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Generate books for Ars Magica mages to hoard, covet, and study. Inspired by the answers to this question on RPG.SE


<sgdisplay iterations="1">Upon further inspection, this book appears to be a treatise on [main].
That dusty book at the bottom of the chest? A summa on [main].
It looks like that dead redcap was carrying a tractus on [main].



1,the Art of [form] 1,the Art of [technique] 1,[knowledge]


1,Creo 1,Rego 1,Muto 1,Intellego 1,Perdo


1,Animal 1,Aquam 1,Auram 1,Corpus 1,Herbam 1,Ignem 1,Imaginem 1,Mentem 1,Terram 1,Vim


1,Faerie Lore 1,Hermetic Law 1,Occult Lore 1,Magic Theory 1,Member Specific Lore 1,Local Lore 1,Natural Lore 1,Specific Regio Lore 1,Political Lore