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4,[short] 1,[long]


1,[physical] 1,[impression]


0, 2,[Utility.DullColors]-haired 2,[Color.eye]-eyed 2,[-voiced]-voiced 2,[-skinned]-skinned 2,[build] physique 2,[stature] 2,[complexion] 2,[other]


1,Heart-faced 1,Gap-toothed 1,Naked 1,Hunchbacked 1,Masked 1,Veiled 1,Foul-smelling 1,Pierced all over 1,Filthy 1,Shapely 1,Good-looking 1,Ugly 1,Balding 1,Hairy


1,Freckled 1,Jaundiced 1,Pale 1,Rosy-cheeked 1,Ruddy 1,Sallow 1,Sanguine


1,Compact 1,Elongated 1,Long 1,Short 1,Squat 1,Tall


1,[endo] 1,[ecto] 1,[meso]


1,Angular 1,Bony 1,Emaciated 1,Gangling 1,Gangly 1,Gaunt 1,Hollow-cheeked 1,Lanky 1,Pinched 1,Rawboned 1,Scraggly 1,Scrawny 1,Skeletal 1,Skin-and-bones 1,Skinny 1,Spindly 1,Underfed 1,Undernourished 1,Underweight 1,Waiflike 1,Wasted 1,Weedy


1,Able-bodied 1,Athletic 1,Beefy 1,Brawny 1,Broad-shouldered 1,Burly 1,Fit 1,Hardy 1,Healthy 1,Hearty 1,Hunky 1,Husky 1,Lusty 1,Muscular 1,Powerful 1,Robust 1,Strapping 1,Strong 1,Sturdy 1,Trim 1,Vigorous 1,Well-built


1,Ample 1,Beefy 1,Bulky 1,Chubby 1,Chunky 1,Corn-fed 1,Corpulent 1,Fat 1,Fleshy 1,Full-figured 1,Heavy-set 1,Overweight 1,Paunchy 1,Porky 1,Portly 1,Pudgy 1,Roly-poly 1,Rotund 1,Round 1,Stout 1,Tubby 1,Well-padded 1,Zaftig


3,Dark 2,Rough 1,Fair 1,Light 1,Pale


1,Annoying 1,Deep 1,Gravel 1,High


1,Animal-hater 1,Animal-lover 1,Bashful 1,Boastful 1,Bookish 1,Boorish 1,Bored 1,Boring 1,Bossy 1,Businesslike 1,Calm 1,Cat-lover 1,Chatty 1,Cherubic 1,Childlike 1,Complainer 1,Confused 1,Courteous 1,Cynical 1,Daydreamer 1,Depressed 1,Diseased 1,Dislikes children 1,Dislikes crowds 1,Disorganized 1,Disrespectful 1,Dog-lover 1,Drunk 1,Emotionless 1,Familiar-looking 1,Fashionable 1,Fast-talker 1,Fatalistic 1,Fidgety 1,Flamboyant 1,Flea-infested 1,Flirtatious 1,Foppish 1,Forbidding 1,Forgetful 1,Foul-mouthed 1,Free-spirited 1,Friendly 1,Frightened 1,Frowning 1,Frustrated 1,Garrulous 1,Generous 1,Gentle 1,Giggly 1,Glaring 1,Glum 1,Gluttonous 1,Gnarled 1,Gossipy 1,Graceful 1,Grateful 1,Greedy 1,Grim 1,Grubby 1,Gruff 1,Guarded 1,Guilt-ridden 1,Gullible 1,Happy 1,Hard-hearted 1,Hard-nosed 1,Hardworking 1,Hates children 1,Haughty 1,Haunted 1,Heartbroken 1,Hedonistic 1,Helpful 1,Hero-worshiping 1,Hollow-eyed 1,Homesick 1,Hopeful 1,Hospitable 1,Hostile 1,Hot-tempered 1,Humble 1,Humorless 1,Husky 1,Hypochondriac 1,Inquisitive 1,Jaded 1,Jealous 1,Jumpy 1,Kind 1,Klutzy 1,Laconic 1,Lecherous 1,Likes children 1,Likes crowds 1,Limp 1,Lisping 1,Lively 1,Lonely 1,Looks drowsy 1,Loud 1,Lovesick 1,Low-voiced 1,Lusty 1,Machiavellian 1,Melancholy 1,Near-sighted 1,Nervous 1,Nostalgic 1,Nosy 1,Pack-rat 1,Patriotic 1,Patronizing 1,Pennypincher 1,Pessimistic 1,Pious 1,Poker-faced 1,Polite 1,Pouty 1,Probably crazy 1,Quiet 1,Rude 1,Salty 1,Shallow 1,Shifty 1,Shivering 1,Silent 1,Sing-song 1,Sloucher 1,Smiling 1,Smirking 1,Sneezes constantly 1,Solemn 1,Superstitious 1,Suspicious of everything 1,Uncomfortable around men 1,Uncomfortable around women 1,Well-bred


