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Red & Pleasant Land Interior Generator

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Freebooters Spell Generator

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Caves of Chaos Event Generator

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Courtney Campbell NPCS Generator

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5,No conflicts today! 1,[faction1] met with [faction2]. [Outcome]


1,The Kobolds (A) 1,The Orcs of the Bloody Fist (B) 1,The Fan-Fingered Orcs (C) 1,The Goblins (D) 1,The Ogre (E) 1,The Hobgoblins (F) 1,The Owlbear (G) 1,The Bugbears (H) 1,The Minotaur (I) 1,The Gnolls (J) 1,The Evil Priests (K) 1,A party of adventurers


1,the Kobolds (A) 1,the Orcs of the Bloody Fist (B) 1,the Fan-Fingered Orcs (C) 1,the Goblins (D) 1,the Ogre (E) 1,the Hobgoblins (F) 1,the Owlbear (G) 1,the Bugbears (H) 1,the Minotaur (I) 1,the Gnolls (J) 1,the Evil Priests (K) 1,a party of adventurers


1,They skirmished, but neither side gained much ground. 1,The [which] have been damaged, losing 1d4 members from each encounter. 1,The [which] were crippled, losing 1d12 members from each encounter. 1,The [which] were wiped out. [wipeout], and the survivors have been [survivors]. 1,Both factions were damaged, losing 1d4 members from each encounter. 1,Both factions were crippled, losing 1d12 members from each encounter. 1,Both factions were wiped out. The lair of the former has been [wipeout2] and the survivors [survivors], while that of the latter has been [wipeout2] and the survivors [survivors]. 1,[alliance]


1,former 1,latter


1,Their lair lies abandoned but unraided 1,Their lair lies empty 1,Their lair has been taken over 1,[faction1] have moved into their lair


1,abandoned 1,emptied 2,taken over by [faction2]


1,killed 1,driven off 1,enslaved


2,They have formed [adjective] alliance. 1,The [which] killed the other's leader and took over their lair.


1,an unsteady 1,a mutually beneficial 1,an exploitative 1,a pointless 1,a misguided 1,a prosperous 1,an unlikely 1,a tenuous


1, Filthy 1, Unkempt hair 1, Facial twitch 1, Long limbed 1, Fat faced 1, Multiple Chins 1, Gut 1, Large gut 1, Huge gut 1, Barrel Chested 1, Hawk nose 1, Bulging eyes 1, No hair/Bald 1, Socially awkward – stares 1, Socially awkward–Ø eye contact 1, Interjects “Ahum” 1, Clipped speech 1, Dipping 1, Currently drunk, hiding it 1, Average looking 1, Penguin toed 1, Sways 1, Wears glasses/monocle 1, Hair covers eyes 1, Missing 1d4 fingers 1, Missing ear 1, Tall 1, Big 1, Short 1, Narrow 1, Wide 1, Athletic 1, Hunched 1, Sickly 1, Unibrow 1, Nice smile 1, Greasy hair 1, Toned/fit 1, Tan 1, Colored hair 1, Thin hair 1, Burn scars 1, Lazy eye 1, Limps 1, Cough 1, Invents words 1, Eye twitch 1, Muscle twitch 1, Obese 1, Clean cut 1, Flat affect 1, Loud 1, Poor personal boundaries 1, Round 1, Scabbed 1, Psoriasis 1, Warts 1, Lice 1, Chews lip 1, Bites nails 1, Meek Looking 1, Long hair 1, Shirtless/Scantly clad 1, Shirtless/Scantly clad & fat/lush 1, Shirtless/Scantly clad pale 1, Shirtless/Scantly clad flabby 1, Shirtless/Scantly clad dark 1, Shirtless/Scantly clad and ripped 1, Histrute 1, Think 1, Thick 1, Average 1, Speaks with halting cadence 1, Angry 1, Hairy chest 1, Crooked teeth 1, Dirty fingernails 1, Bad acne 1, Rough skin 1, Shiny hair 1, Smells of coconut 1, Smells of shit 1, Smells of smoke 1, Wiry 1, Wide set eyes 1, Large ears 1, Bushy brows 1, Wrinkled skin 1, Scrawny 1, Narrow face 1, Ponytail 1, Heavy beard 1, Large eyes 1, Goatee 1, Buck teeth 1, Gaps in teeth 1, Deaf 1, Blind 1, Eye-patch 1, Sideburns 1, Forgetful 1, Narcolepsy 1, Has oral herpes 1, Short attention span 1, Sweats profusely 1, Mouth breather 1, Crazy eyes 1, Out of control hair 1, Nappy hair 1, Stringy hair 1, Raspy voice 1, Cataracts 1, Scars 1, Tattoo, Facial 1, Tattoo, Chest 1, Fragile 1, Socially Awkward – annoying 1, Fast talker 1, No teeth 1, Blinks 1, Grimy 1, Slurs 1, Tense 1, Sighs frequently 1, Nasal voice 1, Snorts 1, Has fangs 1, Has horns 1, Hard of hearing 1, Sarcastic 1, Fastidious 1, Talks to self 1, Know-it-all (“Actually”) 1, Swollen hands 1, Curly hair 1, Shrill voice 1, Deep voice 1, Quiet voice 1, Pinched expression 1, Zoned out 1, Manly/Butch 1, Large hands 1, Missing fingernails 1, Extended neck 1, Very tiny feet 1, Large ears 1, Wide ears 1, Long/Large earlobes 1, Pointed ears 1, Long nose hair 1, Chin hairs 1, Winged eyebrows 1, Afro 1, Freckles 1, Cheek freckles 1, Body freckles 1, Ginger 1, Missing tooth 1, Chipped tooth 1, Club foot 1, Gout 1, Birthmark, small 1, Birthmark, large 1, Jowls 1, Red cheeks 1, Red nose 1, Thin eyebrows 1, Bulbous nose 1, Button nose 1, Square jaw 1, Jutting jaw 1, Overbite 1, Underbite 1, Stutter 1, Flips hair 1, Constantly twirls hair 1, Handsome/pretty 1, Jaundiced 1, Nasty cough 1, Sleepy 1, Complainer 1, Negative attitude 1, Frequently spits 1, Wheezes 1, Handlebar mustache 1, Attractive 1, Barefoot 1, Smooth 1, Rugged 1, Smelly breath 1, Strange accent 1, Wears heavy makeup 1, Wears war paint 1, Clothes are stained with paint 1, Clothes are stained with blood 1, Lisp 1, Mole 1, Missing thumb 1, Large gums 1, Thin lipped


