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This page has various animal generators. These generators are built around function rather than accurate genus and species. For example, if you're making a Trollbabe who has the horns of a (animal here), you want to generate a horned animal, using the table [Animal.hornedanimal]



A mammal: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[animalmammal]</sgdisplay>


A bird: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[animalbird]</sgdisplay>


An insect: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[animalinsect]</sgdisplay>


A reptile or amphibian: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[animalreptile]</sgdisplay>


A fish, worm, crustacean, or other animal that doesn't fit into the mammal/bird/reptile/insect categories: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[animalother]</sgdisplay>


Livestock and smaller animals likely to be found near civilization: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[domesticanimal]</sgdisplay>


An animal with horns or tusks: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[hornedanimal]</sgdisplay>


An animal with hooves: <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[hoovedanimal]</sgdisplay>


Animal characteristically used in heraldry: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Emblazoned on the shield of [Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], a [Color.dark] [symbolicanimal] was clearly visible"</sgdisplay>


Animals characteristically used in heraldry plus distinctive animals not usually seen in heraldry given equal weight for weirder settings: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Emblazoned on the shield of [Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], a [Color.dark] [Weirdsymbol] was clearly visible"</sgdisplay>


Animals of an ordinary Earthly nature: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[ordinaryanimal]</sgdisplay>

d20 Uses:

All these examples use animal lists from the standard d20 listing of creatures


An animal with feathers: Picks from [fantasyCommonFeathers] and [fantasyExoticFeathers]: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"[Fantasy Names.StartFemaleNoTitle] wore a beautiful headdress to the ball, plumed with [fantasyFeathered] feathers."</sgdisplay>


An animal with fur: Picks from [fantasyCommonFurred] and [fantasyExoticFurred]: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Across the wall were mounted the various heads of hunting trophies from over the years, and across the main, high-backed chair, a cape of [fantasyFurred] fur was draped."</sgdisplay>


An animal with scales: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"The signature item dominating the display window of the armorer's shop was a masterwork set of scale armor, fashioned from the hide of a [fantasyScaled]."</sgdisplay>


An animal with a tan-able hide: Picks from [fantasyCommonHide] and [fantasyExoticHide]: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"If you want a really unique drum, you should make it out of [fantasyHide]."</sgdisplay>


An animal found on land: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Cresting the hill, you see in the valley below you, a [fantasyLand]."</sgdisplay>


An animal found in the water: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Diving beneath the waters, you come face-to-face with a [fantasyAquatic]."</sgdisplay>


A human-sized and -shaped animal: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Approaching you on the road from the other direction is a [fantasyHumanoid]."</sgdisplay>


Not an animal, but found in fantasy settings: <sgdisplay iterations="1">"After setting up camp for the evening, you are interrupted by a [fantasyCreature]."</sgdisplay>


Some type of fantastical fauna: Combines the [fantasyLandAnimal] and [fantasyAquaticAnimal] to cover all types of animals, plus [fantasyHumanoid] and [fantasyCreature] to cover all possibilities. <sgdisplay iterations="1">"Look out! It's a [fantasyAll]!"</sgdisplay>

Other examples:

A chimera: A <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[hornedanimal]-horned [hoovedanimal]-hooved [symbolicanimal]</sgdisplay>



