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The dungeon might be entered in search of<sgdisplay iterations=3>

  • [reward]</sgdisplay>

The means of entry include<sgdisplay iterations=3>

  • [entry]</sgdisplay>

Adventurers may travel through<sgdisplay iterations=3>

  • [layout]</sgdisplay>

One must be wary, lest one be vanquished by<sgdisplay iterations=3>

  • [threat]</sgdisplay>

Progress may be blocked by<sgdisplay iterations=3>

  • [obstacle]</sgdisplay>

Mysteries have been an attraction to, but also the doom of, many. The dungeon is known for<sgdisplay iterations=1>

  • [wonder]</sgdisplay>



1,[reward] 1,[entry] 1,[layout] 1,[threat] 1,[obstacle] 1,[wonder]


2,heap of glittering coins 2,arcane tome with secrets few know 2,item that bestows great might 2,statue constructed of precious metals 2,items of art greatly valued 1,precious metals and gems 1,lost and forgotten knowledge 1,kidnapped person with plenty of power in a nearby settlement 1,secret knowledge of the civilization that built the dungeon 1,map leading to an ancient treasure vault 1,friendship with a local group of humanoids 1,ancient and forbidden religious knowledge 1,the precise instructions for a powerful magical ritual


1,tunnel one needs to crawl through to reach the dungeon proper 1,huge portal suitable for armies 1,basement of a [building] 1,secret door in a [building] 1,long abandoned mine-head 1,lower corridors of a castle 1,cellar of an innocent tavern 1,cave, the lair of wild beasts 1,passage behind a waterfall 1,small cave entry among thorny bushes 1,sewers of a great city 1,teleportation magic 1,mystical gateway that only appears once every so often 2,secret entrance near [Fantasy Town Feature.main] 1,hidden entrance in the wilderness near [Fantasy Place Name.main] 1,guarded gatehouse, where you must pay a toll to enter and a higher toll to come out 1,stairs descending from the centre of a circle of standing stones 1,underground river 1,huge rift in the ground 1,half-buried ruins 1,mouth of a volcano 1,insect hive


1,wizard's tower 1,library 1,castle 1,inn 1,guildhouse 1,temple


1,winding corridors 1,small rooms 1,large rooms 1,nest of giant insects, perhaps abandoned 1,huge dwarven hallways 1,massive natural caverns 1,caverns with forests of giant fungi 1,grand natural caverns 1,twisting tunnels and small caverns 1,strangely technological-looking hallways 1,labyrinthine passages lit by eerie green lamps 1,cavern tunnel paths alongside rivers of flowing magma 1,thick, tangled, underground forest paths 1,tunnels carved from ice through magnificent frozen structures 1,monolithic catacombs left by the ancient gods themselves 1,chaotic, changing passages that seem almost as if they are alive


1,fearsome beasts 1,sneaky foes attacking from surprise 1,wielders of great arcane forces 1,restless dead 1,cunning traps 1,hazardous fungi 1,poisonous vapors 1,unscrupulous adventurers 1,vermin carrying a plague 1,automatons animated by powerful sorcery 1,swarms of abnormally large insects 1,trapped doors 1,illusions and spectral visions 1,foul beings from another world 1,a cabal of insane sorcerers 1,a lost tribe who are hostile towards outsiders 1,a demonic beast set loose by an ancient summoning 1,a test of the gods 1,beings who are only partially visible 1,ghosts of the former inhabitants 1,cruel creatures who traveled up from deeper underground


1,doors stuck due to moisture 1,magical wall of force 1,partially flooded passages 1,ancient machinery and grinding gears 1,locked doors enforced by metal 1,crossroads from which characters leave to random direction 1,underground river 1,pools of magma 1,skilled illusion duplicating another area 1,self-resetting traps 1,rusty portcullis, very difficult to lift 1,boulder smashed through a doorway, blocking it 1,former passage now bricked-up 1,bottomless pit 1,vast underground chasm with collapsed bridge


5,[arcane] 4,way to enter [Poetic Destinations.main] 3,a portal to another plane: [Fantasy plane.main] 1,ancient temple to gods long forgotten, probably [Fantasy Pantheon.fulldescription] 1,the tomb of [ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor] 1,an entrance to [Dungeon Area Name.main]


1,necromantic cloud that saps life out of any who enter, raising those who die within as walking corpses and empowering all the undead close to it 1,rainbow-like phenomenon in a corridor mesmerizes those that stay for too long, drawing sustenance from them and gifting them with secrets beyond the reach of most sages 1,bright light that burns all undead abominations and acts as an excellent hunting ground for other creatures 1,area empowering all magic 1,area entirely devoid of all things magical, wherein mages suffer severe headache


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