1, Shaved head with top knot 1, No nose 1, Wears armcuffs 1, No nose (prosthetic replacement) 1, Sings to self 1, Wears wolfskin 1, Smells of pine 1, Wearing bearskin 1, Exceptionally hairy 1, Wearing a full animal mask 1, Wearing animal headress 1, Hands covered in dried blood 1, Wears ostentatious rings 1, Carrying a chicken 1, Covered face with metal plate 1, No eyebrows 1, Appears frustrated/distracted 1, Extremely intense 1, Very long fingernails 1, Claw-like nails 1, Speaks of self in 3rd person 1, Adds Mr/Mrs and Sieur/Madam 1, Oppositional/Defiant 1, Borderline/Attention Seeking 1, Narcissistic/Violent @ criticism 1, Excessively long hair 1, Ostentatious neck jewelry 1, Nose piercing – Bar 1, Nose piercing – Hoop 1, Labret piercing 1, Missing eye 1, Metallic skin 1, Spiky hair 1, Welts/bites all over 1, Clawed hands 1, Foppish 1, Says the same one or two phrases, repeatedly 1, Hyper-hydrosis 1, Runny nose 1, Flips coin 1, Constant itching 1, Rash 1, Scaly skin 1, Flatulent 1, Obsequious 1, Necklace of coins 1, Necklace of finger bones 1, Necklace of teeth 1, Wears tights and curled toes 1, Has metal lightning bolts over ears 1, Wears eye mask 1, Has jaunty green hat 1, Has golden hemispheres on side of head 1, Wears colored cape 1, Goiter 1, Elongated skull 1, Stone in forehead 1, Withered limb 1, Prominent birthmark 1, Back is currently out 1, Has a small pet dog 1, Has a pet ferret 1, Hums constantly 1, Mute 1, Calls everyone honey 1, Extends sibilants when speaking 1, Eye is slightly off center 1, Slightly cross eyed 1, Dreadlocks hair 1, Patching balding 1, Left handed 1, Head half shaved 1, Hair extensively braided 1, Otherworldly ancestor 1, Bad, rotten teeth 1, Piercing violet eyes 1, Albino 1, Sexy 1, Excellent skin 1, Round. ‘jolly’ looking 1, Is in drag 1, Speaks in cliches 1, Eyebrows painted on 1, Constantly clearing throat 1, Painfully shy 1, Uses legit when speaking 1, Fidgets 1, Monotone 1, Mousy 1, Wearing a single color 1, Jive talker 1, Heterochromia 1, Ponytails 1, Has terrible grammar 1, S-s-t-t-t-utters 1, Well-dressed 1, Hair in a bun 1, Interrupter 1, Clears throat 1, Large breasts 1, Cleans nails with a dagger 1, Shuffles feet 1, Bright white teeth 1, Incongruous tattoo 1, Extra finger on hand 1, Touches people when talking 1, Lazy Eye 1, Scowls constantly 1, Pointed teeth 1, Pants too loose 1, Wears unusual medical device (Brace) 1, Ill fitting clothes 1, Talks slowly and loudly 1, Loses focus 1, One breast larger than other 1, Food stains on clothing 1, Smells like vomit 1, Smells like outdoors 1, Ruddy face 1, Normal 1, Sneezes constantly 1, Makes up words 1, Uses words very incorrectly. Confrontational about it. 1, Swears 1, Looks like prominent political figure 1, In oversized clothes 1, Bad vision 1, Anemic 1, Curly hair 1, Old 1, Young 1, Dandyish 1, Gold teeth 1, Greying hair 1, Haggard 1, Ugly 1, Tiny eyes 1, Torn clothing 1, Malnourished 1, Makes odd noises 1, Seems a little off 1, Laid back 1, Relaxed 1, Smoking a pipe 1, Smoking a cigarette 1, Wearing a fancy cape 1, Wearing a heavy cloak 1, Has a dashing hat 1, High voice 1, Low voice 1, Underdressed 1, Overdressed 1, Flowery Speech 1, In undersized clothes 1, Eunuch 1, Petite/frail 1, Pockmarked skin 1, No hair follicles 1, Lab coat 1, Dips snuff


1, Wearing only leather 1, Green thumb, literally 1, Moss growing on them 1, Blue skin 1, Is a construct 1, Extra eyeballs 1, Bone piercing 1, Forked tongue 1, Hunchback 1, Oversized cranium 1, Transparent skin 1, Colored streak in hair 1, One eye larger than other 1, Carries a large egg. Talks to it. 1, Arrow stuck in part of body 1, Vertical pupils 1, Green (or oddly colored) skin 1, Rhymes/Riddles when talking 1, Smoke comes out of ears 1, Teeth are black 1, Hair Waves like flames 1, Prosthetic limb 1, Has a tail 1, Covered in animal hair 1, Wearing an animal head 1, Eyes glow 1, Has insect eyes 1, Has eyes of dragon 1, Cloven hooves for feet 1, Face tattoo 1, Has wings 1, Part of body covered in carapace 1, Is made of wood, speaks though brass fixture 1, Child’s body 1, Tourist (outer plane) 1, Teeth replaced by tentacles 1, Made from energy (fire, water etc.) 1, In bondage gear 1, Tongue is replaced by worm 1, Has 7 toes and fingers on extremities


