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1,[Nationality] / [Person] / [Action] / [Things].


1,doctor 1,cop 2,business person 4,janitor 1,painter 4,nurse 2,lawyer 1,spy 1,reporter 4,technician 1,scientist 4,biologist 4,geologist 4,astronomer 4,chemist 4,physicist 4,minister 4,scavenger 1,homeless person 4,programmer 4,editor 1,imposter 1,enemy 2,teacher 4,driver 1,artist 1,painter 1,sculptor 1,photographer 2,filmmaker 1,actor 4,singer 4,composer 4,musician 1,writer 1,novelist 4,mime 4,juggler 4,clown 4,comedian

Unused Person

2,boss 2,employee 8,puppeteer 6,announcer 6,critic 6,cook 6,chef 8,welder 8,carpenter 8,plumber 8,electrician 1,parent 1,mother 1,father 1,child 1,boy 1,girl 1,brother 1,sister 1,son 1,daughter 1,friend 1,man 1,woman 1,grandparent 1,grandmother 1,grandfather 1,uncle 1,aunt 1,neice 1,nephew 1,fraternal twins 1,identical twins


1,saw 1,heard 6,tested 1,built 1,broke 1,destroyed 1,erased 1,lost 1,found 1,gave 1,took 1,borrowed 1,lent 1,replaced 1,stole 1,opened 1,closed 4,measured 4,tested 1,experimented 1,helped 4,cleaned 1,hunted 1,saved 1,killed 1,murdered 4,reported 4,edited 1,read 4,talked 1,burned 4,wrote 4,watched

Unused Action

1,hindered 1,interfered 1,told 6,walked 1,drove 6,scratched 1,ate 6,sliced 6,smelled 6,tasted 6,felt 4,flew 4,jumped 6,sampled 6,raised 6,lowered 6,moved 4,pushed 4,pulled 4,weighed 6,paddled 6,ran 6,crawled 4,swam 4,hiked 4,fell 6,tripped 6,slipped 6,slid 1,stopped 1,started 4,cooked 1,died 6,flipped 4,sculpted 4,photographed 4,filmed 6,performed 4,joked 6,cleaned 4,drank 6,threw 6,heated 6,cooled 4,doused 4,wetted 4,dried 4,moistened 4,drew 4,sang 4,painted 8,thawed 8,defrosted 8,scraped 8,sanded 1,cut 8,nailed 8,welded 6,glued 6,attached 6,detached 8,fried 8,baked 8,boiled 8,broiled 8,steamed 8,poached 4,froze

Unused Food

1,apple 1,orange 1,lemon 1,tangerine 1,pineapple 1,watermelon 1,melon 1,kiwi 1,raspberries 1,strawberries 1,blueberries 1,steak 1,hamburger 1,french fries 1,potato chips 1,tomatos 1,potatoes 1,fish 1,asparagus 1,lettuce 1,broccoli 1,chicken 1,turkey 1,bread 1,crackers 1,peanut butter 1,peanuts 1,almonds 1,raisins 1,grapes 1,carrots 1,onions 1,peppers 1,pepper 1,cheese 1,toast 1,alcohol 1,beer 1,wine 1,water 1,milk 1,orange juice 1,lemonade 1,soda 1,juice 1,egg 1,meat 1,sausage 1,sandwich 1,salad 1,salt 1,ketchup 1,mustard 1,hot sauce 1,candy 1,chocolate


1,money 1,coin 1,poison 1,gun 1,bullet 1,key 4,pen 4,pencil 6,needle 1,knife 4,perfume 4,cologne 1,floor 1,ceiling 1,wall 1,clock 1,timer 1,telephone 1,cell phone 1,watch 6,umbrella 1,glasses 3handkerchief 4,trash 1,package 1,mail 1,email 1,message 4,flashlight 1,camera 1,envelope 1,suitcase 1,bag 1,box 4,purse 4,wallet 1,briefcase 1,backpack 1,hat

Unused Things

6,lint 4,eraser 6,pin 6,tape 6,glue 6,velcro 6,paperclip 6,hearing aid 4,cup 4,glass 6,saucer 4,plate 4,fork 4,spoon 6,napkin 6,toilet paper 6,paper towels 6,soap 6,shampoo 6,lotion 6,shaving cream 6,after shave 4,air 4,sand 4,rock 4,gravel 4,cement 4,asphalt 4,ice 4,wood 4,plank 4,scarf 4,gloves 4,bathing suit 6,pocket 4,pants 4,shirt 4,jacket 4,shoes 4,socks 4,underwear 4,raincoat 4,boots 4,sneakers 4,loafers 6,laser pointer 4,laser 4,paper 6,stationery 1,film 4,sink 4,shower 4,stove 4,oven 6,cupboard 4,microwave oven

