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For In a Wicked Age, Conan Style

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1,A nervous watchman, coming upon a death in a lonely place at Midnight. 1,A vast corridor, hung with black velvet tapestries, it's walls covered with shields and weapons of fantastic make. 1,A great museum of antiques and rarities, collected from across the world by it's wealthy owner. 1,A barbarian, naive to the ways of city-dwelling folk. 1,A debtor-slave, working as a charioteer, seething with hatred for his 'employer'. 1,A mysterious cargo, arriving on a caravan from the far South, watched by many covetous eyes. 1,A sarcophagus, made of corroded copper carved deeply with glyphs, bound shut by thick copper bands. 1,A thief hired by a wealthy patron to steal a priceless artifact from a rival, caught in the act. 1,A deadly gift, sent by a secretive and sinister foe. 1,A squad of city guardsmen, armed with bills to snag and catch the clothing and flesh of fleeing suspects. 1,A bloody fight in a small space, leaving it's participants with gashed limbs, severed ears, and broken teeth. 1,A face of inhuman beauty and perfection, atop the muscular coiled body of a gigantic serpent! 1,The deafening thunder of drums and great elephant-tusk horns. 1,A lithe and pantherish woman, expressing more taunting insolence with the motions of her hips than any civilized woman could with spoken insults. 1,The repulsive and toad-like chieftain of a primitive tribe. 1,A column of fighting-men, marching three abreast behind their barbaric leader. 1,A captive, taken for ransom in a violent caravan-raid. 1,"Women are cheap as plantains in this land, and their willingness or unwillingness matters as little." 1,A truce between warchiefs, which both know will soon be broken. 1,A sudden attack, which leaves a village in flames. 1,A valley, it's grassy slopes like velvet under tender feet, full of nodding white blossoms. 1,Slender brown figures, lithe and naked, with inhuman eyes, luminous as starshine. 1,A human sacrifice, laid upon an altar-stone amid a bed of flowers. 1,A monstrous thing, it's wings bat-like; but it's body like nothing of sea or earth or air -- foulness beyond a madman's wildest dreams. 1,A man with a sword, a match for any amount of fangs and talons! 1,A person born of cities, and books, and civilized ways, who would die quickly in the wilderness. 1,A girl, away in a far land, longing for her home. 1,A formidable woman whose blade drips with the blood of a fool who objected to her living a "man’s life". 1,A beautiful, deadly swordswoman, seeking independence, and tempered by a life where pain and torment are routine. 1,The distant stone walls and towers of a city the sight of which surprises explorers. 1,A pair of adventurers at an impasse with a monstrous giant reptile resurrected from an ancient age. 1,Exiles seeking to enlist barbarians in an invasion of their homeland. 1,The last remnants of a diminished people, locked in civil war. 1,A false demon seeking advantage in a deadly struggle. 1,A glowing skull housing the soul of a magician king. 1,A slave betraying masters to invaders to have revenge upon them. 1,A witch desired as wife by one too many and having a grisly secret. 1,A witch’s plan to maintain her youth through a Valkyrie’s sacrifice. 1,A thief among thieves entering ruins in which a sorcerer sleeps away the millennia. 1,A cult worshiping a power legend says never died but only sleeps in its tomb. 1,The desert army of sorcerer whose features are always masked. 1,A coin showing a three-thousand year old visage which is also that of a new leader recently arisen to power. 1,A king’s sister, struggling to rule while her brother languishes in a rival’s dungeon. 1,An ancient lascivious evil, weakened by lust, whispering nightly to its next victim. 1,An oracle commanding a princess to take extraordinary measures to preserve her realm. 1,Three nobles cast down by their Queen in favour of a captain of mercenary spearmen. 1,A night when vampires are abroad, witches ride naked on the wind, and werewolves howl across the wilderness as a lone figure comes riding a black steed to a shrine of evil. 1,A champion and a princess whose fierce passions overwhelm them as clashing armies struggle. 1,A coveted weapon, resting atop the chest of a perfectly preserved body lying in a chamber on a deserted isle. 1,A plan to entrap a foe with an unwilling captive’s seductive aid. 1,A disappointed torturer, denied the opportunity to convince a recalcitrant captive to cooperate with his master. 1,A city of green stone which has appeared where only ruins were to be seen for all recorded history. 1,A city inhabited by the dead called back to half-life, in which a woman recounts to a visitor her death as a dream. 1,A city in which tunnels connect every house to that of its master and through which sacrifices are taken. 1,A blade of unearthly metal against which sorcery is impotent. 