1, Searching for a long lost twin 1, Having an affair with a married man/woman 1, Peeping tom, looking for a place to set up 1, Trying to conceive, badly wants a child 1, Was selling something illegal that is now missing 1, Low self-esteem over scars 1, Traitor of a nearby country 1, Loves his pet excessively 1, Saw parents murdered 1, Plagued by an ex 1, Actually a were-creature 1, Actually a well behaved undead 1, Suicidal, has a death wish 1, Heretical, angry at religion 1, Penitent, carries a heavy burden of irrational guilt 1, Curious about killing something 1, Physical fitness buff 1, Secretly royalty 1, Possesses strange mutation 1, Has drugs, wants to sell 1, Has demonic patron 1, Kleptomaniac 1, Aggressive teetotaler 1, Has a dream. . . 1, Liar, not very good at it 1, Obsessed with being prepared 1, Pyromaniac 1, Is at one with the universe 1, Illiterate, tells everyone 1, Looking for small loan 1, Has a rich uncle, looking for him 1, Only survivor of a shipwreck that they caused. Heard rumor someone else survived 1, Illiterate, tries to cover it up 1, Nice but secretly jealous of the player’s character 1, Has severe phobia 1, Always hungry 1, Rebel at heart, despises authority 1, Has wellness anxiety (hypochondria) 1, Constantly sketching and drawing everything around him. Refuses to show it off 1, Believes he has secret magical ability 1, Is from something they call “the mother ship” 1, Loathes all mages, poor at hiding it 1, Vegetarian, fond of kale, tells everyone 1, Atheist, won’t shut up about it 1, Believes they are the last of their kind, clearly not 1, Dreading an arranged marriage 1, Desperate for a date 1, Just looking for a friend to spend time with 1, Married to a relative of the player characters 1, Married to an enemy of the player characters 1, Constantly trying to guess the command word of players magic items 1, Killed one or both parents, pursued by the law 1, Killed one or both parents, guilty, tries to garner sympathy by saying parents are shitty 1, Sociopath, pleasant. Secretly kills small animals 1, Good work ethic 1, Constantly praising the gods. Talks about it given any opportunity 1, Has a song in his heart 1, Roll again, believes the person they are talking to has the trait rolled 1, Deals poorly with stress 1, Defiled temple and stole holy artifact. Hunted by priests, templars, knights 1, Former gravedigger. Needing to repair shovel 1, Haunted by ghosts, or possibly schizophrenic. 1, Has several lovers in positions of power 1, Vermin control specialist, likes to talk about it 1, Recovering drug addict, today is a difficult day 1, Cursed, vomits birds, scarves fall from sleeve, first object removed from container is rabbit 1, Riddled with parasites 1, Devout missionary 1, Occasional hunger for human flesh due to a past experience with cannibalism (“longpig”) 1, Always has something pleasant to say 1, No short term memory 1, Has a piece of property in a terrible place that they want to sell badly 1, Obsessive about war, fighting, and military history 1, Ex-military, dissatisfied with civilian life 1, Has sex slave, constantly having slave do sex to them 1, Nihilist 1, Wants to save and protect vicious monsters 1, Is a ghostbuster 1, Out-of-depth, wishes he would stop running into players 1, Absent-minded, accident prone, fearless, and impulsive 1, Sexually attracted to bizarre species. Asking about, seeking, questioning, etc. Playing with the idea of a relationship 1, Adventured once before. Mentions it often, refuses to elaborate 1, Actually possessed by a demon, bound to hide until his task is revealed 1, Encyclopedic lore on wands. Knows the makers, brands, effects, different makes/ models 1, Actually a polymorphed simple animal, fearful of wizards due to fear of being changed back (into pig/toad, etc.) 1, Zen master, always reverses saying (“he who questions training only trains himself at asking questions”) 1, Knows how to speak the language of oozes, currently having an argument with a mold. Minimizes this 1, Possesses wild talent. Manifests for first time during this conversation 1, Currently in a relationship with relative or significant other of a player’s character 1, Wants to be a good solider, feels obsolete (due to age, infirmity, etc.) 1, Blood has secretly been replaced with another substance. Currently bleeding 1, Reputation as greatest something. Challengers constantly appear. 1, Found half a treasure map, knows where other half is. Looking for help to find ‘treasure’. 1, Law abiding citizen made nervous by any activity that might be breaking a local law or statute 1, Wants to start an orphanage, not selective about the origin of orphans 1, Has pica. Obsessed with eating a strange thing (lichen, spellbook pages) 1, Constantly creating new brilliant inventions. All are focused on the preparation of vegetables for cooking in easier and more tasty ways 1, Talks to all inanimate objects as if they were intelligent 1, Directly related to a player, or by marriage if that’s not possible 1, Desires fame and fortune of adventuring life, repulsed by hard work and danger 1, Talks about death and killing. Tactical ignoramus and coward. 1, Chaste, wants desperately to have sex 1, Completely asexual, curious about sexuality 1, Eternal optimist 1, Likes to be alone in the forest. Regrets interactions 1, Currently setting trap 1, Moody, labile during the conversation 1, Artist, seeking to create new pigments 1, Has a monster as a servant. Fanatically loyal 1, Racist. Intolerant of others who are not also racist 1, Thespian, recruiting for play 1, Somewhat daft, but prone to bursts of strange insight 1, Owns a ship 1, Cursed by gods, fearful of the results it will take 1, Believes that all gold is false, proponent of the silver standard 1, Recently polymorphed into a primate. Speaks fine 1, Has disgusting religious practices. 1, Looking to betray players. Due to blackmail. 1, Rich polygamist, always looking for more partners 1, Cries at the drop of a hat 1, Looking for way to blackmail players. Nosey. 1, Secretly a cultist. Recruiting. 1, Openly a cultist. Refuses to discuss cult. 1, Answers all questions, with a question? 1, Wanting to open up a business, talks about it. 1, Interested in minutia 1, Committed the theft of a valuable treasure, currently seeking a safe place to store it anda place to sell it 1, Psychokinentic, uncontrolled. Objects occasionally levitate, etc. 1, Has mark of someone named in prophecy 1, Highly allergic to common substances 1, Has been turned invisible, won’t wear off 1, Impressed by player, wishes to learn from/ train under them 1, Fidgets with wand, defensive about it. 1, Talks tough, acts violent, complete coward 1, Fond of eating raw onions and turnips 1, Bored. Complains. Expects others to entertain them 1, Undercover for some other agency 1, On a quest to eat the flesh of all creatures 1, Lawman on the run from his responsibilities. 1, Can read auras 1, Super-serious about a different topic every time the players interact with him 1, Claims to not care about his appearance, but constantly checking and adjusting his clothing 1, Terrible gossip, highly opinionated about issues, only makes them worse 1, Wants to avenge fathers death. Not sure how to go about it, father died from plague 1, Has a garden, recently lost it to pest infestation (antlion, ankheg), seeking suggestions for new flowering plants to use 1, Clothing sexually inappropriate. Surprisingly not assaulted by opposite gender 1, Has difficulty remembering the current topic of conversation, denies that this is a problem 1, Short temper, gets wildly angry about inconsequential things 1, Nervous about any suggestion or plan when presented by the players. Momentarily makes the same suggestion and thinks it’s a great idea 1, Knows an incredible amount about poison, impulsively asking questions about deadly plants. Congenially denies this to be the case. 1, Continually mentions physical ailments (‘ole wrist is actin up.’ or ‘I have the vapors again’). 1, Exhausted. Deflects any comments about his yawns or nodding off 1, Is expert or master of useful skill the player wishes he knew 1, Offers to share magic item. Cursed to do so, item is fine 1, Tells extravagant lies. Is just joking though. Wants to be a scout. 1, Nervous. Breaks down crying if pressed for answers, likely to flee in stressful situations 1, Sheepishly admits his power comes from the fact that he Doesn’t cut/doesn’t have hair. 1, Believes he has the plague. Uses makeup and paint to put plague marks on his body 1, Constantly belching and farting, smoke comes out, refuses to discuss it 1, Has trouble understanding any word with more than two syllables 1, Smuggler, has sick mother. Doesn’t give her money, otherwise trustworthy 1, Hates the weather no matter what it is. Pontificates on it if questioned 1, Loves bananas. Wants one. Even if he has one. Doesn’t eat them, they go bad. 1, Raised in a tribal culture. Still uncomfortable with civilized ways 1, Asks everyone for a hair sample. Says “no reason” if asked why. 1, Claims he was once a golem that was given a living form 1, Interested in different styles of buckles and stitching. Examines clothing closely 1, Difficulty focusing. Doesn’t listen when asked questions, interrupts. Very apologetic. 1, Accidentally summoned a demon, won’t leave him alone 1, Believes other people treat them poorly because they don’t have an education 1, Master locksmith and accomplished lockpicker, swears he won’t ever do it again, carries around new unused tools 1, Mechanically talented. Wants to design a robot. Vague on reason why 1, Exceedingly polite, interest in civility and manners. Knows many antiquated customs and shares. Not a dick about it. 1, Brave to a fault. Aggressive. Surprisingly backs off before starting a fight 1, Claims he once was a paladin, in service to the god of sandwich. Likely untrue 1, Inquisitive, asks questions. Constantly. Cries if reprimanded 1, Constantly touches members of the same gender in minimally socially appropriate ways. (Slapping ass, side hugs, neck rubs). If redirected, just grins. 1, Carries (or drags) a large cage. If asked claims he’s a hunter and he’s going to catch it. If asked what ‘it’ is, becomes evasive. 1, Interjects conversation with non-sequiturs, as if the answers suddenly occurred to him (“A broadsword! of course!” or “Brilliant! It was the Green tea!”). Denies that this occurs. 