Champion of darkness

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1,[champion] [verb] to [goal] using [lair] as a [lairterm].[%servant]


5,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] the [description] [almosthuman] 3,[Demon generator.main] the [description] [demonic] [%demontitle] 3,[Creepy Fantasy Villain.main] 2,[Dragon description.main] It 2,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], the [Secret Society Title.main], 2,The [description] [beast] 1,[Cult.main]. It 1,[Demon generator.getname], a demon. [1E DMG Demon.main]. The demon 1,[Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] He 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.main] 1,[Secret Society Name.main], led by its [Secret Society Title.main], 1,The [Orc Tribe Name.main] tribe, led by [SGNP orcish.main],


1,attempts 1,desires 1,has plans 1,has started 1,intends 1,is moving 1,plots 1,schemes 1,wants 1,wishes


10,[placegoal] [place] 6,kill and destroy everything it can reach 4,corrupt [corrupttarget] 2,[itemgoal] [item] 2,[threat] 2,control [Secret Society Name.main] 1,[goal] to [goal] 1,addict mankind to [Herb Names.main] 1,be redeemed (no, really, do trust it) 1,use [item] to [goal]


7,[Poetic Destinations.main] 6,[Dungeon Area Name.main] 5,[Fantasy Adventure Generator.SpecificSetting] 4,[Pulp Fantasy Nation.countryname] 3,[Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Locations Lcase] 3,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 2,[Exotic Landscape.main] 2,[Fantasy Place Name.main] 2,[Fantasy Town Feature Description.main] 2,[Settlements.main] 1,[Fantasy Hex Contents.climate] [Fantasy Hex Contents.terrain] 1,[Fantasy plane.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Feature.main] 1,[FantasyCampsite.Type] 1,[Inn and Tavern Names.main] 1,[Pulp Location.main] 1,[Random Humanoid Horde.BattlefieldType] 1,[SGNP tavern.main] 1,[SGNP tavern.places] 1,[Wampus Country Frontier Town Name Generator.main] 1,[WrathofZombie's City District Generator.DNames] District: [WrathofZombie's City District Generator.DDistinctiveharacteristics] 1,another dimension


1,base of operations 1,den 1,fortress 1,headquarters 1,hideout 1,home base 1,lair 1,starting point


2,[Random Fantasy Plot.VILLAIN] 1,[Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Magical Characters] 1,[Character Concept of Mu.profession] 1,[Undead Software Programmer Character Concept.undeadType] 1,assassin 1,barbarian warlord 1,black knight 1,blackguard 1,dark lord 1,death knight 1,giant 1,necromancer 1,slavemaster 1,slayer 1,sorcerer 1,summoner 1,tyrant 1,vizier 1,warlord 1,witch


5,[Angel generator.main] 1,[Angels and demons.male], [Angels and demons.titlechance] 1,[Angels and demons.female], [Angels and demons.titlechance]


1,[New Monster Name.main] 1,giant [SpiritForm.AnimalForm] 1,gorgon 1,hydra 1,intelligent [Orc Tribe Name.Animal] 1,manticore 1,naga 1,sphinx


2,[angel] 2,[Random Fantasy Plot.HERO_ADJ] [Random Fantasy Plot.HERO] 2,everything that is good and [good] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartFemale] 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.main] 1,[Fantasy plane.heaven] 1,Saint [Catholic Saint Names.main]


5,balor 5,demon 5,devil 5,fiend 5,incubus 5,succubus 4,daemon 4,possessed [almosthuman] 3,demonic [beast] 1,imp


1, 1,[demontitle]


1,king 1,lady 1,lord 1,prince 1,princess 1,queen


4,[description] and [description] 3,[Random Fantasy Plot.BAD_ADJ] 2,[Positive,_Neutral,_Negative.negative] 1,corrupted 1,doom-bearing 1,evil 1,horrible 1,horrid 1,insane 1,malicious 1,plain nasty 1,spiteful 1,terrible 1,twisted 1,villainous 1,wicked


1,beautiful 1,glorious 1,holy 1,magnificent 1,noble 1,sacred 1,wondrous


4,[Object of Lore.main] 3,[Enchanted Items.main] 3,the [Weapon.NoDescription] [Weapon Names.main] 2,[Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Items Lcase] 2,[MonsterParts.main] 1,[ArcaneBooks.main] 1,[FantasyBooks.main] 1,[Spellbooks.main] The villain is


3,destroy 2,corrupt 2,find 1,[Pickpocket.StealVerb] 1,demolish 1,devastate 1,protect


12,[lair] 5,[Fantasy plane.main] 1,everything 1,the kingdom 1,the world


1,blaspheme 1,burn 1,conquer 1,control 1,desecrate 1,destroy 1,devastate 1,pillage 1,raid


1, 1, The champion is served by [servant].


1, a demon: [1E DMG Demon.main] 1,[Cult.main]. The champion steers the cult, despite what the cult believes 1,[Delver Fate.deep_nation] 1,[Delver Fate.dungeonpredator] 1,[Delver Fate.crew] 1,[Delver Fate.humanoids] 1,[Delver Fate.sewer monsters] 1,[Delver Fate.tribalpets] 1,[Delver Fate.subsea_nation] 1,[Dragon description.main] 1,[Dwarf Unit.main] 1,[Guards.main] 1,[Quick Zone Populations.anygroup] 1,[Siege Force.random] 1,[Splats.main] 1,a dragon: [Unique dragons of awe and horror.main]


1,demand tribute from [threatnature] 1,make [threatnature] unstoppable 1,take control of [threatnature] 1,use [threatnature] to [goal]


10,[Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Threats Lcase] 1,[Pulp Character Concept.evil]


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