1,An invulnerable figure of base substance made animate and taking the shape of a man to hold a power older than all substance. 1,A leader of steppe horsemen swearing to show the woman who defies him a frontier city in flames. 1,A captain in the king's guard offering violence to a young soldier's sweetheart. 1,A witness stubbornly refusing to betray an accused but righteous man. 1,A fugitive swordsman commandeering a ship. 1,A port where sorcerers weave spells amidst sacrificial smoke rising from blood-stained altars. 1,An ill-fated merchant ship on which a pirate vessel is closing. 1,A bloodthirsty reaver who has found her true love. 1,A band of adventurers drunk on the sight of gold and jewels. 1,A cursed necklace that blinds its wearer to risks. 1,A barbarian waking from strange dreams to find his beloved hanging dead. 1,Men transformed into werebeast slaves by the last of the oldest race. 1,A ghost come back from the abyss as her love fights for his life. 1,A woman sunning herself before dangerous observers, confident in her safety. 1,A castaway who has snapped a challenger’s neck with one blow after being brought aboard. 1,A gutsy, tippling pirate with a ready laugh and only seemingly no thought of tomorrow. 1,An isle on which strange monsters guard crypts filled with hieroglyph-marked gold. 1,A princess gazing at the corpse of the first man to possess her. 1,A ruin carved of the semi-translucent green stone in alien symmetry of which all the oldest such are crafted, containing both a monster and science-mistaken-for-magic. 1,Shelves upon which stand cursed and shrunken miniatures made of victims of every race past and present. 1,Golden-eyed, ebony giant humanoids of perfect form, whose piping music calls forth hideous passions. 1,A ship’s crew drowsing under the effects of a strange fruit while doom draws near. 1,An unexpected champion drawing predators away from his weakened fellows. 1,Waters where the seaports are fat with loot and merchant ships crammed for plundering. 1,A house where three rival rogues are met ~ all under the same deadly threat. 1,The bloody warning to a young aristocrat that he is to take himself into exile immediately. 1,A well-fed priest simultaneously fencing stolen goods and informing on thieves. 1,A schemer offers a captive barbarian warrior freedom if he but slays a rival. 1,An informer dropped unceremoniously into a cesspool. 1,A noble whose filching and sale of state secrets has been discovered by the power behind the throne. 1,A monster wearing his master’s robes and mistaken for his master by a foe. 1,A priest-sorcerer hiding from his half-human slave gone mad with murderous rage. 1,A Shah whose pursuit of prey leads him headlong into facing a foe. 1,A woman who fears her pursuers more than the rover she has met. 1,Battle as an army destroys the band of brigands it has trapped. 1,A jungle island on which things move in the corner of the eye. 1,A parrot repeating an ancient curse from an Outer God. 1,Site of a demigod’s murder and the curse that descended upon the killers. 1,Transgressors against an ancient god, frozen as statues except by moonlight. 1,A duel for mastery among rogues, whose outcome is disputed. 1,A pirate ship captained by a fearless rogue. 1,A fey laughing spirit attracted to slaughter. 1,A warrior pursuing a taunting unearthly woman as the skies glow with strange lights. 1,A frost giant’s daughter, luring men to death under her brothers’ axes. 1,A company delayed by ambush in reaching the battle, finding ruin and a survivor's trail. 1,A man preparing to slay his companion as a mercy. 1,A seeming corpse that suddenly rises to attack two explorers. 1,A city whose people exist in dreaming semi-consciousness and degenerate pleasures. 1,A shadow that consumes men whole. 1,A god without priests, that comes for its own sacrifices. 1,A golden elixir that lends vigor to degenerates and heals the wounded. 1,A queen awakes to see her own likeness gazing upon her. 1,The witch born once every century with the mark of hell upon her. 1,An aged magician, steeped in dark lore, disappointed in his apprentice. 1,The loyal captain of a deposed queen, set to die a lingering public death. 1,A savant from afar writing of the appalling tyranny that has descended on this land he visits. 1,An abandoned temple where a witch sacrifices victims to summon a fiend. 1,A loyal officer and the woman who loves him, fugitive in a city ruled by the usurper. 1,A queen who, despite months of torment, thinks still only of her people. 1,The witch-queen who stands yet calling doom upon foes though cleft through her heart. 1,A hundred archers facing a monster summoned by sacrifice. 1,Secrets held by faceless shapes in a deep jungle. 1,Two armies encamped before battle, on a night when death stalks. 1,The warrior who dons the paralyzed king's armor to lead the charge in his guise. 1,Knights of a noble army routed by magic and in disarray. 1,Black horses drawing a chariot holding foul lich and its noble prisoner. 