1,Adopts stray animals 1,Always bragging about past accomplishments, even made-up ones 1,Always breaks things, trips over things, etc 1,Always buying new clothes 1,Always corrects people 1,Always faces an emergency by taking command of the situation 1,Always gets off on a tirade when a particular subject is brought up 1,Always has money in his/her pocket to give to beggars or homeless 1,Always hides cash in socks, shorts, bra, etc 1,Always knows the direction he or she is traveling in 1,Always says “I worked hard!” to justify bad results 1,Always sits with back to the wall 1,Always speaks in a calm, cool voice, especially when enraged 1,Always speaks of themselves in the third person 1,Always treats everyone with respect, no matter their class or station 1,Always tweaks what he’s already completed, to make it better 1,Always wants someone to help, even with the simplest tasks 1,Always wears gloves in public 1,Asks for the same thing repeatedly, despite repeated assurances that it’s unfeasible, impossible, unavailable, etc 1,Becomes depressed unless given a steady stream of positive feedback 1,Becomes excited at the prospect of a favorite activity 1,Becomes increasingly eloquent when lying 1,Becomes mired in grief when a favorite fictional character dies 1,Believes God is a sham created by the clergy to get money 1,Believes people are born lucky or unlucky and will explain every event in these terms 1,Brushes teeth compulsively 1,Buys only red cars 1,Can find happiness with any lover 1,Can only see out of one eye or hear out of one ear 1,Can sneeze on demand 1,Can speak in a cartoon-like voice which sounds little or nothing like his/her real voice 1,Can’t resist a dare 1,Can’t resist a double dog dare 1,Can’t swallow pills (must dissolve or mush them up in food or drink) 1,Cannot drink anything with ice in it 1,Cannot sleep without socks on 1,Carries a large coin, which he or she is always rolling over his/her knuckles 1,Carries a snack with them everywhere “just in case” 1,Changes hair color weekly 1,Collector. Collects art, antiques, trinkets or bottle-caps, etc 1,Collects “tools of the trade”, even historical and outdated tools 1,Complains that an old wound pains them 1,Compulsively interrupts others telling stories, to interject “facts” he or she only knows from having heard the story before, not because they were involved with it 1,Considers themselves a good judge of character, but is not 1,Corrects people when they use colloquial speech 1,Could never accept that their close friend has a fatal flaw, even if true 1,Despises anything 1,Dislikes clothes (mainly shirts) 1,Dislikes music 1,Dislikes smoking 1,Dislikes tattoos 1,Distrusts everyone outside a circle of close friends 1,Doesn’t drink alcohol 1,Doesn’t eat green things 1,Doesn’t know how to dance 1,Doesn’t wash his/her hands after using the bathroom 1,Dots his/her I’s with a smiley face or heart 1,Drags his/her feet 1,Draws random doodles on any piece of paper in front of him/her and always carries a pen or pencil to facilitate this habit 1,Early morning jogger and health nut 1,Ends declarative sentences with interrogative inflection (“uptalks?”) 1,Enjoys being their own voice-over 1,Enjoys friendly rivalry with others 1,Excessively uses initials or acronyms for common and uncommon phrases … and doesn’t explain them 1,Falls into military “at ease” stance when relaxed 1,Fancies himself (or herself) a womanizer or mankiller, depending on preference 1,Gets angry when people mispronounce a certain word 1,Gets others to agree first to something they don’t want, knowing it will make it easier to get them to agree later to something they do want 1,Giggles when afraid 1,Goes barefoot whenever possible 1,Goes strictly by-the-book 1,Has 2 differently colored eyes 1,Has a fear of burning 1,Has a fear of developing B.O, therefore carries around various perfumes/colognes 1,Has a hairy big toe 1,Has a huge beard (or loves beards) 1,Has an autistic brother/sister who lives with him/her 1,Has an embarrassing and enraging nickname 1,Has an odd obsession 1,Has drawn up a list of transgressions and a revenge appropriate for each 1,Has odd sudden movements or ‘tics’ 1,Has outsized feet 1,Has several double-jointed body parts that bend or flex in an unnatural/uncanny way 1,Has several hidden body piercings or tattoos that regular clothing hide 1,Hates “Roughing it.” 1,Hates awkward silences, and feels obliged to fill them with bad jokes 1,Hates routine 1,Hogs the middle of any aisle, sidewalk, or other shared walkway, forcing others to move around him/her 1,If someone punches their left arm, they must hit the other arm to ‘even it out’ 1,Insists everyone call them by a different nickname each day, depending on their mood 1,Insists upon sparring in some sport, martial art, or competition every day 1,Intensely passionate in what they pursue and believe, often blowing up or screaming because of this passion 1,Is a bargain hunter 1,Is a chain smoker 1,Is a habitual sniffler even when he or she is healthy 1,Is a hypochondriac 1,Is a quadruplet 1,Is