. Each night the ghosts of the countless sea-creatures appear to live normal lives 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden, consisting of all manner of bizarre fungal growths, all of which are bizarre to the eyes of mortals and many of which are toxic 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden, occupied by bloodthirsty rose dryads who resemble lovely human women, nude sitting in large roses, who murder and feast upon the blood of trespassers 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden, occupied by diabolic gardeners, who do atrocious things to trespassers 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden, where a number of carnivorous plants wait to snap up trespassers 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden, where bloodthirsty bees, who have a strange resemblance to beautiful human women, wait to seduce, murder, and feed on trespassers 1,A disturbingly beautiful netherworld garden, where hallucinogenic carnivorous plants weave intricate illusions of whatever the victim desires most, to lure prey into their clutches 1,A flat [Utility.MetalDecor] plain with ceaseless rolling metal spheres, of ranging speeds and sizes. Some are marbles bumping your feet, others dwarf castles and the ground shudders at their passing 1,A forest of carnivorous trees with screaming human faces 1,A forest of inverted colours 1,A fortress with walls of liquid water, held in place by some unknown magic 1,A Fountain which sprays powerful acid 1,A frozen lake, the ice clear enough to see angry drowned people beating on the ice’s underside. Making eye contact angers them enough to mold themselves together into a mammoth-like form in order to break through the ice. Ice formations like knives are scattered around here, near invisible and incredibly sharp 1,A garden of bizarre mutant carnivorous plants 1,A garden where a medusa rules. Intruders will notice many highly realistic statues, before they join her collection 1,A gargantuan cave, with a roof so high that it almost appears an outside night. Even the twinkling of stars can be seen, but these stars are luminescent fungi and organisms 1,A giant [Utility.Wood] tree which has knots and bolls in the surface which look disturbingly like [Utility.Symbols] 1,A giant’s vegetable garden with various vegetables so large they could feed a nation, but the giant who tends these titanic vegetables tends to look rather poorly on anyone who would steal them 1,A gigantic stone pillar, one of four at each corner of the world, which support heaven 1,A haunted cave filled with cursed black mirrors, that reflect your heart’s greatest desire, but twisted and evil 1,A Haunted forest where the ghosts of all those who were hung over the years, due to being hung or due to soul-crushing despair, terrify the living 1,A huge, egg-shaped obelisk of granite floating over the sea, at the apex of which is a small castle, who built it and who lives there are a mystery 1,A kingdom of candy, where everything is edible: the houses, the rocks and trees, even the people 1,A kingdom of eternal winter, ruled by descendants of the queen of witches 1,A lake of ammonia 1,A lake of liquid chlorine 1,A land of eternal winter, where summer never comes, ruled with an Iron fist by the grand-daughters of the queen of witches 1,A large and deadly dungeon with insidious mechanical traps, all powered by a gigantic waterwheel at the cave’s heart 1,A large greenhouse of glass and baroque iron, where a demonic gardener experiments with demonic plants to spread misery, including carnivorous plants, new forms of poison ivy and oak, and others which defy explanation 1,A large ice cave, imprisoned in the main chamber is a giant mammoth, [Dice.2d4] times the size of a wooly mammoth. This ancient juggernaut sleeps in the ice, waiting for a slight warm shift in climate to release him 1,A large plain of huge, mushroom-shaped rocks, which was once a mushroom forest, which was long ago petrified by time, turned to stone 1,A mist-shrouded island of plenty, but any who set foot on this mystic island will find than 10 years have passed in the real world 1,A mountain of gold and diamonds 1,A moving city, built on the back of a giant animal 1,A plain that is constantly ravaged by a permanent storm and scourged by thousands of lightning strikes an hour 1,A rickety old bridge made of bones. Beneath the bridge, electric eels of enormous size wait to devour those unfortunates who fall of the bridge 1,A rickety old bridge made of bones. A pod of sharks waits