1,alpaca 1,anteater 1,antelope 1,armadillo 1,baboon 1,badger 1,bandicoot 1,bat 1,brown bear 1,black bear 1,grizzly bear 1,polar bear 1,beaver 1,binturong 1,boar 1,bobcat 1,bull 1,bactrian camel 1,dromedary camel 1,capybara 1,cat 1,cheetah 1,chimpanzee 1,chipmunk 1,civet 1,coyote 1,dhole 1,dog 1,dolphin 1,donkey 1,elephant 1,elk 1,ermine 1,fennec 1,ferret 1,flying fox 1,fox 1,gazelle 1,gerbil 1,giraffe 1,goat 1,gorilla 1,hamster 1,hare 1,hedgehog 1,hippopotamus 1,hog 1,horse 1,hound 1,hyena 1,hyrax 1,jackal 1,jaguar 1,kangaroo 1,koala 1,lemur 1,leopard 1,lion 1,llama 1,lynx 1,manatee 1,marten 1,mastodon 1,meerkat 1,mink 1,mole 1,monkey 1,mountain goat 1,mouse 1,musk ox 1,muskrat 1,narwhal 1,nyala 1,ocelot 1,okapi 1,opossum 1,orangutan 1,otter 1,panda 1,pangolin 1,panther 1,peccary 1,pig 1,platypus 1,pony 1,porcupine 1,prairie dog 1,puma 1,rabbit 1,raccoon 1,ram 1,rat 1,reindeer 1,rhinoceros 1,sable 1,sabre-toothed tiger 1,sea lion 1,seal 1,shrew 1,skunk 1,sloth 1,squirrel 1,stag 1,stoat 1,tamarind 1,thylacine 1,tiger 1,vicuna 1,viscacha 1,walrus 1,water buffalo 1,weasel 1,whale 1,killer whale 1,wildebeest 1,wolf 1,wolverine 1,wombat 1,yak 1,zebra 1,zebu


1,black ant 1,fire ant 1,red ant 1,bee 1,beetle 1,bumblebee 1,butterfly 1,caterpillar 1,centipede 1,cicada 1,cockroach 1,cricket 1,damselfly 1,deerfly 1,dragonfly 1,earwig 1,firefly 1,fly 1,gnat 1,grasshopper 1,hornet 1,horsefly 1,inchworm 1,katydid 1,ladybug 1,millipede 1,mosquito 1,moth 1,luna moth 1,pill bug 1,praying mantis 1,scorpion 1,web spider 1,hunting spider 1,tarantula 1,walking stick 1,wasp 1,water strider 1,weevil


1,alligator 1,boa constrictor 1,caiman 1,chameleon 1,cobra 1,coral snake 1,crocodile 1,garter snake 1,gecko 1,iguana 1,lizard 1,frilled lizard 1,gila monster 1,komodo dragon 1,monitor lizard 1,tuatara 1,python 1,rattlesnake 1,tortoise 1,turtle 1,water moccasin


1,albatross 1,bird of paradise 1,blackbird 1,blue jay 1,buzzard 1,chicken 1,crane 1,crow 1,duck 1,eagle 1,egret 1,emu 1,falcon 1,goose 1,hawk 1,hummingbird 1,ibis 1,kingfisher 1,macaw 1,ostrich 1,owl 1,parakeet 1,parrot 1,partridge 1,peacock 1,pelican 1,penguin 1,quail 1,raven 1,robin 1,seagull 1,sparrow 1,starling 1,stork 1,swallow 1,swan 1,toucan 1,turkey 1,vulture


1,amoeba 1,angelfish 1,barracuda 1,bass 1,clam 1,clown fish 1,cod 1,coral 1,crab 1,crayfish 1,earthworm 1,eel 1,fish 1,flounder 1,frog 1,halibut 1,leech 1,lobster 1,maggot 1,manta ray 1,minnow 1,newt 1,octopus 1,oyster 1,salamander 1,salmon 1,sardine 1,seahorse 1,shark 1,hammerhead shark 1,shrimp 1,slug 1,snail 1,squid 1,sturgeon 1,swordfish 1,tilapia 1,toad 1,trout 1,tuna


1,bull 1,calf 1,lamb 1,mule 1,ox 1,pony 1,ram 1,rooster 1,sheep 1,dog 1,pig 1,goat 1,cattle 1,zebu 1,cat 1,chicken 1,guinea pig 1,donkey 1,duck 1,water buffalo 1,horse 1,camel 1,silk moth 1,pigeon 1,goose 1,yak 1,llama 1,alpaca 1,guinea fowl 1,ferret 1,fancy mouse 1,ringneck dove 1,bali cattle 1,gayal 1,turkey 1,goldfish 1,rabbit 1,canary 1,carabao 1,fighting fish 1,lab rat 1,koi 1,silver fox 1,hedgehog 1,society finch 1,guppy


2,boar 2,bull 2,ram 2,reindeer 2,goat 1,elephant 1,rhino 1,yak 1,dikdik 1,narwhal 1,cachalot whale 1,hippopotamus 1,hornbill 1,mammoth 1,unicorn 1,walrus 1,deer 1.giraffe 2,antelope 1,gazelle 1,elk