always at least ten minutes early to any meeting or appointment 1,Is always trying to recruit people to his/her religious/philosophical beliefs 1,Is an avid fisherman 1,Is an avid Hunter 1,Is an early riser 1,Is an incessant fidgeter and is always touching his/her face or head 1,Is disorganized (but always knows where everything is) 1,Is easily deceived by anyone who uses words he doesn’t understand 1,Is easily swayed by a pretty face 1,Is fickle 1,Is never seen without a baseball cap or stocking cap 1,Is obsessed with the idea that people must respect them 1,Is overly honest, always telling the truth even to his/her own detriment 1,Is prone to drinking binges 1,Is so determined to create a nuclear-free world that he/she has become a yes-person for all nonproliferation causes 1,Is strongly susceptible to “brain freeze.” 1,Is susceptible to malapropisms or spoonerisms 1,Is terrified of all bugs, even butterflies and moths 1,Is unable to digest proteins correctly and gets very ill if too much protein rich food is consumed 1,Is unable to take advice from anyone because he or she thinks that they know it all 1,Is upset when faced with a messy room 1,Keeps a journal 1,Keeps notes in a journal that is always in their pocket 1,Laughs at inappropriate times 1,Likes (or dislikes) to entertain 1,Likes a particular animal as a pet and will explain why that animal is the best 1,Likes a particular kind of music and will explain why it is the best 1,Likes music 1,Likes smoking 1,Likes tattoos 1,Likes tattoos on others 1,Likes to drink a hot cup of tea before bedtime 1,Likes to give small gifts, may be offended if not appreciated 1,Likes to humiliate their enemies 1,Likes to read books 1,Likes to take things apart to see how they work 1,Likes to tell bad jokes 1,Likes to tell tall tales 1,Likes to travel by water 1,Loathes to be photographed 1,Loves a particular drink (beer, wine, etc.) more than any other and will tell you so at length 1,Loves to wear costume jewelry, tricked out clothing, etc 1,Makes molehills out of mountains 1,Makes up random lies about unimportant things for no reason 1,Names and becomes attached to stuffed animals, caterpillars, rocks, raindrops on the window, etc 1,Narrates his own actions 1,Needs to be the center of attention 1,Never asks for help 1,Never forgets a favor or a debt owed 1,Never shows strong emotion 1,Never talks about their past 1,Once ran in a cross-country relay race and voluntarily chose the leg that was supposed to be the hardest 1,Once started hollering random numbers while someone was counting 1,Only strengthens their resolve when told, “It’ll never make any difference.” 1,Picks at nails 1,Practically gives money away, knowing it will come back manyfold 1,Prattles on about trivia when there are significant matters to discuss 1,Prefers to rely on instincts 1,Professes multiple, incompatible religions 1,Profusely sweats even when at rest 1,Raises chickens, pigs, or other small livestock 1,Refuses to fight with anyone wearing glasses 1,Refuses to go anywhere unarmed 1,Refuses to learn how to drive 1,Refuses to use the escalator, for fear of having a shoelace sucked under (even if wearing sandals!) 1,Refuses to wear a specific color 1,Regularly looks up at the sky to check the position of the sun/moon and comments on it 1,Relates everything to a fable or allegory 1,Shaves their head to avoid looking bald 1,Short, but envies those who are tall 1,Shouts “I’m here!” when startled 1,Sings old songs all the time 1,Speaks every errant thought 1,Stares into fires 1,Strongly dislikes the sound of chewing and hums a quiet song while eating 1,Takes every question as a criticism 1,Takes stupid bets/dares for small amounts of money 1,Talks to a pet about their problems 1,Talks to inanimate objects and/or their self 1,Talks to their equipment and gives them pet names (i.e., “Mr. Blackie Boots, I think it is time for US to beat a hasty retreat.”) 1,Tall, but envies those who are short 1,Toys with random objects (e.g. bottle caps, straws, chopsticks) 1,Turned on by any woman’s name (or man’s, depending on preference) with a certain sound in it 1,Twirls/Pulls/Plays with own hair often 1,Uses terms of endearment when angry. “Now dearie, you shouldn’t have done that.” 1,Very vain about his appearance 1,Wakes promptly at 6 AM; falls asleep at 10 PM 1,Was a ward of the court until age 18 1,Wear a pair of gloves that he/she is always adjusting 1,Wears an old headband at all times 1,Wears only new socks 1,Wears only one earring 1,Wears something [Color.bright] every day 1,When dining out, always tidies up the table and resets the condiments 1,When stressed or lying, speaks from the corner of his/her mouth 1,When traveling by car, always stops for dinner at the same fast food chain and orders the same meal 1,Whistles an annoying song at random time and refuses to stop 1,Will accept almost anything as “normal,” once it is explained, no matter how outlandish the explanation 1,Willing to do anything for new information 1,Writes with left hand, but does everything else right-handed