below the bridge for anyone unfortunate enough to fall into the water 1,A rickety old bridge made of bones. Underneath the bridge, crocodiles wait to snap up prey who fall into the water 1,A savage, barbaric land, where the ruins of an ancient, and gargantuan space craft, who fell to earth millennia ago, spew forth technological treasures, and mechanical terrors 1,A shrine to [Fantasy saint.main] 1,A desacrated shrine to [Fantasy saint.main] 1,A sickly river of sludge and trash which winds through a wasteland occupied by a grotesque, bizarre mutant mermaid. She believes she is the most beautiful thing in existence, and offers a choice to handsome young men who approach her toxic river: be her consort, or be devoured (most choose to be eaten) 1,A small village surrounded on all sides by endless apple orchards. Any who enter intending to do the town harm will wander the orchards eternally 1,A small village surrounded on all sides by endless rows of corn. Any who enter the cornfields with evil intent will find it well-protected by strange warriors and knights spawned by the corn itself 1,A small village surrounded on all sides by endless rows of corn. Any who enter bearing the town ill will, will wander among the corn forever 1,A snow-covered forest, with ever-burning churches and wolves than eat distance 1,A spiral staircase that reaches hundreds of feet above the ground, and is rumored to extend to heaven 1,A stairway which stands in the middle of nowhere that extends hundreds of feet up and abruptly ends 1,A strange island where everything from the plants to the animals to the tiny insects are replaced with lifelike clockwork simulacra 1,A stretch of beach with hundreds of huge nautilus and conch shells occupied by local [Animal.fantasyHumanoid]s 1,A subterranean forest of “Cactus mushrooms” – blood-drinking fungus with serrated thorns that they shoot at prey, whose heavy blood loss feeds the cactus 1,A subterranean garden of fungi of various types 1,A subterranean mushroom forest 1,A subterranean mushroom forest of carnivorous, man-eating fungi 1,A subterranean mushroom forest of eerie bioluminescent fungi 1,A subterranean mushroom forest of potent hallucinogenic fungi 1,A swamp, where large pockets of methane below the ground create bursts of flame, and eerie lights that lure travelers to ruin 1,A titanic basalt statue of a [Animal.Weirdsymbol], sitting in the heart of a vast plain 1,A tower crafted of fitted and mitered bones, with a skull-shaped top, this tower has neither doors, nor widows, nor entrances of any kind, how do you get in? 1,A tower entirely made of [Utility.GemType], inhabited by golems of the same material 1,A tower. On each wall a talking [Fantasy Scenario Generator.CulpritRace] face 1,A troll bridge with a family of fierce trolls beneath who devour unwary passersby 1,A tropical island in the sky with waterfalls that tumble to the ground below 1,A vast dry sea, now a plain composed of fused fish bones, in the middle the source of this death 1,A vast plain with crusted black masses, that threat to break, dropping you in the boiling caustic substances below. Horrible mists gush up sporadically, causing guilt-wracking hallucinations. Also beware the flamingo of great twisted size and cruelty 1,A village built on the back of an ancient tortoise 1,A village built on the back of an ancient, and incredibly wise pharaoh tortoise 1,A village of the undead where the sun never rises 1,A witch’s garden where delicious desserts grow on trees, but the paranoid, bent old witch who dwells there curses any who enter 1,A wizards garden, the plants are overgrown and have mutated into strange new forms 1,An abandoned alchemist’s tower 1,An abandoned alchemist’s tower occupied by [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] 1,An abandoned alchemist’s tower occupied by his bizarre experiments 1,An acid lake 1,An acidic pool 1,An acidic river infested with aggressive [Animal.fantasyAquatic]s, the only bridge across this river is a trap 1,An Accursed Cemetery. Everything that is buried there will arise to prey on the living 1,An ancient and massive library, Staffed by a group of undead scholars, those wishing to learn the library’s secrets should beware for the undead librarians resent having their studies interrupted 1,An ancient and massive library, Staffed by a group of undead scholars, who, surprisingly are happy to share their knowledge with the living 1,An ancient and massive library, where the head librarian, an ancient dragoness, eats any who make too much