1, Claims that he’s given up all food and can survive on air. Eats with group normally. Claims this is an illusion he casts to make everyone feel at ease. 1, Has a puppet, treats it as a living creature 1, Has a puppet, is actually a Raggamoffyn 1, Has a marionette, treats it as a living creature 1, Has a marionette, is actually a miniature golem 1, Will only speak via puppet or marionette 1, Reads while talking to the players 1, Has pet snake 1, Has a hand that is a lobster claw 1, Patronizing, offers candy. Candy is really good. 1, Is obsessed with status in strange subculture 1, Is actually the servant of his nearby animal companion 1, Claims he is a master chef. Is. 1, Helpful. Useful. Not pushy 1, Won many tournaments/beauty pageants 1, Overly friendly, genuinely helpful 1, Overly friendly, provides good opportunity to poison player 1, Nice person. Frustrated. Doesn’t understand why this isn’t attractive 1, Constantly hyper-vigilant against attack 1, Very interested in magic. Never learned, great potential 1, Working on a novel. Hasn’t written anything. 1, Carries ferret in pouch. Claims it is his cousin who has been ensorceled 1, Currently in the process of hurting themselves 1, Phobia of horses. Claims they threaten him. 1, Obsessed with documenting mundane tasks 1, Sings/hums off key 1, Drunk. Doesn’t care 1, From a barbaric culture. Excellent hunter. 1, Spits, but as an art form. 1, Likes meat uncomfortably raw 1, Randomly assigns tolls to things 1, Thinks the gods are constantly watching him 1, Lease is up, running out of time to find a new place to live 1, Must get money for a family that is much too large 1, Lunk, Dim but tries to be nice. 1, Adopted, searching for birth parents 1, Has pet dog, often mistaken for dangerous breed. Touchy about accusations 1, Desperately wants to be an actor 1, Wants to kill a close relative 1, Martyr, looking for a cause 1, Nearsighted and in denial about it 1, Extols the health benefits of water. Never drinks it. 1, Obnoxious prankster 1, Mourning the death of a pet 1, Loves sex. Wants to have it. Attractive 1, Just finished committing a felony 1, Scars on arm. Self inflicted 1, Feline affectations 1, Carries quiver of umbrellas 1, Unnerving grin, obsessed with humor 1, Acts like a cowboy 1, Keeps “Accidentally” setting fire to things 1, Late for a very important date. 1, Heard of the players, gets every fact wrong 1, On drugs, not particularly interested in talking about it. 1, Hardened. Professional dueler 1, Desperately looking to return a book to the library 1, Says he is a mythic champion under a geas 1, Just divorced 1, Preparing for own funeral 1, Dumping syndrome, needs to go to the bathroom suddenly and urgently 1, Terrible cook. Demands you eat terrible food, angry if you refuse 1, Ailment, believes only cure is flesh of dragon heart 1, Actually a shape changed dragon 1, Needs a bath, refuses to take one 1, Anarchist, breaks only inconsequential rules 1, Speaks very knowledgeably about subjects, making it all up 1, Constantly moving where they stand, claims it’s for geomagnetic reasons 1, Dressed like a lion (or other large animal like rhino) refuses to discuss it. 1, Has been Hearing animals talk. Nervous around them 1, Doesn’t like to get involved 1, Likes bad puns 1, Feral 1, Seeking someone to provide him a challenge 1, Really completely pleasant 1, Despises adventurers, because they are lazy. 1, Obsessed with death, talks about it constantly 1, Religious icon. Wants nothing to do with it 1, Thinks they are the chosen one. Isn’t 1, Dry skin, picks at scabs. Has tons of money 1, Member of “secret” order of warriors. Shares this information immediately. They don’t exist 1, Member of Masonic order, plays it down 1, Believes they are a were-creature, tells everyone, actually not 1, Diviner, constantly lapsing into trance and predicting the future. Futures so vague as to be useless 1, Eats moldy bread. Says its for health. Secretly will try to eat spellbook paper 1, Claims to be a master Druid. Looks like it. Wants to be. Isn’t. 1, Knows a lot about the underworld/under dark. Talks about the coming invasion constantly 1, Constantly inventing vendettas over minor things the perpetrators don’t even remember 1, Understands nothing, even when explained to him 1, Makes nicknames for everything, forgets them instantly 1, Excellent archer. Believes it is physical expression of philosophy 1, Tendency to mumble, everyone else seems to understand them fine 1, Obsessed with leapfrog as a metaphor, constantly asking for a game 1, Fearful of magic, possessed near spells and magical fields, eyes turn black 1, Has an unhealthy obsession with Piedmontese wine and fava beans 1, Missing eye, replaced by snake. Claims that the snake allows him to detect lies 1, Believes he’s in a pawn in a game controlled by an outer realm being. Breaks 4th wall 1, Charismatic, very well liked, horrible drug problem 1, Makes poor decisions, refuses to accept responsibility for consequences. Always someone else’s fault 1, Carries around a bag with bondage gear. Willing to talk with interested party 1, Pleasant, but consistently unhelpful and distracted. Always completes tasks poorly 1, Only eats creatures he kills himself. Will not shut up about it 1, Always comments on how any suggestion is a bad idea and lists problems with it. If confronted, throws hands up and says “it don’t make me no nevermind” 1, Mediator, always trying to fix problems, act as matchmaker 1, Viciously and callously murderous to the core, yet completely devoted to his friends, willing to sacrifice anyone’s life for them 1, Practices on a horn, constantly. Doesn’t know how to play 1, Cannot make normal or simple decisions, rolls dice or flips coin for them. 1, Master assayer, can assess value on sight. States this, must be cajoled to perform 1, Hates vegetarians. Believes he is manifestation of green mother goddess. 1, Melodramatic, claims to hate drama 1, Claims to cast magic spells, actually just shouting gibberish 1, Loudly announces every action 1, Talks badly about everyone, confused about why they are so unpopular 1, Never pays full price for anything. Always mentions how he has what you have, but it was cheaper 1, Easygoing, always assumes that other people are angry with him 1, Concerned only about drinking, partying, and the eventual destruction of all mankind 1, Has dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) 1, Claims royal ties, treats everyone like peasants 1, Physically against type (smart but weak barbarian, tough and strong wizard etc.) 1, Constantly makes widely incorrect and inaccurate assumptions 1, Not very emotional, works from a perspective of pure logic 1, Thinks they have the authority of the gods, uses it wisely 1, Seeking an individual to settle a debt 1, Is lost. No sense of place or direction 1, Hotheaded, likes to argue, hates to fight 1, Makes tasteless jokes about dead monster babies 1, Mounted on an unusual beast (umber hulk, wyvern, etc.) 1, Likes hats. Wearing an interesting one 1, Fashionista. Makes own clothes. 1, Constantly fidgeting and touching face 1, Exhausted, insomniac, sleepwalks 1, Carries trash and refuse. Believes it is treasure 1, Misogynist 1, Always tells the truth, especially when not wanted or needed 1, Contactphobe, fearful of germs 1, Will only wear the fur of creatures he’s killed 1, “Back in my day. . . “ 1, Astrologer, believes all things are caused by the positions of planets in the sky 1, Has been to outer planes, acts like it 1, Makes sound effects during conversation 1, Stern and judgmental with high standards, wishes he wasn’t, rationalizes 1, Betrayed nearby lord, on run 1, Vomits frequently, minimizes it 1, Condescends, bit of a fascist. Not bright 1, Enamored of mouth organs 1, Athletic, physical, sexually promiscuous 1, Helpful, has good insight 1, Picks one character will only talk to them and no others 1, Always making unfunny jokes 1, Wants to be a unicorn breeder 1, Has imaginary best friend. Actually invisible stalker 1, Has amnesia 1, Wants a unicorn 1, Paranoid 1, Ex-slave, possesses brand 1, Slaver, pleasant, cultured, convinced of the inferiority of slave classes 1, Has terminal cancer. Doesn’t know it. Obvious growths on skin 1, Cautious, carefully considers anything they say 1, Provincial, has never left home. Curious about it. 1, Dislikes sun, wears protective gear 1, Wants to be liked, tries too hard 1, Impulsive, then verbally berates self for behavior 1, Single mother trying to have it all 1, Prone to logorrhea, very friendly otherwise 1, Always provides reasonable suggestions with a smirk 1, Wears an elaborate uniform, sans pants. Refuses to wear pants 1, Bets on everything. Has no money. 1, A connoisseur of fine dwarven rock brandies 1, Swears dramatically 1, Astounding ignorant of other races habits. Makes incorrect assumptions 1, Says things that make no sense constantly 1, Disguised poorly, completely convinced the disguise is foolproof 1, Comes up with terrible plans. Insists they will work 1, Wearing a toupee or other false hairpiece (merkin, et. al.) 1, Attractive, disdainful of people who react nicely 1, Bisexual, promiscuous 1, Considers humanoid flesh a delicacy 1, Annoying, does not respond to social cues 1, Is suuuuper intense about everything! Very macho 1, Hates metal. Carries wooden sword 1, Preens and postures constantly 1, Hated by animals, has stings/bite marks 1, Assumes everything is their fault. Apologizes constantly, doesn’t know why 1, Appearance completely hidden. Pleasant. Enforcer of dark powers 1, Foreigner, constantly misuses idioms 1, Secretly a devil from the lower planes. On vacation. 1, Earthy barefoot nature type 1, Almost completely inaudible 1, Has aphasia 1, Brave, extremely tough, poor judgement 1, Thinks they are the best pickpocket ever, isn’t. Tries often 1, Tattletale 1, Demands voting on all decisions 1, All property is theft unless it’s their stuff 1, Obsessively opens doors 1, Constantly speaks in animal onomatopoeia 1, Can never think of the right word, forgets 1, Constant one-upmanship 1, Terrified of someone not likening them 1, Terrified of interaction 1, Thinks they are a vampire, are not 1, Sensitive to sounds no one else can hear 1, Incredibly sensitive about birthmark 1, Incredibly lost whaler 1, Big game hunter 1, Laughs at everything 1, Incredibly queasy at the discussion of blood or violence 1, Torchbearer, lost party 1, Can’t tell people of the same race apart 1, Winks constantly as if everything was suggestive 1, Easily and strongly offended 1, Patronizing, mothering 1, Talks backwards 1, Never finishes a sentence before trailing off into another thought 1, Always lies 1, Hipster 1, Only speaks in imperatives 1, All question are asked in a high pitched voice 1, Retires in two days, doomed to not make it 1, Terrible at giving directions, doesn’t realize it. 1, Believes they can influence the minds of the players, they can’t 1, Carrying/dragging around a coffin


