Elizabethan Insults

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Create a colorful Shakespearean/Elizabethan insult!

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[insult]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


1,Thou [Column I] [Column II] [Column III]! 1,[Adjective] thy [Column I] [Column III], thou [Column II] [Column III]!


1,beat 1,suck 1,pluck 1,stew

Column I

1,artless 1,bawdy 1,beslubbering 1,bootless 1,churlish 1,cockered 1,clouted 1,craven 1,currish 1,dankish 1,dissembling 1,droning 1,errant 1,fawning 1,fobbing 1,froward 1,frothy 1,gleeking 1,goatish 1,gorbellied 1,impertinent 1,infectious 1,jarring 1,loggerheaded 1,lumpish 1,mammering 1,mangled 1,mewling 1,paunchy 1,pribbling 1,puking 1,puny 1,qualling 1,rank 1,reeky 1,roguish 1,ruttish 1,saucy 1,spleeny 1,spongy 1,surly 1,tottering 1,unmuzzled 1,vain 1,venomed 1,villainous 1,warped 1,wayward 1,weedy 1,yeasty 5,[Column I], [Column I]

Column II

1,base-court 1,bat-fowling 1,beef-witted 1,beetle-headed 1,boil-brained 1,clapper-clawed 1,clay-brained 1,common-kissing 1,crook-pated 1,dismal-dreaming 1,dizzy-eyed 1,doghearted 1,dread-bolted 1,earth-vexing 1,elf-skinned 1,fat-kidneyed 1,fen-sucked 1,flap-mouthed 1,fly-bitten 1,folly-fallen 1,fool-born 1,full-gorged 1,guts-griping 1,half-faced 1,hasty-witted 1,hedge-born 1,hell-hated 1,idle-headed 1,ill-breeding 1,ill-nurtured 1,knotty-pated 1,milk-livered 1,motley-minded 1,onion-eyed 1,plume-plucked 1,pottle-deep 1,pox-marked 1,reeling-ripe 1,rough-hewn 1,rude-growing 1,rump-fed 1,shard-borne 1,sheep-biting 1,spur-galled 1,swag-bellied 1,tardy-gaited 1,tickle-brained 1,toad-spotted 1,unchin-snouted 1,weather-bitten 10,[Column II], [Column II]

Column III

1,apple-john 1,baggage 1,barnacle 1,bladder 1,boar-pig 1,bugbear 1,bum-bailey 1,canker-blossom 1,clack-dish 1,clotpole 1,coxcomb 1,codpiece 1,death-token 1,dewberry 1,flap-dragon 1,flax-wench 1,flirt-gill 1,foot-licker 1,fustilarian 1,giglet 1,gudgeon 1,haggard 1,harpy 1,hedge-pig 1,horn-beast 1,hugger-mugger 1,joithead 1,lewdster 1,lout 1,maggot-pie 1,malt-worm 1,mammet 1,measle 1,minnow 1,miscreant 1,moldwarp 1,mumble-news 1,nut-hook 1,pigeon-egg 1,pignut 1,puttock 1,pumpion 1,ratsbane 1,scut 1,skainsmate 1,strumpet 1,varlet 1,vassal 1,whey-face 1,wagtail </sgtable>