1,alpaca 2,llama 2,horse 2,goat 1,pig 1,cow 1,bull 1,kudu 2,deer 1,antelope 1,gazelle 1,sheep 1,elk 1,moose 1,boar 1,giraffe 1,water buffalo 1,zebu


3,lion 3,wolf 3,eagle 3,hawk 3,serpent 3,crow 3,bull 1,hound 1,vulture 1,whale 1,bat 1,monkey 1,rat 1,ferret 1,shark 1,falcon 1,turtle 1,horse 1,tiger 1,panther 1,gull 1,hare 1,elephant 1,boar 1,hyena 1,gorilla 1,vulture 1,elephant 1,yak


1,amoeba 1,albatross 1,alligator 1,alpaca 1,angelfish 1,black ant 1,fire ant 1,red ant 1,anteater 1,antelope 1,armadillo 1,baboon 1,badger 1,barracuda 1,bass 1,bat 1,brown bear 1,black bear 1,grizzly bear 1,panda bear 1,polar bear 1,beaver 1,bee 1,beetle 1,bird of paradise 1,bison/buffalo 1,blackbird 1,blue jay 1,boa constrictor 1,boar 1,bobcat 1,bumblebee 1,bull 1,butterfly 1,buzzard 1,caiman 1,calf 1,bactrian camel 1,dromedary camel 1,cat 1,caterpillar 1,centipede 1,chameleon 1,cheetah 1,chicken 1,chimpanzee 1,chipmunk 1,cicada 1,clam 1,clown fish 1,cobra 1,cod 1,coral 1,coral snake 1,spitting cobra 1,cockroach 1,cougar/mountain lion 1,cow 1,coyote 1,crab 1,crane 1,crayfish 1,cricket 1,crocodile 1,crow 1,damselfly 1,deer 1,deerfly 1,dinosaur 1,archaeopteryx 1,brontosaurus 1,megaraptor 1,plesiosaur 1,pterodactyl 1,triceratops 1,tyrannosaurus 1,dog 1,wild dog 1,dolphin 1,donkey 1,dragonfly 1,duck 1,eagle 1,earthworm 1,earwig 1,eel 1,egret 1,elephant 1,elk 1,emu 1,ermine 1,falcon 1,ferret 1,firefly 1,fish 1,flounder 1,fly 1,flying fox 1,fox 1,frog 1,garter snake 1,gazelle 1,gecko 1,gerbil 1,giraffe 1,gnat 1,goat 1,goose 1,gorilla 1,grasshopper 1,halibut 1,hamster 1,hare 1,hawk 1,hedgehog 1,hippopotamus 1,hog 1,hornet 1,horse 1,riding horse 1,draft horse 1,foal 1,stallion 1,horsefly 1,hound 1,hummingbird 1,hyena 1,ibis 1,iguana 1,inchworm 1,jackal 1,jaguar 1,kangaroo 1,katydid 1,kingfisher 1,koala 1,kudu 1,ladybug 1,lamb 1,leech 1,lemur 1,leopard 1,lion 1,lizard 1,frilled lizard 1,gila monster 1,komodo dragon 1,monitor lizard 1,llama 1,lobster 1,lynx 1,macaw 1,maggot 1,mamba 1,manatee 1,manta ray 1,marten 1,mastodon 1,meerkat 1,millipede 1,mink 1,minnow 1,mole 1,monkey 1,moose 1,mountain goat 1,mouse 1,mosquito 1,moth 1,luna moth 1,mule 1,musk ox 1,muskrat 1,narwhal 1,newt 1,ocelot 1,octopus 1,opossum 1,orangutan 1,ostrich 1,otter 1,owl 1,ox 1,oyster 1,panther 1,parakeet 1,parrot 1,partridge 1,peacock 1,peccary 1,pelican 1,penguin 1,pig 1,pigeon 1,platypus 1,pill bug 1,pony 1,poodle 1,praying mantis 1,porcupine 1,prairie dog 1,python 1,quail 1,rabbit 1,raccoon 1,reindeer 1,ram 1,rat 1,rattlesnake 1,raven 1,rhinoceros 1,robin 1,rooster 1,sabre-toothed tiger 1,salamander 1,salmon 1,sardine 1,scorpion 1,seagull 1,sea lion 1,seahorse 1,seal 1,serpent 1,shark 1,hammerhead shark 1,sheep 1,shrew 1,shrimp 1,skunk 1,sloth 1,slug 1,snail 1,sparrow 1,spider 1,squid 1,squirrel 1,stag 1,starling 1,stork 1,sturgeon 1,swallow 1,swan 1,swordfish 1,tarantula 1,tiger 1,toad 1,tortoise 1,toucan 1,trout 1,tuna 1,turtle 1,turkey 1,viper 1,vulture 1,walking stick 1,walrus 1,wasp 1,water buffalo 1,water moccasin 1,water strider 1,weasel 1,weevil 1,whale 1,killer whale 1,wildebeest 1,wolf 1,wolverine 1,wombat 1,yak 1,zebra