noise or disturbs the peace of the library 1,An ancient and massive library, the home of an ancient owl spirit of knowledge. Anyone who can find the elusive library, the great owl lets study here; but woe betide anyone the owl catches misusing the library’s secrets for war 1,An ancient bamboo forest 1,An ancient bamboo forest, guarded by an order of maimed samurai, warriors who have been blinded or had their limbs cut off 1,An ancient bamboo forest, shrouded in carnivorous mist 1,An ancient bamboo forest, shrouded in mist 1,An ancient bamboo forest, where several tribes of panda-folk dwell 1,An ancient bamboo forest, which is inherently magical, fighting staves harvested from the forest make amazing weaponry 1,An ancient bamboo forest, which is the ancient proving ground of many rival ninja clans, and many of the young ninja who enter, never return 1,An ancient factory that spews forth abominations of dead flesh, and twisted technology 1,An Ancient hedge maze which is a living organism which senses the needs of any who enter, and they inevitably find what they need, except for any who would attempt to map it, who find themselves irrevocably lost for days on end 1,An ancient mega volcano. The gigantic, stern and angular face of a god protruding from the far side. Was it carved there by the god’s vanity, was it hacked into the mountain by the god’s faithful as tribute, or was it caused by unusual lava flows? 1,An ancient stone tower which lies on a wild borderland, it is mostly crumbled, and the soul occupants are cursed ghosts and an inordinate number of especially vicious crows 1,An ancient, long-abandoned cemetery. The hands of the dead reach up from the graves 1,An arctic field of razor-edged but amazingly beautiful flowers that can exsanguinate a person who strays here in moments 1,An arctic ice shelf, far below which a decadent race of serpentine humanoids have dwelt for millennia. Their civilization long ago descended into worship of unwholesome gods and perversion. Unaware of how far they have fallen, they dwell among the splendors of their ancestors 1,An arctic ice shelf, where a village of wise penguins who have mastered human speech and are only happy to have guests 1,An arctic ice shelf, where man-eating, giant penguins dwell 1,An arctic ice shelf, where penguin folk dwell in vast cities 1,An enormous geyser that sprays acidic mist that will melt anything organic it touches, every hour on the hour 1,an island which floats on the back of a giant turtle 1,An isolated village of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] who are usually aggressive and evil, but the ones who dwell here are quite friendly 1,An old [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] woman and her brood of “children” who live in a gigantic discarded giant’s boot, and they are all bloodthirsty cannibals 1,An old seaside mansion, haunted by atrocities committed by the family that lived there, atrocities so foul, they have polluted the land with their foul influence, poisoning the water, plants and animals, mutating them into horrifying new shapes 1,An old temple in the shape of a huge, reclining figure hundreds of feet long. Within this huge godly figure are huge crystalline chambers, which glow in strange colors, and are supposed to represent the organs of a god, or at least what the mysterious builders of this temple thought they would look like 1,An oppressive marsh which saps the wills of any who enter before dragging them to the bottom 1,A spatially-inverted dungeon, with the room’s former spaces now solid stone, and its stone walls now space 1,An ancient battleground, the remains of bizarre war machines and [Animal.fantasyCreature]s left to rust and rot 1,An ancient wizards tower on the wild borderlands, one hundred feet tall, the lower stories have crumbled to ruin, leaving the rest of the tower to hover 40′ up 1,What appears to be tall grass ([Dice.2d6]′) but is actually carnivorous anemone-like tentacles 1,Arctic mountains where the remains of a blasphemous outpost of things from beyond space lie frozen 1,At the top of a incredibly high mountain which extends nearly to space is a beautiful garden which calms anyone who enters. Any who meditate here will reach Nirvana 1,An ancient city, with a council of wise otyughs dwelling in the heart of its cavernous, maze-like sewers 1,Bleeding rocks 1,A bog, under the bottom of which lies a cavern 1,Bonsai mountains 1,A cactus forest where humanoid cacti dwell, and drive away trespassers 1,Cave containing naturally-occurring