Dwarven Fortress Oracle

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Work in Progress

Listen here ye <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dwarven Insults.main]</sgdisplay>

This generator produces a series of random bits appropriate to a dwarven fortress, inspired by the extraordinary procedurally generated style of the game Dwarf Fortress[1]. This generator uses subtables from Dwarf Names, Dwarf Clan, Dwarf Unit, (and Dwarven Insults).


We are the <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Fortress Dwarf Names.clan name]s.</sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[setup]</sgdisplay>

Fortunately, though this new land is hard, we at least enjoy the following boons:

<sgdisplay iterations="1">

  • [geography]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">
  • [society]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">
  • [economy]</sgdisplay>


    At the moment, our halls have plenty of <sgdisplay iterations="1">[needs]</sgdisplay> We have great need of the following:

    <sgdisplay iterations="3">
  • [needs]</sgdisplay>


    <sgdisplay iterations="1">
  • [event]</sgdisplay>

    Some Dwarves of our Clan

    <sgdisplay iterations="4">
  • [Fortress Dwarf.main]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>
    1,[Fortress Dwarf.main]
    1,We left the mountainhomes to ([leaving reason]) the ([leaving subject]) of our ([leaving target]).
    1,[Fortress Dwarf Names.main]
    1,[Fortress Dwarf Names.DF FirstName]
    1,[Fortress Dwarf Names.DF SecondName]
    1,a siege 1,bad weather 1,traders from a neighboring civilization 1,kobold thief 1,vampire among our number 1,new migrants 1,hostile wildlife 1,underground stream or aquifer 1,miners struck magma 1,miners unearthed a subterranean cavern 1,someone created a masterwork 1,someone created an artifact 1,someone is in a strange mood
    commoner fallout
    1,A threat to yourself or someone significant to you comes to pass 1,An obstacle to ambition arises 1,Superiors impose obligations unasked 1,Superiors make you a scapegoat for their failings 1,You draw the short straw for an unpleasant faction task 1,Someone else's problem becomes your responsibility 1,A friend acts without wisdom 1,A small delight is ruined or threatened 1,A fierce division destabilizes your family, friends, or colleagues 1,You are faced with a challenge above your station that only you can address in time
    journeyman fallout
    1,A threat to your reputation or faction/industry comes to pass 1,A rival gains influence and rank, possibly on credit you deserve 1,Your contributions cause unintended difficulty for your faction 1,A superior intends to teach you a lesson 1,A friend betrays you to become a rival 1,A rival sabotages your efforts 1,Your faction offers you an 'opportunity' to prove yourself, at unfathomable cost 1,A cherished project or industry is hampered by bureaucracy 1,A fierce division destabilizes your faction 1,You are faced with a challenge above your station that only you can address in time
    master fallout
    1,A threat to the fortress/clan or its reputation comes to pass 1,You cause offense to a leader or dignitary that will not be forgotten 1,An obstacle to fortress stability arises 1,A fierce division destabilizes the fortress 1,Neighbors impose obligations you can't ignore 1,Enemies sabotage the fortress efforts 1,A key ally betrays or abandons you 1,Unrest, insurrection, or corruption threatens authority 1,A golden opportunity dooms the fortress 1,You are faced with a challenge above your station that only you can address in time
    grandmaster fallout
    1,A threat to dwarvenkind, the world, or multiverse comes to pass 1,A fierce division destabilizes dwarvenkind or the world 1,Global or planar powers impose obligations you can't ignore 1,An ancient enemy or doom returns 1,Supernatural or primal, elemental powers of reality betray or abandon you 1,A long-held belief, hope, or trust is shown to be misguided 1,Armies topple dwarven or world leadership 1,Nightmares become reality. 1,A golden opportunity dooms the world 1,You are faced with a challenge above your station that only you can address in time
    leaving reason
    0,Why did we leave the mountainhomes? 1,Escape/Oppose 1,Defend/Advance 1,Control/Claim 1,Challenge/Test
    leaving subject
    0,what did we leave for? 1,Faith/Rituals 1,Grandeur/Riches 1,Excesses/Freedom 1,Power/Grip 1,Reach/Depths 1,Ills/Corruption 1,Merit/Mettle 1,Ambitions/Dreams 1,Honor/Shame 1,Unknown
    leaving target
    1,Foes/Allies 1,Ancestors/History/Tradition 1,People/Hearts 1,New Land/Potential/Magic
    0,things dwarven fortress may have need or lack of 1,spirits (drink) 1,foodstuffs 1,supplies 1,space/privacy 1,goodwill (Stability) 1,splendor (Beauty/Luxury) 1,tradition (Law/Culture) 1,discovery/lore (Information/Awareness) 1,health 1,entertainment
    0,positive geographic features of an area 1,Clean, fresh water (and booze) is plentiful 1,Food is abundant and sustainable 1,Space is generally plentiful and uncontested 1,Local wildlife is benign 1,Climate is temperate and reliable 1,Natural disaster is uncommon and architecture is strong 1,Magic is relatively robust and tame 1,Many legends, secrets, mysteries, hideaways, and unmapped potentials hide nearby
    0,positive social features of an area 1,News and Information is current, accurate, and uncensored 1,Education and specialty training is robust and common 1,Privacy, trust, and stability among the population is high 1,Law and enforcement is fair and vigilant 1,Local nobility and royalty are humble and generous 1,Community festivals and events are beloved, lavish, and frequent 1,The area's history is free of legendary atrocity and curse 1,The clan is independent and free of tribute or obligation
    0,positive political and economic features of an area 1,Violent raiding or invasion is rare 1,Movement and travel is unregulated and unharassed 1,Trade is usually frequent, fair, and secure 1,Prosperity and achievement is celebrated rather than envied 1,Local industry relies on no key imports 1,Luxuries and engineering beyond basics are commonplace 1,Primal forces have no interest in the fortress environs 1,The clan is generally hardy and diverse (age, gender, racial diversity) </sgtable>