1,[hornedanimal] 1,[hoovedanimal] 1,[symbolicanimal] 1,[Weirdsymbol] 1,[fantasyCommonFeathers] 1,[fantasyCommonFurred] 1,[fantasyCommonHide]


3,[fantasyCommonFeathers] 1,[fantasyExoticFeathers]


1,bird of paradise 1,blackbird 1,buzzard 2,chicken 2,dove 2,eagle 1,hawk 2,ostrich 1,owl 5,peacock 2,pheasant 2,quail 2,raven 1,stork 2,swan 2,turkey 2,rooster 1,duck 1,goose


2,achaierai 1,astral deva 1,planetar 1,solar 1,trumpet archon 5,arrowhawk 1,avoral 2,couatl 15,giant eagle 10,giant owl 10,griffon 1,harpy 10,hippogriff 1,lammasu 1,lillend 10,owlbear 5,pegasus 2,phoenix 10,roc 2,sphinx 1,vrock


3,[fantasyCommonFurred] 1,[fantasyExoticFurred]


1,ape 1,alpaca 1,baboon 1,badger 5,bison 5,brown bear 5,black bear 3,polar bear 3,beaver 3,boar 1,camel 1,cat 3,cheetah/leopard 1,dog 1,donkey 1,ermine/mink 1,fox 1,hyena 1,horse 3,lion 1,llama 1,mule 1,rabbit 1,raccoon 1,rat 1,sable 1,seal/sea lion 1,sheep 3,tiger 1,weasel 3,wolf 1,wolverine 1,worg


1,barghest 3,blink dog 5,displacer beast 1,dragonne 3,girallon 1,griffon 1,hell hound 1,hippogriff 3,krenshar 1,manticore 1,nightmare 1,pegasus 1,rakshasa 3,shadow mastiff 1,unicorn 5,winter wolf 3,yeth hound


1,basilisk 1,behir 1,black dragon 1,blue dragon 1,brass dragon 1,bronze dragon 1,bulette 1,chimera 1,chuul 1,constrictor snake 1,copper dragon 1,crocodile 1,cryohydra 1,dragon turtle 1,gold dragon 1,gorgon 1,green dragon 1,grick 1,hydra 1,lillend 1,lizard 1,lizardfolk 1,merfolk 1,naga 1,psudodragon 1,pyrohydra 1,red dragon 1,salamander 1,shocker lizard 1,silver dragon 1,viper snake 1,white dragon 1,wyvern


3,[fantasyCommonHide] 1,[fantasyExoticHide]


8,alligator/crocodile 3,ape 2,bat 7,bison 7,boar 2,camel 11,cow/ox 8,deer 5,elephant 5,horse 5,lizard 6,pig 5,rhinoceros 2,seal/sea lion 5,shark 6,sheep 8,snake 1,water buffalo 1,zebu


6,basilisk 5,behir 3,bulette 7,chimera 20,dinosaur 15,dragon 5,dragonne 7,hydra 5,naga 3,purple worm 3,ravid 3,remorhaz 3,shocker lizard