1,Mighty spells used so oft they have set unstoppable forces in motion. 1,A woman finding misfortune has placed her where she may aid the one she secretly loves. 1,A band of warriors dedicated to war and adventure, accountable to no man. 1,The gray wolf and fierce eagle who guard a hill witch from harm. 1,The night a noblewoman is to die under the axe for refusing a usurper's attentions. 1,A revenant sorcerer who keeps by his side the secret of his animation. 1,Four gaunt, exiled assassins with one last service to perform before they are free. 1,A reckless merchant traveling in troubled times, ignorant of the prize he carries. 1,An ancient and immortal Vampire Queen. 1,A letter delivered to the usurper, promising the true king's vengeance. 1,A sorcerer who plots an army's slaughter to fuel his magic. 1,The passionate sister of a King tormented by black magic, who must slay him to save his soul. 1,An astrologer, dark and gaunt, in a camel-hair robe and a green turban; the servant of a mighty cabal of sorcerers. 1,Seven hill-chieftains, captured and imprisoned, awaiting execution. 1,A squadron of lancers, pursuing a daring kidnapper through a dark mountain pass. 1,A beautiful handmaiden, inveigling a man into the betrayal of his masters. 1,The village of a fierce tribe of hill-men and bandits, at the head of a narrow valley. 1,A black stallion, foam flying from it's bit-rings as it thunders through a narrow defile, bearing two riders. 1,A naked girl, carrying the princely sum of gold coins she received for selling her clothing to a stranger. 1,The victim of foul sorcery, unable to resist the awful compulsion to walk off a high cliff. 1,A prisoner upon a silken dais, caught in the throes of tormenting magics. 1,A shattered wreck of a man, swearing bitter curses at his former employers. 1,An alliance between bitter enemies, known by both sides to be extremely temporary. 1,A band of horsemen, former allies believing themselves to be betrayed, now turned pursuers. 1,A tall tower on the purple slopes of a high mountain, it's teakwood doors bound in gold. 1,Mad screaming, bestial and ghastly, echoing through a great hall. 1,A human heart, bursting out through a warrior's mailed chest, flying into a magician's gory hand. 1,A gigantic serpent, it's venom-dripping jaws gaping wide. 1,Five hundred hill bandits, trapped in a valley by a mighty war-host numbering many thousands. 1,Five thousand armored cavalrymen, their charge shattering the ranks of their foes. 1,A queen's ransom; a debt for a time at lest left uncollected. 1,A conqueror-to-be, setting forth with a small band of followers. 1,The inhabitants of a lost city, degenerate and fallen from the glory of their past. 1,Isolated clans, locked in a blood feud. 1,A wild buccaneer, having spurned the unwanted advance of a mercenary with murder, has fled into wilderness and into an unexpected encounter. 1,An ancient lost city, roofed over, one vast building. 1,A monstrous saurian, white belly raking the brush while its serrated back-bone rises higher than a man can reach, one of many in the forest, too large to kill and determined to feast. 1,Black against the moon, the strange city had a somber sinister look. 1,A corridor of jade, a ceiling of lapis lazuli, and green firestones for ornament. 1,A battlefield on which five thousand dead lie betrayed. 1,A black-eyed wizard whose name is used to frighten children a thousand leagues distant. 1,A justly ruled and prosperous land, eyed by grasping tyrants. 1,A tomb whose dust blinds those it touches. 1,The malignant blossoming vine that draws power from any magician it entraps. 1,A woman close to birthing something inhuman after sleeping too near ancient ruins. 1,A student who stands atop a column in the market, accusing the people’s oppressor. 1,A mob tearing apart the dead tyrant’s soldiers. 1,Wizards whose feud has lasted centuries and consumed kingdoms. 1,A sorcerer's body, searching for its head. 1,An inn whose guests are fodder for cannibals. 1,A city that shuts tight its doors at night while death stalks its streets. 1,The satrap’s mistress and the priest who covets her. 1,A ruler poisoned unto madness who roams the streets unrecognized. 1,A temple whose fearsome aspect is such it needs no guards. 1,A mesmerist who conjures phantoms to confuse his victims. 1,The ring that holds power to enslave the hearts of the opposite sex. 1,A dancer, beset by snapping cobras, kept alive only by her skill, and tiring. 1,A conspiracy foolishly fomenting wars upon borders to draw away loyal soldiers. 1,Four conspirators who do not realize they are dupes of the one they have summoned. 1,A poet whose eye sees imperfections even in the best of men. 1,A man of action laboring under the thankless duty of rule. 1,A city of dark streets that are mazes of conspiracy and assignation. 1,A magician’s lost serpent ring, able to command a nameless horror. 1,Dreams of warnings from an ancient sage. 1,A betrayed king, alone, half-armored and with blade drawn, facing a score of assassins. 