1, Accusative 1, Active 1, Adventurous 1, Affable 1, Aggressive 1, Agreeable 1, Aimless 1, Aloof 1, Altruistic 1, Ambiguous 1, Analytical 1, Angry 1, Animated 1, Annoying 1, Anxious 1, Apathetic 1, Apologetic 1, Apprehensive 1, Argumentative 1, Arrogant 1, Catty 1, Caustic 1, Cautious 1, Cavalier 1, Charming 1, Chaste 1, Chauvinistic 1, Cheeky 1, Cheerful 1, Childish 1, Chivalrous 1, Clueless 1, Clumsy 1, Cocky 1, Comforting 1, Communicative 1, Complacent 1, Condescending 1, Confident 1, Conformist 1, Articulate 1, Attentive 1, Bigoted 1, Bitter 1, Blustering 1, Boastful 1, Bookish 1, Bossy 1, Brash 1, Brave 1, Bullying 1, Callous 1, Calm 1, Candid 1, Cantankerous 1, Capricious 1, Careful 1, Careless 1, Caring 1, Casual 1, Confused 1, Conscientious 1, Conservative 1, Contrary 1, Cooperative 1, Courageous 1, Courteous 1, Cowardly 1, Coy 1, Cranky 1, Creepy 1, Critical 1, Cruel 1, Cultured 1, Curious 1, Cynical 1, Daring 1, Dashing 1, Deceitful 1, Deceptive 1, Deep 1, Defeated 1, Defensive 1, Defiant 1, Deliberate 1, Deluded 1, Despondent 1, Depraved 1, Discreet 1, Dishonest 1, Disrespectful 1, Distant 1, Distracted 1, Distraught 1, Docile 1, Dogmatic 1, Dominating 1, Dramatic 1, Drunkard 1, Dull 1, Dumb 1, Earthy 1, Eccentric 1, Elitist 1, Emotional 1, Energetic 1, Enigmatic 1, Enthusiastic 1, Epicurean 1, Evil 1, Expressive 1, Extroverted 1, Faithful 1, Fanatical 1, Fastidious 1, Fatalistic 1, Fearful 1, Fearless 1, Feral 1, Fierce 1, Fierce 1, Flamboyant 1, Flippant 1, Flirtatious 1, Foolhardy 1, Foppish 1, Forgetful 1, Formal 1, Friendly 1, Frightened 1, Frivolous 1, Frustrated 1, Furtive 1, Garrulous 1, Genial 1, Gentle 1, Giddy 1, Gloomy 1, Goofy 1, Gossip 1, Imaginative 1, Imitative 1, Impatient 1, Impetuous 1, Implacable 1, Impractical 1, Impulsive 1, Inattentive 1, Incoherent 1, Indifferent 1, Individualist 1, Indolent 1, Industrious 1, Inept 1, Inquisitive 1, Inexpressive 1, Insecure 1, Insensitive 1, Insulting 1, Instructive 1, Liar 1, Likable 1, Lippy 1, Listless 1, Loquacious 1, Loving 1, Loyal 1, Lust 1, Madcap 1, Magnanimous 1, Malicious 1, Maudlin 1, Mean 1, Melancholy 1, Melodramatic 1, Merciless 1, Merry 1, Meticulous 1, Mischievous 1, Miscreant 1, Gracious 1, Grave 1, Gregarious 1, Grouchy 1, Groveling 1, Gruff 1, Gullible 1, Happy 1, Harsh 1, Hateful 1, Heartbroken 1, Helpful 1, Honest 1, Hopeful 1, Hostile 1, Humble 1, Humorless 1, Humorous 1, Hurt 1, Idealistic 1, Intellectual 1, Intolerant 1, Introverted 1, Irresponsible 1, Irreverent 1, Irritable 1, Jaded 1, Jealous 1, Jocular 1, Joking 1, Jolly 1, Joyous 1, Judgmental 1, Jumpy 1, Kind 1, Know-it-all 1, Languid 1, Lazy 1, Lethargic 1, Lewd 1, Miserly 1, Modest 1, Moody 1, Moralistic 1, Morbid 1, Morose 1, Mournful 1, Mousy 1, Mouthy 1, Mysterious 1, Naïve 1, Narrow-minded 1, Needy 1, Nefarious 1, Nervous 1, Nettlesome 1, Neurotic 1, Noble 1, Nonchalant 1, Nurturing 1, Obdurate 1, Obedient 1, Oblivious 1, Obnoxious 1, Obsequious 1, Obsessive 1, Obstinate 1, Obtuse 1, Odd 1, Ornery 1, Optimistic 1, Organized 1, Ostentatious 1, Outgoing 1, Overbearing 1, Paranoid 1, Passionate 1, Pathological 1, Patient 1, Peaceful 1, Pensive 1, Persuasive 1, Pessimistic 1, Philanderer 1, Philosophical 1, Phony 1, Pious 1, Playful 1, Pleasant 1, Poised 1, Polite 1, Pompous 1, Pondering 1, Pontificating 1, Practical 1, Prejudiced 1, Pretentious 1, Preoccupied 1, Promiscuous 1, Proper 1, Proselytizing 1, Proud 1, Prudent 1, Prudish 1, Prying 1, Puerile 1, Pugnacious 1, Quiet 1, Quirky 1, Racist 1, Rascal 1, Rash 1, Realistic 1, Rebellious 1, Reckless 1, Refined 1, Repellent 1, Reserved 1, Respectful 1, Responsible 1, Restless 1, Reticent 1, Reverent 1, Rigid 1, Risk-taking 1, Rude 1, Sadistic 1, Sarcastic 1, Sardonic 1, Sassy 1, Savage 1, Scared 1, Scolding 1, Secretive 1, Self-effacing 1, Selfish 1, Selfless 1, Senile 1, Sensible 1, Sensitive 1, Sensual 1, Sentimental 1, Serene 1, Serious 1, Servile 1, Sexist 1, Sexual 1, Shallow 1, Shameful 1, Shameless 1, Shifty 1, Shrewd 1, Shy 1, Sincere 1, Slanderous 1, Sly 1, Smug 1, Snobbish 1, Sober 1, Sociable 1, Solemn 1, Solicitous 1, Solitary 1, Sophisticated 1, Sour 1, Spiteful 1, Stern 1, Stingy 1, Stoic 1, Strict 1, Stubborn 1, Submissive 1, Sultry 1, Superstitious 1, Surly 1, Suspicious 1, Sybarite 1, Sycophantic 1, Sympathetic 1, Tactless 1, Taciturn 1, Tactful 1, Tawdry 1, Temperamental 1, Tempestuous 1, Thorough 1, Thrifty 1, Timid 1, Tolerant 1, Transparent 1, Treacherous 1, Troublemaker 1, Trusting 1, Truthful 1, Uncommitted 1, Understanding 1, Unfriendly 1, Unhinged 1, Uninhibited 1, Unpredictable1, Unruly 1, Upset 1, Vague 1, Vain 1, Vapid 1, Vengeful 1, Vigilant 1, Violent 1, Vivacious 1, Vulgar 1, Wanton 1, Wasteful 1, Weary 1, Whimsical 1, Whiny 1, Wicked 1, Wisecracking 1, Wistful 1, Witty 1, Zealous




