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As it sometimes happens, the adventurers rested, restocked and generally spent all the hard-earned cash before entering the dungeon again. But the place was not as it used to be.

The following changes have happened

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1,An arcane influence has disappeared. 1,A new arcane influence has taken hold of a particular area. 1,A new species of creatures has entered the dungeon. 1,A species of creatures has left the area, slain or driven away. 1,A new lair with treasure and fierce guardians waits within. 1,A lair, previously inhabited, is now empty. 1,A passage has closed in, due to a minor earthquake, magical manipulation, or fortification. 1,A new passage has opened, due to digging monsters, a localised earthquake, dwarven expedition, or careless magic. 1,A new trap has been set up. 1,All traps have been reactivated and tweaked ever so slightly. 1,An old trap was cleared away. 1,A cache of treasure was discovered and looted by the inhabitants, leaving a dangerous gift in its place. 1,Some enterprising fool has set up a shop or a tavern among the corridors inhabited by bloodthirsty monsters. 1,A new cache of treasure, well-hidden, may be found within the dungeon. 1,A connection to another level has opened. 1,A connection to another level has moved around. 1,A connection to another level is gone. Or maybe it is simply very well hidden. 1,A new door or similar obstacles blocks a way. 1,A door has been smashed in, dissolved or is simply gone. 1,A species of creatures already inhabiting the place have multiplied, taking more room. 1,A species of creatures has dwindled in number.


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