Character Concept of Mu

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Original entries on this table are from Judd Karlmann



1,A [personality] [profession] must [goal].


1,brutal 1,cold 1,cynical 1,dying 1,forlorn 1,holy 1,lovely 1,naïve 1,noble 1,sinewy 1,tortured 1,unholy 1,vengeful 1,well-meaning


1,Black Rock Gladiator 1,Chryse Plains Rider 1,Damsel Messiah 1,Damsel Messiah’s Warrior Zealot 1,Dictionarist Madman 1,Hy Brasilian Zealot 1,Kid with a Demonic Rock 1,Oasis Warlord 1,Primite Slavemaster 1,Slave 1,Wasteland Prophet 1,Wastelands Prophet 1,Witch King


1,bring about bits of dead history in order to make the world a better place 1,destroy tyrants who are crushing the life and spirit of Marr’d 1,drown the world in blood and tears of all those who have made the world a poorer place in order to see more gold in their pockets, more water in their wells and more fat on their ribs 1,find clean water for their tribe 1,force the world to taste their pain 1,get off this dying rock before it claims their soul 1,go to great lengths to be cured of their boredom, even if it means other’s pain 1,kill all in their way to freeing Marr’d from tyranny and evil 1,kill the man who destroyed their family and their people 1,make forests grow again in the Red Wastes 1,rule their own kingdom in order to create a corner of Marr’d that has justice and makes sense 1,save their sibling from a fate worse than death 1,take all the world can offer 1,unearth the glory of their ancestor’s history 1,usher their otherworldly child through this harsh, uncaring world