1,Always replies to any email within 24 hours 1,Always uses a handkerchief to touch a public telephone, chair, etc 1,Can calculate the total of any items put in a shopping cart and tax to within $0.05 1,Can name every freeway in Los Angeles, both name and number 1,Carries batteries with them everywhere “just in case” 1,Constantly quotes favorite movies and can usually identify the movie that a quote may come from 1,Firmly believes the lunar landing was faked on a North Dakota prairie 1,Forms an emotional attachment to fine cars, collectibles, etc., even if owned by someone else, and feels slighted if the they are mistreated 1,Has a Chia Pet collection, and all Chia Pets in this collection are growing chia 1,Is disgusted by the look of live fish, yet can eat cooked fish/sushi 1,Is obsessed with reducing his/her carbon footprint 1,Knows several people who work at fast food restaurants, but doesn’t work at a fast food restaurant 1,Once boycotted an airplane flight simply because of the atrocious carbon footprint 1,Once evacuated from a mere Category 1 hurricane, and has never lived in a mobile home 1,Reads every newspaper and website; watches every news program 1,Refuses to learn how to use a computer, but can’t live without their Blackberry 1,Regularly mispronounces a certain word or uses redundant terms (e.g. PIN number, ATM machine, Hot water heater)


1,Always salutes his foe before battle 1,Character is bigoted against a fantastical race 1,Character is bigoted against dwarves 1,Character is bigoted against elves 1,Character is bigoted against half-breeds 1,Committed to “Progress” and “Civilization.” 1,Detests barbarians and savage behavior 1,Detests Mages and magic in general 1,Detests Pirates 1,Dislikes white horses and will refuse to ride horses of this color 1,Is covered in Tattoos that subtly move 1,Likes white horses and will only ride horses of this color 1,Wears warpaint into battle 1,Xenophilic: Loves to be around other races


1,Always salutes his foe before battle 1,Collects lightsabres 1,Collects souvenirs from his fallen foes 1,Detests Jedi and the Force in general 1,Detests Pirates 1,Xenophilic: Loves to be around other races



  • -skinned
  • -voiced
  • build
  • complexion
  • ecto
  • endo
  • fantasyquirk
  • impression
  • long
  • main
  • meso
  • modernquirk
  • other
  • physical
  • short
  • starwarsquirk
  • stature

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