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<sgdisplay iterations="1">

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Bright colors Color.bright (or Color.brightCap) [bright] ([brightCap])
Dark colors Color.dark (or Color.darkCap) [dark] ([darkCap])
Dull colors Color.dull (or Color.dullCap) [dull] ([dullCap])
Hues colors Color.hues (or Color.huesCap) [hues] ([huesCap])
Light colors Color.light (or Color.lightCap) [light] ([lightCap])
Metallic colors Color.metallic (or Color.metallicCap) [metallic] ([metallicCap])
Jewel-Tone colors Color.jeweltone (or Color.jeweltoneCap) [jeweltone] ([jeweltoneCap])
All colors Color.all (or Color.allCap) [all] ([allCap])
Color in color Color.color in color [color in color]
Color in color simple Color.color in color simple [color in color simple]
Eye color Color.eye eyes [eye] eyes
Hair color hair [hair] hair
Goblins a Color.goblinoid goblin a [goblinoid] goblin
Blue colors [blue]




1,[bright] 1,[dull] 1,[light] 1,[dark] 1,[metallic] 1,[jeweltone]


2,pink 6,red 2,orange 5,yellow 2,lime green 7,green 2,sky blue 6,blue 2,lavender 2,purple 1,violet 1,spring green 1,fuchsia 2,magenta 2,vermilion 2,cerulean 4,scarlet 3,crimson 2,aqua 1,chartreuse 3,coral 1,orchid 2,salmon 2,hot pink 4,royal blue 3,white 2,blue-violet 2,blue-green 2,yellow-green 2,yellow-orange 2,red-orange 2,red-violet 1,neon blue 1,neon red 1,neon purple 1,neon orange 1,neon green 1,neon yellow 1,neon pink 1,ultramarine 1,citrine 1,cerise




10,gray 2,charcoal 3,brown 3,burnt orange 3,sand-colored 2,olive green 2,mustard yellow 2,cream-colored 3,black 3,rose 4,khaki 1,ochre




10,black 7,gray 3,charcoal 2,midnight blue 3,maroon 3,pine green 5,dark green 3,crimson 3,navy blue 2,indigo 7,dark brown 2,umber 5,blue-gray 3,blue-black 3,forest green 3,green-brown 2,burnt orange 4,ebony 3,brick red 2,plum 2,teal 1,sienna 1,sinopia 1,coffee-colored 1,carmine 1,puce




20,white 15,ivory 10,cream-colored 6,sand-colored 6,tan 6,taupe 6,beige 6,light blue 6,light pink 6,pale yellow 6,mint 3,sea green 6,peach 6,lavender 6,light gray 3,rose 3,cyan 3,khaki 1,pastel pink 1,pastel blue 1,pastel yellow 1,pastel green 1,periwinkle 1,mauve 1,off-white




5,silver 5,gold 3,copper 3,steel grey 3,bronze 2,silvery 2,golden 2,steely 1,metallic purple 1,metallic green 1,metallic red 1,metallic blue 1,metallic orange 1,metallic yellow




1,amber 1,amethyst 1,aquamarine 1,beryl 1,emerald 1,pearl 1,ruby 1,sapphire 1,topaz 1,turquoise




3,reddish 4,golden 4,white 4,bluish 3,greenish 2,yellowish 2,purplish 2,orangeish 1,lavender 1,crimson


5,[green] green 5,[grey] green 5,[green] yellow 4,[green] brown 3,[yellow] yellow 3,[brown] brown 2,[grey] grey 2,[green] grey 1,[yellow] red 1,[grey] red 1,[brown] red


1,olive 1,viridian 1,chartreuse 1,emerald 1,lime 1,pistachio 1,jade 1,celadon 1,umber


1,burgundy 1,cerise 1,claret 1,cinnabar 1,erythraean 1,crimson 1,maroon 1,oxblood 1,rose 1,ruby 1,scarlet 1,vermilion


1,beige 1,bronze 1,coffee 1,caramel 1,cinnamon 1,copper 1,ecru 1,hazel 1,tan 1,sarcoline 1,ochre


1,hoary 1,charcoal 1,taupe 1,dun 1,granite 1,slate 1,albicant


1,amber 1,golden 1,saffron 1,tawny 1,xanthic 1,khaki 1,isabelline 1,lutescent


0, - - - - - blue colors, synonyms for blue 1,sapphire 1,cerulean 1,cyan 1,indigo 1,azure 1,beryl 1,cobalt 1,blue-gray 1,ultramarine 1,heliotrope 1,periwinkle 1,hyacinthine 1,royal blue