1,[d4Style] 1,[d6Style] 1,[d8Style] 1,[d10Style] 1,[d12Style] 3,[d20Style]


1,Hall 1,Parlour 1,Dining Room 1,Bedroom


1,Hall 1,Parlour 1,Dining Room 1,Bedroom 1,Kitchen 1,Stairwell


1,Hall 1,Parlour 1,Dining Room 1,Bedroom 1,Kitchen 1,Stairwell 1,Library 1,Pantry


1,Hall 1,Parlour 1,Dining Room 1,Bedroom 1,Kitchen 1,Stairwell 1,Library 1,Pantry 1,WC 1,Entrance/Exit to Garden


1,Hall 1,Parlour 1,Dining Room 1,Bedroom 1,Kitchen 1,Stairwell 1,Library 1,Pantry 1,WC 1,Entrance/Exit to Garden 1,Shaftway 1,Closet


1,Hall 1,Parlour 1,Dining Room 1,Bedroom 1,Kitchen 1,Stairwell 1,Library 1,Pantry 1,WC 1,Entrance/Exit to Garden 1,Shaftway 1,Closet 1,Gallery 1,Storage Room 1,Game Room 1,Pool 1,Music Room 1,Fountain 1,Tower room overlooking garden 1,Looking glass room


5,[intNormal] 1,[majorPerp]


[content] 1,[content]


1,MONSTER: [encounter][monTreasure] 5,[empty]


Treasure. 1,


5, 1,Treasure


1,[monster], [action]. [Trait]. Wants [motive]


1,eating ANIMAL 1,killing [monster] 1,negotiating with [monster] 1,selling OBJECT to [monster] 1,aiding a wounded [monster] 1,looking for [monster] 1,babbling about WILDCARD 1,hunting with the aid of [monster] 1,traveling with [monster] 1,seducing [monster] 1,eating several ANIMAL 1,killing several [monster] 1,negotiating with several [monster] 1,selling OBJECT to several [monster] 1,aiding a wounded several [monster] 1,looking for several [monster] 1,babbling about several WILDCARD 1,hunting with the aid of several [monster] 1,traveling with several [monster] 1,seducing several [monster]


1,Secretly or overtly controls a local faction 1,Demonstrates extensive knowledge of much that is hidden - and will reveal more in exchange for aid 1,Has a bad temper, and a map of the interior 1,Is really hot 1,Is on good terms with powerful creature in the Interior and can get characters past it 1,Has oracular powers or is a Cleric with Cure Light Wounds up his/her embroidered sleeve 1,Is in a position to offer the characters a sizable monetary reward once they are safely out of the interior. 1,Is delivering a message to one of the kings or queens and if they are interrupted the character will suffer. 1,Is valuable if captured alive and brought to a wealthy patron. 1,Knows the code to interpret the message he/she carries.


1,to get out of the interior. 1,revenge on another creature in the Interior. 1,a fantastic treasure hoard they believe to be located nearby. 1,the character with the highest Charisma. 1,a magic item believed to be in the Interior; either one of the party already put it in there, or a regular item that this loser thinks is magical. 1,to desecrate one of the altars. 1,to stir up dissent within one of the occupying factions of the Interior. 1,to locate the rest of his/her party. 1,to invent preposterous but plausible objectives to keep the characters busy while s/he bumps them off one by one. 1,to slay and replace the head of one of the factions in the Interior.


1,Sleeper p79 5,Footmen in Livery p45 2,Cheshire Cat p36 3,Mome Rath p61 1,Wolf or Tiger p80 3,The Rabbit p72 3,March Hare p60 3,Pseudoturtle p71 5,Colourless Pawn p39 5,Pale Pawn p69 5,Red Pawn p77 3,Rose Nageire p61 3,Tiger Lily Nageire p61 3,Violet Nageire p61 3,Order of Spades p65 3,Order of Hearts p64 3,Order of Diamons p63 3,Order of Clubs p62 1,Pudding p71 3,Colourless Knight p38 3,Pale Knight p68 3,Red Knight p76 2,Colourless Bishop p37 2,Pale Bishop p66 2,Red Bishop p73 2,Duchess p45 2,Knave of Hearts p59 2,Hatter p52 1,Pale Rook p70 3,Colourless Rook p42 2,Red Rook p78 1,Sphinx p80 2,Red Bride (Ilona) p74 2,Red Bride (Tizala) p74 2,Red Bride (Ildana) p74 1,King of Hearts p58 2,Guest p46 1,Pale King p67 1,Colourless Queen p40 1,Heart Queen p54 1,Red King p75


1,Hidden door north 1,Hidden door south 1,Hidden door east 1,Hidden door west 1,Hidden door up 1,Hidden door down 1,Full of corpses 1,Floor rotted away 1,Half-flooded 1,Has a Looking Glass wall 1,Doors all change positions if characters return to this room 1,Has Anonymity p150 1,Tilted, characters walking through entrance end up on wall 1,Inverted, furniture on ceiling 1,Completely changed if re-entered 1,Exit doors all 6" tall 1,Exit doors all locked 1,Strangely narrow considering furnishings ([Dice.d4]' wide) 1,Long bent hall or shaft turning left or right. After all characters have rounded they will find there is no exit. After this happens, [liltable].


1,An Anomity appears (p150) 1,Room becomes this: [minorPerp] 1,Room becomes this: [majorPerp] 1,Encounter: [encounter]


