Benign Wilderness Encounter

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1,A hole penetrates the ground 1,A rusty suit of armor 1,A shadow passes across the ground 1,Abandoned shack 1,Active bees nest 1,An earsplitting squawk 1,An oasis 1,An unusually cool breeze 1,Ancient snag filled with tiny holes 1,Approaching lightning storm 1,Arid dust coats your mouth 1,Bear tracks 1,Beaver pond/dam 1,Birds of prey circling overhead 1,Bog 1,Broken, rotted wagon wheel 1,Burned area (trees standing, no undergrowth, all black) 1,Carpet Of spongy moss over large area 1,Caterpillar or grub-infested tree 1,Cave or large den 1,Cloud of insects moves across path 1,Cloud shaped like a holy symbol scuds out of sight 1,Couple of rats are following you 1,Coyotes fighting over a a kill 1,Creek bars path 1,Crow squawks repeatedly on approach 1,Dark storm cloud approaches 1,Dead, rotted, burnt, headless troll body 1,Deer tracks 1,Deja vu 1,Disabled wagon with nearby dead campfire 1,Discarded, tattered cloak 1,Disheveled shrine or grave marker 1,Dug, shallow hole 1,Earthquake (mild, moderate, or severe) 1,Eerily quiet 1,Feral cat trails the party 1,Fern-filled clearing 1,Few scattered and broken arrows or bolts 1,Few sun bleached papers 1,Field of dead trees 1,Find 1,copper piece 1,Fish bones 1,Fool’s gold sparkles in the dirt 1,Forgotten dagger jammed into stump or earth 1,Giant feather 1,Giant mushroom grove 1,Great toppled tree, roots outstretched 1,Groundhog colony: big holes, mounds of dirt 1,Group of bats rise in the distance 1,Hatched eggs below abandoned nest 1,Hawk takes mole/mouse near party 1,Howling gust of wind 1,Howling/barking in the distance 1,Huge spider’s web 1,Huge stick insect or mantis moves into the foliage 1,Humanoid statue (flesh to stone) 1,Injured woodland creature lies helpless 1,Large animal crashes through the brush 1,Large beetle buzzes around head 1,Large bird (heron) seems to follow you 1,Large boot tracks in mud 1,Large insect moult 1,Large patch of brightly colored mushrooms 1,Large patch or hill of flowers 1,Large splatter of bird droppings 1,Large tree with face image in bark 1,Many thousands of ants crawl 1,Mother bear protecting cubs 1,Odd crystalline growth 1,Ogre skull 1,Old ring sticks out of the dirt 1,Old, rotted horse carcass 1,One person has an intense itch 1,One person’s ears begin to ring 1,Pair of small birds harass PCs 1,Patch of berried bushes 1,Patch of unusual fungi 1,Patch of vines strangling a tree 1,Picked mushrooms laying on stump to dry 1,Pleasant voice seems to chant on the breeze 1,Puddle/nearly dry watering hole 1,Punctured waterskin or flask on path 1,Rainbow in the distance 1,Rats are rummaging through PCs’ food 1,Ray of sun light hits tree or bush 1,Remnants of old campfire 1,Rocks falling in the distance 1,Rocky outcropping 1,Rusty weapon 1,Sandstorm 1,Sentry animal (probably bird or rodent) raises alarm 1,Shopping list for potion is found 1,Skeleton of a humanoid 1,Skeleton of an animal 1,Skunk smell 1,Small dust whirlwind 1,Small pond 1,Smoke rises in distance 1,Snake slithers away 1,Something scurries away (chipmunk) 1,Something stirs below the water’s surface 1,Squirrels chasing each other 1,Stack of rocks piled high 1,Stand of birch trees 1,Stench of feces 1,Stick-figure voodoo doll(s) found 1,Stung by a bee 1,Sudden sun shower 1,Sweet smell of honeysuckle 1,Tornado 1,Tree falls in the distance 1,Tree with bark chewed or clawed off the bottom 1,Two Goblin/Kobold children are fighting over a fish 1,Unusual patch of very lush growth 1,Very friendly skunk 1,Wild boar 1,Wild horses 1,Wind kicks up 1,Wolf/dog tracks 1,Writing carved into tree 1,You get a dull, throbbing headache


The content (initially) used for this table came from Roleplaying Tips. You should subscribe!