0, - - - - - purple colors, synonyms for purple 1,hyacinthine 1,ianthine 1,gridelin




1,[bright] 1,[dull] 1,[dark] 1,[light] 1,[metallic] 1,[jeweltone] 1,[hues]


1,[brightCap] 1,[dullCap] 1,[darkCap] 1,[lightCap] 1,[metallicCap] 1,[huesCap]


0, 1, ( 0,;">


0, 1,) 0,





color in color

0, 1,[ss]000[sm]black[se] 1,[ss]003[sm][o] weak blue[se] 1,[ss]006[sm][o] dull blue[se] 1,[ss]009[sm]dark faded blue[se] 1,[ss]00c[sm]dark hard blue[se] 1,[ss]00f[sm]blue[se] 1,[ss]030[sm][o] weak green[se] 1,[ss]033[sm][o] weak cyan[se] 1,[ss]036[sm][o] dull azure[se] 1,[ss]039[sm]dark azure-blue[se] 1,[ss]03c[sm]dark blue-azure[se] 1,[ss]03f[sm]bluish-azure[se] 1,[ss]060[sm][o] dull green[se] 1,[ss]063[sm][o] dull teal[se] 1,[ss]066[sm][o] dull cyan[se] 1,[ss]069[sm]dark azure-cyan[se] 1,[ss]06c[sm]dark hard azure[se] 1,[ss]06f[sm]azure-ish-blue[se] 1,[ss]090[sm]dark faded green[se] 1,[ss]093[sm]dark teal-green[se] 1,[ss]096[sm]dark teal-cyan[se] 1,[ss]099[sm]dark faded cyan[se] 1,[ss]09c[sm]dark cyan-azure[se] 1,[ss]09f[sm]azure-ish-cyan[se] 1,[ss]0c0[sm]dark hard green[se] 1,[ss]0c3[sm]dark green-teal[se] 1,[ss]0c6[sm]dark hard teal[se] 1,[ss]0c9[sm]dark cyan-teal[se] 1,[ss]0cc[sm]dark hard cyan[se] 1,[ss]0cf[sm]cyan-ish-azure[se] 1,[ss]0f0[sm]green[se] 1,[ss]0f3[sm]greenish-teal[se] 1,[ss]0f6[sm]teal-ish-green[se] 1,[ss]0f9[sm]teal-ish-cyan[se] 1,[ss]0fc[sm]cyan-ish-teal[se] 1,[ss]0ff[sm]cyan[se] 1,[ss]300[sm][o] weak red[se] 1,[ss]303[sm][o] weak magenta[se] 1,[ss]306[sm][o] dull violet[se] 1,[ss]30c[sm]dark blue-violet[se] 1,[ss]30f[sm]bluish-violet[se] 1,[ss]330[sm][o] weak yellow[se] 1,[ss]333[sm][o] gray[se] 1,[ss]336[sm]dark weak blue[se] 1,[ss]339[sm]dark dull blue[se] 1,[ss]33c[sm][m] faded blue[se] 1,[ss]33f[sm]light hard blue[se] 1,[ss]360[sm][o] dull spring[se] 1,[ss]363[sm]dark weak green[se] 1,[ss]366[sm]dark weak cyan[se] 1,[ss]369[sm]dark dull azure[se] 1,[ss]36c[sm][m] azure-blue[se] 1,[ss]36f[sm]light blue-azure[se] 1,[ss]390[sm]dark spring-ish green[se] 1,[ss]393[sm]dark dull green[se] 1,[ss]396[sm]dark dull teal[se] 1,[ss]399[sm]dark dull cyan[se] 1,[ss]39c[sm][m] azure-cyan[se] 1,[ss]39f[sm]light hard azure[se] 1,[ss]3c0[sm]dark green-spring[se] 1,[ss]3c3[sm][m] faded green[se] 1,[ss]3c6[sm][m] teal-green[se] 1,[ss]3c9[sm][m] teal-cyan[se] 1,[ss]3cc[sm][m] faded cyan[se] 1,[ss]3cf[sm]light cyan-azure[se] 1,[ss]3f0[sm]greenish-spring[se] 1,[ss]3f3[sm]light hard green[se] 1,[ss]3f6[sm]light green-teal[se] 1,[ss]3f9[sm]light hard teal[se] 1,[ss]3fc[sm]light cyan-teal[se] 1,[ss]3ff[sm]light hard cyan[se] 1,[ss]600[sm][o] dull red[se] 1,[ss]603[sm][o] dull pink[se] 1,[ss]606[sm][o] dull magenta[se] 1,[ss]609[sm]dark violet-magenta[se] 1,[ss]60c[sm]dark