nuclear fission reactor (underground lake, with vents to surface) 1,A city in the clouds 1,A city in the sky held aloft by hot air balloons 1,A city in the sky held aloft by propellers 1,A city in the sky, which is kept in the air by enslaved air elementals 1,A city in the sky, which rests on particularly solid clouds 1,A city of light 1,A city of night 1,Coloured pools, as far as the eye can see 1,A desert of [Substances.Powder] 1,A desert of broken hourglasses 1,A desert of razor sharp glass 1,An empty giant tortoise shell, recently abandoned camp inside 1,An enormous [Utility.Flower] 1,Ethereal coral that feeds on dream fragments, its feeders on that plane, its hardened towers on this one, forming maddening mazes. Pearls can be found here, formed from incomprehensible facts 1,An ex-hilltop [Animal.fantasyHumanoid] fortress-turned-lair of an ancient [Color.any] dragon 1,The façades of houses, lying flat up to the sky 1,A false night sky, moon and stars are tiny and mere metres above, shining with a cold light 1,A field of fungi 1,A field of fungi with hallucinogenic fungi mixed in 1,A field of fungi with shriekers mixed in 1,A field of giant [Utility.Flower]s the size of trees 1,A field of jagged osmium 1,A field Of Limbs 1,A field of mist (visibility [Dice.1d20]′) 1,A field of shriekers 1,A floating inverted Ruin 1,Floating unmelting icebergs 1,Floating unmelting icebergs with relics of the past entombed within 1,A floating upside-down mountain 1,Floating upside-down mountains 1,A flying mountain in the sky 1,A forest of bloodthirsty cacti 1,A forest of carnivorous, screaming [Utility.Wood] trees 1,A forest of giant bio-luminescent mushrooms 1,A forest of poisonous fungi, anything that breathes the spores rots from the inside out the only thing that can survive here are titanic insects 1,A forest of trees burned black, polished to a gloss, with branches tapering to spikes. Countless armies are impaled here, including their horses and dogs. At least half these soldiers and their beasts are undying and struggling to kill everything in reach, especially the soldiers of differing armies 1,A garden of [Utility.Flower]s the size of trees 1,A geometric grid of canals and sluices 1,A giant beetle shell hundreds of feet long, and occupied by subterranean creatures who use it as a town 1,Giant grass and flowers and bugs 1,A giant mushroom field (average [Dice.1d6]′ tall, but some are tree-like) 1,A great mirrored plain. Flying carnivorous fish in sky appear to be birds in the reflection below you 1,Great faces of stone 1,Hills of needles 1,Huge geoglyphs depicting [Utility.Symbols] 1,An intricately carved stone garden 1,A kingdom of the fire elementals, ruled by a wicked, decadent king, where a beautiful princess with unbridled destructive potential is imprisoned 1,A lake dotted with small circular islands which are the heads of mushrooms 1,A lake dotted with small islands 1,A lake of [Substances.Liquid] 1,A lake of fire 1,A lake of fire where terrible demons dwell 1,A lake of fire, which is home to a tribe of horrible fire giants 1,A lake of mercury 1,A lake with rock formations in it 1,The large ruins of an inexplicable device 1,A large town with many windmills, however due to a local and prolific flower with hallucinogenic properties, they often appear as giants with flailing limbs 1,The Loch of Phantoms 1,A long spiraling staircase, leading down to small tree growing out of [Animal.fantasyLand] skull 1,A lost mine, rich with gold, silver, and diamonds, but beware poison gas, cave ins, and the enraged ghosts of miners who came before 1,Mangroves with waving sea anemones instead of trees, and squid-gibbons (squibbons) flipping through the trees 1,The corpse of a megadactyl 1,The corpse of a megadragon 1,A megasussurus 1,A misshaping (mutating) pool 1,A mushroom field 1,Narrow (a metre across) but near mountain height rock formations 1,Narrow (a metre across) but near mountain height rock formations, with ladders on their sides and arguing bird philosophy kings at their top 1,A nightmare lake 1,An obsidian mountain range, with goat-baffling trails leading through them. Waterfalls of liquid nitrogen pour in various sizes along here, and caverns lead to mirror mazes where your reflections emerge as hateful alternates of yourself that try to murder you 1,An ossified forest, the trees of which have collections of wind-torn paper and fabric caught in their branches. It is known as the Library of the Lost 1,Peaceful, white sandy beaches … with giant carnivorous clams burrowed just below