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Ten questions to add detail to your character's background:

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1,Did you catch the man who robbed you? 1,How did the character to your left save your life? 1,How did you burn your hand? 1,How did you get that scar? 1,How did you lose all that money? 1,How did you survive when the ship went down? 1,How did you survive that terrible hurricane without evacuating? 1,How long did you serve in the army? 1,How long were you at sea? 1,What three people will attend your funeral? 1,What's the highest level of education you received? 1,What's your earliest memory? 1,What are the first three things you see when you wake up? 1,What birthday present do you still treasure? Who gave it to you? 1,What is the weirdest nickname you had as a kid? 1,Why are you using that wheelchair? 1,Why didn't you take that last exit ramp? 1,Are you the person who lost the kitten? 1,Why did you marry the person you did? 1,Who beat you in the school spelling bee? 1,Who is your biggest role model? 1,What did you confess to the character to your right? 1,What did you get your niece for her birthday? 1,What did you want to be when you were a kid? 1,What does that key open? 1,When will you die? 1,Why are you still alive? 1,Why do you hate yourself so much? 1,Who do you think you are? 1,Can't you ever die? 1,Are you a sort of god? 1,Do you love yourself? 1,Didn't you see that banana peel? 1,Who really are you? 1,Are you the owner of the key? 1,What does your father do for a living? 1,What does your mother do for a living? 1,What happened to your clothes? 1,What is the highest you've ever climbed? 1,What was the worst date you've ever been on? 1,What was your first job? 1,When did your faith fail you? 1,When was the last time someone bought you a meal? Who, where and what? 1,Where did you hide the loot from the big score? 1,Where did you wake up after passing out? 1,Where do you eat breakfast? 1,Where do you go to pray? 1,Where do you hide? 1,Who was the worst boss you ever had? 1,Which god do you owe a favor to? 1,Who's your favorite sports team? 1,Who do you pay rent to? 1,Who ended your last relationship? 1,Who has a key to your place? 1,Who is the best person you know? 1,Who kicked your behind when you were a kid? 1,Who killed your sister? 1,Whose murder were you framed for? 1,Whose name is on that tattoo? 1,Who accused you of stealing their money? 1,Who serves your drinks? 1,Whose was the first funeral you remember? 1,Who takes your bets? 1,Is that a real tattoo? 1,Have you had that beard for a long time? Is there any story behind it? 1,Is that really your father? 1,Who taught you to read and write? 1,Why did you have that plastic surgery? 1,Who taught you to speak the languages you know? 1,Who thinks you're worth saving? 1,Who took your shoes? 1,What happened to your hair? 1,How did your parents die? 1,Why are you on the run from the law? 1,What's your favorite song? 1,Who wants to know your secret? 1,Who was the first person you saw killed? 1,Why can't you use your family name? 1,Why did you flee the circus? 1,What is your biggest irrational fear? 1,Why did you get married so young? 1,Why do you owe the character to your left money?</sgtable>

Based on Rob Donoghue's 52 Pickup Questions [1]