hard violet[se] 1,[ss]630[sm][o] dull orange[se] 1,[ss]633[sm]dark weak red[se] 1,[ss]636[sm]dark weak magenta[se] 1,[ss]639[sm]dark dull violet[se] 1,[ss]63f[sm]light blue-violet[se] 1,[ss]660[sm][o] dull yellow[se] 1,[ss]663[sm]dark weak yellow[se] 1,[ss]666[sm]dark gray[se] 1,[ss]669[sm][m] weak blue[se] 1,[ss]66c[sm]light dull blue[se] 1,[ss]66f[sm]light faded blue[se] 1,[ss]690[sm]dark spring-yellow[se] 1,[ss]693[sm]dark dull spring[se] 1,[ss]696[sm][m] weak green[se] 1,[ss]699[sm][m] weak cyan[se] 1,[ss]69c[sm]light dull azure[se] 1,[ss]69f[sm]light azure-blue[se] 1,[ss]6c0[sm]dark hard spring[se] 1,[ss]6c3[sm][m] spring-ish green[se] 1,[ss]6c6[sm]light dull green[se] 1,[ss]6c9[sm]light dull teal[se] 1,[ss]6cc[sm]light dull cyan[se] 1,[ss]6cf[sm]light azure-cyan[se] 1,[ss]6f0[sm]spring-ish-green[se] 1,[ss]6f3[sm]light green-spring[se] 1,[ss]6f6[sm]light faded green[se] 1,[ss]6f9[sm]light teal-green[se] 1,[ss]6fc[sm]light teal-cyan[se] 1,[ss]6ff[sm]light faded cyan[se] 1,[ss]900[sm]dark faded red[se] 1,[ss]903[sm]dark pink-red[se] 1,[ss]906[sm]dark pink-magenta[se] 1,[ss]909[sm]dark faded magenta[se] 1,[ss]90c[sm]dark magenta-violet[se] 1,[ss]90f[sm]violet-ish-magenta[se] 1,[ss]930[sm]dark orange-red[se] 1,[ss]933[sm]dark dull red[se] 1,[ss]936[sm]dark dull pink[se] 1,[ss]939[sm]dark dull magenta[se] 1,[ss]93c[sm][m] violet-magenta[se] 1,[ss]93f[sm]light hard violet[se] 1,[ss]960[sm]dark orange-yellow[se] 1,[ss]963[sm]dark dull orange[se] 1,[ss]966[sm][m] weak red[se] 1,[ss]969[sm][m] weak magenta[se] 1,[ss]96c[sm]light dull violet[se] 1,[ss]990[sm]dark faded yellow[se] 1,[ss]993[sm]dark dull yellow[se] 1,[ss]996[sm][m] weak yellow[se] 1,[ss]999[sm]light gray[se] 1,[ss]99c[sm]light weak blue[se] 1,[ss]99f[sm]pale dull blue[se] 1,[ss]9c0[sm]dark yellow-spring[se] 1,[ss]9c3[sm][m] spring-yellow[se] 1,[ss]9c6[sm]light dull spring[se] 1,[ss]9c9[sm]light weak green[se] 1,[ss]9cc[sm]light weak cyan[se] 1,[ss]9cf[sm]pale dull azure[se] 1,[ss]9f0[sm]spring-ish-yellow[se] 1,[ss]9f3[sm]light hard spring[se] 1,[ss]9f6[sm]light spring-ish green[se] 1,[ss]9f9[sm]pale dull green[se] 1,[ss]9fc[sm]pale dull teal[se] 1,[ss]9ff[sm]pale dull cyan[se] 1,[ss]c00[sm]dark hard red[se] 1,[ss]c03[sm]dark red-pink[se] 1,[ss]c06[sm]dark hard pink[se] 1,[ss]c09[sm]dark magenta-pink[se] 1,[ss]c0c[sm]dark hard magenta[se] 1,[ss]c0f[sm]magenta-ish-violet[se] 1,[ss]c30[sm]dark red-orange[se] 1,[ss]c33[sm][m] faded red[se] 1,[ss]c36[sm][m] pink-red[se] 1,[ss]c39[sm][m] pink-magenta[se] 1,[ss]c3c[sm][m] faded magenta[se] 1,[ss]c3f[sm]light magenta-violet[se] 1,[ss]c60[sm]dark hard orange[se] 1,[ss]c63[sm][m] orange-red[se] 1,[ss]c66[sm]light dull red[se] 1,[ss]c69[sm]light