1,ape 1,baboon 1,badger 1,bat 1,black bear 1,brown bear 1,polar bear 1,bison 1,boar 1,camel 1,cat 1,cheetah 1,chicken 1,constrictor snake 1,giant constrictor snake 1,crocodile 1,giant crocodile 1,deinonychus 1,elasmosaurus 1,megaraptor 1,triceratops 1,tyrannosaurus 1,dire ape 1,dire badger 1,dire bat 1,dire bear 1,dire boar 1,dire lion 1,dire rat 1,dire shark 1,dire tiger 1,dire weasel 1,dire wolf 1,dire wolverine 1,dog 1,riding dog 1,wild dog 1,donkey 1,eagle 1,elephant 1,ermine 1,gerbil 1,giraffe 1,hawk 1,heavy horse 1,light horse 1,hyena 1,leopard 1,lion 1,lizard 1,monitor lizard 1,monkey 1,mule 1,newt 1,ostrich 1,owl 1,pony 1,war pony 1,rat 1,raven 1,rhinoceros 1,roc 1,huge viper snake 1,large viper snake 1,medium viper snake 1,small viper snake 1,tiny viper snake 1,tiger 1,toad 1,turkey 1,heavy warhorse 1,light warhorse 1,water buffalo 1,weasel 1,wolf 1,wolverine


1,barracuda 1,baleen whale 1,blue whale 1,cachalot whale 1,dolphin 1,manta ray 1,octopus 1,giant octopus 1,orca 1,huge shark 1,large shark 1,medium shark 1,porpoise 1,salmon 1,seahorse 1,squid 1,giant squid 1,sturgeon 1,electric eel 1,pufferfish


50,[plainHumanoid] 1,[humanoidTemplate] [plainHumanoid]


1,bugbear 1,deep dwarf 1,duergar dwarf 1,hill dwarf 1,mountain dwarf 1,aquatic elf 1,drow elf 1,gray elf 1,half-elf elf 1,high elf 1,wild elf 1,wood elf 1,gnoll 1,forest gnome 1,rock gnome 1,svirfneblin gnome 1,goblin 1,deep halfling 1,lightfoot halfling 1,tallfellow halfling 1,hobgoblin 1,human 1,kobold 1,lizardfolk 1,locathah 1,merfolk 1,ogrillion 1,orog 1,orc 1,half-orc 1,troglodyte


1,lycanthropic (werewolf) 1,lycanthropic (werebear) 1,lycanthropic (wereboar) 1,lycanthropic (dire wereboar) 1,lycanthropic (wererat) 1,lycanthropic (weretiger) 1,vampiric 1,skeletal 1,zombie 1,celestial 1,fiendish 1,half-celestial 1,half-fiend 1,half-dragon


1,skeletal 1,zombie 1,celestial 1,fiendish 1,half-celestial 1,half-fiend 1,half-dragon


50,[plainFantasyCreature] 1,[fantasyTemplate] [plainFantasyCreature]


