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1,[Dragon names.main] the [age] [type] has [Color.all] [scales]; [head]; [legnumber] legs; [wings] wings, and [tailtype] tail. It has [eyes].[%breath][%special]


1,hatchling 2,young 3,adult 2,old 1,ancient


4,dragon 1,dragonnet 1,drake 1,lindworm 1,lindwyrm 1,linnorm 1,serpent 1,wyrm 1,wyvern


16,scales 3,bony plates 2,leathery skin 1,feathers 1,fur


10,[headfeature] 1,[manyheads] heads with [headfeature]


10,a bony crest 10,a spiked frill 5,a crocodile-like skull 2,horns like a bull’s 1,[headfeature] and [headfeature] 1,a unicorn’s horn 1,antlers 1,large venom sacs just under the lower jaw


5,two 5,three 5,five 5,seven 5,nine 3,ten 2,many 2,multiple 2,at least a dozen 1,countless


4,four [legtype] 2,two [legtype] 2,no 1,six [legtype] 1,eight [legtype]


10,reptilian 1,insectile 1,arachnoid 1,short, nearly useless 1,stubby, powerful 1,long, strong


3,bat-like 1,feathered 1,huge 1,insectile 1,leathery 1,no 1,strong 1,vestigial


10,a powerful 10,a long, sinuous 4,a venomous stinger at the end of its 3,a spiked 2,a blade-like tip on its 2,a snake-headed 1,no


1,reptilian eyes 1,snake-like eyes 1,eyes like swirling [Color.metallic] pools


3, It can exhale a [breathtype] of [breath]. 2, It can exhale a [breathtype] of [breath] and [breath]. 1,


1,blast 1,bolt 1,cloud 1,cone 1,mist 1,spray


4,fire 3,[poison] poison 3,acid 3,ice 3,noxious fumes 3,wind 2,darkness 2,despair 2,lightning 1,ashes 1,bone 1,brilliant light 1,death 1,decay 1,dust 1,madness 1,prismatic energy 1,water 1,webbing


1,blinding 1,paralyzing 1,sickening 1,deadly


5, 4, [%special][%special] 1, All who behold it shall rightly adore it as a god. 1, It breathes water as easily as air. 1, It can hear thoughts. 1, It can possess a human with a mere glance. 1, It can see omens and speak prophecy. 1, It can smell secrets and deception. 1, It can assume the shape of men and beasts alike. 1, It has arcane power that mirrors that of the most powerful mages. 1, It has scales as hard as [Utility.MetalArmor]. 1, It never truly sleeps. 1, It understands every language ever spoken or written. 1, Its mere presence slowly turns people into scaly monsters. 1, Its whispers can change men’s hearts. 1, Those under its shadow become raving madmen. 1, Storms comes wherever it passes.


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