dull pink[se] 1,[ss]c6c[sm]light dull magenta[se] 1,[ss]c6f[sm]light violet-magenta[se] 1,[ss]c90[sm]dark yellow-orange[se] 1,[ss]c93[sm][m] orange-yellow[se] 1,[ss]c96[sm]light dull orange[se] 1,[ss]c99[sm]light weak red[se] 1,[ss]c9c[sm]light weak magenta[se] 1,[ss]c9f[sm]pale dull violet[se] 1,[ss]cc0[sm]dark hard yellow[se] 1,[ss]cc3[sm][m] faded yellow[se] 1,[ss]cc6[sm]light dull yellow[se] 1,[ss]cc9[sm]light weak yellow[se] 1,[ss]ccc[sm]pale gray[se] 1,[ss]ccf[sm]pale weak blue[se] 1,[ss]cf0[sm]yellowish-spring[se] 1,[ss]cf3[sm]light yellow-spring[se] 1,[ss]cf6[sm]light spring-yellow[se] 1,[ss]cf9[sm]pale dull spring[se] 1,[ss]cfc[sm]pale weak green[se] 1,[ss]cff[sm]pale weak cyan[se] 1,[ss]f00[sm]red[se] 1,[ss]f03[sm]reddish-pink [se] 1,[ss]f06[sm]pinkish-red[se] 1,[ss]f09[sm]pinkish-magenta[se] 1,[ss]f0c[sm]magenta-ish-pink[se] 1,[ss]f0f[sm]magenta[se] 1,[ss]f30[sm]reddish-orange[se] 1,[ss]f33[sm]light hard red[se] 1,[ss]f36[sm]light red-pink[se] 1,[ss]f39[sm]light hard pink[se] 1,[ss]f3c[sm]light magenta-pink[se] 1,[ss]f3f[sm]light hard magenta[se] 1,[ss]f60[sm]orangish-red[se] 1,[ss]f63[sm]light red-orange[se] 1,[ss]f66[sm]light faded red[se] 1,[ss]f69[sm]light pink-red[se] 1,[ss]f6c[sm]light pink-magenta[se] 1,[ss]f6f[sm]light faded magenta[se] 1,[ss]f90[sm]orangish-yellow[se] 1,[ss]f93[sm]light hard orange[se] 1,[ss]f96[sm]light orange-red[se] 1,[ss]f99[sm]pale dull red[se] 1,[ss]f9c[sm]pale dull pink[se] 1,[ss]f9f[sm]pale dull magenta[se] 1,[ss]fc0[sm]yellowish-orange[se] 1,[ss]fc3[sm]light yellow-orange[se] 1,[ss]fc6[sm]light orange-yellow[se] 1,[ss]fc9[sm]pale dull orange[se] 1,[ss]fcc[sm]pale weak red[se] 1,[ss]fcf[sm]pale weak magenta[se] 1,[ss]ff0[sm]yellow[se] 1,[ss]ff3[sm]light hard yellow[se] 1,[ss]ff6[sm]light faded yellow[se] 1,[ss]ff9[sm]pale dull yellow[se] 1,[ss]ffc[sm]pale weak yellow[se] 1,[ss]fff[sm]white[se]

color in color simple

1,[ss]000[sm]black[se] 1,[ss]008[sm]navy[se] 1,[ss]00f[sm]blue[se] 1,[ss]080[sm]green[se] 1,[ss]088[sm]teal[se] 1,[ss]0f0[sm]lime[se] 1,[ss]0ff[sm]aqua[se] 1,[ss]800[sm]maroon[se] 1,[ss]808[sm]purple[se] 1,[ss]880[sm]olive[se] 1,[ss]888[sm]gray[se] 1,[ss]ccc[sm]silver[se] 1,[ss]f00[sm]red[se] 1,[ss]f0f[sm]fuchsia[se] 1,[ss]ff0[sm]yellow[se] 1,[ss]fff[sm]white[se]


5,amber 1,black 10,light blue 10,dark blue 10,blue-grey 30,light brown 20,brown 30,dark brown 10,gray 10,gray-green 10,green 10,hazel 5,red 2,violet 2,yellow


30,black 10,brown 10,light brown 10,dark brown 10,blonde 5,red 15,white 15,gray 1,golden 1,silver 1,bronze 1,flaxen 1,tawny 1,ginger 1,raven 1,platinum blonde 1,auburn 1,strawberry blonde 1,sandy 1,reddish-brown 1,jet black



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