1,Full of (Roll Objects). 1,Full of (Roll Animal). 1,Gravity pulls toward whichever of room’s surfaces most of creature is closest to. 1,Inside-out room: like Castle Poenari, room 23. 1,Opposite side of door is another door in the same room. Example: walk out north, walk into the same room from the east. 1,Furniture fixed to ceiling--door not in “correct” place relative to furniture. 1,Furniture fixed to wall, roll direction randomly. 1,As 6 above and--gravity pulls up. 1,As 7 above, gravity matches furniture. 1,Multiple doors, gravity always pulls in same direction as last opened door. 1,Window looking out on completely random section of garden. 1,Either the room is enormous or you just shrunk. 1,Furniture contains 3 Anonymities (roll). 1,Gravity pulls up. 1,Gravity pulls in random compass direction. 1,Wall looks like wood or stone but if something touches it, it ripples. Swimming through this watery wall reveals hidden room. 1,As 16 above with d4 Colorless 1-Pawn(s) 2-Knight(s) 3-Bishop(s) 4-Rook(s) 5-Queen 6-Roll twice lurking behind surface 1,Opening this door closes and locks all others. 1,Doors behind do not exist so long as a given door is open. 1,False doors. 1,Room shrinks 4’ per round once entered. 1,Everything burned. 1,Chess match paused midway, 2 players in next room smoking. 1,Came of cards paused midway, d6+1 players scattered in nearby rooms. 1,Indoor croquet paused midway, 2d4 players searching nearby for lost ball. 1,Wargame paused midway, d4+1 players sleeping nearby. 1,Cavernous shaftway with bridge across, bridge has small guardhouse midway across. 1,Room contains large 3d model of Voivodja in pasteboard or gingerbread. 1,Tall, narrow shaft. A child or Pawn 2d4 stories up will drop croquet balls or hedgehogs on anyone investigating it. 1,As 29, only morgue or library. Mortician/librarian possibly present. 1,10’ high tightrope to far door. Touching the floor causes sleep effect. 1,Filled with marmalade, waist deep 1,Everything in room is a stage flat, decayed and hastily painted. 1,Great paintings on the walls of various scenes from the Slow War. Act as portals to those places,: all other creatures are frozen. Items function normally. 1,Terraced to resemble a 3-dimensional Q*Bert-style chess board. 1,One enormous (roll Animal) stuck in room. 1,Shaft full of croquet balls, access to other levels below. Strength check per level descended, Constitution per level to avoid d12 damage from suffocation. 1,Filled with a slurry of pus, gore, vomit and viscera, waist deep. 1,Furnished cube room 40’ on a side. In the floor is a right-angled pit, which is actually a 30’ cube, 3/4 scale replica of the original room. Set into the floor of the 30’ room is a 3/4 scale replica of the 30’ room, and inside that one another and another etc. Looking up from the original room will reveal the 40’ room is in a pit set in the floor of an identical, larger room, of which the 40’ room is a 3/4 scale model, and that the larger room is set into the floor of a still larger room, etc. Doors function normally & lead to different places. 1,Empty, cracked swimming pool. A few small animals trapped at the bottom. 1,Logic distortions take a toll--Save vs magic or lose a point of Int until outside again. 1,Random Object in room turns into other Random Object. 1,Random Object in room turns into Random Animal. 1,Random Animal in room turns into Random Object. 1,Inhabitants endlessly attempt to achieve the same immediate objective over and over. i.e. if they were climbing a ladder they must continue to climb a ladder (going down and starting over if necessary), if speaking, they must keep talking, etc. 1,Footmen are cleaning this room. Reason unclear. 1,Inhabitants’ minds are moved to other creatures’ bodies so long as they are in this room. 1,As 47 except effect lasts until vessel creature is slain. 1,Automata precisely resemble player characters. 1,Room stretched out to d100-story shaft. 1,Party sees dead versions of themselves filled with darts at other end of room (near only other exit). As they move toward center of room, the dead selves rise up and move backward like a rewound tape (at the same speed the party moves forward), poison darts leave their bodies and pull back into concealed barrels and the reverse-party moves back toward tripwires in the center of the room that activated the trap. Those within 2’ of the wires searching the center of the room will see them. If a character steps past the wires (or activates them, springing the trap) his/her double crosses past their twin across the wires (exchanging positions) and backwards-walking away at the same speed the character moves forward. 1,Resembles nearest room in every detail, replicates all changes to that room, other than presence of characters. 1,Armies fighting a battle in the room. 1,Room on fire. 1,Totally random creatures emerge every round from one of the doors. 1,Room turns all occupants into children. They return to normal if they leave. 1,All surfaces are powerfully adhesive. 1,One wall is composed of glass. Giants look in through the glass. 1,Narrow bridge stretches over chasm filled with some Perplexity or mystery--opposing armies controls either side of the bridge. The far side is not in bow range. 1,Walls made of glass, at least on this side. 1,Close inspection reveals furniture is made of paper. 1,Room freezing cold, floor covered in ice. 1,Room is the back room of a merchant’s shop. 1,All furniture on the backs of turtles or short servants. 1,Guest-summoning circle. 1,Windows show an unfamiliar night sky. 1,Ceiling is thick glass. Enemies above. 1,Enormous dying snail. 1,Arrow slits coming into room from every wall. 1,As 69 above, those on opposing walls belong to opposed factions. 1,Medical files on nearby NPCs and creatures. 1,Biographies of nearby NPCs and creatures. 1,Fleshy grey spheres float in vats and range from grapefruit to cantaloupe size, covered in mouths. Each mouth whispers all the sins of a specific creature somewhere. Filing system in nearby room. 1,Room is the backstage of the next room. Seats in the adjacent room, perhaps occupied, and curtains along the sides. 1,3’ wide corridor going left and right. “Corridor” is actually an interspace between the last room and a room--3’ larger in every direction--it sits inside of. There is a slightly-larger version of anything that was on the walls of the last room. You can climb onto the roof of the previous room. 1,As 75 only the effect keeps repeating d20 times. Walking out a door on the exterior of a larger room brings you to one with even larger furnishings. 1,Room spins in relation to rooms around it every time door is used--4 characters walking out single file will end up in 4 different places. 1,Tiny cities coat the floor like a thick rug. This room is their country. 1,4’ ceiling. Soft floor beneath carpet. Inhabitants are in normal-sized room, standing on a huge pile of wall-towall carpets. Treasure beneath. 1,Knee-deep in random junk. 1,Small random object on fire on pedestal. 1,Inoffensive-looking creature. Personally responsible for all perplexities in the area. 1,Freshly cooked meal laid out. Harmless. 1,Objects (not including the walls, ceilings, floor or the statues themselves) immediately disappear from the room if the statues in the room cannot see them or something they are touching. Disappeared things appear in another room. It’s possible to remove locked doors or other obstacles by blocking the statues’ vision. A painting here reflects the aggregate of what all the statues can currently see in the room. 1,Room is bottom of 200’ shaft. Things strewn about. 1,Maze corridors. If the characters keep going forward for 2 minutes they’ll get out, but if they turn back they will find tigers behind the first turn. 1,Old, happily married version of random party member with kids occupies room. Implores party to stay. 1,Prep room for terrified cook or chef frantically preparing scones, shrewsbury cakes, etc. for a ravenous nearby Rook. 1,Larder for anthrovorous beast. Hogtied men and women in cubby holes. 1,Gender swapped versions of party are fighting genderswapped versions of some recent foes in this room. Characters have to play gender-swapped versions of themselves to go further in this direction, but will turn back to their original selves once they come back through. 1,Replica of room from a long-ago incident in the campaign. 1,Gender-changed-, child-, or aged- version of character challenges character to a duel. Player must play the new character if s/he loses. 1,Small doppleganger begins following characters-- taking notes on their abilities and voice tics, spells, combat tactics, etc. It has no immediate plan to attack. 1,Shoes tastefully displayed. Obsequious NPC appears and attempt to sell them to the party, commenting on the worn quality of their current footwear. 1,NPC owns puppets of major political forces and monsters in Voivodja. For 2 gp, s/he will put on a puppet show featuring a creature of the customer’s choice. The show will be silent but the events portrayed will be wholly accurate. 1,Talking sloth seeks to book passage on character to nearby room. Will pay. 1,Museum room--displays explain various facts about the Place in Old Voivodish. 1,Room offers a view of-, but no direct passage to-, events in a nearby room. 1,Gingerbread maze matching layout of nearby fortified rooms--eating walls or floors will destroy the real rooms or floors in the complex and throw the enemy into disarray. The gingerbread maze has no figures or other markers clarifying the relationship to the real rooms. 1,3’ pool with 6” wide canals extending through the walls into various other rooms in the interior. The pool is filled with messages in bottles. Senders’ names clearly visible from outside the bottles. Read any note and the others are gone next time you look down.