1,The hidden tomb of a sage who yet has power to make a sword deadly to gods and monsters. 1,Entry to the King's chambers, with only a single young officer to guard it. 1,An attempted assassination foiled by the advent of another of supernatural agency. 1,A group of conspirators, at the cusp of great action, with doubters who must be persuaded or coerced. 1,A fleeing woman, whose brother has been fed to jackals. 1,A pirate queen, worshiped by her crew of jungle savages. 1,The inhabitants of a lost city, degenerate and fallen from the glory of their past. 1,Isolated clans, locked in a blood feud. 1,A revenant necromancer, from an evil empire long dust, seeking the key to raise an army of the dead. 1,The arrival of a pirate captain with a roguish proposition for a local lord who was once a comrade. 1,A soldier, left for dead on the battlefield, awakes among corpses. 1,A lone, figure, broken chains swinging from manacles, naked but for a loincloth, pursued by wolves. 1,An ancient being from a distant star, mutilated and bound to perform uncanny feats for his master. 1,A giant snake, slithering in darkness. 1,A princess in the depths of a dungeon frees the lone captive. 1,The ape-man who has taken his master's place by murder. 1,Two travelers meet among collosal ruins, deep in the desert. 1,A giant snake, coiled upon a throne. 1,The black winged beast-apes infest the jungle. 1,A vast, remote ruin, left unplundered for reasons unknown. 1,The jewel that is source of a high priest's sorcrous power. 1,A slaver bragging of the woman he has captured to satisfy debauched buyers. 1,A tavern thrust suddenly into darkness as foolish words give way to bloody deeds. 1,The immortal survivor of an ancient star-born race, hungering for death. 1,The death of a comrade to a vengeful warrior, skilled in stealth. 1,A spider-monster waiting for unsuspecting prey. 1,A king who hides in wine from the evil that grows in his kingdom. 1,A stern god who sends forth dooms and death from atop his cold mountain. 1,Rival hunters after a mysterious treasure. 1,A clever tongued emissary asking only one favor in exchange for an advantageous alliance. 1,A corrupt priest and his plan to falsify an oracle's pronouncement. 1,A terrified dancing girl forced to play the part of a goddess. 1,Tribesmen being cheated by a bold warrior with the slavegirl he saved. 1,The choice of saving the jewels or the woman. 1,A fortunate encounter between warriors, each far from home and strangers to the land. 1,An ill-advised colonial outpost bordering the lands of savages. 1,The last living man from among those named in a sorcerer's curse. 1,A sorcerer and his monstrous half brother, both children of an ancient god of blood and claw. 1,A dog hunting its owners' killers. 1,A demon lusting for the taste of blood, able to mimic the voices of those it hears. 1,Drums speak of doom from across the river. 1,The company of woodsmen who keep alive a fort's regular soldiers. 1,The wives and children of soldiers fleeing an invasion. 1,A vial of venom that inflicts madness and death. 1,A group of conspirators, at the cusp of great action, with doubters who must be persuaded or coerced. 1,A fleeing woman whose brother has been fed to jackals. 1,A pirate queen worshiped by her crew of jungle savages. 1,The degenerate inhabitants of a lost city, fallen from the glories of their past. 1,An injured man, his bloodshot eyes burning with rage, pursued through tangled woods. 1,A band of hunters, painted and befeathered, silently ambushed by their would-be prey. 1,A trail of blood left by a running man. 1,A splendid beauty, listless and bored, the niece of a mighty nobleman. 1,A waif-like young girl playing naked in the surf. 1,A frontier fortress surrounded by howling wilderness. 1,Pirate raiders swarm ashore to pillage and plunder! 1,A dark-faced buccaneer, gold hoops in his ears, dressed in flame-colored silk and polished steel. 1,A map drawn on parchment in human blood, showing the way to a great treasure. 1,A vicious nobleman, bringing a jewel-hilted riding whip down across the naked shoulders of a serving-girl. 1,The strange, rhythmic pulsing of drums in the misty forest. 1,Storm-winds blowing in from the sea in great boiling masses of blackness veined with fire. 1,A corsair, lavishly dressed in the finery of a hundred-years past. 1,A dozen long dead sea-lords, their bodies neither rotted nor shriveled by the passing of ages. 1,A pact sealed with fair words while swords lay unsheathed beneath the table. 1,A squatting demon, able to pass any barrier, blue hellfire playing about his horned head. 1,A magician slain in his castle with the marks of demon-fingers on his throat. 1,A bluish mist, and those who breathe it in die in dreadful agony. 1,A vengeful creature -- its outline vaguely human, but its shadow not human at all -- as vulnerable to silver and fire as any evil spirit. 1,A bag full of rubies carelessly given away by one who values them not. </sgtable>

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