the surface that snap up and consume the unwary 1,A plain interlaced with ravines deep enough to hide a building, but narrow enough to be jumped across with a run-up. Moss, lichen and small shrubs grow on the plain, and slender trees grow in the bottom of the ravine (which is more fertile due to pooling water and rotting trapped animals). Something (grazing animals, drifting blades, inter-plant warfare …) prevents the top of the trees from growing higher than the shrubs 1,A plain of fused bone 1,Plains of spongy, [Color.dull] moss 1,Plains of tall insect limbs 1,Plains of wandering megaliths 1,Plateaus ([Dice.1d20]0′ across) like islands in a lake of mist 1,A protean creature slowly turning from dead giant to moss 1,Rivers of rendered fat, with capillaries interlacing the surroundings 1,A rock island floating [Dice.1d6]0′ in mid air, vines hanging down 1,A rock island floating [Dice.1d6]0′ in mid air, a waterfall running off and into a lake 1,Rock shafts, split into hexagonal patterns, known as Columnar Basalt 1,A rocky desert where screaming winds twist the landscape. Those not flayed to death by sandstorms risk being driven insane by the screaming 1,The ruins of an ancient garden built on a plinth of [Utility.SemiPrecious Stones] 1,The Sea of Blood 1,A sentry tower built by [Jewelry.craftculture] 1,The Silt Sea 1,South of Heaven 1,Spiraling and arching columns of rock, trees growing from them in all directions 1,A stairway to nowhere 1,Stony barrens with shadows burned into the rocks. Shadows appear to be cast from city scenes, ancient animals, significant events in characters lives, bird skeletons, and burning clocks 1,A strangely silent waterfall of [Color.any] water. Behind the waterfall is a secret abandoned temple 1,A swampy jungle with hollow trees spewing occasional plumes of ignited natural gas from their tops 1,Tall grass ([Dice.2d6]′) 1,Terrible sucking mud, with trapped [Animal.fantasyLand] 1,The Atoll of Failure, a small series of islands, where a wicked sorceress leaves her creations to perish 1,The bottom of the ocean. There’s no water but the fish don’t notice, swimming around and leering at you in the air 1,The castle of a foolish thief-giant who, to safeguard his treasures, had a wizard surround his castle with an impenetrable wall of flames. Now the giant and his family are homeless, but he offers the hand of his beautiful half-human daughter to anyone who can dispel the fire-wall 1,The corpse of a titanic worm, mummified by salt and reaching hundreds of feet above the ground 1,The fossilized remains of a dead god, lying recumbent over the landscape, turned to a crystalline material by time 1,The land is like molten wax, dripped and stretched straight up. It is made of [Utility.Ornamental Stones] and [Utility.Ornamental Stones], [Color.dark] with [Color.hues] hints 1,The ruins of an ancient, cliff-top city, where a cabal of evil wizards, in suspended animation for untold millennia, have begun to stir. It’s only a mater of time before the most powerful, sinful cabal of wizards the world has ever known awakens 1,The sewers of an ancient city which run with blood 1,The underground lair of a mad, chess-obsessed wizard who challenges all visitors to a game. Those who lose are doomed to become chess pieces on his board, but any skilled enough to beat him, will free those imprisoned 1,The vacant skeleton of an ancient tortoise, [Dice.1d4+1] miles long and hundreds of feet tall on the inside, where the outcasts of countless races have built a city 1,Thick [Color.light] jungle 1,A misty, thick [Color.light] jungle (visibility [Dice.1d6]′ at ground level) 1,Towering drift wood piles 1,A vast shallow lake, with carved stone bottom 1,A vast, impenetrable swamp, at the heart of which dwells an all-knowing hermit sage turtle, who is extraordinarily wise, but his mind long ago succumbed to madness 1,A vast, impenetrable swamp, which causes soul-crushing despair in those unfortunate enough to cross it. Those who succumb to its sadness are sucked down into the depths 1,A walled city in the frozen north, where wolves assume human form, and indulge in all the decadence that human form allows 1,What appears to be a particularly placid, misty mountain pool is actually a large mirror of unknown function and origin 1,A wheeled abandoned theater 1,Wind-sculped rock formations, stones twisted into arabesques 1,Winding canyons with forest growing sideways along the walls. Flash flood threat! Every hour roll a d6, on 1 flash flood with all kinds of city detritus pushed along with it