1,[spellElement] [spellForm] 1,[spellAdj] [spellForm] 1,[spellAdj] [spellElement] 1,[spellForm] of [spellElement] 1,[spellForm] of [spellAdj] [spellForm] 1,[spellForm] of [spellAdj] [spellElement] 1,[spellName]'s [spellAdj] [spellForm] 1,[spellName]'s [spellAdj] [spellElement] 1,[spellName]'s [spellForm] of [spellElement] 1,[spellName]'s [spellElement] [spellForm]


1,Armor 1,Arrow 1,Aura 1,Bane 1,Beast 1,Blade 1,Blast 1,Blessing 1,Blob 1,Blood 1,Bolt 1,Bond 1,Boon 1,Brain 1,Burst 1,Call 1,Charm 1,Circle 1,Claw 1,Cloak 1,Cone 1,Crown 1,Cube 1,Cup 1,Curse 1,Dagger 1,Dart 1,Demon 1,Disturbance 1,Door 1,Eye 1,Eyes 1,Face 1,Fang 1,Feast 1,Finger 1,Fissure 1,Fist 1,Gate 1,Gaze 1,Glamer 1,Globe 1,Golem 1,Guard 1,Guide 1,Guise 1,Halo 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Heart 1,Helm 1,Horn 1,Lock 1,Mantle 1,Mark 1,Memory 1,Mind 1,Mouth 1,Noose 1,Oath 1,Oracle 1,Pattern 1,Pet 1,Pillar 1,Pocket 1,Portal 1,Pyramid 1,Ray 1,Rune 1,Scream 1,Seal 1,Sentinel 1,Servant 1,Shaft 1,Shield 1,Sigil 1,Sign 1,Song 1,Spear 1,Spell 1,Sphere 1,Spray 1,Staff 1,Storm 1,Strike 1,Sword 1,Tendril 1,Tongue 1,Tooth 1,Trap 1,Veil 1,Voice 1,Wall 1,Ward 1,Wave 1,Weapon 1,Weave 1,Whisper 1,Wings 1,Word


1,Acid 1,Aether 1,Air 1,Anger 1,Ash 1,Avarice 1,Balance 1,Blight 1,Blood 1,Bone 1,Bones 1,Brimstone 1,Clay 1,Cloud 1,Copper 1,Cosmos 1,Dark 1,Death 1,Deceit 1,Despair 1,Despair 1,Dimension 1,Doom 1,Dust 1,Earth 1,Ember 1,Energy 1,Envy 1,Fear 1,Fire 1,Fog 1,Force 1,Fury 1,Glory 1,Gluttony 1,Gold 1,Greed 1,Hate 1,Hatred 1,Health 1,Heat 1,History 1,Hope 1,Ice 1,Iron 1,Justice 1,Knowledge 1,Lead 1,Lies 1,Life 1,Light 1,Lightning 1,Lore 1,Love 1,Lust 1,Metal 1,Might 1,Mist 1,Moon 1,Mud 1,Nature 1,Oil 1,Pain 1,Perception 1,Plane 1,Plant 1,Poison 1,Quicksilver 1,Revulsion 1,Rot 1,Salt 1,Shadow 1,Sight 1,Silver 1,Smoke 1,Soil 1,Soul 1,Souls 1,Sound 1,Spirit 1,Stars 1,Steam 1,Steel 1,Stone 1,Storm 1,Sun 1,Terror 1,Time 1,Treasure 1,Truth 1,Vanity 1,Venom 1,Vigor 1,Void 1,Water 1,Will 1,Wind 1,Wisdom 1,Wood 1,Youth


1,All-Knowing 1,All-Seeing 1,Arcane 1,Befuddling 1,Binding 1,Black 1,Blazing 1,Blinding 1,Bloody 1,Bright 1,Cacophonous 1,Cerulean 1,Concealing 1,Confusing 1,Consuming 1,Crimson 1,Damnable 1,Dark 1,Deflecting 1,Delicate 1,Demonic 1,Devastating 1,Devilish 1,Diminishing 1,Draining 1,Eldritch 1,Empowering 1,Enlightening 1,Ensorcelling 1,Entangling 1,Enveloping 1,Erratic 1,Evil 1,Excruciating 1,Expanding 1,Extra-Planar 1,Fearsome 1,Flaming 1,Floating 1,Freezing 1,Glittering 1,Gyrating 1,Helpful 1,Hindering 1,Icy 1,Illusory 1,Incredible 1,Inescapable 1,Ingenious 1,Instant 1,Invigorating 1,Invisible 1,Invulnerable 1,Liberating 1,Maddening 1,Magnificent 1,Many-Colored 1,Mighty 1,Most Excellent 1,Omnipotent 1,Oozing 1,Penultimate 1,Pestilential 1,Piercing 1,Poisonous 1,Prismatic 1,Raging 1,Rejuvenating 1,Restorative 1,Screaming 1,Sensitive 1,Shimmering 1,Shining 1,Silent 1,Sleeping 1,Slow 1,Smoking 1,Sorcerer’s 1,Strange 1,Stupefying 1,Terrible 1,Thirsty 1,Thundering 1,Trans-Dimensional 1,Transmuting 1,Ultimate 1,Uncontrollable 1,Unseen 1,Unstoppable 1,Untiring 1,Vengeful 1,Vexing 1,Violent 1,Violet 1,Viridian 1,Voracious 1,Weakening 1,White 1,Wondrous 1,Yellow




1, A 1,Ab 1,Aga 1,Alha 1,Appol 1,Apu 1,Arne 1,Asmo 1,Baha 1,Bal 1,Barba 1,Bol 1,By 1,Can 1,Cinni 1,Cir 1,Cyn 1,Cyto 1,Dar 1,Darg 1,De 1,Des 1,Dra 1,Dul 1,Elez 1,Ely 1,Ez 1,Fal 1,Faral 1,Flo 1,Fol 1,Gaili 1,Garg 1,Gast 1,Gil 1,Gy 1,Haz 1,Heca 1,Her 1,Hog 1,Hur 1,IIk 1,Ilde 1,In 1,Jas 1,Jir 1,Ju 1,Krak 1,Kul 1,Laf 1,Long 1,Ma 1,Mer 1,Mercu 1,Mor 1,Mune 1,Munno 1,Murz 1,Naf 1,OOsh 1,Pande 1,Pander 1,Par 1,Per 1,Quel 1,Ra 1,Ragga 1,Rhi 1,Satan 1,Satur 1,Semi 1,Sera 1,She 1,Shrue 1,Sloo 1,Sol 1,T’ 1,Tcha 1,Tol 1,Tub 1,Tur 1,UVag 1,Val 1,Vance 1,Ver 1,Vish 1,Wa 1,Win 1,Xa 1,Yu 1,Za 1,Zal 1,Zan 1,Zili 1,Zim 1,Zuur 1,Zza


1,ak 1,alto 1,ana 1,anti 1,aris 1,ark 1,asta 1,balia 1,bus 1,by 1,cas 1,ce 1,derol 1,deus 1,din 1,dok 1,dor 1,dred 1,driar 1,dula 1,dun 1,dustin 1,er 1,fant 1,fia 1,fonse 1,gad 1,gax 1,glana 1,goria 1,goth 1,heer 1,houlik 1,ia 1,iala 1,iana 1,ingar 1,ista 1,jan 1,jobulon 1,kan 1,kang 1,konn 1,lah 1,leius 1,leo 1,leou 1,lin 1,lonia 1,lonius 1,loo 1,lume 1,ma 1,mas 1,mast 1,mia 1,miel 1,motto 1,moulian 1,mut 1,nak 1,nia 1,nish 1,nob 1,o 1,ol 1,ool 1,pa 1,pheus 1,phim 1,por 1,quint 1,ramis 1,rezzin 1,ro 1,rrak 1,ry 1,sira 1,sta 1,te 1,teria 1,thakk 1,thalon 1,tine 1,toomb 1,torr 1,troya 1,tur 1,tuva 1,u 1,valva 1,vance 1,vilk 1,wink 1,xa 1,yop 1,zant 1,zark 1,zirian 1,zred