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In a Wicked Age, done Clutch style.

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1,A man born with a mustache, claimed by some to be the Antichrist, and by others to be the Second Coming. 1,A deserter from the armies of Hell, fleeing his fellow demons. 1,A young folk healer in Latin America, rejected by her community for offering mercy to a defeated demon. 1,A chain-smoking Irishman, eyes hidden behind fly-like sunglasses, commands UN troops. 1,A white man driving a black van, strong in voodoo and not to be trusted. 1,An exodus of American political dissenters rushes the Canadian border guards. 1,A society of swamp women, drunk and deadly as maenads, armed with shotguns and consorting with boars. 1,A child hiding a case of stigmata. 1,The dread capital ship of Hell's forces, crewed by dog-like demons and bringing its own black ocean with it. 1,A revivalist minister, slick and smooth, fearless of snakes or demons, hustles his way to international fame. 1,A dead man resurrected, his mind reeling from the world beyond death, comes home to find his wife in bed with the tax collector. 1,A husband and wife flee the law, their children, and their old identities in a battered Camaro. 1,A future beyond flesh built ahead of its time in a laboratory. 1,The tunnel-dwelling homeless of New York City, and their subterranean church. 1,A photograph revealing the sins of a clergyman. 1,The architect of the great city, tamer of wilderness and humanity. 1,The robot lords of Tokyo stalk cats in their private hunting grounds. 1,The robot revolution is coming. 1,A circus, catering to the rich and powerful, showcases mythical beasts and bizarre abominations. 1,A man who has just escaped execution comes upon a large and lively Revival meeting. 1,Strange-faced ambassadors from beyond, greeted with pomp and circumstance. 1,A dead cosmonaut contacts Earth to discuss the gluttony of the starving stars. 1,A wronged party seeks compensation, within the law or beyond it. 1,A deal-making power player, flying first class and drinking hard. 1,God and Devil, once the best of friends, have had a falling out. 1,A ferry trip across a river in the country air. 1,A learned abbot, occultist and cryptographer. 1,A drifter with woman troubles, dreaming of the riches that could solve them. 1,The inner chambers of the president, and the secret pentagram inscribed there. 1,Vegan activists protesting in D.C. 1,A strange old woman dispenses esoteric wisdom to children. 1,A betting parlor full of strange, shady, and varied characters. 1,A beautiful woman--dressed in funeral finery with a black umbrella--known as a crooked accountant. 1,The government demands the nation's children join the war effort. 1,Moloch demands fresh blood to maintain the appetite of his mechanical heart. 1,A hole dug through to the other side of the world. 1,Through hardship and hunger, pioneers trek through wild lands and worlds to map and tame them. 1,Leviathans guide ships across a sea of flames. 1,A centuries-old reptilian throwback, worshipped as a god, rapidly fathering an army. 1,A woman storms castles while riding a pterodactyl. 1,A sorceress brings a new sun into the world. 1,An order of assassins who wield wooden blades, raised from infancy under an oath of silence. 1,Standing on the gallows, a condemned man promises to return for revenge. 1,Paramilitary police conduct a drug raid on a terminally ill man's home. 1,A homeless hoodoo practitioner sells temporary cures in return for service after death. 1,A crystal-gazing prophet laments the upcoming arrival of a comet, fearing dire consequences. 1,A farmer claims that he is a samurai, and holds "the emperor" hostage. </sgtable>