Early Vignette Oracle

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1,[Events] (Event) 1,[People] (Person) 1,[Places] (Location) 1,[Things] (Thing)


1,[Experience People] 1,[Youth People]

Youth People

1,Everybody said we should get together 1,Finishing each other’s sentences 1,Mutual attraction can’t be denied 1,Old friends – now something more? 1,Our friends want us to be a couple 1,True friends – more than lovebirds

Experience People

1,A serious talk about love, patriotism, and family 1,It’s puppy love, nothing more 1,My parents disapprove 1,Uncertainty and insecurity 1,We can heal the rift between our families 1,We have their blessing


1,[Experience Places] 1,[Youth Places]

Youth Places

1,Grandfather’s house, in Mokotów’s Pulawska neighborhood 1,The campus of Warsaw Polytechnic 1,The Main post office, awaiting a letter 1,The Polonia football grounds on Konwiktorska street 1,The shady grounds of Brühl Palace 1,The sidewalk behind the royal castle in Old Town

Experience Places

1,A flower shop in the Dluga neighborhood in Old Town 1,At the wall of the Powarkowska street ghetto, with a package 1,Boating near the Palace on the Water in beautiful Lazienki park 1,Grzednik’s, on Ordynacka street, a popular restaurant and bar that seems to feed half of Warsaw for free 1,In the National Museum, in sad disrepair 1,On Srednikowy bridge beneath the moonlight


1,[Experience Things] 1,[Youth Things]

Youth Things

1,A flamboyant bouquet of cheap flowers 1,A formal gown 1,A hastily-written love note 1,A lock of hair bound with twine 1,A locked diary 1,Stolen beer, still cold

Experience Things

1,A christening blanket 1,A pack of Russian cigarettes with cardboard filters 1,A single, fragile gladiolus stem 1,A tiny box of chocolates 1,Hearty sandwiches and fresh fruit 1,Home-distilled 190 proof “bimber”, mixed with raspberry juice


1,[Experience Events] 1,[Youth Events]

Youth Events

1,A chaste kiss, but an important one 1,A meaning-filled conversation 1,Pranks and Flirting 1,Spying. Quizzing your love’s friends, observing them from afar 1,The world can wait. We’re footloose and fancy-free! 1,Writing a very serious note

Experience Events

1,A drunken woman outside the Under the Palm cafe on Grus street, begging for a few zlotys “for bread for her children” 1,A supervised visit 1,An ill-considered comment and the harm it causes 1,Fortune telling beneath warm August skies 1,Gardening with his grandparents 1,Mother, we’re young and need to have fun