1,aboleth 1,aboleth mage 1,achaierai 1,air elemental 1,allip 1,astral deva 1,planetar 1,solar 1,ankheg 1,aranea 1,hound archon 1,hound hero archon 1,lantern archon 1,trumpet archon 1,adult arrowhawk 1,elder arrowhawk 1,juvenile arrowhawk 1,assassin vine 1,athach 1,avoral 1,azer 1,barghest 1,greater barghest 1,basilisk 1,greater abyssal basilisk 1,behir 1,belker 1,black dragon 1,blink dog 1,blue dragon 1,bodak 1,bralani 1,brass dragon 1,bronze dragon 1,bulette 1,centaur 1,chaos beast 1,chimera 1,choker 1,chuul 1,cloaker 1,cockatrice 1,copper dragon 1,couatl 1,cryohydra 1,darkmantle 1,delver 1,babau demon 1,balor demon 1,bebilith demon 1,dretch demon 1,glabrezu demon 1,hezrou demon 1,marilith demon 1,nalfeshnee demon 1,quasit demon 1,retriever demon 1,succubus demon 1,vrock demon 1,derro 1,destrachan 1,barbed (hamatula) devil 1,bearded (barbazu) devil 1,bone (osyluth) devil 1,chain (kyton) devil 1,erinyes devil 1,hellcat (bezekira) devil 1,horned (cornugon) devil 1,ice (gelugon) devil 1,imp devil 1,lemure devil 1,pit fiend devil 1,devourer 1,digester 1,doppelganger 1,dragon turtle 1,dragonne 1,drider 1,dryad 1,earth elemental 1,elephant 1,ethereal filcher 1,ethereal marauder 1,ettercap 1,ettin 1,fire elemental 1,formian myrmarch 1,formian queen 1,formian taskmaster 1,formian warrior 1,formian worker 1,frost worm 1,shrieker fungus 1,violet fungus 1,gargoyle 1,kapoacinth gargoyle 1,djinni 1,efreeti 1,janni 1,noble djinn 1,ghaele 1,ghoul 1,ghast 1,lacedon ghoul 1,queen giant ant 1,soldier giant ant 1,worker giant ant 1,giant bee 1,giant bombardier beetle 1,giant fire beetle 1,giant praying manits 1,giant stag beetle 1,giant wasp 1,cloud giant 1,fire giant 1,frost giant 1,frost jarl giant 1,hill giant 1,stone giant 1,stone giant elder 1,storm giant 1,gibbering mouther 1,girallon 1,gold dragon 1,clay golem 1,flesh golem 1,greater stone golem 1,iron golem 1,stone golem 1,gorgon 1,gray render 1,green dragon 1,grick 1,griffon 1,grimlock 1,annis hag 1,green hag 1,sea hag 1,harpy 1,harpy archer 1,hell hound 1,nessian warhound 1,hippogriff 1,homunculus 1,howler 1,hydra 1,kolyarut inevitable 1,marut inevitable 1,zelekhut inevitable 1,invisible stalker 1,kobold 1,kraken 1,krenshar 1,lamia 1,lammasu 1,golden protector lammasu 1,leonal 1,lillend 1,magmin 1,manta ray 1,manticore 1,medusa 1,air mephit 1,dust mephit 1,earth mephit 1,fire mephit 1,ice mephit 1,magma mephit 1,ooze mephit 1,salt mephit 1,steam mephit 1,water mephit 1,mimic 1,minotaur 1,mohrg 1,monstrous centipede 1,monstrous scorpion 1,monstrous spider 1,mummy 1,mummy lord 1,dark naga 1,guardian naga 1,spirit naga 1,water naga 1,night hag 1,nightmare 1,cauchemar nightmare 1,nightcrawler 1,nightwalker 1,nightwing 1,nymph 1,ogre 1,ogre barbarian 1,ogre mage 1,merrow ogre 1,black pudding 1,elder black pudding 1,gelatinous cube 1,gray ooze 1,ochre jelly 1,orca 1,otyugh 1,giant owl 1,owlbear 1,pegasus 1,phantom fungus 1,phase spider 1,phasm 1,aasimar 1,tiefling 1,pseudodragon 1,purple worm 1,pyrohydra 1,rakshasa 1,rast 1,ravid 1,red dragon 1,remorhaz 1,roc 1,roper 1,rust monster 1,sahuagin 1,salamander 1,flamebrother salamander 1,noble salamander 1,satyr 1,sea cat 1,shadow 1,shadow mastiff 1,greater shadow 1,shambling mound 1,shield guardian 1,shocker lizard 1,silver dragon 1,skum 1,spectre 1,androsphinx 1,criosphinx 1,gynosphinx 1,hieracosphinx 1,spider eater 1,grig 1,nixie 1,pixie 1,stirge 1,tarrasque 1,tendriculos 1,thoqqua 1,titan 1,adult tojanida 1,elder tojanida 1,juvenile tojanida 1,treant 1,triton 1,troll 1,hunter troll 1,scrag troll 1,unicorn 1,celestial charger 1,vampire spawn 1,vargouille 1,water elemental 1,white dragon 1,wight 1,will-o'-wisp 1,winter wolf 1,worg 1,wraith 1,dread wraith 1,wyvern 1,xill 1,xorn 1,elder xorn 1,minor xorn 1,yeth hound 1,yrthak


1,[fantasyHumanoid] 1,[fantasyLandAnimal] 1,[fantasyAquaticAnimal] 1,[fantasyCreature]