Unused Body

1,eyes 1,tongue 1,ears 1,lips 1,mouth 1,face 1,hands 1,feet 1,arms 1,legs 1,organs 1,hair 1,teeth 1,pimple 1,blister 1,cut 1,abrasion 1,sunburn 1,freckle 1,skin 1,rash


1,before 1,after 1,during 1,when 1,because 1,despite 1,instead of 1,in addition to 1,along with 1,in spite of


1,African American 1,American 1,Arab 4,English 4,French 4,German 6,Greek 1,Hispanic 4,Indian 4,Irish 1,Israeli 4,Italian 4,Oriental 1,Mexican 4,Palestinian 1,Russian

Unused Nationality 1

1,Afghan 1,African American 1,American 1,Arab 1,Australian 1,Canadian 1,Chinese 1,Cuban 1,Dutch 1,Egyptian 1,English 1,French 1,German 1,Greek 1,Hispanic 1,Indian 1,Indigenous Australian 1,Inuit 1,Irish 1,Israeli 1,Italian 1,Japanese 1,Korean 1,Mexican 1,Native American 1,Palestinian 1,Russian 1,Scottish 1,Spanish 4,Austrian 4,Brazilian 4,Filipino 4,Finnish 4,Haitian 4,Icelander 4,Iranian 4,Libyan 4,Mongolian 4,Nepalese 4,New Zealander 4,Nigerian 4,Norwegian 4,Pakistani 4,Papua New Guinean 4,Portuguese 4,Puerto Rican 4,Roma 4,Saudi 4,Sikh 4,South African 4,Swedish 1,Swiss 4,Syrian 4,Tibetan 4,Vietnamese 4,Welsh

Unused Nationality 2

1,Andorran 1,Angolan 1,Aromanian 1,Aruban 1,Azeri 1,Bahamian 1,Barbadian 1,Belizean 1,Bermudian 1,Boer 1,Breton 1,British Virgin Islander 1,Burmese 1,Macedonian 1,Burkinabè 1,Burundian 1,Cameroonian 1,Catalan 1,Cape Verdean 1,Chadian 1,Comoran 1,Cypriot 1,Turkish Cypriot 1,East Timorese 1,Eritrean 1,Faroese 1,Finn 1,Ghanaian 1,Gibraltar 1,Grenadian 1,Guyanese 1,Guinean 1,Guinea-Bissau 1,Guyanese 1,Ivorian 1,Kazakh 1,Kosovo Albanian 1,Latvian 1,Macedonian 1,Malagasy 1,Malawian 1,Maldivian 1,Malian 1,Maltese 1,Manx 1,Mauritian 1,Moldovan 1,Montenegrin 1,Namibian 1,Nicaraguan 1,Nigerien 1,Palauan 1,Paraguayan 1,Réunionnai 1,Baltic Russian 1,Rwandan 1,São Tomé and Príncipe 1,Senegalese 1,Sierra Leonean 1,Singaporean 1,Slovak 1,Slovene 1,Somali 1,St Lucian 1,Swede 1,Tanzanian 1,Tobagonian 1,Trinidadian 1,Tunisian 1,Tuvaluan 1,Ugandan 1,Uruguayan 1,Uzbek 1,Vanuatuan 1,Venezuelan 1,Zambian 1,Zimbabwean 1,Assyrian 1,Azeri 1,Bengali 1,Berber 1,Boer 1,Buryat 1,Catalan 1,Celt 1,Chuvash 1,Han Chinese 1,Hutu 1,Igbo 1,Huaorani 1,Canadian Inuit 1,Greenlandic Inuit 1,Métis people 1,Indigenous person of the Americas First Nation 1,Karen 1,Kodava 1,Kurd 1,Macedonian 1,Malay 1,Sami 1,Silesian 1,Sinhalese 1,Syriac 1,Tamil 1,Tatar 1,Tutsi 1,Zulu 1,Bosniak 1,Croatian 1,Hong Kong 1,Jordanian 1,Kurd 1,Kuwaiti 1,Lao 1,Lebanese 1,Liberian 1,Liechtensteiner 1,Lithuanian 1,Luxembourger 1,Peruvian 1,Serb 1,Sri Lankan 1,Sudanese 1,Surinamese 1,Basque 1,Cajun 1,Bulgarian 1,Cambodian 1,Colombian 1,Hungarian 1,Emirati 1,Indonesian 1,Jamaican 1,Kenyan 1,Moroccan 1,Mongolian 1,Quebecker 1,Romanian 1,Taiwanese 1,Thai 1,Turk 1,Ukrainian 1,Belgian 1,Argentine 1,Albanian 1,Algerian 1,Armenian 1,Bahraini 1,Bangladeshi 1,Belorussian 1,Chilean 1,Congolese 1,Czech 1,Danish 1,Dominican 1,Ecuadorian 1,Estonian 1,Ethiopian 1,Fijian 1,Georgian 1,Guatemalan 1,Honduran 1,Malaysian 1,Panamanian 1,Salvadoran 1,Yemeni