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This generator lists compact story seeds originally designed for a roleplaying game I'm running. Edit, add and use at will. (This generator is not used in actual play, only during prep, should I run out of ideas.)

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1,Petrified wyrm the size of a small mountain. 1,Hill shaped like a sleeping dragon, whose spirit still lingers. 1,Tree towering above all others, bound to a dryad of significant age and insight. 1,Nest of giant ants, some of them very observant, perhaps even intelligent. 1,Wandering tribe of wild elves, possessive of the forests they deem theirs. 1,Powerful pendant stolen from a from a fey queen, now held by an unwitting harpy. 1,Sorcerer powerful in the arcane arts, hating the people who burned what was rightly his. 1,Atop a mountain strangely shaped are the winds and the clouds incarnate. 1,Disguised residence of shadow elves, watchful of intruders. 1,Fierce denizens of the southern desert following their visions of fiery god. 1,